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For the Week of Thursday, December 3, 2009

     O Lord, how absolutely necessary Your grace

     is for me, both to begin good work and to

  persevere until I accomplish it. Without Your

 grace, I can do nothing, but I can do all things

       in You, as Your grace strengthens me.

Shoe Showdown, Continues
By Katie Doherty

   Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi TV reporter who threw his

shoe at President George W. Bush and became the hero of

many opponents to the war in Iraq, may have met his match.

At a news conference in Paris Tuesday, December 1, a man

threw his shoe at al-Zeidi. Al-Zeidi ducked before the shoe

was able to hit him. Maithan, al-Zeidi’s brother, chased the attacker through the crowd, and then

he proceeded to pelt the culprit with his own shoe. The motivation for the incident remains

unknown. Muntadhar al-Zeidi, released from prison in September, was at the conference to

discuss his experiences in jail, and the confrontation with Bush that landed him there. "He stole

my technique," al-Zeidi jibed.

5 More to be Executed in Xinjiang Riots
By Margaret Cahill

       Nine Uighurs have been put to death following China’s worst ethnic riots in decades, and

five more are now set to face the same fate. The rioters are

being convicted of murder and other crimes that occurred

during the unrest, which began on July 5. The ethnic riots,

which took place in Xinjiang, China, left nearly 200 people

dead. Xinjiang now remains heavily secured, with all

international direct calling blocked and internet access cut, as well.
China Opens Government Funded Gay Bar
By Jennifer Samano

       Dali, a city in China, has one of the nation’s highest AIDS rates which causes concern in

                                            the community. In an effort to fight the increasing

                                            AIDS rates, the Chinese government opened a gay bar

                                            which focuses on safe sex education, AIDS

                                            prevention, and passes out free condoms. However,

                                            some taxpayers are up in arms about the new project;

                                            they say they do not want their money funding the

bar’s efforts because they do not want to endorse homosexual lifestyle. Others think it is a waste

of money and will not help prevent AIDS rates from increasing. The bar is staffed by volunteers

and they say if the project is successful in dropping AIDS rates, then it pays for itself by saving

the government money spent on treatment medicines for those infected. 


Couple Crashes White House State Dinner
By Krissy Durkin

       Michaele and Tareq Salahi, a couple from Virginia, snuck into the White House State

                                           Dinner last week, where they were greeted by President

                                           Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama. When

                                           the gravity of this security breach became clear on

                                           Friday, questions were raised about the protection of
the President and the First Family. This episode elicited an apology from the Secret Service; in a

statement from Director, Mark Sullivan, said his agency was “deeply concerned and embarrassed

by the events.” Mr. and Mrs. Salahi are aspiring reality-show stars, and have been followed by

camera crews for months preparing for their upcoming show “The Real Housewives of D.C.”


President Obama’s Afghanistan Plan
By Brendan Garrity

       Tuesday night, President Barack Obama announced he would deploy 30,000 additional

troops to Afghanistan. He promised to begin withdrawing

troops in July 2011. The first troops deployed are expected to

leave by Christmas and the troops are expected to fight for

about 18 months. By next summer, there will be about 98,000

committed troops fighting, raising the cost of the war to about

$30 billion each year. After 8 years of war, President Obama

hopes this deployment will “seize the initiative.” 

Prisoner Escapes from Wheelchair and Guards
By Rachel Meller

       A Texas prisoner in a wheelchair escaped on foot Monday from two armed guards as he

                              was being transferred from one prison to another. About 45 minutes

                              into the trip, the prisoner pulled out a pistol and ordered the guards

                              to drive toward Houston. Once in Houston, the prisoner took one of

the guard’s uniform, handcuffed the officers together, and stuck them in the trunck of the van.
The reason why this prisoner was being transfer was due to his medical condition that led him a

wheelchair; the con suffered a stroke and was being treated for paralysis, yet jail officials believe

the whole stroke was actually staged. There is a $16,000 reward offered and there are over

AIDS Ban No Longer at Issue
By Jessica Lang

       President Obama announced a change in immigration

policy; beginning in January, the ban on HIV/AIDS infected

people entering the United States will be lifted. The ban, which

was implemented about twenty years ago, went into effect at a time

when little was known about the virus and many were scared that it

could be spread through everyday contact. Since then, it has torn

families who live in different countries apart and has even made it difficult for US citizens to re-

enter the country after traveling internationally. The decision was made due to new information

available about the virus and pressure from various activists groups.

Police Killing’s Suspect Shot Dead
By Rachel Meller

                            Maurice Clemmons was sought in the shooting deaths of four police

                    officers in Washington State this week. There was a 2 a.m. confrontation

                    when police confronted Clemmons at his home. Clemmons, who was being

                    difficult, was shot by police officers and was later declared dead on the scene.
The shooting of four Seattle police officers was not Clemmons first crime as he has a long rap

sheet in both Washington and Arkansas.

The Grinch Who Stole a Kettle
By Katie Doherty

   A man tore a Salvation Army kettle from the hands of a bell-ringer

recently; the ringer tried to pull the chain to stop him from taking the

kettle, but he pushed her to the ground and sneered, “I can't stand you

and your bell-ringing. I hate Christmas." Police arrested Shawn P.

Krieger, 44, of Toledo, Monday in Maumee, Ohio. Authorities estimate

that the kettle held $500- $700 in charity donations at the time of the

theft. Police have been unable to recover the money.

Search for Aliens Cost Arizona School Worker His Job
By Christian Jannotta

        A former Arizona school district employee is charged with misuse of computers while attempting

to find aliens using the school’s computers. The attempt cost the employee his job and the school district

                                                  1 million dollars. Arizona schools officials claim Brad

                                                  Niesluchowski, who was Higley Unified School

                                                  District's information technology director, downloaded

                                                  free software on district computers in 2000. The

                                                  program that Niesluchowski downloaded, known as

                                                  SETI, uses the internet to connect computers that

analyze radio telescope data in an experiment to find aliens. The program ruined the districts system and
interfered with technology used in the classrooms. It will cost 1 million dollars to fix the problem, which

includes removing the SETI software. The local police are still investing the incident.

Attacks on “Gingers”
By Samantha Willens

        Last week, three boys were arrested for participating in “Kick a Ginger Day”. One of the

boys, 13 years old, was                                                  detained for threatening to

inflict injury by means                                                  of electronics. The other two

boys, both 12 years old                                                  ,were booked for battery on

school property. They                                                    could face misdemeanor

charges but it is unsure                                                 whether or not the case can go

up for prosecution. The idea for bullying red haired children allegedly came from a popular

episode of South Park where a character showed hate for red haired and freckled children he

called “gingers”. No serious injuries were reported.

Zhu Zhu What?
By Katie Doherty

        A loud, mobile hamster that can drive a car—for ten dollars—has shoppers storming the

shelves in search of this hot-ticket stocking-stuffer. Robotic pets

have always been a hit with kids, but this low price makes this toy

popular with parents, as well. “The last couple of years the

robotic pet has been very popular, but those have been very

expensive, but here's a version of a robotic pet that only costs
$10," said BMO Capital Markets analyst, Gerrick Johnson. Cepia Inc. unexpectedly produced

this holiday season’s “it” toy.

Walmart’s Nintendo Wii only $149.99
By Christian Jannotta

        Black Friday is over but Wal-Mart is offering one of the best deals of this holiday season. Staring

on December 5, Wal-Mart will offer a fifty-dollar gift card with a purchase of a Nintendo Wii bringing

                                   the cost of the console down to only $149.99. This deal is by far the

                                   best deal that is on the market for the Wii console. The deal will last

                                   until December 12, or well supplies last. Most people who buy the

                                   console will be interested in using the fifty-dollar gift card on games

                                   for the system. Wal-Mart is offering some games for the console that

                                   range from ten to twenty dollars.

Sun-Maid Gets Make Over
By Samantha Willens

   The picture on the Sun-Maid raisins box has not changed since 1970;

                              however the new animated version of the Sun-

                              Maid girl has gone through an extreme make

                              over. The Sun-Maid girl was modeled after

                              Lorrain Collett Petersen, who the company feels embodied the

                              simple and all-natural raisins. The new Sun-Maid girl first appeared

in 2007 from the designers at Synthespian Studios. Some argue that the new Sun-Maid girl is not

natural looking and too “busty”.

Fish Kill to Eliminate Asian Carp
By Krissy Durkin

        A six-mile stretch of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal will be host to the biggest fish

kill in state history, directed by The Illinois Natural

Research Department. The kill is the agency’s last

attempt to stop the destructive Asian Carp from

getting into Lake Michigan and then all the Great

Lakes. These fish can grow to about 4 feet and can

weigh up to 100 pounds. Their diet demands them to viciously devour food from smaller fish,

and then bigger fish also have no food. Experts fear that if these fish gain access to the Great

Lakes, they will be devastating to sport and commercial fishing, as well as the natural wild life.

They will be pouring Rotenone, a natural toxin, which will kill not only the Asian Carp but other

fish in the area. The Rotenone naturally detoxifies but to be sure, a neutralizing agent, Potassium

Permanganate will be added to the water. The fish kill will take place from the electric barrier

down to the Lockport Lock and Dam.

Attempted Murder at Denny’s
By Kristina Alexander

                             Crenly M. Galindo, 34, is being held in the Will County Adult

                     Detention Facility after shooting a man in the face at a Denny’s Restaurant at

                     the intersection of North Frontage Road and Illinois Highway 53. After
fleeing the scene, Lt. Mike Rompa and his team recovered Galindo and a .22 caliber hand gun.

Galindo is now being held on $1 million bail, and is expected to have his preliminary court date

on December 18, 2009.

Fake “Fed”
By Margaret Cahill

                                     A man posing as a federal agent outside of the Goodman

                              Theatre in Chicago was charged with impersonating a police

                              officer. Laurence Bradley, of Hyde Park was approaching patrons

                              outside the theatre, when questioned by police, Bradley flashed his

                              fake badge and threatened, “You better watch your back.” After a

                              short foot chase, the cops ran him down and took him into custody.



Deadly Buttocks Implants
By Margaret Cahill

       The former Miss Argentina 1994, Solange Magnano, died this

week following complication with a procedure to enlarge her

buttocks. Her death was caused by the liquid from the injections that

leaked to her lungs and brain. Doctors say that these surgeries are
rare in the United States but they are slowly gaining popularity. This is the first death related to a

buttocks enhancement surgery and doctors say it was the result of unsafe practices.

Drive Through Shots?
By Amanda Szramiak

       Usually when a drive through comes to mind, one thinks of old fashion drive through

                            movies or a satisfying McDonald’s meal. But, think again. On

                            November 30, Champaign-Urbana began a creative new way of

                            getting H1N1 vaccinations. The Public Health District had been

                            brainstorming for efficient ways to prevent the H1N1 pandemic for

several years. To receive H1N1 vaccinations, simply drive down to Champaign-Urbana and

drive through The Vaccination Spot. This technique has been very effective vaccinating


Bye-Bye Fishies
By Amanda Szramiak

       Last year a popular pedicure technique was introduced in the United States. Taken from

Asian cultures, the pedicure process added little creatures: fish. The method of placing living fish

in a pedicure bowl was said to remove

dead skin. Although fish pedicures have

become very popular, Arizona’s

Goldwater Institute sued the Spa Fish

Therapy for over stepping their boundaries
and the fish cannot be sterilized. The Arizona Board of Cosmetology ordered the spa to shut

down until further notice.

Woman Loses Insurance Coverage over Facebook Pics
By Jen Samano

       With the expansive use of social networking websites most people know better than too

post incriminating pictures on their sites, seeing that they could lose potential jobs or get in

trouble in school but no one could foresee losing insurance benefits over social networking

photos. A Canadian woman working at IBM was receiving monthly sick-leave benefits after

being diagnosed with major                                             depression. However, when

she recently called in to                                              take her monthly leave she

was told that she longer had                                           those benefits. When asked

why she was told her                                                   benefits were revoked based

on Facebook photos turned in by her insurance agent. Her agent said she looked like she was

very happy and therefore no longer depressed. These photos showed her having a good time on

vacations and at Chippendales. The woman counters that she was simply following her doctor’s

orders, which were to go out, take small vacations, and try her hardest to have fun. The woman

and her lawyer are working to get her benefits back.

Loyola’s Got Talent: IV
By Kristina Alexander
  Friday, December 4, Loyola Academy students will show off their talents

with our fourth annual Variety Show. Many Loyola students, freshmen to
seniors, will provide top entertainment starting at 7 pm. These hilarious and

moving performances will take place in the Loyola Alumni Theatre. Price of

admission is $10, and tickets will be available at the door.

Belly Flop
By Amanda Szramiak
       The ANNUAL Belly Flop contest for the Hunger Drive will take place

on December 18. Sign-up information will be sent through the passport

system. See Mrs. Butvilas with questions.


Charlie Weis Fired By Notre Dame
By Brendan Garrity

       After a loss Saturday to Stanford, Charlie Weis’ career at Notre Dame came to an end.

After 5 seasons at Notre Dame, Weis was fired at the end of a

6-6 season. Four straight losses to end the regular season for

the Fighting Irish put Weis in a position to exit Notre Dame.

Discussions of Weis’ future were ongoing throughout the

whole season; Weis had six years remaining on his contract.
Bears sign Cato June
By Michael Stauffer

       On Tuesday, the Chicago Bears signed linebacker Cato June, to a one-year deal. June

played 4 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and played a year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

                                      He was released by the Houston Texans earlier this season

                                      after suffering a broken arm. June played against the Bears

                                      in Super Bowl XLI. This signing comes after an injury to

                                      linebacker Lance Briggs during the loss to the Vikings.

                                      June can add depth and experience to the injury plagued

                                      linebacking corps of the Bears.

Nets Set Record for Worst Start Ever
By Brendan Garrity

       After nearly 5 weeks and 18 straight losses to start the 2009-2010 season, the New Jersey

Nets accomplished something no team has ever done before. The Nets, 0-18, have set the record

for the worst start to an NBA season ever. The Dallas Mavericks beat the Nets to give them their

18th straight loss. The Nets were able to stay with the Mavs for the first quarter but allowing 49

points in the second quarter, another Nets

record, gave the Mavs all the lead they needed.

The Nets host the Charlotte Bobcats this Friday

in hope to get their first win of the season.
Mayweather agrees to fight Pacquiao
By Christian Jannotta

       What is now considered THE “super fight” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny

Pacquiao is coming closer to reality. Mayweather agreed to terms for the welterweight title bout

                                    on Tuesday; multiple sources with knowledge of the

                                    negotiations told, the proposed date for the fight

                                    is March 13, although there is a chance that the fight could

                                    get moved to May 1, sources said. Mayweather is amenable to

                                    either date. Both fighters will have to weigh in at 147 pounds,

                                    the maximum weight for a welterweight fight. The fight does

                                    not have a set location yet. Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry

Jones, expressed interest in having the fight at his new football stadium.

Blackhawks win 4-3 shootout over Blue Jackets
By Michael Stauffer

       The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Columbus Blue

Jackets in round 11 of a shootout, 4 – 3. The longest shootout

in team history was ended on a goal from Brent Seabrook, a

defenseman. It was his first shootout and came after all other

offensive players were used. The victory ended the Hawks’

two-game losing streak and gave Joel Quenneville his 500th career win. During regulation, Kris

Versteeg, Patrick Sharp, and Jonathan Toews scored.

First Home Game
By Kristina Alexander

      The Loyola Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team hosts their first home game

on Tuesday December 8. They will be challenging the St. Laurence Vikings

7:30; Loyola’s East gym. The boys are off to a rocky start with a record of 0-2.

The team hopes to turn this around with new Head Coach, Thomas Livatino.

The boys haven’t had much of a turn out at their last two games, so be sure to

come and watch our Ramblers wreck the Vikings Tuesday night.


                                         December 4:
                                 Sophmore Traveling Retreat
                                        Variety Show
              Freshman Dance: Luau Part II in Student Center 7 PM-11 PM $5
                        Boys Varsity Basketball at Brother Rice 7:30 PM
                                         December 5:
                                      Christmas Concert
                        Girls Varsity Bowling Fremd Tournament 9 AM
                           Boys Varsity Wrestling at Loyola 10 AM
                         Boys Varsity Bowling at Vernon Hills 11 AM
                         Boys Swimming/Diving at Stevenson 12 AM
                                         December 7:
                          Girls Varsity Basketball at Loyola 6:30 PM
                  December 8:
        Advent Liturgy-Special Schedule
     Boys Varsity Bowling CCL Meet 4 PM
Boys Varsity Wrestling Loyola Duel Meet 5:30 PM
 Girls Varsity Basketball at Resurrection 6:30 PM
  Boys Varsity Basketball at St. Lawrence 7:30
                  December 9:
               Hunger Fast Relief
         Girls Varsity Bowling 4:30 PM
                 December 10:
         Girls Varsity Bowling 4:45 PM
 Boys Varsity Wrestling at Brother Rice 5:30 PM

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