The Clash of Wedding Invitation Traditions with Technology

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					The Clash of Wedding Invitation Traditions with Technology
Wedding traditions stem back from the beginning of time. Computers and printers in the home are
much newer to the wedding scene. From creating their own wedding invitations at home to addressing
envelopes with a computer font that looks strikingly similar to calligraphy, does technology help brides
or is does it cause a clash between modern times and wedding traditions? Experts and brides alike seem
to agree that technology helps them carry out wedding traditions more effectively than ever before –
and at time much more cost effectively as well.


A save-the-date is a courteous way of announcing to out-of-town guests that they better start making
their travel arrangement because your wedding is six months to a year from now. With self-publishing
sites such as Picaboo, Snapfish and Kodak, brides can upload their favorite photo of the happy couple,
turn it into a postcard, magnet or coffee mug and send it out to invited guests. Even a simple save-the-
date card can be created online or with desktop publishing software, stuffed in a computer-addressed
envelope and dropped in the mail.

Thank You Cards

While it is acceptable to create thank you cards or to address mailing envelopes on a computer, thank
you notes still need to be handwritten. Include a personal note, mentioning the gift received and sign it
with both of your names. Running the same printed message through your computer printer, complete
with computer printed names is very impersonal, Hand written thank you notes are one tradition you
want to stick to using.


It’s not a recommendation to use mailing labels to address your wedding invitations, thank you cards or
any other wedding stationary. If you do, however, decide to use labels use clear mailing labels for
printing so they are less noticeable when you slap them on the envelope.

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