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					                              Year 13 – Unit 5
                           Artaudian Soundscapes

 In pairs develop three sounds that might appear in the following settings

                     Countryside
                     Prison
                     Mental Asylum
                     Busy street
                     Street at night
                     Torture chamber

Work on these for a few minutes for each one.

    Join with the whole class to recreate each one again, try to all agree on
     using a different sound each.

    Try again but spread yourselves around the room and add one action or
     gesture to go with that sound. It doesn’t matter how bizarre it is. For
     some you may wish to join into a pair to work on the actions together.
     (For example the rack in the torture chamber).

Get one person to come out of each one and to walk around the room. Try it
with different lighting if possible, put back ups to windows to gain a blackout,
lights off, one light on etc.

    Change the person each time and get the person in their own time to
     narrate the setting of the scene
     (E.G: It was a cold night when I decided to walk down the street. I could
     see Ernie crouching in the corner as usual etc etc.)

    Choose three scenes to work on. Imagine it is the opening to a
     performance and this is what you will be doing when the audience come
     in. (Like Marat Sade with their mental asylum a few years ago).

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