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									How to play MKV on iPhone

Nowadays MKV files become more and more popular with high definition video
quality. So people can easily download various sorts of MKV files online for free.

Many movie fans are strongly willing to download movies in MKV format as their
private collection. But at the same time, these people definitely have found that the
MKV files they downloaded online cannot be recognized by almost all portable
devices, such as iPhone, iPhone 3GS, PS3, Zune, PSP and so on. Have you ever been
in this dilemma? Are you frustrated?

I still remembered how happy I was when I got my iPhone from my parents, and how
disappointed I was when I added my favorite MKV movies to my iPhone via iTunes on
my computer but it did not work for me. From then on, I was long for finding out a
good answer to solve the problem – how to play MKV on iPhone.

We can’t play MKV files on iPhone directly. If you want to enjoy and play MKV
videos on iPhone, we need a third program – MKV to iPhone converter to convert
MKV files to other formats that iPhone can play.

How to play MKV on iPhone?
Here are the steps about how to convert MKV videos to iPhone and then enjoy your
favorite videos on your iPhone.
Step 1: Download and install MKV to iPhone Converter.
Step 2: Launch the program and select the “Add” button to load the MKV files you
wish to.
Step 3: Select output formats and output path.
Step 4: Start the conversion: Click the “Convert” button to start conversion.

That’s all! It is easy for you to play MKV on iPhone with the wonderful MKV to
iPhone converter.

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