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									                                   Choose the Appropriate Bed

Did you know that the average time each person spends a third of her life in bed? You often do
not realize that the bed that you use greatly affects your back. There is no one else in the home
furnishings that are used and can affect the health of your back. So the selection of the bed is
essential for the health of your back.

Sleep is very important to you. Lack of sleep can lead to declining health and increasing pain in
his back. Back Tulng You worked hard all day in supporting body weight. Rest is required to
support your activities daily. Surface of the bed is not suitable can indirectly cause the
disruption of daily activities.

Appropriate bed can improve the quality of your sleep each night. Bed without a suitable base
can cause muscle fatigue and sleep disturbance. Alas that is the same in accordance with
kesegarisan spine when you stand. If your body can rest in natural position, the muscles can
relax with a maximum.

When buying a bed, there are some things that should be your consideration. Include:

• Type

There are several types of bed. As spring bed, foam, air mattresses and air mattresses. The
most suitable types are able to give you maximum comfort.

• Foundation

The place also placed a mattress is an important part in the selection of the bed. Foundation in
accordance with the mattress can prolong the age of the mattress. So, between the mattress
and foundation should be chosen accordingly.

• Tenderness

Not entirely true that the softer the mattress, the mattress is better. The mattress is too soft,
did not sustain the level of your body weight, tend to only support point on the most severe
body during sleep. So that your muscles can not relax instead of having to work to find a
comfortable position and defend it.

• Leisure

When buying a mattress, make sure you try it. Try a whole section of the mattress. If you sleep
in pairs, try to lie down simultaneously. Ensure broad enough beds for two. Find the best
mattress makes your spine comfortably.
• Resilience

Find mattress materials that can survive long. Make sure the seller has a guarantee if at any
time of the damage to the bed to be purchased. A good bed is survived 8-10 years.

The signs that you need a new mattress are:

• In the morning when you wake up, you feel tired and uncomfortable or even sick.

• Your mattress looks worn or have started ringing.

• You feel the bed does not make you feel comfortable.

Sleeping position greatly affects the quality of sleep. Sleeping position is best in a sideways
position, with a pillow or bolster between your legs. If you sleep on your back, make sure you
put a pillow under your knees so as to support the natural curvature of the spine. Sleeping in
the tummy is not good because it can alter the natural curvature of your spine, and also
increase the pressure on your lungs.

Thus, an appropriate bed very important role in the quality of your sleep. With a good quality
sleep, your body will feel Sagar in the lived everyday activities. Good rest

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