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					                             Palo Alto Downtown Business and Professional Association
                              Advisory Board Meeting and Annual Member Meeting
                    Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce, 122 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301

                                                   July 22, 2009

    I. Roll Call.

       At approximately 8:03 a.m. by Chairperson Barbara Gross.

  First Name     Last Name Present Absent            Late/Time
Barbara        Gross               X
Georgie        Gleim                                Arrived 8:04
Sherry         Bijan               X
Deborah        Pappas*             X
Claudia        Cornejo                       X
Phil           Lonardo                              Arrived 8:04
Elliot         Lee                           X
Stacey         Yates                         X
Jeff           Selzer                               Arrived 8:07
Whitney        Denson                               Arrived 8:07
Robert         Beisheim                      X
Anne           Senti-Willis        X
Abraham        Khalil                               Arrived 8:17
Adam           Mason                                Arrived 8:04
                * denotes officers or task force chairs who are not also directors.

       Others present: Sid Espinosa (Palo Alto City Council) (Arrived 8:10)
                       Jessica Havlak (Caffe del Doge
                       Anne Senti-Willis
                       Susan Barnes
                       Roger Smith (Friends of Palo Alto Parks)
                       Janine Corcoran (Stanford Sports) (Arrived 8:10; left 8:42)

   II. Oral Communications.

   III. New Business.

           There was no new business.

   IV. Liaison Updates

             Ms. Barnes brought up the topic of proper billing for businesses that use space in the Regus
   facilities within the district. The directors agreed that proper billing is important and that further investigation
   was required on the relationship between Regus and those that use its space. Public works has
   recommended removing the lights in Cogswell Plaza, though further discussions may occur with public
   works for lighting in the plaza. Total billings for the new fiscal year were approximately $120,000 and
   payments have been coming in. There was a discussion of the two Bead Shop locations in the district. The
   windows of the original location on Hamilton Avenue have been fixed and some painting has occurred.

             Mr. Espinosa received congratulations from the board on his dissenting vote regarding the business
   license tax proposal at the July 22 City Council meeting. The proposal could fail when put on the ballot if
   the business community is able to coalesce in opposition. PAd will be working with the Chamber of
   Commerce on the issue. Mr. Espinosa reported that there will be a colleagues memo regarding shopping
   locally, emphasizing the link between local spending and the government services that are provided. It may

260241-1                                                  1
be released before the August City Council break. PAd’s involvement in response to the memo was

         Janine Corcoran and Roger Smith introduced themselves and informed the directors of potential
advertising opportunities during the upcoming Stanford football season. There will be seven home games
this year, spanning the period from September 19 to the week before Thanksgiving. Jim Harbaugh will also
be addressing the Chamber of Commerce meeting on August 6.

V. Approval of Minutes

       On motion duly made and seconded, the minutes of the meeting held June 24, 2009 were approved
as submitted.

VI. PAd Review & Update

          Ms. Pappas and Ms. Senti-Willis reported the results of the recent election of directors. They
welcomed Georgie Gleim, Abraham Khalil, Elliott Lee, Adam Mason, Anne Senti-Willis and Stacey Yates.
All of the directors recognized and thanked Ms. Gross for the enormous service she has provided to the
organization over the past years. A new slate of officers was proposed for the following year and, upon
motion duly made and seconded, the following were elected to the positions listed:

            Chairperson              Anne Senti-Willis
            Vice Chair, Treasurer    Deborah Pappas
            President                Sherry Bijan

        No Secretary was appointed.

       The City is looking into changes in the downtown ground floor retail zoning. The Planning and
Transportation Commission will be addressing the issue at its meeting this evening. Ms. Bijan and Ms.
Senti-Willis agreed to write a letter to the Commission, expressing PAd’s desire to be involved with this
important issue for the downtown. Ms. Barnes briefly explained the current zoning regulations, and
proposals to change the retail only sections within the downtown.

       PAd ended the year with a budget deficit, which will need to be recovered in fiscal year ending June
30, 2010.

        The proposal for Lytton Plaza will be presented to the City Council on August 3 for formal approval.
Right now, the contract with the City is being finalized. Over 30 local business are funding the renovations;
a big community effort.

         The Parking Committee is soliciting bids for security within the parking garages. Potentially, a part
of the contract will be awarded to the Downtown Streets Team.

         Whole Foods will likely be the first business to use the outdoor seating master plan. Staff level
approval will be required for permits (as opposed to full reviews). PAd and the City are still negotiating how
the barriers will work, and how the sidewalks will be cleaned behind them. Ms. Bijan and Mr. Khalil have
been talking to businesses, getting them to adopt the plan and become compliant with outdoor seating

        The Directors briefly discussed the proposed pedestrian mall, and will work with members to
determine what position should be taken on the issue. Ms. Denson has been talking to neighbors regarding
a potential Shop Downtown promotion, with mixed responses. The U.N. Film Festival will be downtown in
October and using PAd’s banner space on the downtown streets.

VII. Adjournment

        At approximately 9:35 a.m. the meeting was adjourned.