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					PERU                                         June 28 – July 09, 2010
            A Spiritual Adventure into the Heart of the Andes
 You are invited to join us in Peru to learn and experience the mystical traditions of the Inkas,
         traditions that are still used today for healing, self-realization and ascension

The 12-day Hatun Karpay "Great Initiation" into the Andean Tradition will take you on a journey to the Sacred
Valley of the Inkas. The Andean Tradition is based on the spiritual practices of the Inkas and incorporates the
accumulated knowledge and experience of civilizations that are thousands of years old.

In the Great Initiation, Evaristo and Ricardo guide you through a series of rituals and ceremonies in Cuzco
("Qosqo," meaning the navel of the Earth in the Quechua language), the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, Machu
Pijchu, Titicaca Lake, Colca Canyon and other sacred sites.

On this journey, you will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of nature, as well as spiritual
techniques to participate more fully in the healing process for yourself, your loved ones, and Mother Earth.

You will also develop a new world perspective, enriched by the wisdom and knowledge of the Inkas’ ancient
culture, that will help you gain a better appreciation for and understanding of our own Western society, as well.

As you visit each sacred site, you will create your own mesa (personal sacred tool) to carry energies that you
can access to re-connect to the Inkas, the sacred sites and the Andes, from anywhere in the world. This tool
can be used to further your spiritual practices or even to heal.

This expedition to Peru will be lead by Andean Mystic and Nutritionist Lic. Evaristo Pfuture, and Andean
practitioners Ricardo and Kathy Sanchez.

Web: | Email: | 703-785-5984 | P.O. Box 231354 – Centreville, VA 20120
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DAY 0: Flight from home country to Arequipa (note: you may have to
go through Lima).

DAY 1: Greeting and welcome to Ari Q'epay (Arequipa). We
arrive early in the morning to allow time for brunch and
acclimatization to the altitude change. Arequipa is 7740 feet above
sea level. Not too high, compared to the other cities we will be
visiting, and a good starting point to start our acclimatization in Peru.
Our journey starts in the afternoon when we head to the Colca
Canyon Valley, which is about three hours from Arequipa by bus. At
Vizcachani, we will participate in a ceremony of connection and harmonization with the energies of our guest
country and its sacred sites. This is where we plant the seed for this stage in our awakening process. Upon
arrival to the Valley, Ricardo and Evaristo provide an introduction to the program, giving you the background
information and a foundation for understanding this mystical initiatory

DAY 2: After a good night's sleep at a hotel by the Colca River, we
start the day by going to greet the majestic condors as they soar
over the canyon (which is deeper than the Grand Canyon) at the Cruz
del Condor scenic overlook. The condor is the messenger from
Hanaqpacha, or the Higher World of Spirit, one of the three worlds
in Andean cosmology. After our encounter with the messengers, we
will participate in a ceremony of connection and harmonization with
all three worlds. The Inka Seed deep inside us begins to germinate,
initiating the process of spiritual growth, "Inka style." Our
understanding of the living energies begins to deepen as we visit the
other wakas, or Inka sanctuaries, in the Colca area.

DAY 3: We travel east to Puno and Lake Titicaca to meet the Inka and pre-Inka ancestors at an altitude of
about 12,500 feet above sea level. Our gradual ascension to the highlands mirrors our spiritual ascension.
Vicuñas, llamas and alpacas greet us on the high plains during our bus journey to Puno, home of the Tiwanako
cultures that preceded the Inkas.

DAY 4: We travel by boat to visit the floating island of Uros in Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the
world. As we experience our encounter with the ancient, yet still
intact, cultures surrounding the lake, we connect with the people and
the energy that has lived there for thousands of years. We perform the
ritual of connection with our mother, Mama Qocha, Mother of the
Waters of the Lakes and Oceans, giver of life. We learn about the law
of Ayni or Sacred Reciprocity during our one-day stay at Amantani
Island, one of the many islands in the great Titicaca Lake.

 DAY 5: On Amantani Island we nurture and feed our Inka seed with
the female and male energies from the sacred mountains of the area,
or Apus Pachapapa and Pachamama. We then return to Puno via
boat, again visiting the floating islands and enjoying the breath-taking

DAY 6: Continuing on our journey, we leave the ancient Tiwanaku area to make our entrance into the more
Cuzco. Our hearts are joyful, knowing that our seed is healthy and growing. We continue nurturing our
awakening process at each stop as we perform ceremonies at the Pukara waka and the sanctuary of
Wiraqocha. We celebrate our arrival in Cuzco with traditional food, music and dancing at one of the city's finest

DAY 7: We travel to the Sacred Valley and the name couldn't be more
appropriate. First, we visit Moray or what is called the Sanctuary of Life.
This is the site where our understanding of manifestation and
ascension deepens exponentially. The ritual of connection performed
here has the power to change lives; it is truly a healing place. Across
the Urubamba river we arrive in Pisaq, the fortress and temples where
our Inka seed feels very much at home. You are not a tourist; you never
were one. Here, you re-encounter Pachamama, Mother Earth, and the
spirits of the Apus, the mountains, that are within you. We are one with the One.

DAY 8: We continue our journey in the Valley as we continue to visit
the wakas. Ollantaytambo not only takes our breath away, but also
refuels our soul. The ritual of connection with the four elements, Wayra,
Unu, Pachamama and Inti Tayta (Air, Water, Earth and the Sun), brings
completeness to our soul and body; our seed is healthy and strong.

DAY 9: The journey now continues by train towards the town of Aguas
Calientes (Hot Springs). After lunch, we visit the entrance to Machu
Pijchu, making our formal entrance at Inti Punko, following a short
greeting ceremony to the Gateway of the Sun. Then, we return to Aguas Calientes and head to the hot springs
for a cleansing and relaxation ritual in preparation for our entrance into the sacred sanctuary of Machu Pijchu
and our climb and encounter with Apu Wayna Pijchu the following day.

DAY 10: We head to the sanctuary of Machu Pijchu and hike up the beautiful staircase of the Inkas to the top
of Wayna Pijchu early in the morning. It looks impossible, but the ingenious Inkas have made it much easier
than it looks. Here we ritually take on new, clean, fresh masculine energy from the surrounding Apus (sacred
mountains), mobilizing our own dynamic energy field. The hike takes 2-3 hours, going at a slow and easy pace.
We return to the sanctuary of Machu Pijchu for a full tour, and later return to Aguas Calientes to take the train
back to Cuzco.

DAY 11: Back at the center of the world, Cuzco, we visit the fortress and ceremonial grounds of
Sacsaywaman. Our awareness of place and time is real, our seed is strong. Being a tourist is an illusion when
we know deep inside that every place, situation, and encounter is a sacred one. We perform our 'graduation'
ceremony at the Temple of the Moon, led by the Q'eros elders, keepers of the ancient knowledge. After our
crowning ritual, we celebrate with a farewell dinner and a folklore show in
one of Cuzco's finest restaurants.

DAY 12: Breakfast, experience sharing, and a closing session helps us
say farewell to Cuzco and begin the transition back to our own world, but
with our new, higher understanding. We ride back to the Cuzco Airport in
the afternoon, depart from Cuzco to Lima, and travel from Lima to our
final destination.

DAY 13: Arrival to home country.
Recommended Airplane itinerary:

When purchasing your airline tickets make sure your arrival city in Peru is Arequipa. In other words your
ticket should be like this:

Leaving From: Dulles (IAD) or Reagan National (DCA)
Going TO: Arequipa (AQP) - via Lima (LIM)
Departure date: June 27
Time: Afternoon or evening

Airlines will make a stop in Lima, before going Arequipa. Make sure you arrive to Arequipa between 5:00 AM
and 11:00AM.
By leaving from the U.S. the afternoon or night before, it will allow sufficient time for airport stops and switch
airlines in Lima. The flying time from DC to Lima is about 8 hours and from Lima to Arequipa 1 hour.

To return to your final destination after the programs has ended, it is from Cuzco. In other words your ticket
should be like this:

Leaving From: Cuzco
Going TO: Dulles (IAD) or Reagan National (DCA)
Departure date: July 09
Time: Morning or afternoon (in previous trips most participants left Cuzco between 8 AM and 11:00

By leaving Cuzco in the morning you may catch the international connection in Lima around noon or early
afternoon and arrive to the U.S. by evening

In addition to the U.S. airlines we know, there are a couple of Central American airlines that offer competitive
prices. They are COPA and TACA. I would recommend comparing rates with ,
                                                                                 HU            UH   HU           UH

or each airline directly. The sooner you make your airline reservation, the better, rates tend to go up as the
departure time approaches.

Ricardo Sanchez –Practitioner of the Andean tradition. Born in Arequipa, Peru,
Ricardo grew up learning the traditions passed on by his Quechua-speaking parents,
developing a love for life, nature and the arts. Ricardo was initiated into Andean
Spirituality in 2002 by the most renowned Inka priests in the Cuzco area. He is an
artist and an Andean musician and he resides in Virginia, U.S.

                              Evaristo Pfuture - Mystic, and a college professor of
                              nutrition and Quechua (the language of the Inkas). Born in the community of K’ana,
                              Cuzco. With life-long experience in the Inka traditions and way of life, Evaristo’s
                              wisdom and knowledge, passed on to him by his ancestors and life experiences, add
                              a rich perspective to understanding the Andean traditions.

The Paucar Q'ero family - Victor, Hilario and Isaac, two brothers and their father, are members of the Q'ero
nation, one of the last remaining communities of direct Inka descendants. They are the keepers of the ancient
knowledge. Pampamesayoq, holistic healers and medicine men, whose wisdom and teachings restore
physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Masters of the energies of the Andes, they lead the group in rituals
and sacred ceremonies in Cuzco.

Kathy Sanchez - Practitioner of the Andean tradition, with training in nutrition, wellness and communications.
Kathy was initiated into the Andean tradition in 2005, and has since served as a Spanish-English interpreter,
writer and editor on Andean topics.

Web: | Email: | 703-785-5984 | P.O. Box 231354 – Centreville, VA 20120
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                                                           INKA WISDOM U

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                                                              UREGISTRATION FORM

Please type or print clearly and mail this page only to the address below with your deposit.

Great Initiation into Andean Mysticism and tour to sacred Inka sacred sites in Cuzco, Arequipa and Puno, Peru.

□ June 28th, 2010                         Cost: $ 3,300

NAME (as it appears on passport) __________________________________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS_____________________________________________________________________________

CITY____________________________STATE _________ZIP CODE_______________

TELEPHONE (              ) _________________(h.) (                     )___________________(o.) (               )____________________(cell)

(       ) _________________(fax) E-MAIL ADDRESS________________________________________

PASSPORT NUMBER _________________________EXPIRATION DATE______________________

BIRTHDATE (required by Peruvian law for hotel reservations) _________________________________



TELEPHONE (              ) ________________(h.) (                      )____________________(o.) (                 )__________________(cell)

Vegetarian:      □Yes □No                         Trip Name: _______________________ (See list above)

Includes 2 large meals a day, all accommodations in 3 and 4 Star hotels, ground transportation within Peru & entrance
fees to all sacred sites. (Does not include airfare to and from Peru).
□ I prefer a single room (single supplement required add 20% of trip cost)
I want to share a room with ________________________________________________
Take $200 off the price if registration and payment in full is done 90 days prior to travel date.

Check dates carefully; failure to pay on time may disqualify your trip participation.
Full payment due 45 days prior to travel date. All participants required to carry full Emergency Medical Insurance.

My $ 500 deposit for registration in this program is enclosed. Please make checks payable to Inka Wisdom and mail it
with this form to:

Inka Wisdom
P.O. Box 231354
Centreville, VA 20120

A hard copy or a scanned image (PDF) of your passport will also be required to make hotel reservations.
Upon receiving this application, we will send you information on travel tips, airline recommendations, etc.

Cancellations/Refund Policy
If cancellation is received in writing more than 60 days prior to departure date will be refunded less a $100.00 administrative fee.
If cancellation is received in writing between 60 and 30 days prior to departure you will be refunded in full less a $300,00 cancellation fee. No refunds
can be made if cancellation is made less than 20 days prior to departure. If allowable by third parties, (airlines, etc.) you may substitute another person
in your place if you should have to cancel.
You, however, are still responsible for payment. Any unused tour feature is non-refundable and no exchangeable once the journey is in progress.

Description: Join us for the 12-day Sacred Journey to Peru. Experience Inca spirituality and wisdom first hand led by native Incan descendants. Gain a greater appreciation and understanding of nature, as well as spiritual techniques to participate more fully in the healing process for Mother Earth. Upcoming Journey June 28 - July 09, 2010. Make your reservation today and safe 10% off.