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									                                                         Job Description
                                                 IT Administrator –

                                          PURPOSE OF THE JOB
To provide IT support to all staff both software and infrastructure related.
Ensure all servers and network devices are performing optimally and carry out maintenance of them. Trouble shooting
errors and performing root cause analysis.
To carry out all backups.
To liaise with suppliers and service providers in respect of software, hardware and services.
To provide technical support for the CCTV, Access Control, telecoms and data network systems
                                             KEY CUSTOMERS
   Client

                                     KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS
   Ensure all telecommunications, Local Area Network (LAN) systems are operational.
   Ensure all Wide Area Networks (WAN) including Wireless systems are operational.
   Ensure the wireless and wired network have the latest available security technologies implemented.
   Ensure all new hardware and software installations and configurations are well documented for both DRP and day
    to day use, to include all servers and network devices.
   Ensure the backup procedure completes successfully daily. The data that is being backed up must be re evaluated
    on a regular basis to ensure that it is in line with the business needs.
   Ensure the backup procedure is well documented and updated regularly in such a way that at any time someone
    with some IT knowledge could complete a backup or restore successfully.
   Manage the deployment of Windows Updates to Servers and Desktops using WSUS Windows System Update
    Services. This must be done on an ongoing basis to ensure that the Company is not placed at risk from newly
    discovered vulnerabilities.
   Ensure any new Servers installed into the environment have all available Windows updates installed before
    adding to the domain and all DRP documentation is completed for the server.
   Ensure that each server has a hard copy and soft copy document detailing the specifics of each server, from the
    server’s configuration to the application configuration that the server may be used for.
   A DRP box must be kept up to date with all hard copy documentation on the environment as well as any driver
    disks or software that may be required to rebuild the device / server from scratch.
   All the servers’ key components (Ram, HDD space and Event log) must be proactively monitored to prevent any
    issues before they arise.
   A network diagram must be kept up to date with the specifics of all devices (not including desktops) detailed and
    the location thereof.
   A monthly standby schedule must be drawn up and provided to the Control Room for callout purposes.
   Must be able to source quotes from vendors and be the single point of contact for IT related purchases and will be
    responsible for providing the PR to the supplier.
   Windows Server 2000, 2003 server operating system. Be able to install from new, set up the networking
    component (TCPIP,DNS,DHCP,WINS), create active directory domains, add new domain controllers, add users
    and if need be create user profiles. Be able to fault find and problem solve using the tools available within the
   Microsoft Exchange Server enterprise 2000, 2003. Be able to install from new, add/create new mailboxes. Be
    able to fault find and problem solve using the tools available within the package. To be able backup and restore of
    Microsoft exchange configuration and database.
   Window XP operating system. Be able to install from new troubleshoot and configure.
   Must be familiar with Group Policy editor to create and modify policies in relation to securing and customising
    the Company network.
   Microsoft Office 2003. Be able to install from new and correctly set up Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and
    Access. Be able to fault find and solve end user complaints with these products.
   Responsible for maintaining, fault finding and the hardware on all servers.
   Be able to provide a service in supporting end users with the various problems they may encounter on a day to day
    basis with the various software packages. This may include also designing or creating solutions to make end users
    utilise the tools that have been given to them more effectively.
   Providing input and advice to the desktop support team in so much as configuring, cabling and issuing of IP
    addresses and as well as testing with the client to ensure success.
   Access control and CCTV systems will have to be maintained and documented in such a way that someone with a
    little electronics knowledge would be able to troubleshoot the system.
   Monitors the work of outside contractors to ensure set standards are adhered to. Runs tests following completion
    of work and reports any variations to Management.
   Provide on-site IT and ICT hardware and software support and advice to local users and clients.
   Ensure all policies and procedures are adhered to with regards to usage of all IT and ICT systems.
   Ensure that all logged calls in the call logging system and assigned to the relevant responsible person to complete
    in the call logging system.
   Ensure that the Antivirus Administration Console is operational and receiving regular definition updates.
   Log calls for desktops that have contracted a virus and have to manually cleaned.
   Report all risks and potential risks whilst at the same time working together to develop a solution.
   Carry out all planned maintenance and remedy all faults.

No job description can be all embracing. Related duties, which can be reasonably considered part of the
described job shall form part of the job content and responsibilities.

   Matric
   Appropriate IT qualification / diploma.
   3 years + experience in Information Technology or Integrated Services environments
   Operational experience at IT technician level
   Driver’s licence and own transport
   Good understanding of SLA’s
   Strong Networking Skills – TCP-IP, Hardware, Setting up of networks,
   Good understanding / experience with Active Directory.
   Good understanding / experience with a CCTV system (both BNC & IP camera’s).
   Good understanding / experience with an Physical Access Control system.
   Good understanding / experience with Physical Server and Network device hardware – Must be able to
    troubleshoot and correct faults.
   Strong computer literacy Windows 2000, 2003 Server, Windows XP, DOS.

                                            SKILLS REQUIRED
   Excellent Communication Skills
   Customer Service Centric
   Team and project focused
   Problem solving and Analytical Skills
   Ability to research and develop methods towards solving particular problems
   Technical acumen
   Ability to deliver high quality and proactive service to internal and external customers.
   Willingness to learn new technologies
   Ability to develop good internal and external networks and to gain credibility with management, staff and external
   Ability to use own initiative and to operate with no management support when required.
   Must be an extrovert and be approachable at all levels in the working environment
   Ability to work after hours regularly
   Must be able to cope well under pressure.

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