“Get Prepared_ Stay Prepared” by gabyion


									                         “Get Prepared, Stay Prepared”

                              DISASTER SUPPLY KIT

    Water*                                                      Sanitation Supplies
      1 gallon per person/per day, for 3 to 5 days                Toilet paper
      (½ for drinking, ½ for sanitation & cooking)                Soap
                                                                  Garbage bags
    Food*                                                         Plastic bags with seals
                                                                  5-gallon bucket with lid
      3 to 5 day supply of food - requiring minimal
      water, no refrigeration, preparation or
                                                                  Pre-moistened towelettes
      cooking (canned foods, granola bars, trail
                                                                  Feminine hygiene products and
      mix, etc.)
      Manual can opener

    First Aid Kits**                                            Clothing and Bedding
       Prescription and non-prescription                           One complete change of clothing
       medications                                                 Sturdy footwear
       Extra eyeglasses and contact lenses.                        Sleeping bag (or 2 blankets) per
       Pre-packaged first aid kit                                  person
       ____________________                                        ____________________

    Records & Financial                                         Other Items
    Documents                                                     Games, toys and books
      Cash (small bills) or traveler’s checks                     Pet supplies (food, water, carriers,
      Credit card                                                 etc.)
      Extra set of car keys in a waterproof                       Comfort /care items unique to infant,
      container                                                   elderly and disabled family members
      Originals of important documents - in a safe                Extra set of keys
      place                                                         ____________________
      Emergency phone numbers                                       ____________________

                            Survival Tools and Equipment
        Battery-powered radio, flashlight                           Wrenches, duct tape, a whistle and
        Extra bulbs and batteries                                   a utility knife
        Call letters and dial settings of your local                A road map
        Emergency Alert System stations taped on                    Cell phone
        your radio and TV                                           ____________________

                                  * Rotate food & water every six months
                                ** Keep first aid supplies in home & car


Virginia Department of Health                                 www.vdh.virginia.gov/epr
Virginia Dept. of Emergency Management                        www.vaemergency.com
American Red Cross                                            www.redcross.org

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