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Commercial Lines                   Paving & Lots                        Chemical Manufacturers /
                                   Redimix Concrete Operators           Distributors
                                   Residential Remodelers               Chemical Property Risks
 Art Collections Corporate
                                   Residential Home Care                Chemical Petroleum Risks
 Art Galleries Dealers
 & Museums                         Sawmills/Woodworkers                 Electronic Manufacturers
                                   Sprinkler                            Manufacturers
Bars/Taverns                       Swimming Pool                        Plastic Manufacturers
& Restaurants                      Welding Operations                   Product Liability
 Bars, Taverns, Restaurants        Wrecking                             Product Liability Tough Classes
 & Night Clubs                                                          Wood Products Manufacturing
 Casinos, Slot Card & Poker       Environmental
 Rooms                             Environmental Contractors           Mercantile
 Caterers & Catering               Environmental Laboratories           Antique Stores
 Operations                        Pollution (Legal Liability)          Adult Book Stores & Adult
 Delicatessens & Fast Food         Pollution (Underground               Cabarets
 Liquor Legal & Liquor             Tank Liability)                      Alarm Installation Service
 Store Liability                                                        & Repair
 Liquor Store Packages            Entertainment                         Appliance & Accessories Stores
                                   Amusement Devices Coin               Appliance Stores—household
Clubs & Organizations              Operated                             type
 Churches                          Amusement Parks &                    Army & Navy Stores
 Club Packages                     Fairgrounds                          Bakeries & Barber Shops
 Eagle Halls & Elks Lodges                                              Beauty Salons / Parlors
 Teen Clubs & Theme Clubs         Fire                                  Beverage Stores—liquor & wine
                                   Fire & Burglar Alarm Installers      Beverage Stores—soft drinks &
Contractors                        Fire (Excess) & Fire                 beer
 Artisan Cont. Townhouses          (Nonstandard)                        Bicycle Stores—sales & servicing
 & Condos                          Fire (Standard) Adult Club           Boat & Ship Repairers Liability
 Artisan Programs                  Fire Extinguisher Service Filling    Bookstores
 Artisan Track Work                Testing                              BOP – Business Owners Package
 Asbestos Abatement                Fire Suppression Systems             Camera & Photo Equipment
 Asbestos Removal Liability        Installation & Repair                Stores
 Builders Risk Policies                                                 Candy or Confectionery Stores
 Commercial                                                             Clothing (no children’s)
                                   Apartment Construction
 Commercial Electrical                                                  Clothing & Fabric Stores
                                   ($100K min)
 Commercial General                                                     Computer Stores &
                                   Apartments (no HUD or
 Commercial HVAC                                                        Convenience Stores
                                   senior housing)
 Commercial Painting                                                    Cosmetics & Christmas
                                   Apartments (Non standard)
 (< 3 stories)                                                          Tree Lots
                                   Apartments (Preferred &
 Commercial Plumbing                                                    Department or Discount Stores
 Com. Tenants Service &                                                 Donut Shops
                                   Associations – HO / Condo
 Improvement                       & Offices                            Dry Goods Dealers—Retail
 Equipment                         Bed & Breakfast Inns                 Electronic Stores
 General Commercial                Bed & Breakfast Package              Floor Covering Stores
 Construction                                                           Florists & Furniture Stores
                                   Boarding Houses &
 Liability                         Condominiums                         Gift Shops & Grocery Stores
 Paper                             Earthquake and/or Flood DIC          Hardware Stores
 Roofers                           Homeowners Associations              Health & Exercise Studios
 Course of Construction Program    Coop Housing Corporations            Home Improvement Stores
 Custom Home Builders              Property All Risk                    Ice, Water & Ice Cream Stores
 Excavating & Grading              Property All Risk including EQ       Hobby, Model Maker, or
 Exterminators                     Vacant Buildings & Warehouses        Artist’s Supply Stores
 Gardener Packages                                                      Janitorial Service
 General Residential              Manufacturing/Products                (no supermarkets or window
 Construction                                                           washing > 2 stories)
                                   Aircraft Products – Components
 House Movers                      Parts Manufacturers                  Jewelry Stores & Kennels
 Insulation Contractors            Bicycle Component                    Laundries & Dry Cleaners
 Nurserymen                        Manufacturers                        Lumber Yards
 Landscapers                       Boat Manufacturers & Yards           Markets / Grocery Stores
 Metal Workers                     Boiler & Machinery                   Markets Meat & Fish
 Music & Musical Instrument        Pharmaceutical Risks                D&O / E&O / Prof
 Stores                            Plush Toys                          Liability
 Newsstands                        Preschools                           Accountants
 Office Machines &                 Public Entity                        Accountants E&O
 Appliances—no repair              Ranches                              Adjusters E&O
 Paint, Wallpaper, or              Residential Condominium              Advertisers Legal Liability
 Wallcovering Stores               Associations                         Architects & Engineers
 Painting, Picture, or Frame       Security Guard Armed &
 Stores                                                                 Association E&O
 Pet Salons, Pet Stores & Pizza                                         Attorneys / Lawyers
                                   Security Guard Liability (Excess)
 Parlors                                                                Business Owners Specified
                                   Single Family Homeowner              Prof E&O
 Records, Tapes & Sheet Music      Associations
 Stores                                                                 Community Associations
                                   SMP Packages
 Self Storage Risks & Shoe                                              Commercial Property
                                   Telecommunications                   Managers
 Stores                            Time-Share Condo Associations
 Shopping Centers & Sporting                                            Consultants & Consultants
                                   Townhome/Townhouse                   E&O
 Goods Stores                      Associations
 Athletic Equipment Stores                                              Consultants Environmental
                                   Umbrellas                            D&O Liability
 Stationery Stores
 Paper Products Stores            Professional Offices                  Employee Benefits
 Stores—no food or drink                                                Employment Practices
                                   Advertising Agency Office
 Supermarkets                                                           Employment Practices Liability
                                   Computer Programmers
 Tobacco & Yogurt Shops                                                 Insurance
                                  Social Services                       Engineers Professional
Misc                               Adult Care Foster Homes
                                                                        For Profit Organizations
 Boat Rentals & River Rafting                                           Home Health Care E&O
                                   Alcoholic & Drug Rehabilitation
 Camps                             Centers                              Homeowners Associations
 Detective Patrol Agencies         Convalescent Homes                   Insurance Agents E&O
 Chimney Sweeps                    Day Care Centers & Day               Insurance Agents/Brokers E&O
 Electronic Data Processors        Nurseries                            Lawyers (Excess)
 Energy Risks                      Child Care & Children’s              Media Liability Libel & Slander
 Excess Liability                  Summer Camps                         Miscellaneous Classes
 Exercise & Fitness Centers        Community Associations               Miscellaneous E&O
 Health Centers                    Foster Homes & Home                  Municipal & Public Entity
 Farms                             Health Care                          Non-Profit Organizations
 Foreign Insurance                 Outpatient Aftercare and             Non-Profit Social Services
 Fruit/Vegetable Processing        Support Programs                     Program
 Health Club Liability             (AA, Al-Anon, etc.)                  Real Estate Agents
 Hospice Risks                     Outpatient Crisis, Guidance or       Residential Property Managers
                                   Counseling Outpatient Services       Liability
                                   Outpatient Non-Medical Drug          Technology Professional Package
 Industrial Parks
                                   & Alcohol Rehabilitation             Technology Professional E&O
 Inland Marine (Commercial)        Centers
 Inland Marine                     Social Service Program
 Lessor Risks                      Non-Profit
 M&C                               Temp Stay Crisis Centers
 Mobile Home Park Liability        Temp Stay Homeless Shelters
 Motel Packages                    Temp Stay Mission or
 Office Parks                      Settlement Houses
 OL&T                              Temp Stay Non-Medical
                                   Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

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