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									  Hendricks County Humane Society

             Pet Scoop                                                                             Summer 2009

Annual Summer Fundraiser on June 20th

Ride Your Bike to
Support the Animals
Pedaling for Pets returns for 2009! The Bike Tour will hit the
roads of Hendricks County on June 20th starting at 8 a.m. from Danville High
School. Mayberry Café is providing a complimentary pancake breakfast.
The routes consist of 10, 20, 40 and 80-mile rides. Body Mechanix from
Clayton, Indiana will give 10-minute massages to interested riders. Animals
available for adoption will be on site at the high school from 8 a.m. to noon.
The 80-mile ride will travel through Putnam County. There is a SAG stop
available at the Visitor’s Center with homemade goodies and drinks for the
riders. Animals up for adoption from the Putnam County Humane Society will
also be on site.
Registration forms are available on our website: Should you need additional information,
please contact the Hendricks County Humane Society at 718-0312.

  Thank You to Our Bike                                           Volunteers Needed
  Tour Sponsors:
                                                                                 Event: Hendricks County 4-H Fair
                                                                                 When: July 19 – 25, various
                                                                                 times available
                                                                                 If anyone has interest in a “booth"
                                                                                 training session, please contact
  • COTTINGHAM ORTHODONTICS                                                      the HCHS office at 718-0312.

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Off-Leash                                                            In Gratitude . . .
Dog Park                                                             We are very appreciative to our friends at State
                                                                     Bank of Lizton in Avon for their generous
Update                                                               donation following Pet Photos with Santa, their
                                                                     December fundraiser for us. Pictured are Past
• The Avon-Washington                                                HCHS President, Mark Vickery at left,
  Township Paw Park is                                               receiving a donation check from bank
  OPEN and accepting                                                 employee, Rhonda Wiles.
  membership applications. For details call 745-
  0785 or visit

  DOG PARK! They are forming a committee
  to look into a suitable location somewhere on
  their land. NO - not at the to be dismantled
  Skate Park. We suggested that, but they feel
  the area is too small.

• Just a reminder, Plainfield is still taking a
  survey on what to do with land near the
  Aquatic Center. Call 839-2562 and tell
  them you want a dog park there.

• Hendricks County Parks Department is
                                                                     Humane Education
  still looking for land. Call Bill Roach at                         Goes Worldwide
  718-6188 if you have any ideas.
                                                                     “Dogs Around the World” is one of our most
                                                                     popular Humane Education Programs. Please
                                                                     call our educator, Mary Gilyeat, if you would
  Pet Scoop is published by the Hendricks County Humane Society.     like a program for the classroom, scouts, camps
  We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. Meetings
  are held at our Danville office located on the north side of the   or even adult clubs and organizations. Our
  Square:                                                            office phone number is 718-0312.
  52 W. Main Street, Danville, IN 46122, 317/718-0312
  President: Wendy Smith
  Vice President: Debbie Trocha
  Treasurer: Larry Nilles
  Secretary: Sue Wilson
  Board Members:
  Cin Goodman, Cameron Johnson, Pat Ploughe, Todd Ploughe,
  Sharon Wagner, Mark Vickery
  HCHS Staff: Mary Gilyeat
  Educators: Mary Gilyeat and Carrie Vanover
  Newsletter Editor: Julie Norman
  Web site:

                                                             Pet Scoop                                    Page 2
A tribute to

         ALLIE                                                 Humane Society
She came to us a small, black, bundle of unappreciated
Energy, one of three dumped from a passing car on              Offers Stimulus
A day we, as a family, needed the love and
Adoration of a dog – though we knew it not.                    Package!
                                                               Hendricks County Humane Society (HCHS)
Wife and youngest children were invited to choose              offers a stimulus package of its own! In
By the neighbor who took in the three of them,
So casually abandoned by a hardened heart.                     celebration of June's Adopt a Cat Month, the
( May a special place in Hades be his lot. )                   Humane Society offers a $25 rebate to people
                                                               who visit Hendricks County Animal Control in
Little did I know, when arriving home that day,                Danville during June and adopt their family pet.
That someone had come into my life who
Would be a constant source of joy and                          Hendricks County Animal Control, located on
Love ( and some aggravation, truth be told).
                                                               the old Fairgrounds across from Hendricks
For, no sooner than I stepped into the house,                  Regional Health on Old US 36, moved into its
She seemed to say “You are mine” and                           new facility last Fall. In February, they added
Attached herself to me for the remainder                       some Saturday hours, so they are now open the
Of her seasons, warm and cold.                                 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 9 a.m.
                                                               to 1 p.m. For additional information and
As the passing years brought graying to her chin,
She still adored a back-scratch on my lap while                weekly hours, call Animal Control at 745-9250.
Sitting like a princess, gazing out at my wife
As if to say “Look at me and eat your heart out.”              HCHS is happy that our county finally has a new
                                                               animal shelter and we are especially happy that
And then, a few short months ago, a heart thing                it is open some Saturdays. The $25 rebate
Slowed her down. She could no longer walk                      applies to any dog or cat adoption from
Around the block, but had to return home
Much before her normal time to sniff about.
                                                               Hendricks County Animal Control during June.
                                                               The shelter staff has a rebate information sheet
Her hearing slowly disappeared, much to the                    available for all adopters.
Consternation of the yapping little ankle-biter
Next door. And her eyesight dimmed, much                       For questions about the rebate, please call HCHS
Worse than mine, at best.                                      at 718-0312.
And then, one fateful Wednesday evening,
I came home from work to find her
Laying peacefully on her pillow, unresponsive,
No more sickness – finally at rest.

We cried in sadness; then we understood
That we had had near fourteen years of
Love and friendship from a little, black,
Very much appreciated bundle of energy.

Rest in Peace, Allie.
You are not forgotten.

Mark & Jo Vickery

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Doghouse Sponsorships
As we mentioned in our winter issue of Pet Scoop, we        Avon Veterinary Clinic
have brand new Doghouse Donation boxes. The                 Courthouse Grounds
following business owners paid to sponsor a box in their    Petagree – Danville
store. Thank you!                                           Speck’s Pet Supply – Avon
                                                            Speck’s Pet Supply – Brownsburg
Alexander Auto Repair
                                                            Wild Birds Unlimited
The Liquor Shoppe
                                                            Mayberry Café
The Pet Clinic of Brownsburg
                                                            Hendricks County Animal Hospital
Country Harmony
                                                            Jason & Melissa Petrovich/Dennis and Lynne Dori
Crown Liquors

HCHS Joins New Statewide
Organization                                                          Thank you!
                      We invited Sarah Hayes                      A special thanks to Isabel Tintera!
                      (pictured) to speak at our
                      May board meeting. Sarah                    We received an anonymous tip that
                      represents Indiana Alliance                 this wonderful young lady is a
                      of Animal Control and                       dedicated member of the Jaycees.
                      Welfare Organizations                       She hosts two fundraisers per year
                      (IAACWO). This is a newly                   (all of which she donates to HCHS),
                      formed 501(c)(3) group,                     in order to fulfill her charitable
                      dedicated to bringing all                   pledge.
animal control, humane societies, and welfare                     WOW!!! Isabel, you
organizations throughout Indiana, together to share               are a great example
ideas, concerns, and programs that positively                     of super creativity in
advance and influence the treatment of animals.                   action!

How do you feel about dogs being
chained all day and all night?
Citizens of our county have approached HCHS
asking if we would help organize a group to work
on a County ordinance that would limit the amount
of hours a dog can be tethered or chained outside.
Do you feel this is something worth pursuing with
our commissioners?
We need your opinion and your help. Please call
us at 718-0312 or contact us on the web at and let
us know how you feel about this subject.
Thank you!!                                           Pet Scoop                                     Page 4
            Thanks for your support!
The following is a list of those who provided financial gifts from November 2008 to current. We appreciate all
of you because your financial support enables us to continue helping the animals of Hendricks County.
ON THE OCCASION OF:                    TO HONOR PETS:                         Brad & Joni Fiscus
Christmas:                             To honor Alf                           Mary Jo Gillespie
For Boone, Autumn, Lauren, & Doug      By Ann Daly                            Susan Gunn
By Lula Armstrong                      To honor Jasmine                       Darryle Harville
Christmas:                             By Linda Parinella O’Keefe             Paul & Louise Hess
For Ms. Marci Taschler                 To honor Olivia                        Janice Inman
By Dana Schindler                      By Ron & Rosemary Jennison
                                                                              TR & Deni Jacks
TO HONOR:                              To honor Pumpkin
                                                                              Roy Kaplan
For Linda Gowan                        By Andrea Oaldon
By Pittsboro Jaycees                                                          GJ Kircher
                                       To honor Zoey
For Isabel Tintera                     By Natalie James                       John & Janet McMahan
By Pittsboro Jaycees                   PET BIRTHDAYS:                         Lois Miller
For Karen Way                          To honor Sadie Marie’s birthday        Paul & Susan Moran
By Linda McClure                       By Terri Hylton                        Joseph & Haila Nash
IN THE NAME OF:                        PET MEMORIALS:                         Ursula Morley-Wilson
In the name of Connie Derrick          In Memory of Candy                     Cathy Myers
By Anonymous, via Just Give            By Rita Emge                           Mike & Stecy Ober
IN MEMORY OF:                          In Memory of Freddy                    Kenneth O’Hare
In Memory of Katie Bell                By Louise Ross                         Jane Ann Porter
By Paul & Nancy Davis                  In Memory of Maggie                    Jane Randall
In Memory of Michele Brackemyre        By Kevin & Gretchen Knock              Wayne Rigdon
By Suzanne Wilson                      In Memory of Mario                     Karen Robbins
In Memory of Gertrude Coombs           By Jeff & Nicole Corder
By Pam Allgood                                                                Malcolm Romine
                                       In Memory of Mittens
In Memory of Theodore W. Corbin        By Faye Elmore                         Duncan Schiedt
By Elizabeth Corbin                    In Memory of Molly, Rajah, & Bo        Evan & Barb Schneider
In Memory of Tyler Icenogle            By Leona Case                          Wendy Scudder
By Rob & Susan Johnston                In Memory of Sneakers                  Jan Simpson
By Bill & Jane Morand                  By Mary Lou & Michael Peters           Bill & Pam Smith
In Memory of Mrs. Jarvis,              In Memory of Snow                      Greg & Kelly Smith
Mother-in-Law of Bari Jarvis           By David & Donna Brown                 Wendy Smith
By Co-Workers, Tracie Ousnamer,        In Memory of Toonces                   Lacey Stonebraker
Denise, & Rob                          By Daphne Mitchell                     Joy Sullivan
In Memory of Stephen Lawson            ANNUAL SUPPORTERS:
By Willis Parker                                                              Sharon Wagner
                                       Claudia Albertson                      Glenda Wallace
                                       Sy & Lucille Ali                       BUSINESS DONORS:
In Memory of Harry Mitchell
By Mark & Linda Butterfield            Dawn Baptist                           Avon High School Students
Paul & Debra Christie                  Charles Bowman                         Girl Scout Troop 530
Deborah Draper                         Harry & Cindy Bowman                   Just Give Campaign
Joseph & Catherine Kallok              Aman Brar                              Pet Supplies “Plus”
Kenwood Elementary School              Carolyn Burdsall
By Mark & Elizabeth Wilhelm                                                   Plainfield Library
                                       Paul & Betty Lou Byram                 Saint Susanna School
In Memory of Dennis Strickland
                                       Steven Caraboa                         Specks Pet Supply
By Floyd & Joyce Gant
                                       Larry & Joyce Compton                  State Bank of Lizton, Avon
In Memory of Leroy Warriner
By Faye Warriner                       Britter Cook                           State Employees’ Community
In Memory of Cindy Wiggins             Rena Cortez                            Campaign
By Delta Alpha Gamma Sorority          Bruce Davis                            Tri Kappa, ETA Kappa, Inc, Avon
By Marilyn Shrout                      Lewis Farmer                           Tri West Middle School
                                                  Pet Scoop
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Hendricks County Humane Society
52 West Main Street
Danville, IN 46122

    Upcoming 2009 HCHS Events
   • Pedaling for Pets                        June 20
   • Wine Tasting Event                       August
   • Fair on the Square                       September 12 & 13
   • Pictures with Santa                      December

                           HCHS Mission Statement
       Educate the community about the humane care and treatment of animals   End pet overpopulation
                  Advocate animal welfare       Pet Scoop bond between people and animals
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