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									Hiding the truth over UFOs?

By Geoff Nelder

The British Government took a decision recently to shut down DI55, a special investigations unit of
the Ministry of Defence. It seemed that although the unit had operated for 50 years it had been
mostly in secret. Why? Because its mission was to investigate sightings of unidentified flying objects.
The reason for its closure is strategic: “We have no specific capability for identifying the nature of
such sightings. No UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the UK. Any
legitimate threat to the UK’s airspace will be spotted by our 24/7 radar checks and dealt with by RAF
fighter aircraft,” the MOD said. Shoot on sight? This seems stranger than the UFO sightings
considering the country’s high alert status over possible terrorist attacks. Perhaps Her Majesty’s
Government is more keen to save on costs and I wonder if they feel a tad embarrassed that the
existence of a UFO unit imply they believe aliens exist?

The cost saving is revealing too. £40,000 is just one investigator’s salary, yet that is the saving
claimed by the MOD. Yet there must have been dedicated computers and filing systems. Any IT
specialist will tell you that it isn’t the setting up of a database that costs a lot, but keeping it up to
date. Perhaps there was too much rather than the claimed too little work for DI55 to do. I know the
reported sightings of traditional UFOs have declined since their heyday in the 1950s and 1960s but
there has been an increase in the noughties.

My inbuilt scientific scepticism on the existence of UFOs took a knock in 1964 when our front door in
Cheltenham, UK received such heavy knocking I thought a horse was kicking it in. Not an alien but
Eric Jones, the editor of one of the UK’s first science fiction magazines, Sidereal. My dad was its
cover artist. Eric pulled me out into the street. A blue sky, and in the south was a silvery oblong. “Sun
shining off an aeroplane wing,” I said, “when it moves north the reflection will change.” It passed
over our roof so we rushed through the house to the rear garden. The glowing rectangle continued
without revealing more aeroplane, all the way to the horizon. Maybe it was a saucer, experimental
plane or silvery silent cigar-shaped balloon? The Gloucestershire Echo published photographs and
speculation but the official MOD interpretation was a ‘no comment’. No doubt it was tracked by
Cheltenham’s top secret radar and communications establishment, GCHQ, but workers there had
signed the official secrets act and wanted to keep their jobs. I imagine the reports ended up in the
IDD files that are now closed.

Even though IDD is no more, its files have been released to the public. Fair enough, the vast majority
of UFO sightings are explained by meteorological balloons, sun glint on aeroplanes, and the
increasing popularity of Chinese lanterns. (which are fascinating but a real nuisance when they land
and livestock try to eat the fabric – the wires lodge inside them puncturing vital organs).

One case is a UK Roswell type incident that occurred in 1980. Called the “Rendlesham incident” by
Lord Hill-Norton, former chief of the defence staff and First Sea Lord. He complained to the MOD
that their dismissing the incident of ‘no defence interest’ denied the many witness reports and his
own concerns that at least one aircraft entered UK airspace and left with no hindrance. Flashing blue
lights from a travelling UFO scared people and farm animals in Suffolk. Perhaps to take the heat off
the situation, a couple of American servicemen, based at RAF Woodbridge, claimed they flashed
their vehicle lights as a prank. We’ll probably never know the truth.
A problem with UFO sightings is that people often see what they expect or hope to see. Hence once
the design of stealth vehicles became common knowledge in the mid-1980s, there was a rise in
triangular UFO sightings. Some would have been stealth aircraft, but some could have been UFOs
but dismissed.

Are UFOS really there? Should we be fascinated or worried that if they are real they are undergoing
reconnaissance in order to eliminate our wicked species? It would be illogical for aliens to spend so
many resources to conquer time and space to reach Earth and frighten us. Keep telling yourself that.


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