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                        PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE                                                 PTA MATTERS

Dear   Parents                                Our Web site (            With the urry of back to school
 and Guardians:                         is the place to go for up-to-date infor-   activities behind us, it’s time to get
                                        mation about Jordan. Please refer to       down to the routine of the school
                                        our monthly calendars for an over-         year. Throughout the year, you can
    Welcome to                          view of school activities. Also, Jordan     nd news about PTA activities in this
the rst edition                         Television (JTV) will be up and run-       column, on the PTA page of the Jordan
of the 2006-                            ning shortly. We broadcast four times      Web site ( and
2007     Jordan                         per week (every day but Wednesday).        by signing up for weekly eNews (see
Journal and to                          You can catch our broadcasts via our       the Web page for information on how
the new school                          Web site.                                  to sign up).
year. Welcome
also to our new sta    members this           Our thanks go to Liqa Moin, one      PTA News
year:                                   of our sixth grade teachers, for com-
                                        piling our curriculum maps. The cur-            At the PTA Association Meeting
David DeGeronimo,                       riculum maps detail what we cover          on September 20, we will discuss and
      Physical education (part-time)    in each of our core content areas:         vote on the PTA Budget. We will also
Abigail Garrison, sixth grade           English, math, science, social stud-       hear our Principal Suzanne Barbarasch
Emily Garrison, Spanish (part-time)     ies, and physical education, and they      report on the State of the School.
Janet Lynch Gillespie (part-time)       are linked to the State standards. You          The proposed budget is avail-
Teri Haynes, reading and special        can access the maps under “Parent          able on the Jordan PTA Web site. The
      education                         Resources.” For information about          overall budget is smaller than last
Kristine Hebert, music (part-time)      what your children are doing in their      year because last year we were able to
Jacqui Kandell, French (part-time)      particular classes, please refer to the    spend funds that had been in reserve
Joshua Spira, math                      InClass link. Leslie Goldman, our Tech-    to meet some of Jordan’s technology
Sarah Pierce, sixth grade               nology Mentor, has written an article      and facility needs.
Sarah Zabel, sixth grade                about InClass in this Jordan Journal.            If you are new to the school, the
                                        Finally, teachers participated in a sta    State of the School address is a great
     Additionally, Jennifer Schindler   development workshop on Septem-            way to get your bearings, meet other
is our new Attendance Secretary,        ber 5 to enable them to enhance their      parents, and an opportunity to meet
succeeding Chyrstal Antink, who is      skills in InClass.                         and get to know the Principal.
attending graduate school. Noel Berg-
hout is our new Instructional Super-          The Jordan teachers agreed last      PTA Thank Yous
visor for science and Jose Ezcurra is   spring to modify our report cards. Par-
our new Instructional Supervisor for    ents will now receive more informa-             Thank you to the many parents
World Languages.                        tion than in previous years about their
                                                        ---continued on page 2                    --continued on page 3

 Page 1                                                                               Jordan Journal • September 2006

  ---Principal, continued from page 1
child’s progress. Teachers may include
                                          variety of Chinese elm that will not
                                          succumb to the disease. The PAUSD
                                                                                         Sign up for eScrip
more speci c comments about per-          landscape department completed the
formance, and students will receive a     work just before the start of school.      Sign up your credit, debit and
grade of Outstanding (O), Satisfactory                                               Safeway club cards so that
(S), Needs Improvement (N), or Unsat-           It’s been a pleasure seeing famil-   a portion of your purchases
isfactory (U) for both work habits and    iar faces this year. Please do stay or
citizenship for each class.               become involved. There are many
                                                                                     at many local stores will be
                                          ways to get involved – PTA, library,       donated to Jordan PTA at no
      Our Collins Writing Program is      classroom       volunteer,    noontime     cost to you.
in its second year of implementation.     “angel”, Site Council, and the like. We       Go to and
Teachers are using writing across the     couldn’t make many of our events or
curriculum as a means to encourage        activities happen without your help.       use the Jordan PTA id number
students’ thinking. We hope by now                                                   137588197.
that you have received information             I hope your year thus far as been
about the Collins Program through         as terri c as ours!
your child’s English Teacher. If not,
please contact the teacher or me, and                                Sincerely,
we will send you information.                               Suzanne Barbarasch
     I know that some of you noticed                                                 Stay Informed with the
our new trees lining Hugh Center
Court. Unfortunately, the Chinese                                                     Latest Jordan eNews
elms that were originally in place were   Registration Thanks!
diseased. They were replaced with a                                                  To sign up for eNews:

                                                We’d like to thank the par-          6th Grade Parents
                                                                                     Write an email to:
    Jordan Journal                        ents who gave up their “ rst day
                                          of school” to help process 900 reg-   
                                          istration packets. Hours of sort-          The text of your message should be:
                                          ing, number crunching and assem-
                                          bly were required over two days to         Subscribe Jordan-PTA-2009
                                          complete this task for our school.         End
                                                Thank you to Theresa Ander-
  The Jordan Journal is a monthly                                                    7th Grade Parents
                                          son, Linda Ballard, Melodie Brenner,
  newsletter published by the                                                        Write an email to:
                                          Lorraine Brown, Lynn Carey, Barbara
  Jordan Middle School PTA.                                                     
                                          Clark, Betty Frayman-Kori, Ranette
                                          Fletcher, Linda Frommer, Jane Gee,         The text of your message should be:
  Principal:   Suzanne Barbarasch
                                          Karen Karpen, Julie Kaye, Glenn Kras-
          PTA Presidents:    Karen                                                   Subscribe Jordan-PTA-2008
                                          ner, Ellen Krasnow, Suzanne Lim, Dan-
          Karpen and Glenn Krasner                                                   End
                                          ielle Mewes, Laura Norimoto, Nancy
                                          Panayides, Barbara Sawka, Deborah
                                          Sobel, Barbara Spreng, Beth Strong,        8th Grade Parents
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  in this newsletter is not an                                                  
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                                               Yvonne Dennis and Karen Ersted
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 Page 2                                                                                Jordan Journal • September 2006
                                              PTA MATTERS CONTINUED

---PTA Matters, continued from page 1      go to Karen Ersted and Yvonne Dennis        us know if you are interested in either
who have already joined the PTA and        for leading the troops who tamed the        of these roles.
contributed to our Annual Giving           raging sea of registration paperwork,             Thank you to the many people
campaign. Without your participa-          and of course to the troops.                who have lled out volunteer forms,
tion, we would not be able to support            The back to school dinner was         o ering to help with events this year.
the students and the school with the       another success, thanks once again to       More help is still needed, and if you
many programs and activities spon-         the e orts of Rick Adams and Susan          are among the 80% of parents who
sored by the Jordan PTA. We are still      Bailey. Thanks also to the Leadership       haven’t responded, please consider
a long way from our fund-raising goal,     students and sta who assisted at            whether you can make some time to
so if you have not yet had a chance to     the dinner. Thank you to Volunteer          make your student’s school a better
donate, please return the form from        Coordinators Maricela Varma and Ritu        place. You can send in the form from
your registration packet or print one      Sandhu and data input volunteers            your registration packet, or ll it out
from the PTA Web site.                     Thalia Anagnos and Cindy Kron for           on-line--go to the Jordan PTA Web
       It takes many volunteers to coor-   organizing the hundreds of volunteer        page,, and
dinate and run the many events and         forms and for planning and hosting          click on “Click here to sign up” under
activities the PTA organizes to get        the volunteer co ee.                        “Volunteer”. It only takes a couple
the school year o to a smooth start.             Thank you to Colleen Nielsen for      minutes to ll out the form.
Although we would like to personally       running the Annual Giving program,                We look forward to seeing you at
thank each volunteer, space and time       receiving and tracking the generous         the PTA meeting on the 20th.
allow us to thank only the chairs in       donations. And thank you to our new
this column, but please know that the      Treasurer Bruce Whitson for getting                                Karen Karpen
e orts of each volunteer are impor-        the nancial systems up and running                                 Glenn Krasner
tant to us.                                for the year.                                           Jordan PTA Co-presidents
       Special thanks go to Debbie Tra-          Finally, thank you to the many
nowski for doing an ace job of orga-       volunteers who organized another
nizing and coordinating the back to        wonderful graduation send-o to
school packet materials and stu ng         our eighth graders last June. Though
party, especially after her co-chair       many of you are no longer at Jordan,
unexpectedly moved out of town.
Thanks also to the many parents and
                                           we hope that those who are still here
                                           with siblings will send our thanks             Jordan Journal
                                           along to them.
students who gave up an August
morning to stu more than a thou-                                                          Editor Needed
sand packet sets. The assembly line        Volunteers Needed
was impressive.
       Thank you to Tina Bono and               We still have a couple of key                The PTA needs an editor for this
Melinda Wedemeyer for organizing a         Jordan PTA Executive Board and Chair         vital communications link between
warm welcome for the 6th grade fam-        positions that we would like to ll.          the school and parents.
ilies and the families new to Jordan on    Most importantly, we need an editor
the Friday before school started and       or co-editors for this Jordan Journal.            This is a monthly publication of
to the Leadership students for leading     You may notice that this issue does          the Jordan PTA. If you enjoy staying
tours. That you also to Elspeth Farmer     not include all the features you are         informed and creating layouts, PTA
for organizing a smooth and e cient        used to. Without an Editor, we will          really needs your services.
bike-registration process.                 not be able to include photographs
       Thank you to Nikki Klugh and        or feature stories and will have to limit         If you are interested in being
Barb Clark for organizing the welcome      the newsletter to essential PTA and          the editor or in sharing editor duties,
back lunch for Jordan sta . Thank you      school information. If you can help,         please contact Karen Karpen or
to Melissa Brooks for organizing the       please let us know.                          Glenn Krasner, 947-9442, kundk@
back to school work day and to the              We would also love to have some-
many families who helped spi up            one as our Tra c Safety Liaison, and
the school for another year. Thanks        PTA Wardrobe coordinator. Please let
Jordan Journal • September 2006                                                                                      Page 3
                                                   ACADEMIC NEWS

                                                                recently spent half of the September 5th sta development
                                                                day setting up their InClass courses. While it is not manda-
           wor t                                                tory that teachers participate, it is highly recommended,
         ws                                                     in fact our goal is 100% participation. Some teachers have
       Ne                                                       opted to use a few of the features, and some are attempt-

                                                                ing to experiment with more. We ask for your patience as
                                                                we continue to train teachers and to expand participation
                                                                in the many features of the InClass system.
                                                                      There are directions on the Jordan website for stu-
                                                                dents and parents to access the InClass system.
     Welcome to all the new art students in the 6th grade
wheel, Art 1A, and Art 1B. Each month we feature a few          Student Passwords
speci c lessons from one or two areas of the art curricu-
lum, and usually include pictures. Since we do not have               We need to be very thankful to the sixth grade teach-
Journal editors at the time of this writing, we will postpone   ers for undertaking the task of dispersing the new student
including pictures and curriculum information until next        passwords for our student server, nicknamed “starr.” The
month.                                                          “starr” server is a digital locker where students can save
                                                                their school documents.
      There are links from the Jordan website about all the           Sixth grade students have also changed their pass-
art classes: 6th grade wheel, Art 1A, Art 1B, and Multime-      words for InClass to the same password as their starr server
dia Art, with many examples of student projects. There are      password. We ask that they maintain this password and
two links to curriculum information on the Jordan website:      not change it. Most seventh and eighth grade students are           using their starr passwords for InClass also. While it is not
art.html                                                        mandatory, it would be helpful if all seventh and eighth                grade students double check their passwords for InClass
                                                                and verify that they are using their starr passwords.
     Also please check out the pictures from the Ital-                If a student forgets his/her password it is possible to
ian Street Painting Festival in downtown Palo Alto last         check with one of the following sta members to get the
August 26 and 27:           password: Mr. David Ky in the computer lab, Mr. Ron Murray
stpntg2006.html                                                 in the computer lab o ce, K-6, Mrs. Leslie Goldman in the
                                        Leslie Goldman          art room H-6, or Ms. Sara Elsbernd in the front o ce.
                                            Art Teacher               If teachers choose to post online grades, they have
                                                                been advised to set up grades with the same starr pass-
                                                                word, so that students have the same password for InClass,
                                                                the starr server, and accessing grades.

                                       Tech Talk                Jordan Web site

                                                                     The Jordan Web site is your up to date resource for
                                                               school events, general announcements, sports informa-
                                                               tion, student and parent resources, the daily schedule, and
InClass                                                        more. The calendar on the Jordan Web site is the most cur-
                                                               rent version of events on campus. Changes occur almost
      InClass is the Palo Alto Uni ed School District’s online daily, so please refer to it prior to planning or attending an
tool for class announcements, assignments, course materi- event.
als, group work, and grades. In its third year, InClass has
proven to be a very helpful system for communication                 If you have any questions, please contact Leslie Gold-
among teachers, students, and parents. Jordan teachers         man, Jordan technology mentor: at

 Page 4                                                                                 Jordan Journal • September 2006
                                                ACADEMIC NEWS

                                       Welcome back! We are o to a great start to the school year. Thanks to all the
                                     volunteers who made the Book Fair so successful. Thank you all!!

                                       We are still counting up all the books read by Jordan students for the Summer
                                     Reading Program over the summer. Look for the nal tally on the Library web-
                                     page. Speaking of the Library webpage…..This is the best place for students (and
                                     parents too!) to begin when looking for information or researching topics.

° For research, use the Middle School Research Page
° For News, check the Library’s Main Page
° For Reading Suggestions, check our lists under Summer Reading
° For fun things try the Question of the Week or Games, Puzzles, Contests, Fun

There are several events coming up in the next few months:
° Banned Book Week is September 23 -30, 2006
° Teen Read Week is October 15 – 21, 2006. This is the time we recognize Jordan’s Remarkable Readers.
° Palo Alto Reads: Funny in Farsi is October 10 through November 10, 2006. This is sponsored by the Palo Alto Public
° The Jordan Middle School Magazine Drive is September 15 to September 29. Consider a donation of a magazine to
the library.

We are all looking forward to another wonderful year!!

                                                                                                    Annie McQueen

COMING ON SEPT. 20 & 21!
“Luck Be a Lady!,” “Take Back Your Mink” and
“Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” are just a
few of the memorable songs from one of the greatest musicals of the 20th cen-
tury. There’s obvious chemistry between street-smart gambler Sky Masterson and
straightlaced Salvation Army girl Sarah Brown. But love is like a day at the track:
there’s no such thing as a sure bet! Delightful music and great fun for the whole
family. Auditions are open to all three grades, and take place Sept. 20 and 21 after
school in the Cafetorium. No theatre experience necessary! For more information
about the production, auditions, and a tentative rehearsal schedule, go to: http://
Jordan Journal • September 2006                                                                             Page 5
                                                  CAMPUS NEWS

Jordan Receives over $79,000 from PiE                                              TAKE THE PiE CHALLENGE!
      Partners in Education donated $1.89 million to PAUSD in March 2006. This     TAKE THE PiE CHALLENGE.... and
money is divided on a per student basis among our 17 schools. Thanks to this       double your dollars! Make your gift to
successful campaign, Jordan will receive over $79,000 for use this school year.    Palo Alto Partners in Education NOW
Partners in Education surpassed its fundraising goal, allowing the foundation      and every dollar “above and beyond”
to increase its donation to the Jordan community by 8% from the 2004-2005          the suggested donation ($500/stu-
school year. Funds donated by Partners in Education may be used at the dis-        dent) will be matched, dollar for dollar
cretion of each school’s principal. Suzanne Barbarasch plans to use Jordan’s       up to $125,000. The Challenge ends
2005-06 PiE funds to lower the student to educator ratio by paying for extra       on November 1st. Use the letter/enve-
sta ng needs as well as to upgrade the technology infrastructure.                  lope from your Back to School packet
      Partners in Education is currently raising money for the 2006-07 school      (or you may have received one in the
year. You should have already received a letter in your Back to School packet.     mail) and mail your gift to:
PiE is the only funding resource for additional sta resources. Any amount is
appreciated, so please give what you are able. You may also donate online at       Palo Alto Partners in Education,                                                                          Dept 33329, PO Box 39000,
      Please contact me if you have any questions.                                      San Francisco , CA 94319-3329
Susan Scheel,
Jordan Representative, Partners in Education                                       or make a gift on-line via Paypal: www.
Parent Network News                                                                      If you have not received a letter
                                                                                   or have any questions regarding
                                                                                   Partners in Education, please contact
8th GRADE PARENT NETWORK:                                                          Susan Scheel, the Jordan PiE Repre-
     Attention 8th Grade Parents: There was an error in some Back-to-School        sentative at 329-9926 or at susanisch-
packets regarding the schedule of Jordan’s Parent Networks meetings. This
notice includes the correct dates for this fall. The 8th Grade Parent Network or         P.S. Don’t forget to see if you
Project 2011 (high school graduation year) will hold morning meetings, usually     qualify for an “Employee matching
on the third Thursday of each month during the school year. There will also be     gift program”.
an evening meeting in the fall (not yet scheduled) for parents who can’t attend    Thank you!
the morning co ees. All Parents are welcome to attend any or all meetings!
                                                                                   To join a Parents Network
9/15 (Friday) - Family potluck/picnic from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Eleanor Pardee Park   email group:
picnic tables on Center Street side. Please bring a dish to share (entree, appe-
tizer, salad, or dessert). Drinks & paper goods (plates, cups, napkins, plastic    Project 2013 - 6th grade parents,
silverware) will be provided. Feel free to bring a blanket to sit on & something   send a blank message to
for your children to play with.                                                     JordanProject2013-subscribe@
      Next 8th Grade Parent Network Co ees:                              
9/21 - 8:30-9:30 a.m. Peninsula Creamery at Stanford Shopping Center.
10/19 - 8:30-9:30 a.m. Location TBD.                                               Project 2012 - 7th grade parents,
11/16 - 8:30-9:30a.m. Peninsula Creamery at Stanford Shopping Center
                                                                                   send a blank message to
Any questions or if you wish to submit suggestions for discussion topics, please
contact the co-chairs for the 8th Grade Parent Network:
Mary Dimit ( or 321-6226 home)
Linda Frommer ( or 325-8582 home)                        Project 2011 - 8th grade parents,
                                                                                   send a blank message to
     Next meeting will be Friday, 10/13 - Location TBD                   

 Page 6                                                                               Jordan Journal • September 2006
                                                    CAMPUS NEWS

                             2005-2006 ACS On Campus Program Summary
                             By Laurie Linscheid, MFT, On-Campus Counseling Program Director

Adolescent Counseling Services! On-Campus Counseling Program completed another academic school year,
and it is time to reect upon and evaluate our work for the past year, as well as to look forward to the 2006-
2007 academic school year.

During the 2005-2006 academic year, the ACS program continued to provide services to the secondary
schools in Palo Alto. We recruited a total of 16 interns into the schools, 4 of which were returning after intern-
ing with ACS for at least one year. As in the previous school year, our interns were present in every PAUSD
secondary school. In the 2005-2006 academic year, our interns and clinical supervisors served a total of 667
students and their families, while providing 3,693 sessions, and 7,835 hours of unpaid clinical work. The clini-
cal work included individual, family, group and crisis counseling.

Students continued to be referred to our programs for a broad range of problems and concerns. The primary
issues presented upon referral for the 2005-2006 academic year were: communication with parents, academic
stress, peer relationship issues, self esteem, and issues related to divorce. More severe problems, such as
suicidal ideation, grief and loss issues, eating disorders, substance abuse, child abuse and sexual abuse
were also topics that arose during sessions. When ACS staff identied issues that were beyond the scope of
a school-based counseling program, we worked very closely with the student, their parents or guardians and
appropriate school staff to ensure that appropriate referrals were made to resources in the community. In many
of these situations, the On-Campus Counseling Program was still in a position to offer a high level of support
for students while on the campuses during school hours and to act as a liaison with outside resources when

As a part of our assessment process, the On Campus Counseling Program has requested feedback from par-
ents, students and school personnel working closely with those we serve. This feedback has been reviewed
and is being used to make improvements in identied areas of our program as well as to give us the aware-
ness of additional issues that these adolescents and their families may be experiencing.

Intern recruitment and placement for the 2006-2007 year has gone extremely well. We are happy to report that
we have 17 interns placed on the secondary school campuses. Two of our interns are returning for their 4th
year with ACS On Campus Counseling Program.

We are proud to announce that we have two Spanish speaking interns and one Mandarin speaking intern for
the coming school year! We are hopeful that providing this additional resource will help to ensure that more
families receive the full benet of our services.

Adolescent Counseling Services is a community non-prot, which provides vital counseling services on six secondary
school campuses at no charge to students and their families. To learn more about ACS, please visit our website at www. or call Mary Hammes at Jordan Middle School at (650) 213-0123. ACS relies on the generosity of commu-
nity members to continue offering individual, family and group counseling to over 1,500 individuals annually, helping teens
nd their way! ACS provides critical interventions and mental health services, building a better future for tomorrow.

Jordan Journal • September 2006                                                                                   Page 7
                                      CALENDAR SPOTLIGHT
SEPTEMBER                                                         OCTOBER
Turs. 9/14              No Homework Night                         Mon. 10/2
Fri. 9/15               Minimum Day                                     -Tues. 10/3   No School
Fri. 9/15 - Fri. 9/29   Magazine Drive                            Fri. 10/6           Drama Open Mic Night
Wed. 9/20               PTA Association meeting / Principal’s     Fri. 10/6           6th Grade Golf Party
                        State of the School Report, 7pm,          Tues. 10/10         Site Council Meeting, 3:30pm
                        Library                                   Thurs. 10/12        PTA Executive Board Meeting, 8:30am,
Wed. 9/20               Auditions, Guys and Dolls, afterschool,                       Library
     -Thur. 9/21        Cafe                                      Wed. 10/18          PTA Association Meeting, Parent Ed.
Thurs. 9/21             8th Grade Parent Network initial co ee,                       on Library Resources and GATE, 7pm,
                        Peninsula Creamery (Stanford), 8:30am                         Library
Wed. 9/27               Jordan Journal Deadline                   Wed. 10/25          Jordan Journal Deadline
Fri. 9/29               Wheel One Ends

For a complete school calendar, please check “Yearly Calen-
dar” on the Jordan Web site regularly.

    Jordan Middle School PTA
    750 N. California Ave.
    Palo Alto, CA 94303-3629

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