cyngor tref dinas llanelwy by lindash


									                       Cyngor Tref Dinas Llanelwy
                      City of St.Asaph Town Council
             Minutes of a Meeting of the Council held on 11 February 2009
                  at the Meeting Room, Roe Plas Meadow, St.Asaph
   Present: Councillor. Mrs E J Powell, Mayor.
      Councillors: J.J.Vaughan; C.E.Leach; W L Cowie; Mrs.B.J.Rust;
      R H Gumm; D.Mortimer; D.A.Thomas; J O Roberts; D.I.Roberts & D.Burrows
      Apologies were received from Cllrs.D Owens & Mrs. B A Davies
133    Notice of Urgent Matters - No items were notified
134    North Wales Police - there were no Police Officers present.
135 Comments from County Council Members Cllr. W Cowie reported upon various
matters to which      he had previously referred and which were ongoing. He also
expressed concern at the car parking charges in the City, when it appeared that there
were no charges for parking in Rhuddlan. The Clerk          was asked to clarify the
position of parking charges in Rhuddlan.
136. Minutes of Meetings - RESOLVED: that subject to the amendment of Minute
No 117 to show       reference to the EAST Ward, not the WEST Ward at line 8, the
Minutes of Meetings held on 14 and 28 January, as previously circulated, be confirmed
and signed by the Mayor as a correct record.
137     Matters arising from the Minutes
        Relief Road Campaign - Cllr. D A Thomas gave a brief report upon progress
herein and in particular       confirmed that a delegation would be attending the Welsh
Assembly Government offices on 24th           March to present the Petition. It was also
reported that Denbighshire County Council proposed to       hold ‘Workshops’ upon
‘Traffic Management’ in the area from Rhyl to Denbigh.
138    Finance
       1.Clerk -      Salary - Jan                   £467.80
                      Postage’s - Jan                £ 12.96
                      Mileage - Jan                  £ 9.00                       £
       2. Co-options Ltd. - litter picking Jan -                                  £
       3. M Dodd - Christmas Lighting (tree etc.) -                               £
       730.25 incVAT
       4. Mrs N Williams - Caretaking services - Meeting Room -
       (01/02 - 28/02) -                                                          £
       5. Glascoed Timber - Emptying litter/dog litter bins & other
       general maintenance, as authorised -                                       £
       1,260.63 incVAT
139 North Wales Association of Town Councils - the Mayor circulated a report upon a
recent Meeting          which the Council’s representatives had attended . [a] ‘Partnership
Council For Wales’ - the Mayor         reported that it had been suggested at the Meeting
that all Members should write to their respective      Assembly Members indicating that
the Association should have full Membership of the Council,            rather than just a
‘watching brief’ - it was agreed that such letter should be sent; [b] she indicated that
         the Association was seeking ‘volunteers’ to host future Quarterly Meetings and it
was agreed that, as the Council had not hosted such Meeting for a number of years, an
offer be made to host same, Oriel      House, Upper Denbigh Road, being named as the
most suitable venue.
140 Youth Service & Youth Group Meeting - the Mayor circulated a report upon a
recent Meeting with the CBM and Faron Hadfield-Jones from Denbighshire Youth
Service which had identified areas of   concern and suggested ways of improving
provision of youth service in the City.
141 ‘Tidy Towns’ & Business Regeneration - the Mayor reported upon progress thus
far and that a further Meeting was to be held the following evening. She reported that
several business owners had indicated interest in participating in the Shop Front
Improvement Scheme
142 H M Stanley Commemorative Group - the Mayor reported that a Questionnaire
was being circulated to seek the publics’ views upon the provision of a Memorial, which
should be returned by 15     February.
143 Bryn Gobaith - the Clerk reported the Contractor had indicated the equipment was
in process of being manufactured and work was due to start on site on Friday 20th
February and would be      completed before the end of March. It was proposed that
an Official Opening Ceremony should take place on 7th April, which would be arranged
by Members of the Environment & Assets Committee.
144 Code of Conduct - Cllr. J J Vaughan suggested that there were certain areas of
the Code which could require clarification and requested that Mr Ian Hearle, the County
Clerk be invited to address Members on the subject. It was agreed that the Clerk
approach Mr Hearle to arrange such Meeting as       soon as possible.
145 Participatory Budgeting - it was agreed, following lengthy debate, that [a] the sum
of £3,000:00 from      the Council’s ‘Community Project’ Budget (Group F (c)) be
allocated to this Scheme and [b] that the   Mayor and Cllrs. Mrs B J Rust and D A
Thomas be appointed as the Council’s representatives upon         a Working Group to
be formed to manage this scheme.
                    A TEN MINUTE BREAK WAS AGREED AT 8.40PM
146 Planning
        New Applications
        Erection of new dwelling (resubmission) - Land between Hulmehurst and Pant yr
        Afon, Lower Street, St.Asaph - No objection - however the Council continues
        to be concerned at the traffic problems in this area and suggests that before
        the development starts adequate traffic management measures are
       introduced - it also questions the adequacy of the access to the rear of the
       premises for ‘off street’ parking and suggest a site visit before a decision is
       Use of land for permanent informal car park (temporary permission previously
       granted under Ref: No: 46/2006/1275/PF) - Part of St.Asaph Common, rear of
       The Roe, St.Asaph - Noted.
       Application for Certificate of Lawfulness for the existing use of land for the
       storage of building and engineering materials - Land adjacent to Bryn Polyn
       Bach, Upper Denbigh Road, St.Asaph - No objection
147 Afon Elwy Environment Group - Cllr. D I Roberts, on behalf of the Group,
reported that it was proposed to produce a leaflet detailing features along the Elwy. He
indicated that the Group had received sponsorship from Cadwyn Clwyd, would be
making a contribution from their own funds,           but that there was a shortfall of £500
and requested such sum from the Council. Following several            questions, Cllr.
Roberts, together with the Mayor and Cllrs. J J Vaughan, Mrs D B Hodgkinson, W
        Cowie and Mrs B J Rust (as Members of the Group) left the Meeting. Cllr. D A
Thomas was elected to the Chair and following a brief discussion it was agreed that the
Council would provide £500 for        this publication subject to the Council’s Logo and
reference to its sponsorship being printed on the     leaflet. The aforementioned
Members then returned to the Meeting and the Mayor resumed the Chair.
148 Consultation Paper - Proposals On The Future of Community Health Councils In
Wales - copies of the Paper were circulated for consideration.
149 Correspondence - RESOLVED: the following correspondence be received and
        1. Stroke UK - details of ‘St.Davids Day Abseil’ at Bodelwyddan Castle;
        2. N W Police - Minutes of Joint Meeting 19th January 2009;
        3. Nightingale House Hospice - details of fund-raising events;
4. Kidney Wales Foundation - details of ‘Walk for Life 2009’ - 29 March 2009;

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