1_ INT by gabyion


									SN Revenge of the Toilets Story D.1 Guerdat & Sullivan 06.11.07   1


ERIC and the SUPERCHUMS are coming back in from Phys. Ed.
having just played a rousing game of soccer.   BUZZ GIRL
points at Eric‟s hinder and giggles.   Eric‟s ripped his
underpants. Now everybody can see his... pants! Ha. Ha.
The other Super Chums can‟t resist Tee-Hee-ing at Eric‟s
costume malfunction. Mortified Eric rushes to his locker
and grabs his backpack – where he always keeps a fresh pair
of outer-underpants.

Then Eric races off to the boys restroom to change, passing
his incredibly brilliant locker mate, JERRY RIG, who
carries every known tool in his various prosthetic body
parts.   He can‟t wait to show off his latest extra-credit
science project he made from his mom‟s toaster and his
braces: The Universal Translator.   “Arf” comments the
HUMAN DOG.   “Hold that thought,” replies Jerry Rig.    But
when he opens the locker and reaches into “his” backpack he
pulls out... Eric‟s underpants?


MR. SWEEP is cleaning the empty boy‟s bathroom, which means
APPLIANCE is doing all the scrubbing while Mr. Sweep sits
on an overturned bucket and hypothesizes his next evil
albeit impossibly impractical plan.   After each
increasingly dopey scheme, TIDDLES rolls his eyes and makes
patronizing faces – turning back to normal fish face just
before Mr. Sweep catches him.

Eric races in with Jerry Rig‟s backpack and heads into a
stall. That‟s it for Mr. Sweep. He doesn‟t get paid
enough to endure Super Kids‟ super smells.     He hurries
out leaving Appliance to finish up the chores.

INSIDE ERIC‟S STALL: Eric takes off his torn underpants,
then reaches into the backpack and pulls out a bizarre
looking gadget: a crude mini-satellite dish with a
microphone. Huh? As Eric fiddles with it, a COCKROACH
crawls by. Through the universal translator we hear the
insect speak in a high-pitched voice: “Hey, aren‟t you the
guy who stepped on my cousin Morris?”

Startled, Eric fumbles the universal translator, which
tumbles toward the toilet bowl.   As Eric tries to catch it
he accidentally hits the flush handle (or W.C. pull chain)
SN Revenge of the Toilets Story D.1 Guerdat & Sullivan 06.11.07   2

and KER-FLOOSH. The incredibly cutting edge science
project is flushed away.


We follow the universal translator down a disgusting flume
ride of aging pipes. Passing bits of garbage, fish
skeletons, report cards with “F”s on them, etc. as it
continues its journey into the bowels of Crumptonville.


SEWER MAN, a slimy sour-looking city-worker in rubber
boots, hard hat and wielding a disgusting sponge mop, is
taking a lunch break from his never-ending task of cleaning
the sewer.   He complains to a couple of nearby rats that
its been 43 years since his last holiday or even human
contact. The city even flushes his paychecks to him.
One of these years he‟ll figure out how to get back at all
of Crumptonville!

Suddenly a torrent of water from a pipe above drenches
Sewer Man and the universal translator bounces off his hard
hat. He picks up the strange gadget and wonders what it
is. Suddenly the rats‟ voices comes out of the translator:
“Can you believe this slob, eating his lunch down here?”
“Yeah. Wonder if he‟s gonna finish that pita pocket?”

The Sewer Man is stunned. The rats can talk! They shrug.
“Well, duh.” Then an alligator waddles past through the
muck. “Any of you guys know the way back up to little
Petey MacGregor‟s bathroom. I think his dad accidentally
flushed me down the toilet.”

As the critters talk among themselves – thanks to the
universal translator – Sewer Man is thrilled that he
finally has some companionship, however dull.


Eric has enlisted Appliance to retrieve Jerry Rig‟s
precious gadget from the loo. Appliance takes plunger to
toilet bowl, pumping away so violently that his water
cooler head starts to jiggle loose.   When the robotic
janitor bends over to check the toilet bowl, his water
cooler pate falls off. Eric manages to catch Appliance‟s
brain, but Tiddles is tossed into the toilet bowl just as
SN Revenge of the Toilets Story D.1 Guerdat & Sullivan 06.11.07            3

the brainless Appliance flushes him away.                    KER-FLOOSH!


Sewer Man is playing cards with his new pals: the rats, the
alligator and some kind of mutant slime mold. Sewer Man‟s
already wagered away his lunch to the snide sewer denizens.
Sewer Man‟s starting to regret having found the universal

He asks if they have any eights. A rat tells him to “Go
fish!” Suddenly <FLOOSH> Tiddles flops into Sewer Man‟s
empty lunch bucket. In the voice of an effete
intellectual, Tiddles expresses his rapture at his newfound
freedom.   Then he tells Sewer Man he might want to play
the 4, rats just love to hoard 4s.

Sure enough the Sewer Man wins the card game thanks to the
brilliant goldfish.   Tiddles is touched by the gratitude
of the stinky sewer-mopper. No one‟s ever listened to his
fishy wisdom before. In fact if there‟s anyone else Sewer
Man would like bested, Tiddles would be more than happy to
offer some of the schemes he‟s been dreaming up for years.

Sewer Man beams at his new aquatic genie.   As a matter of
fact, he does harbor a wee grudge toward everyone in
Crumptonville, he says as he‟s drenched in another flush of
effluvia. Tiddles gets an evil gleam in his eye. “With my
brains and your access to indoor plumbing, revenge shall be


Eric‟s trying to atone for his flushing faux pas. He
approaches the pet-less Appliance with a water-filled
baggie from a pet store. In an effort to replace
Appliance‟s beloved pet goldfish, Eric bought him two fish
– really pretty ones too! But when Eric pours them into
Appliance‟s water cooler head, they turn out to be Japanese
Fighting Fish. As the fish battle to the death, Appliance
clutches his head in pain and rolls off screaming.

Then Eric crosses to Jerry Rig and apologizes for losing
his locker mate‟s ground-breaking scientific achievement.
Jerry Rig assures him no hard feelings. In fact the
brainiac‟s already made a back-up science project out of
SN Revenge of the Toilets Story D.1 Guerdat & Sullivan 06.11.07   4

his father‟s nose hair clippers and his little brother‟s
baby monitor: a molecular miniaturizer ray!   JERRY RIG
proceeds to whip out a bizarre looking ray gun and zap
Eric‟s outer-underpants - which immediately shrink into a
way-too-tight thong. Ooch.

Suddenly BUZZ GIRL flies out of the girl‟s restroom holding
lip gloss, eye shadow, blusher etc. in her many hands. Her
face is a make-up mess.   Spooked, she reports that the
toilets are haunted! She just overhead them plotting to
take over the world!

Changerella giggles at her silly friend. Toidys aren‟t
evil. At least not in the girl‟s restroom. Then she
marches in to prove her point. A beat later she comes
rolling out as a GIANT ROLL OF TOILET PAPER – with some
mysterious force in the restroom unspooling the paper off
her roll. HELP!

As Changerella is tugged back inside the possessed
restroom, Eric and BG bravely charge in after her. But BB
can‟t force himself to step foot in the girls‟ room.  He
just waits outside and politely offers moral support.


Eric and BG rush in to find a toilet lid snapping up and
down like jaws as it chomps on Changerella‟s toilet paper
train. Eric and BG grab Changerella, a brief tug of war
ensues, then RIIIIP! Changerella is freed. She morphs
back into human form as the toilet chomps down on the last
bits of tp. Then <BURPS> followed by a malevolent Tiddles-
esque <CACKLE>!

Suddenly from an adjacent stall, the ROVING EYE comes
racing out clutching her bitten-bum. “Warn the others,
it‟s not safe to squat!” As the predator toilet seat in
her stall snaps away, the Superchums leap into action and
head out.


A business man sits on the toilet reading the newspaper
comics. Suddenly the echo-y voice of Tiddles comments that
“Garfield seems especially risible this morn.” The
business man freaks and tries to get up, but the toilet
SN Revenge of the Toilets Story D.1 Guerdat & Sullivan 06.11.07       5

pulls him back down bum first.                He manages to escape,
pants around his ankles.

Inside a locker room a football team huddles in fear as a
row of toilets laugh and dares them to have a seat. Ha.

In an E.R.: PAN DOWN A ROW OF GURNEYS where face-down
patients are having their bums bandaged.

A new anchor gingerly sits on a giant pillow as he gravely
reports that Crumptonville is under attack! It‟s tush
versus toilet! Who will crack first?


We see an elaborate series of levers and pulleys that now
snake up into the pipes in the ceiling. A bank of monitors
sits above a control panel, where the Sewer Man operates an
array of switches. He takes his orders from Tiddles, who‟s
still swimming in the lunchbox. Tiddles proclaims his
ingenious plan is working to perfection!   Soon no one in
Crumptonville will be brave enough to go to the bathroom!

But when Sewer Man throws another switch, we hear a distant
<CLANG>. Hmm. What‟s that? He checks a video monitor
upon which we see a low angle view of a toilet with a brass
butt sitting on it. Then we hear BB‟s echo-y voice that
“something feels a little tickly back there. Huh.”

Tiddles tells Sewer Man it‟s time for the next step in
their evil plan.   To wit, Tiddles is going to deliver an
edict over their World Wide Web of plumbing. Like the
internet with toilets: “People of Crumptonville, except
for those of you with metallic bums, if you ever want to go
to the bathroom again, here are our demands...”


QUICK CUTS of CRUMPTONVILLERS listening in horror as their
talking toilets command them to flush down an eclectic
ransom: jewels, money, some clean clothes, microwave
popcorn, maybe some fish food – flaky not the hard to
nibble nuggets, an aquarium heater, and one of those bubbly
pirate chest thingies, etc.,” The potty-deprived townsfolk
SN Revenge of the Toilets Story D.1 Guerdat & Sullivan 06.11.07   6

begin obediently         shoving the requested items down their


Appliance is helping Mr. Sweep flush ransom down the
toilet, along with an autograph and a pen. Sweep has
become an instant admirer of whoever this evil genius is.
A toilet tax.   Fool proof plan.   Suddenly the autograph
book comes shooting back up the toilet and smacks Sweep in
the face. Tiddles‟ voice booms: “Autographs are banal.
Flush me some aquarium gravel!”

Appliance suddenly perks up. It‟s Tiddles! That voice has
been swimming around in his head lo‟ these many years. Mr.
Sweep is incredulous.    How dare Appliance not tell him
he‟d been in the presence of a genius fish?! Mr. Sweep
scoffs at the thought. Quick to the Janitorium! He‟s going
to transform into Mr. Bad so he can become the greatest
super villain suck-up of all time!

As the evil duo rush off, an adjacent stall door opens and
Brass Butt steps out. He heard the whole thing. He races
off to tell Eric and the others that there‟s an evil
goldfish at the bottom of this devious plot.


BB‟s finishing telling Eric and the Superchums what he
overhead, as we see panicked Crumptonvillers in the b.g.
rushing out of stores with armloads of luxury goods and
heading for toilets.

Eric realises it‟s all his fault.   Guilt-ridden, he‟s
determined to find Tiddles and the translator and undo the
damage he‟s done. But how to find one evil goldfish in the
massive sewer system?   If only there was some way he could
flush himself down a toilet. Just then he spots Jerry Rig
rushing by with a laptop he made from a can of dog food and
a label-maker, he‟s off to flush this offering to the evil
god of the netherworld.

Eric begs JERRY RIG to use his miniaturizer ray to make
Eric a flush-able size. JERRY RIG doesn‟t have to be asked
twice.   If the world doesn‟t come to an end, his mini-Eric
project should be good for an A plus in Physics!
SN Revenge of the Toilets Story D.1 Guerdat & Sullivan 06.11.07   7


As Jerry Rig prepares to zap Eric into a teeny tiny guy
able to navigate plumbing, BB, Changerella and BG insist
on going along, too.   They‟re a team. A team that really
needs to go to the bathroom. And they don‟t trust fumble
fingers Eric to get the job done.

Changerella morphs into a submarine, the kids climb aboard,
then JERRY RIG zaps them with his molecular miniaturizer.
JERRY RIG warns Eric and crew that the miniaturizing
process will wear off in a few minutes. So they probably
want to hurry if they don‟t want their heads to get stuck
in a drain pipe. Then he flushes the whole tiny lot of
them down the toilet.

The toilet-nauts zoom down the twisting pipes as they make
their way lower and lower.

   16)        INT. SEWER – MOMENTS LATER

The sewer has been redecorated in the style of Hillbillies
who found a wallet. Priceless art work hangs on the filthy
walls. Sewer Man now sports a mink coat and is bedecked
with bling. His hard hat sports a tiara.

Tiddles is now swimming in a designer aquarium with cute
ceramic mermaids bubbling away. Mounted on top of the tank
is the universal translator.   Tiddles and Sewer Man are
livin‟ large „neath the city.   Sewer Man proclaims he‟s on
top of the world down here!

Suddenly <FLOOSH> Sewer Man‟s once again drenched in flush-
water. The tiny Changerella submarine bounces off his head
and plops into Tiddles‟ aquarium.


Eric and crew in their mini-sub find themselves floating
face to face with Tiddles.   Eric announces that the “jig
is up, smarty-fins!” But Tiddles smugly chuckles as he
replies, “I think not, Teeny-tiny Superchums.” As he
calmly orders Sewer Man to fetch the little net thingie and
scoop out the uninvited aquarium guests, Eric looks out a
porthole and spots the universal translator mounted above.
SN Revenge of the Toilets Story D.1 Guerdat & Sullivan 06.11.07   8

Somehow they have to disable that gadget to silence the
evil fish!

   18)        INT. SEWER – CONTINUOUS

Sewer Man is trying to scoop the Changerella sub out of the
tank, as Changerella desperately zips around, hiding behind
the pirate‟s chest etc.   Sewer Man finally scoops the sub
in his net and starts to lift it out of the water.


As the cabin rocks back and forth, BB and Eric load Buzz
Girl into the torpedo tube. It‟s their only hope. They
take aim and FIRE!

   20)        EXT. SEWER – CONTINUOUS

Sewer Man holds the sub in his fish net, dangling it just
above the universal translator.   “What do I do with „em
now,” S.M. asks Tiddles.   The impatient fish starts to
tell the doltish city worker how to destroy the Superchums,
but too late! Buzz Girl rockets out of the mini-sub and
crashes into the universal translator, shorting it out.

Tiddles‟ instructions are now reduced to “Blub blubs.”
Which renders Sewer Man clueless, as he stands there
holding the mini-sub in the dripping net. Suddenly
<FWOOMP> the four Superchums morph back to life-size form
and get the drop on the slow-witted sewer worker.

Now to take the two evil doers topside for some
Crumptonville justice.   But Sewer Man notes that the full
–sized Superchums can‟t go back up the way they came down.
And they‟ll never find their way out of the labyrinth of
sewer tunnels without his unique knowledge gained from four
decades of underground exile.   Mwah-ha-ha!

Looks like the Superchums are once again at Sewer Man‟s
mercy until <CREAK> a nearby door opens and Mr. Bad and
Appliance roll in. Mr. Bad immediately begins fawning over
Tiddles, who swims speechless in the aquarium. “I‟m such a
fan, etc.,” But when Tiddles just helplessly blub-blubs,
Mr. Bad yells at Appliance. This fish isn‟t smart. It‟s
just a fish!
SN Revenge of the Toilets Story D.1 Guerdat & Sullivan 06.11.07   9

Mr. Bad figures it must be Sewer Man who‟s the evil genius.
But when Mr. Bad asks him for some villainous pointers,
Sewer Man can only gaze dumbfounded at the door and utter,
”You mean I coulda just walked outta here the whole time?”

Just then we hear an ominous KER-FLOOSH and everyone
sprints out the door (and into the school basement),
including Appliance who happily pours his old buddy Tiddles
back into his water cooler head.

But before Sewer Man can get out, Eric slams the door shut
on him. KERFLOOSH Sewer Man‟s once again drenched in slime
he‟s accustomed to. We hear the echo-y voice of the Roving
Eye announce it‟s once again safe to use the restrooms.
Then a cheer. Followed by a myriad of toilet Ker-Flooshes
echoing from above. As Sewer Man opens an umbrella and
prepares to accept his fate...


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