New York State Pet Dealer and Breeder Licensing Program

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					The NYS Pet Dealer Licens-
 ing Program began in 2001
and is provided for in Arti-
cle 26-A of the Agriculture                                         New York
      and Markets Law.
                                                                    State Pet
  The primary goals of the
                                                                   Dealer and
program are to ensure that
 dogs and cats are properly
  cared for, have adequate                                         Licensing
and humane housing and re-                                          Program
ceive veterinary care while
kept by the pet dealer. Fur-
ther, it provides consumers
  purchasing dogs and cats
 from pet dealers with the
information concerning the
   animal's health, medical
      history and origin.

                                 NY State Dept. of
                               Agriculture & Markets
                                                                 David Paterson, New York Governor
                                 Division of Animal Industry    Patrick Hooker, Commissioner of New
                                     Pet Dealer Program         York State Department of Agriculture
                                       10 B Airline Dr.                      & Markets
                                      Albany, NY 12235

                                   Phone : 518-457-3502
                                     Fax: 518-485-7773
  Who is a Pet Dealer?           How does one acquire a license?               License Fees

>Any person who engages in         To obtain a pet dealer license,     License fees are paid annually
the sale or offers to sell         an interested applicant should:     and are non-refundable.
more than nine (9) dogs and/                                           >>$100.00 — Pet Dealers selling
or cats per year to the public                                         or offering to sell more than
                                   > Remit a completed NYS Pet
           or                                                          twenty five (25) dogs and/or
                                   Dealer License Application to
>Any person who engages in         the NYS Department of Agri-         cats to the public
the sale of more than twenty       culture and Markets with the        >>$25.00 — Pet Dealers selling
five (25) dogs and/or cats,        appropriate non-refundable ap-      or offering to sell between nine
(born and raised on their          plication fee. Applications can     (9) and twenty five (25) dogs
premise) per year to the           be printed from our website.        and/or cats to the public.
public.                                                                Breeders DO NOT qualify for
                                                                       this license.
                                   > Applicants must receive a
>This may include pet stores,      compliant inspection conducted              Complaint Issues
pet brokers, breeders and          by NYS Department of Agricul-
non-incorporated rescues.          ture and Markets inspectors.       The department reviews all com-
                                                                      plaints expressing concern regard-
                                                                      ing the care, facility, operation and
> Duly incorporated humane         >Licenses are valid for one year   record keeping of any licensed pet
societies and breeders who         from issuance. Licenses must be    dealer. Electronic complaint forms
sell less than twenty five         renewed 30 days prior to its       are the preferred way to notify the
(25) dogs and/or cats annu-        expiration date.                   department of a complaint and can
ally born and raised on their                                         be found on our website @:
premise are exempt from                                     
mandatory licensing.                                                  small_animals.html#2

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