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 CASE #: __________________________ DIV/JUDGE: ________________________


 Involvement in our treatment program for sexually abusive youth requires cooperation with
 the multi-disciplinary team. The goal for treatment is “NO more victims.”

 The following is a list of minimum conditions that are to be met during treatment. They are
 subject to revision according to your progress in treatment. Your signature, as well as your
 parent or guardian’s signature on this document signifies an understanding of each item.
 Once the contract is signed and returned to us, you will be expected to follow all the
 requirements without any exceptions. This contract remains in effect until the multi-
 disciplinary team determines that you have successfully completed treatment


 2.1    I understand that a full psychological/sexual evaluation will be scheduled after I have
        entered a plea of guilty or been found guilty in a court of law if that evaluation has not
        been done. I shall provide the agency with any evaluations that have been done.
2.2     I shall sign and return this contract prior to beginning treatment. I shall follow
        rules of this contract.
2.3     I shall be expected to complete all written tests and assignments.


3.1     I understand that I am required to attend and participate in all scheduled sessions.
3.2     It is my responsibility to encourage my parents, guardians, or other significant adult(s)
        to be involved in the treatment program.
3.3 If I am sick or there is a medical emergency, an approved adult must call the agency
        and supervising officer.
3.4 I must be on time for each group.
3.5 I recognize that I must progress by meeting treatment goals. I must ask questions and I
       must be attentive. Simply attending Is not enough. it Is my responsibility to take the
       initiative to report to my counselors and supervising officer the progress I am making.
3.6 Members of my family, persons whom I have offended, and significant others may be
       invited to group. I will know ahead of time when someone is coming. Supervising
       officers may attend group without prior notification.
   I shall be required to answer many questions about my sexual past and about my current
       sexual behavior. I shaft openly and honestly discuss the complete details of the sexual
       abuse for which I am charged and/or have disclosed.
 3.8 I understand that I have a right to refuse treatment, and further, I understand that such
       refusal may result in a more restrictive placement. A refusal for treatment must be
       submitted in writing.

4.1 I recognize that an important purpose of the treatment program is to repair the damage
    to the victim (s), the community, and to myself so far as possible.
4.2 I shall pay restitution to the victim(s) as ordered by the court.
4.3 I shall participate in disclosure sessions with my multi-disciplinary team and with the
    victim(s) when appropriate.
4.4 I shall prepare for the clarification process for the person(s) whom I offended and will
    present the clarification to the person(s) whom I offended when it is deemed
    appropriate by the multi-disciplinary team.

5.1 I shall not violate any local, state, or federal law or any order of the court.
5.2 I shall follow the registration requirements of C.R.S. 18-3-412.5. I have received a copy
     of the registration form.
5.3 I shall follow the requirements of C.R.S. 18-3-415 and 18-3-415.5 regarding being
     tested for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
5.4 I shall follow the requirements of C.R.S. 19-2-924.5 and 19-2-925.5 regarding having a
     blood test to determine genetic markers (DNA). I shall pay the required fee to the Sex
     Offender Identification Fund for this test.
5.5 I shall attend and actively participate in evaluations approved or requested by the
     supervising officer and/or treatment provider(s).
5.6 I shall attend and actively participate in a treatment program approved by the
     supervising officer. I shall make progress and successfully complete the program to the
     satisfaction of the supervising officer and the treatment provider(s).
5.7 I shall submit to any program for psychological or physiological assessment at the
     direction of the supervising officer and/or treatment provider(s). This may include the
     polygraph, Abel screen, and/or plethysmograph to assist in treatment planning and
     case monitoring.
5.8 I shall be financially responsible for all programs, assessments, and any testing that is
     required of me unless I have made prior arrangements through the supervising officer
     or treatment provider.
5.9 I shall not change treatment programs without prior approval of the supervising officer.
5.10 I shall sign releases of Information to allow the supervising officer to communicate with
     other professionals Involved In my treatment program and to allow all professionals
     involved to communicate with each other regarding my case. This will include releases
     of information to the treatment provider of any victim(s).
5.11 I shall not go on overnight visits away from my home without prior approval of my
      supervising officer, caseworker, and/or treatment provider(s) and only after
      development of a safety plan.
5.12 I shall not leave the State of Colorado without written permission from the supervising
     officer or the court. I shall have a safety plan approved by group for each different trip.
5.13 I shall report to the supervising officer at reasonable times, as directed by the court or
     the supervising officer.
5.14 I shall permit the supervising officer to visit me at reasonable times at home or
     elsewhere without prior notice.
5.15 I shall answer all reasonable inquiries made by the multi-disciplinary team.
5.16 I shall report any law enforcement contacts to the supervising officer immediately. I
     shall also report them to multi-disciplinary team members at the next meeting.
5.17 I shall be required to notify third parties (e.g., school officials, other treatment providers)
     of my criminal or delinquency record, as directed by the multidisciplinary team.
5.18 I shall not use or possess a firearm, a dangerous or illegal weapon, or an explosive or
     incendiary device.

    5.19 I shall not consume or possess any alcohol or use any unlawful controlled substances. I
         shall submit reports regarding alcohol/drug treatment to my multidisciplinary team.
    5.20 I shall submit to substance testing at the direction of the supervising officer and it may
         be at my own expense.
    5.21 I shall obtain counseling or treatment for drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or a mental
         condition and shall remain in a specified residential facility if necessary for that purpose
         as required by the court or the supervising officer. I may be responsible for the costs of
         the program.
    5.22 I shall maintain a full-time program approved by the multi-disciplinary team and/or the
                 5.22.1 I must attend school full time OR
                 5.22.2 I must work full time OR
                 5.22.3 I must have a combined program of school and work.
    5.23 I shall not leave home or placement without consent of my parents, guardians, or legal
         custodians. I shall have a group-approved safety plan for each different activity or place
         that I go. I shall abide by a curfew that is established by the multi-disciplinary team.
    5.24 I shall not frequent any areas nor associate with any persons named by the
          court or the supervising officer.
    5.25 I shall comply with any other requirements of the multi-disciplinary team in order to
          meet the conditions Imposed by the court.

    6.1 PERSONS WHOM I OFFENDED: I shall not have any contact with person(s) whom I
        offended until my treatment providers and supervising officer has given me permission.
               6.1.1 I am required to pass a sex history polygraph prior to being granted
                      permission for contact with victims.
               6.1.2 A request by a victim Is required before I may have contact with him/her.
               6.1.3 Permission will be given In writing by the supervising officer and/or
                      multidisciplinary team before the contact takes place.
               6.1.4 It Is my complete and full responsibility to avoid contact with person(s)
                      whom I offended.
               6.1.5 I am responsible to avoid situations where accidental contact may occur
                     with person(s) whom I offended. I recognize that No Contact means no
                     contact in any form such as:

       * Personally/ Visually       * Verbally (talking to)              * Physically (touching or being in
                                                                         the same place or near the other

          * By telephone            * Written correspondence             * Contact through another person
                                      including E-mail

    Gifts given or received (I may not ask anybody else to give persons whom I offended any gifts which
     I have chosen or purchased. )

                 6.1.6 Contact with any victim(s) will be made when, where, and how the
                           containment team and victim’s treatment provider decides it will be made.

        6.2.1 I will not be in the presence of children more than two years younger than I
                unless approved by the Court or the multi-disciplinary team.
        6.2.2 I will not have any other kind of contact with any child who is more than two
                years younger than I, including immediate and extended family members
                unless approved by the Court or the multi-disciplinary team. Immediate family
                includes brothers, sisters, or any children living in the same home with me.
                Extended family includes cousins, aunts, uncles, and any other relatives. I
                recognize that “No Contact” means any contact in any form such as that
                described in 6.1.5.
        6.2.3 If I have contact (even accidental) with other children from whom I am restricted
                In 6.1 and 6.2.2, it is my responsibility to immediately remove myself from the
                situation. I shall discuss this contact with my supervising officer immediately
                and with my treatment provider in the next treatment group after the contact
                takes place.
        6.2.4 Any employment, school activities, extra-curricular activities, volunteer
                activities, and community events must be approved in advance by the multi-
                disciplinary team. My employers may be notified about my offense(s). School
                officials will be notified about my offense(s).
        6.2.5 I shall not possess, view or subscribe to any pornography including any
                supplied through the mall, computer, or television, nor go to any place where
                pornography is available. I shall not utilize “900” or any other telephone
                numbers which are intended for sexual purposes.
        6.2.6 I shall not baby-sit or be in a position of trust, I.e., tutoring, mentoring, or
                teacher’s assistant.
        6.2.7 I shall not have access to the Internet until I have a safety plan that allows
                Internet access and that has been previously approved by the multidisciplinary
        6.2.8 I understand that Internet access includes all modem-accessed material(s), any
                materials downloaded to disks, CD’s, Palm Pilots or any other electronic
                devices or duplicating machines.
        6.2.9 I shall not use vision enhancing or tunnel-focusing devices unless I have a
                safety plan approved by the supervising officer and treatment provider(s).
                 These devices Include binoculars, telescopes, spotting scopes, hollow pipes,
                 and any other focusing devices.
        6.2.10 I must be supervised by an approved adult and have a safety plan approved by
                the multi-disciplinary team when 1 go to:

       * Any Toy Stores                  * Video Arcades                     * Pet Stores

    * Amusement Parks                     * Skate Parks                   * Swimming Pools

         * The Mall                   * Convenience Stores                 * Hobby Stores

   * Video Rental Stores                * Grocery Stores

* City, State or National Parks   * Any other shopping districts   * Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target or any
                                                                     discount / department stores

 shall report to the treatment provider when I have been to any of these
                 places and to the supervising officer/caseworker as directed.
          6.2.12 If I violate any part of this no-contact order, I will report the violation at the first
                 group after the violation. I must call my supervising officer within 48 hours of
                 the violation.

7.       POLYGRAPH:
7.1      I understand that I will submit to polygraph examinations as directed by my treatment
         provider. I recognize that the polygraph examination will be used to verify my honesty
         and my cooperation. I know that “no significant reaction” results will be an Indication of
         my progress in treatment.
7.2      The polygraph examination requires me to answer questions about possible
         supervision violations and about the description of my sexual history and my sexually
         abusive behavior. A failed polygraph will delay my movement forward in the treatment
7.3      Several failed polygraphs may contribute to my dismissal from the treatment program. I
         will be given the opportunity, previous to each polygraph examination, to share
         pertinent information in group therapy so that I can successfully complete the

8.1    I understand that it is mandatory that information regarding specific individuals discussed
        and exchanged in any part of the treatment process be kept confidential by me. This is
        necessary for my protection, the protection of other group participants, and to protect
        members of my family and the families of persons whom I offended. A breach of
        confidentiality will be considered grounds for dismissal from the program.
8.2     I authorize the release of any and alt treatment information to the courts, laws
        enforcement agencies, the department of human services, the prosecuting attorney,
        supervising officers, other treatment specialists, the Division of Youth Corrections,
        probation, and any other parties reasonably related to my supervision. I understand this
        authorization for Release of Information is necessary to obtain the privileges attached to
        community supervision.
8.3     I understand that l have the right to refuse to waive confidentiality, and further, I
        understand that such a refusal may result in a more restrictive placement. A refusal to
        waive confidentiality must be submitted in writing.
8.4    I will comply with all conditions of my supervision as ordered by the court and/or parole
       board and directed by my supervising officer.
8.5    I will comply with the consequences outlined for me by my supervising officer, treatment
       provider, caseworker, parent/guardian, or any other member of the multi-disciplinary
       team for any violation of this contract. These consequences are specified in section 9 of
       this contract.
8.6    I understand that any disclosures made that constitute criminal and/or delinquent
       behaviors may result in prosecution.

9.1  I understand that violation of any of the terms of this agreement may result in dismissal
     from the program. This dismissal will be reported to my multidisciplinary team and will
     result in a probation/parole violation.
9.2  I understand that I will be required to apply for readmission to the program based upon
     the decision of my multi-disciplinary team.

  I have read the above information and my signature below indicates that
  I fully understand what is expected of me while I participate in the
  treatment program. I have asked all the questions that I need to ask so
  that I can sign this with full knowledge and understanding of what I am
  signing. I understand that compliance with this contract is an additional
  condition of my probation, parole, and/or commitment.

Judge                                                          DATE

CLIENT SIGNATURE                                               DATE

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE                                      DATE

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE                                      DATE

TREATMENT PROVIDER SIGNATURE                                   DATE

TREATMENT PROVIDER SIGNATURE                                   DATE

CASEWORKER SIGNATURE                                           DATE

SUPERVISING OFFICER SIGNATURE                                  DATE

OTHER                                                          DATE

OTHER                                                          DATE

ABEL SCREEN: A physiological assessment giving an objective measure of deviant
  sexual interests. This is a computer driven test that gives the operator an objective
  reaction time measure of deviant sexual interests.

CLARIFICATION: Victim clarification is a process designed for the primary benefit of
  the victim. This process requires the sexually abusive youth to be accountable to the
  victim for his/her offending behaviors in an effort to relieve the victim of any
  responsibility for the sexual abuse and to clarify what occurred in language the victim
  can understand. The youth may also be required to provide answers to questions
  posed by the victim.

COMPLETION OF TREATMENT: Completion of court mandated sex offense-specific
  treatment based on the accomplishment of the treatment goals and outcomes.

MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TEAM: A variety of professionals working together to evaluate,
  monitor, and treat sex offenders. These professionals may include, but are not
  limited to, treatment providers, psychologists, psychiatrists, department of human
  services caseworkers, school personnel, parole officers/client managers, probation
  officers, law enforcement, victim therapist, and guardian ad litems. Containment
  team may also include family members, foster parents, or those serving in the
  capacity of the best interests of the community, family, and child.

PLETHYSMOGRAPH: A physiological assessment that measures erectile responses in
  males to both appropriate and inappropriate stimulus material.

POLYGRAPH: A diagnostic Instrument and procedure designed to assist in the
treatment and supervision of sexually abusive youth by detecting deception or verifying
truth of statements by persons under supervision or treatment.
          SEX HISTORY POLYGRAPH: Refers to verification of completeness of the
          offender’s disclosure of his/her entire sexual history
          OFFENSE SPECIFIC POLYGRAPH: Refers to testing the accuracy of the
          offender’s report of his/her behavior in a particular sexual offense.
          MAINTENANCE/MONITORING POLYGRAPH: Refers to testing the
          verification of the offender’s report of compliance with supervision rules and

PORNOGRAPHY: The presentation of sexually arousing material In literature, art,
motion pictures, Internet, or other means of communication or expression.

PROGRESS IN TREATMENT: Observable and measurable changes in behavior,
thoughts, and attitudes which support treatment goals and healthy, non-abusive
sexuality as Identified In the treatment plan.

SAFETY PLANNING: A written action plan that addresses risks and plans prevention
strategies that the sexually abusive youth and/or others can use to minimize those risks
In current situations.

SUPERVISING OFFICER: A probation or parole officer/client manager or Department
of Human Services case manager.

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