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					                                     Maintain Heart Health Tip

World Heart Federation (World Heart Federation / WHF) estimates that cardiovascular disease
will be the main cause of death in Asia in 2010. Therefore, it is expected to announce the
program "Healthy Indonesia 2010" by the Ministry of Health, death rates from heart disease
could be reduced to the lowest limit.

Surely not difficult to reduce the risk of heart disease threat. For starters, you can follow some
tips below:

1. Adjusting diet

a. Try eating more foods such as rice, vegetables (green beans, spinach, etc.), fruits, fish, cereals
and yogurt.

b. Reduce intake of foods such as milk, cheese and nuts. Add garlic to your recipes.

c. Eating foods that contain beta-carotene such as carrots, cabbage and tubers.

d. Reduce sodium intake, no more than 1 1 / 4 teaspoon salt in a day. Eat regular meals. Drink
enough water. Change the habit of drinking coffee with tea.

2. Changing patterns and lifestyle

a. Exercising regularly. At first sports to choose from mild to moderate intensity such as brisk
walking, or bicycles made for at least 30 minutes three to five times a week. Get used to using
the stairs every want to go to a higher floor.

b. Take advantage of every opportunity to perform physical activity. If you drive a motor
vehicle, try to park a little farther from your destination so you get used to walking.

c. Doing housework such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning the house in addition to your sport.
Maintain your ideal weight.

d. Stop smoking and avoid alcohol.

e. Get plenty of rest. Organize your daily schedule and avoid stress.

f. Take a useful exercise to reduce stress such as relaxation therapy, yoga and meditation. Many
laughed also a good medicine.
3. Check with your health on a regular basis

a. Know history of heart disease and blood vessels in your family tree.

b. Medical check ups done on a regular basis, including the monitoring of blood pressure and
cholesterol your body.

4. Take only drugs that are prescribed by a doctor for you

5. Give and receive affection from the people you care about

Try applying a few basic tips above in your life everyday, for the most appropriate treatment for
heart disease are actually prevent heart disease itself.

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