The 2010 Toyota Camry

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					The 2010 Toyota Camry
Toyota is not the United States remains the best selling vehicles, but the new 2010 Toyota
Camry offers consumers the best value for money yet. 2010 Toyota remains, both within and
outside the Camry very elegant, and cost and transfer price, 4 sedan door, a list of American
vehicles. However, many configuration options there to choose from, standard, LE, SE and XLE

In Trim XLE V 6 6spd
6-268 HP 3,5 liter V XLE in a building to work with the V 6 6spd. 4 sedan door and $ 29,045
MSRP bus begins 19 miles to town and you can get 28 mpg on the highway.

Trim XLE 6 - SPD
With the city and 22 mpg highway 32 mpg, 2,5-14 liter style projects. XLE 6 Price MSRP-SPD,
which is about $ 25,925.

SE V6 6 SPD Trim
- SPD SE V6 comes with an MSRP of $ 25,840. Highway 22 and city streets and 268 horses
with 28, not bad for a V6 3,5 liter.

LE V6 6 SPD Trim
SPD is a 3.5-liter V6 LE 6 V 6 268 HP. But the price is just under 24.565 $ MSRP. You can
through the movement of 19 miles per gallon and 28mpg joy to drive.

Trim SE 6 SPD
At $ 23,165 in SE -6 recommended retail price - SPD is a 2.5 liter engine with 179 HP and 14
leads easily. Traveling with 22 miles per gallon city and 32 highway.

Trim SE 6 SPD MT
With more than a mile on the road SE 6 SE 6 SPD-pildil For those who want a little more in
control metric tons worth. The town is about 22 miles and a 2.5 liter engine and has 179HP.
However, this is slightly less than 22.165 $ MSRP.

Take 6 SPD Trim
At 22/32 mpg, 6 speed average was 14 for an engine with a displacement of only 2.5 liters and
169 horsepower in size. City uses 22 liters and 32 fast track. With an MSRP of $ 21,900, this
leaves room for a style of travel.

6 SPD MT LE Trim
22/33 mpg, a 2.5 liter engine 14, and 169 HP, 6 - LE metric tonnes less than the SPD is also a
good price. The classic car and $ 18,869 for the period of notice.

-6 Points Camry - SPD
-6 Points Camry - SPD proposed value of only $ 20,445. With 169 HP engine is 22/32 mpg, and
14 th, the best option for the treatment of 4 at the end line is a door.
-6 Points Camry - SPD million tonnes
Grade 6 SPD MT Camry territory while still fully preserved in order of importance. This
includes a 2.5 liter 169 HP engine and 14 in size. The setting is the best market price. It is ready
for use with a standard $ 19,395, as recommended by the manufacturer.

The new 2010 Toyota Camry in more than 10 other ports 4-2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid on the
model, these are all just a car. Once you have the new Toyota Camry, 2010, and you know why
many people choose the model that deserves to be the classic and modern style of the vehicle

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