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AVMA Situation Report – Southern California Wildfires Date 1028

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					AVMA Situation Report – Southern California Wildfires
Date: 10/28/03
Location: Southern California

The VMAT have not been activated at this time.
For the latest information about the fire visit:

Humane Society of the United States Update
Filed by: Robert Reder, HSUS West Coast Regional Office (WCRO)

San Diego Area
HSUS WCRO Regional Director, staff and volunteers have been supporting local
humane and animal control organizations. At this time, county animal control
reports that the fire is not a threat to populated areas and, because Santa Ana
winds have subsided, they are optimistic that the immediate emergency has

At this time approximately 600-700 horses have been evacuated to two locations.
Most of which are owned and attended to by their owners and local veterinarians.
WCRO arranged for additional horse evacuation teams from the City of Norco,
should that need arise. There have been few, approximately 50, companion
animals evacuated, again being cared for by local volunteers. Local stores have
been generous in providing pet supplies as well as hay for horses. Local
donations and volunteers supporting the fire response and animal needs have
been sufficient to meet the current situation.

San Bernardino Area
Significant damage has been done in several areas and many people and
animals have been evacuated into Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley and the
City of San Bernardino. Also, WCRO arranged for a PetsMart store credit for the
City of San Bernardino who currently have over 600 animals in their care. Close
cooperation between humane organizations and government officials enable
urgently needed supplies to enter the most seriously impacted areas. Local staff
have been working around the clock to care for animals in the Victorville Fair

Action Planned
The HSUS team in San Diego will be focused on surveying the next potential
needs - those of hundreds of victims evacuated to shelters and their animals.

The HSUS National Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) members are
being dispatched to the San Bernardino area to help with additional evacuations,
to relieve local staff and volunteers, and to bring in additional equipment and
American Red Cross Update
The American Red Cross has initiated a Level V Disaster Relief Operation in
Southern California to respond to the wildfires. The operation has been
designated as DR 616-04, So. California Wildfires 10-03, with a headquarters
established at the old Norton Air Force Base Post Exchange in San Bernardino,

Impact Assessment
   • Governor Gray Davis declared a state of emergency for San Bernardino,
      Ventura, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties. On October 27, President
      Bush declared the region a major disaster area, which will expedite federal
   • The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) reports over 500,000 acres
      have burned from the following fires: Cedar, Grand Prix, Simi Incident,
      Verdale, Old, Piru, Paradise, Mountain and Roblar 2.
   • Media reports conflict, but over 1,300 homes are estimated to be
      destroyed by the wildfires.
   • Approximately 40-50,000 residents are reported to have fled their homes.
   • Sixteen deaths are blamed on the fires – primarily in San Diego County
      and San Bernardino County.
   • Air traffic has been disrupted with several flights being cancelled or
      delayed out of Los Angeles and San Diego airports. Also, wildfire forced
      the evacuation of a Federal Aviation Administration control center near
      San Diego that coordinates many flights arriving and departing Southern
   • Power outages have been reported and some reports indicate that more
      than 83,000 customers have been impacted.

   Shelter Information:
     • 21 shelters/evacuation centers have sheltered approximately 6,400
         residents combined.
     • 16 in-state Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) are providing Mass
         Care support to evacuees, as well as the firefighters who are
         relentlessly trying to contain the fires.
     • A headquarters is being established at the old Norton Air Force Base
         Exchange in San Bernardino.
     • The Disaster Field Supply Center (DFSC) in San Pedro was activated
         to provide cots, blankets, comfort kits and other shelter support items
         to the responding chapters.
     • National resources are already en route: a Communications Response
         Vehicles (CRV), Disaster Services Technology Integration Project (DS-
         TIP) servers and national Client Assistance Cards.

             •   Disaster Information Resource Center (DIRC): Chapters in
                 California are publicizing the 866-GET-INFO number. The call
    center in Falls Church, Virginia will be operational 24 hours a
    day, 7 days a week to respond to callers inquiring about
    evacuation information, shelter locations, disaster preparedness
    and response activities, post-disaster assistance, recovery
    information and welfare inquiries.

•   From October 27-28, 7 AM to 7 AM, 1,623 calls have been

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