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clinical governance conference


									                               Clinical Governance Conference
                                    Are we nearly there…?
                                         11 May 2005

                                     Evaluation Comments

What, if anything, will you do differently as a result of today?

      Evaluate outcome of level 6 packages further.
      Look at LCP in more detail.
      Look into implementing the Liverpool Care Pathway into practice following education.
      Be more open to change and planning that change in a positive way!
      Possibly audit reflexology.
      Use some of the presented information to feed into strategic planning for our particular
       service – ie enable us to look at possible gaps in service provision and therefore improve
       equity of service for our patients.
      I may actually do some research! Statistics were all very interesting.
      Become more interested in clinical audit.
      Get more involved in clinical audit.
      Think more carefully about discussing CPR status.
      Think about resuscitation issues/communication skills training again. Think about PPC and
       how to encourage exploration in practice.
      Refine our evaluation of education needs within wards/to prioritise needs.
      I will be more aware of places of death due to number of audits completed around this.
      Look at the information and take on board to deliver a better and more up to date service.
      Reflect more on own practice.
      There are some good ideas for future audits and it makes me more aware of my own
      Has given good ideas for implementing LCP.
      Looking at documentation, especially LCP.
      Think about future audit.
      Look at systems in my own place of work.
      Documentation in the community – DNR (if appropriate to discuss); preferred place of death
       documentation; documentation when felt patient is actually dying.
      Looking at implementing LICP.
      Liverpool Care Pathway – try to implement in community.
      Record evidence of discussion of treatment options with patient and family, including CPR
       status, preferred place of care. Value of quality of life issues. Offer palliative and
       supportive care to all patients with life limiting illness?
      Looking at use of LICP. Considering resuscitation issues.
      More audits. Write my lecture in time (Mike Hughes!)
What was your overall opinion of the quality of the conference?

11 people put ‘excellent’
9 people put ‘good’ or ‘very good’

      Excellent – has inspired me to increase clinical governance work in my general practice and
       push LICP
      Excellent – a good mix, very informal and friendly
      Very enjoyable and informative
      Due to the type of information presented – ie lots of stats/data – I feel a full day is perhaps
       too long? Half day may be more suitable to prevent ‘stats overload’ – just a thought?
      Nice informal atmosphere
      Well organised. Enjoyed multi-disciplinary aspect. Good use of handouts.
      Excellent – great to hear about all the audits being undertaken within the area.
      Excellent. A great deal of valuable information, relevant to all aspects of palliative care –
       varied teaching styles, ensuring interest.
      Very good. Mixture of topics, venue, accessibility, organisation of speakers throughout the
      Very interesting – covering topics which could be quite dry in an informative way.
      Well organised. Informative. Sharing of knowledge really helpful, both by delegates and
      Very good, very varied and useful.
      Excellent, well organised day. Interesting content.
      Very interesting. Good to share information both through presentations and networking.
      High professional standards of information and presentation.
      Excellent – very enjoyable and thought provoking.
      Generally excellent, but a lot of sessions.
      Excellent day. Informative – level just right.
      Very high quality in terms of content and speakers. Very stimulating and enjoyable.
      Well planned/presented – excellent speakers and learning styles. Venue excellent. Good
       networking opportunity.
From the information you received before the conference, did it meet your expectations?

23 people put ‘yes’

      Yes, and more
      Yes, very much so
      Only received programme – was there anything else?
      Better than expectations
      Would have been useful to send map for hotel
      Yes – probably better than I expected
      Exceeded expectations – very useful to hear what else is going on in the area
      The conference was better than I had expected – extremely informative
      More than my expectations
      Not very well advertised
      Yes, but it would have been useful to have known where it was being held and a map of
       where to go
      Could have done with a map
      Yes, apart from directions to the venue
      More than!
      Yes, better than expected
      Yes and more
      Better
Are there any general comments you would like to make?

      Print handouts double-sided to save paper!
      Good venue – comfortable and food excellent
      Good venue. Easy to reach. Good experience
      Very nice venue
      When is the next one?
      Venue good
      A really enjoyable day
      I liked the layout for the people attending – less intimidating!
      Speakers should have been kept to time in the afternoon as I prefer to leave on time
      Heart failure talk too long. Speakers should be delegates too – should have to sign in and
       receive certificate of attendance
      Heart failure talk – could have left out some of the ‘Why palliative care for heart failure’
       and some of stats in order to leave more time for discussion of what is a very interesting
       topic (discussion kept brief because people aware of time I think)
      Photocopy the handouts using both sides of the paper.
      Would be good to encourage multi-centre audits across the network
      Excellent conference – would recommend it. Excellent networking and learning objectives
      Meeting a mixed variety of people, from various regions, areas and roles.
      Couldn’t always hear general questions
      General discussion with others really helpful. Sharing knowledge, problems and helpful
       experiences. Thank you.
      Very good day, good food and facilities – thank you very much
      Excellent
      Tiring towards the end of the day
      Dr Lennard’s approach was very refreshing! Good venue, nice food. Relaxed atmosphere.
      Would have liked paper copy of poster presentations for reference.
      Do it again.
      The day was slightly too long.

There were 5 additional complaints about the heart failure presentation being too long/far too long/a
bit repetitive

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