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                                                                         Karen Gries, Coordinator
                                                                         Frank Dealy, Operations Coordinator
                                                                         Ginny Kremer, Red Cross Liaison
                                                                         Ron Whetstone, Shelter Coordinator
                                                                         Karen L. Douglass, Membership
                                                                         Valerie Higgins, Administrator
                                                                         Jeri Wagner, Secretary

Monthly Meeting Minutes                                                                       February 4,

Meeting date: Thursday, July 9, 2009, 7:00 pm
Meeting started by Karen Douglass
Meeting location at All Creatures Great and Small, 157 Harvard Drive, Trappe, PA 129426
Attendees: Frank Dealy, Karen Douglass, Jeri Wagner, Debbie McManus, Mistie Roberts, Lise Smith,
Valerie Higgins, Melee Jameson

Lise Smith completed the IS100 and IS700 courses, the conduct waiver and turned in her clearances.
Jeri Wagner turned in her clearances.

Frank had attendees fill out an Animal Experience sheet and we started a Telephone Tree list.

June review:
Supply cache trailer reload went well. There is enough inventory for a second trailer. After a discussion
we decided a 7 x 14 trailer should be sufficient for the second trailer. Frank has a request in to Joel for
more crates to get us 25 for each trailer.
Other trailer items needed: bleach, hand soap, buckets, mops/brushes, etc. Frank will purchase most of
these items at Costco. He’ll let us know if he needs help getting the items.
We need a vendor for the trailer signage. Jeri knows two good vendors. Frank will get Jeri the
specifications so she can get quotes.
Valerie will send and email to members about resources that we have i.e.: Pick-up trucks to carry the
We need a place to house the two trailers – one will be at Hopewell in Abington for the eastern side of
the county and we need to determine a place on the western side of the county. Maybe one of the parks
or a firehall.
MCART t-shirts – it was determined at the June meeting the t-shirts would be bright yellow with
MCART in bright red. Everyone gave Frank their t-shirt size and Frank will order shirts.

Reminder that the Shelter Drill is on Sunday, October 18, 2009.
This drill will walk through how to set up a shelter. We are going to be doing a shelter drill with the Red
Cross in Horsham Twp. This will be more than just a "set-up" drill. Families are coming to be
"sheltered" and some are being told to bring their animals. Ron Whetstone is our designated Shelter
Supervisor and he will bring us all up to speed. This drill will last several hours. We will be having a
shelter drill prep at the August monthly meeting which will be on Tuesday, August 4th.

Gear bags: Frank has gear bags for everyone at his car. Everyone should have their gear bags packed for
3 days. Frank will send a list of items to Valerie to distribute to members.
Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 10:00 am is the subcommittee annual subgroup MCFA meeting at the
Montgomery County Fire Academy. Frank and Karen said they would attend. Frank will send the
schedule of meetings to Valerie. Valerie will then distribute to members.

There is a chance the Large Animal Training scheduled for July 24-26 may be cancelled. At this time
there are only 4 people registered (all from MCART). They want to have 15 people to do the training.
The deadline for registration is July 15th. We’ll find out after that date if class will be held. In the event
our LAR class is cancelled for lack of registrations, we can attend the class in Schuylkill County held

Sept. 11 - 13. The venue is a horse farm not far off Rte. 309 about 90 minutes away. We can commute or
stay over, your preference. At that distance, PASART will pick up the motel tab.

Reynolds Dog Park Grand Re-opening – Saturday, July 18th 11 am to 2 pm – volunteers are needed for
the booth at this event. Melee Jameson said she would help in the booth, but we need more volunteers.

Plymouth Township Day on Saturday, July 25th - there are no more open spots for this event. We will
not be attending this year. Jeri will have a tent at this event for her business. She will have some
information for MCART to help promote the group.

Hawk Report – Frank was called to help rescue a hawk. After calling around for help, he and his wife
rescued the bird. It turned out to be a Kestrel.

Emergency helmets – Frank is waiting on the stickers

For email correspondences, please blind copy (BCC) the names and put your email in the TO:. This will
do three things, 1) keep addresses private, 2) save on the size of the email and 3) prevent email clutter.

Website: Karen will begin design of a website for MCART. She will base it off of the Bucks County
Cart website - She will also incorporate using
( to help get donations for MCART.

Don’t forget about the blog for MCART at

Responder Safety:
We are not to risk our lives for a rescue. Let the trained responders go in for the rescue.
When driving to a site you must follow all road laws.

Donations jars: Money raised at events through the donation jars will be used for a petty cash account.
Karen will set-up account. Frank will discuss with Joel.

Information handouts: Jeri will send a list of already created educational/ informational flyers that she
uses to Frank. If content is approved she will have the MCART logo incorporated into the flyers. Other
flyers that would be beneficial – Pet Taboo’s and Creating a “go” bag for your pet.
Logo: Frank will have the person who created the MCART logo get a better quality file. The one we
now have is low resolution and becomes pixilated if enlarged.

Fundraisers: Melee Jameson and Lise Smith are now the Fundraising co-chairpeople.

Ideas for fundraisers:
        Micro-chip clinic with local Pet Valu stores
        Puppy kissing booth with a rescue organization

We are in need of participants for the events to get the word out about MCART.
Upcoming events:
July 16th – Trappe Feed Happy Hour, 5 pm – 8 pm, Trappe, PA
July 18th – Reynolds Dog Park Re-opening Celebration, 11 am – 2 pm Oaks, PA
Aug 3rd – Abington Night Out (Frank to find out time of event).
Aug 19th – Trappe Feed Happy Hour, 5 pm – 8 pm, Trappe, PA
Sept 12th – Trappe Days, 10 am – 4 pm at Waterworks Park in Trappe, PA
Sept 17th – Trappe Feed Happy Hour, 5 pm – 8 pm, Trappe, PA
Sept 26th – Limerick Community Days – Manderack Park, Limerick
Oct 3-4 – Skippack Days, 10 am – 5 pm, Skippack Village
Oct 17th – Barktoberfest, at Trappe Feed Happy Hour, 10 am – 4 pm, Trappe, PA
Other events:
Animal Medical Center – Paws in the Park
Doberman Rescue Picnic

New member requirements:
All new members need a background check. This can be done on-line at:
Applications form
Code of Conduct

Required Courses:
Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS) IS-00100
Introduction to National Incident Management System (NIMS) IS-00700
Hazardous Materials Recognition & Identification IS-5.A
SART Orientation

Training aids for mandatory classes: Frank is working on these. He anticipates having them completed
end of next week.
The on-line courses are user friendly.
Required training courses can be done on-line at . To get information
on how to take the ISP courses use the following link:
Once member has completed the initial required training additional courses can be paid for by SART. If
additional courses are taken prior to competing required training the MCART member will be
responsible for payment.

Karen will hold a 1-hour Orientation which is required to be attended by new members. At this
orientation pictures will be taken for photo ID’s. Karen will announce date of Orientation at next

Miscellaneous items:
Email addresses for MCART: (goes to Frank Dealy, Operations Coordinator) (goes to Karen Douglass, Membership Chairperson)

Next meeting will be Tuesday, August 4th at 7:00 pm. Location Ambler Fire Hall.
Future meeting dates below. All meetings at 7:00 pm, locations TBD
Thursday, Sept 10th
Wednesday, Oct 7th
Thursday, Nov 12th
Wednesday, Dec 9th