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									Pet Assure is an insurance alternative, saving employees on all their pet care needs.
Whether you have a sheepdog that sleeps outside or breed exotic Asian parrots,
everyone saves with Pet Assure! There are no exclusions based on age or pre-
existing conditions.

      Benefits include:
      Immediate savings of 25% on veterinary medical services*
             10-30% savings on pet products and supplies *
             10-30% savings on pet services*
             24-hour Pet Location & Recovery Service
      * Savings provided by network participants. These can be accessed by
      visiting and clicking on                             and
      entering your zip code. This will bring up the 3 closest veterinary practices;
      click below for a full list within 50 miles of your zip code. Scroll down for
      national and local merchants.
No Deductibles! No Waiting Periods! No Paperwork! No Restrictions!!
Savings are provided at the time of service or purchase.

Compare the savings on some common veterinary procedures:

            SERVICES          AVERAGE FEE         AFTER            SAVINGS
            Exam w/ shots        $200              $150              $50
            Spay/neuter           $95               $71              $24
            Hospitalization      $150             $112.50           $37.50
            (3 days)

          With close to two thousand veterinarians in 46 states and Puerto Rico,
              Pet Assure is the nation’s largest pet care discount program.
           Pet Supplies, Grooming, Boarding and Training
Pet Assure has negotiated preferred rates with quality suppliers of pet products and services.
Simply present your membership card or give your member ID # over the phone to receive
discounts and special rates.
Here is a sample of our National Member Deals:

Vita·Treat™ Pet Products
For nearly 20 years, Vita-Treat has been supplying pet store owners, veterinarians and nutrition
retail outlets with its quality line of all natural pet products. Pet Assure members receive 40%
off all products
Discount example                                        Retail         Pet Assure price
Pet Vitamins: Dog & Puppy (180 chewable tablets)        $11.99                $7.19

Plus Benefit… manufacturer and local merchant time sensitive
coupons will be e-mailed to members periodically to provide even
greater savings!

                      Pet Locator & Recovery Tag

Here’s how it works;
a) Each pet is outfitted with a lightweight identification tag that has a unique
   serial number and our toll-free telephone number.
b) When a pet is found, the finder calls in with the ID #.
c) The operator then puts the caller on hold and proceeds to contact the owner and
   then connects the call. Family and pet are easily reunited!
 Pet Assure operators are ready 24 hours a day/7 days a week
 Owner’s home phone number and address are not on the tag, ensuring privacy
   and security.
 Pet Assure maintains several phone numbers and emergency contacts (friends,
   relatives, or neighbors) who can retrieve your pet for you in case you are not
 The Pet Assure operator stays on the line after connecting both finder and
   owner, to act as a liaison and answer any questions.

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