an introductory outline of the gunga phenomenon by lindash



An introductory Outline of The GUNGA Phenomenon
              Unfortunately for the now it has to be in English until we have fully articulated our Language Doctrine

In addition to the welcome, we thank you for visiting our official internet headquarters. Below is our
mantic mantelpiece.

GUNGA    is establishing as a grassroots political party in order to attain power to lead and
govern Zimbabwe. We invite Zimbabweans and humanity at large to consider us favourably.
We certainly need your companionship, constructive debate and material support to help us
handle the challenges of our appointment with destiny. As such, joining us is enthusiastically
promoted while donating to us will always be cheerfully and tremendously appreciated by
us. We are so glad to advise that in GUNGA we have a vibrant, revered and adequately
protected membership category for non-Zimbabweans -so almost anybody from anywhere
can join GUNGA. Period!

We are boldly obliging to our political calling at a time much betrayal and evil has been either
deliberately or unwittingly done by many to our country. The fact that many mistakes have
been made, including the reckless machismo of the 5th Column in brazenly staging a coup to
nowhere except a cataclysmic blow to ordinary Zimbabweans through grinding economic
blackmail, cannot be overemphasised. We have, consistent with the phenomena of Trojan
horses, ended up having a state within a state. The vendetta politics of economic sanctions has
led to unprecedented social fiasco, constant consternation and apathy on the wings of the
associated horrendous deprivation and displacement. GUNGA is a breath of fresh air awash
with dedicated new ideas  energy.

Our founding president, Jayaguru NYATI aka Robert Godfrey Kazembe MUSASIWA, is
Zimbabwean and, like other ordinary humans, has strengths, children, hopes  even
opponents and blemishes. Jayaguru Nyati [then known only as Robert Kazembe] and his
siblings had a very difficult rural upbringing in Dowa of Rusape/Makoni District of Manicaland
because of the financial challenges that beset his family. These problems were compounded
by the unavoidable havoc that was attendant to the war of liberation as no viable farming
could take place. Although the determination of the Patriotic Front was to later bring them to
their knees before being let off by the fraudulent Lancaster House Agreement of 1989
mabhunhu under Ian Smith and latter in collusion with Abel Muzorewa et al did all they could
to protect their loot. NYATI was exposed to near death by the enemy on occasions too
numerous for anybody to attempt to persuade him that the colonial settler community [99% of
it] was or is up to anything good. Just to recount a few: in 1977 he was beaten at Chiwetu.

Following his mercurial establishment in the 1990s of             into a national Business
Consultancy brand Musasiwa stirred the hornet’s nest when he defied the late Tony Gara’s
self-imposed ZANU pf candidacy for the MBARE EAST Constituency by standing as an
independent in 2000. Excerpts of the adversities he suffered at the time are well documented
and available on the internet and in news archives. Despite the excruciating humiliation of
being forced into exile NYATI retains his health, enigmatic intellect and energetic creativity -
all of which help in funding his patently articulate defence of unfettered Zimbabwe
sovereignty. As one who has seen it all during his rendezvous in the Diaspora NYATI is a
cosmopolitan who can truly  fluently mix his African uncompromised stature with impeccable
advocacy for just global citizenship.

What is GUNGA‘s Weltanschauung? Inter alia, GUNGA acknowledges God. We subscribe to a
good governance whose cornerstone is respect for human rights, choice  the creation and
promotion of fair opportunities for all. We recognise that public revulsion is justified when
felonious characters brag of impunity and national resources or opportunities are
monopolised by a few people in power and their favourites or those who grossed advantage
by virtue of colonialism to the detriment of everybody else. This said, however, we believe
that nothing can ever extinguish or downgrade our nation’s indebtedness to those of us who
hazarded their lives or paid the ultimate price to realise the limited independence secured to
date. GUNGA is patently adamant that gaining power by auctioning our birthright or colluding with
exponents of imperialism in economically asphyxiating Zimbabwe into submission to one’s will via
sanctions is Herrenvolk Democracy -naked foreign domination by proxy. Kana dai kwanga kwaita ma
genuine grievances shayisano yemhando iyoyi is inadmissible blackmail. NADA,
KWETE! Ihasha dzegurwe kana bombo zihwiza rinoti kana ragumbuka rinobva raita mabanhiro
ekuramwira nemakumbo acho. Bembera kana mukwembo wemutoo iwoyu ndewana matyorahosho
nana bokorangoma vanofesherwa kusvika pakuridza ngoma nedemo saka hatizvide. GUNGA fights
both the past and the now very subtle macabre mutations of the 1884 Berlin Conference
Agenda. We reckon that capitulation instead of resilience only makes a dead fool of Africa.
Our non-retrogressive CHANGE strategy hinges on mobilising the nation in pursuing lasting or
progressive solutions to our challenges. These strategies should value both restitution 
reconciliation. EQUITY is so integral to peace, unity and prosperity so any deal short of
reversing colonial iniquities is a primrose path GUNGA won’t dare join the myopic in taking.

Despite the fundamental Pan Africanism  other irrevocable values we pride ourselves in we
are openly committed to every Zimbabwean -at home or in the Diaspora- even all who have
drifted into seemingly irredeemable defeatist psychoses and quisling devotion. We invite all
souls hitherto fixated on skewed political consciousnesses to think outside the 'box' and notice
that the flourish of our lives, pursuits, dignity  identity at both individual and collective
levels wherever we reside is best served by GUNGA whose well-considered –golden mean-
agenda energises both our sovereign  change aspirations. G will argue for our cultural
heritage to be given space as a means of arresting its decimation through the wholesale
promotion of cultural and religious imperialism many pursue courtesy of misinformed
spirituality. To ice the cake GUNGA believes in sustainable co-existence  co-dependence with
both domestic animals and wildlife as well as living in harmony with the environment. Is there
anything GREENER than fair regard of other creatures without trying to play God? Nobody can be
everything to everybody every time but GUNGA will try to, if I may borrow from the slain
United States President Lincoln‘s rubric, extend charity to all and malice to none.

Pivotal to our efforts is our realization that GUNGA is in the line of destiny. Joshua Nkomo
revived the drums of liberation heroine and heroes Mbuya Nehanda et al inspired and Mugabe
advanced that sacred cause. It is now incumbent upon GUNGA to secure and perfect that
mission before passing the relay stick to future generations. Political succession is in many
respects similar to relay sticks of various athletics competitions. Over and above the
humiliation of souls who miss their presumed slots of glory or lose their medals post-event
because of drugs many fantastic athletics teams at major sports carnivals including the four
yearly Olympic show-pieces end up devastated after messing-up in exchanging their relay
sticks. At each major function it is not the athletes’ genius alone that counts but good fortune
as well as there often are many real and or perceived conspiracy plots also competing for
honours. The Stirring Executive and Founding President of GUNGA take this opportunity to
assure you that they will individually and collectively endeavour to do what they have to do to
advance our cause until the day GUNGA’s appointed seed steps onto the podium to take the
oath of office. Any sage will tell you that people can only do what they are appointed to
achieve in their own epoch notwithstanding the distractive ubiquity of charlatans, mafikizolos,
thorns-in-the-flesh  flies in the ointment every time. GUNGA is thankful for the positives ZANU
pf did in its season but now call upon the true bodhisattvas of our time to earnestly begin
harmoniously and courageously rolling out the altruism of their destined duty, sacrifice 
honour. It is not about any particular soul within the party but about us and beginning with
you. Progress will begin registering when we selflessly answer to the call to national duty by
harmonising our personal interests with those of GUNGA.

We are now going to further invigorate and expedite our engagement of Zimbabweans and
well meaning foreign stake-holders in formalising and rolling out GUNGA’s positions on
matters of Law; a National Constitution; National Health; a National Healing and Re-
Orientation Commission; The Land Question and general Resource Ownership in the light of
Economic Revival, Development and Justice thereof; International Relations; Advancement
of our Armed and Civil Defence capabilities; Trade; Communication; Power; Poverty
Reduction and Alleviation; Human Rights; De-Politicisation of Public Services; Women, Youth
and Children’s Agenda; Education and Cultural Renewal; as well as Sports
Development. The spelling out of areas of key governmental emphasis and GUNGA's exact
stratagem will be consequent upon the reality on the ground when the nation approaches
decision time but certainly we are going to set in motion and complete the perfection of
Zimbabwe's deliverance from colonialism including exposing and summarily dismantling the
incubus machinations that relentlessly frustrate our self actualisation drive.

We believe Zimbabwe will chalk phenomenal progress when our people shall begin to
selflessly harmonise their personal interests with the national moral  economic re-armament
GUNGA envisages to spearhead via a people centred democratic frame-work. Uppermost in
our agenda is the establishment of Food  Health security in a Free and Secure environment
so that we exert undivided focus on the economy but we also intend to acquit ourselves
well concerning the matter of creating and apotheosising a national language as opposed to
maiming ourselves with colonialist tongues. It would be foolhardy to turn down any well
meant advice and help but certainly we are not going to accept the pencilling of our party or
national agenda by foreigners as we are not less humans than they are. GUNGA is going to
shift the nation from an aid dependency psychosis to a bold demand for fare prices for our
natural resources in order to fund the building of agriculture enhancing infrastructure such as
dams and rapid industrialisation. Even though fetish autarky is not GUNGA's goal [as imbecile
choristers of capitalist imperialism are inclined to rush to allege] the nation ought to realise
that our sovereignty, and economic prosperity thereof, will forever be compromised if we do
not minimise dependency on charity and imports by maximising development and usage of
the national and territorial endowments at our disposal to master self sufficiency on cardinal
'things'. The fact that most aid and even trade imports are punitively erratic and with more
strings attached than a philharmonic orchestra should help all Zimbabweans and non-sinister
'friends' to converge with GUNGA on this.

A GUNGA reckoning is inevitable even among Zimbabwean and cosmopolitan sections that
have formerly apotheosised recalcitrant incubus agendas at the expense of honest justice.
Any good person of any colour is bound to reach a saturation point for any folly there maybe
 regret the futility of pursuing narrow, racist, chauvinist or pecuniary interests. On grasping our
vision YOU must link with US and ACT NOW instead of whipping up spineless speak and
forlornly star-gazing at heroes and glories of other orbits. GUNGA NDIWE NESU  we are
jointly and individually responsible for articulating and propagating its phenomenon Corner to
Corner. Ever seen a gum tree’s seed? It is very tiny! But look what it grows to when planted
 given even the meanest of nurturing.

GUNGA     is earnestly striving to overcome its acute lack of upfront resources. The headaches of
our current hair-string budgets are seminal pains we shall be exceedingly glad to recount the
day we step on the podium of victory. We are mobilising internal and external stakeholders
[members, groups and institutions in solidarity with our cause in their hearts and minds] to awaken
to the imperatives of the party's dire situation and spring to its rescue. The ground-breaking
measures we are instituting will enable GUNGA to fund capital  revenue budgets for decent
offices/equipment and personnel plus operational  contingent budgets to
galvanise/establish/activate/expand/harmonise/co-ordinate our grassroots party structures-
activities in Zimbabwe  the Diaspora.

     Fellow Compatriots! Let’s join hands  together revive the building of our Dynamic Nation.

 GUNGA: Home          Away! We call upon YOU to nurture our Zimbabwe identity and keep it sacrosanct

                               Tatenda! Siyabonga! Thank you!

  Though this précis is probably neither sufficiently global nor encyclopaedic we pray that it or its segments may always be
                               examined in the light of the full compliment of GUNGA matrices

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