CROSSING by gabyion


Crossing is the romantic, thrilling story of a gangster who discovers the thrills and perils of
crossdressing. Daniel Cimmerman, a handsome cool MBA, makes a deathbed promise to his
mob boss father to take the business legit and bring honour to the family name. While eager to do
something to finally win his father’s respect, Daniel discovers that the only thing standing in his
way is his own secret desire; a secret so repressed that Daniel barely knows it himself – to dress
up like a girl. Set up for blackmail by rival hood Uncle Bunny and his reluctant, camera-wielding
hooker Davina, Daniel finds himself lost in a world of crime and desire, lingerie and love, where
choosing to keep his promises may be the most dangerous choice of all. Part Sopranos, part The
Crying Game and part Harlequin Romance, Crossing delivers a suspenseful, action-packed

“Crossings set for theatrical release in select Canadian cities starting on Friday April the 20
2007 at The Carlton in Toronto and The Fifth Avenue in Vancouver and will be distributed by
Equinoxe Films (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). The First Weekend Club
( is sponsoring the film across Canada. “Crossing” has already
been sold to over 21 countries worldwide after being acquired by Cinemavault for a big advance.
In Canada Crossing pre-sold to CITYTV, TMN and MovieCentral. Telefilm funded development
and completion.

Warner Music is releasing the Crossing soundtrack, their first in Canada since Oscar-nominated
The Sweet Hereafter. It features superstar Michael Bublé (brother of our female lead Crystal). Bif
Naked, who co-stars in the film, has contributed an original song, My Greatest Masterpiece,
whose video features scenes from the film. Also featured are Nelly Furtado and Canada’s top
selling rappers Swollen Members; along with Sara Slean, Buck 65, Rosette, The Philospher
Kings, Big Sugar, Lester featuring Moka Only, Oh Susannah, and Frank Decarlo, who also
composed the score with Jim Guttridge.

Crossing world premiered at CINEQUEST 15, “one of the top ten festivals in the World” (Variety)
where it won silver for Best First Feature, beating out 47 first features in the competition (drawn
from a total of 1800 submissions). Crossing sold out both shows. To see the trailer, footage from
the Vancouver premiere and a whole lot more please go to or

Pre-Release Reviews
“Crossing ... surprises and delights in strange and unexpected ways. Expertly and evocatively
shot, wonderfully cast and vastly entertaining, this modest little mob drama has so much more to
offer than a cursory description of its wonky plot might indicate. Because, let’s face it, how many
films could even pull off having a conflicted, cross-dressing criminal kingpin as their main
protagonist? And, more to the point, make you love him? You cannot take your eyes off
Sebastian Spence, absolutely riveting in a subtle and sympathetic performance. Backing him up,
an outstanding ensemble of the Vancouver underworld’s most eccentric (yet somehow also
endearing) low-lifes, from Crystal Bublé’s aching hooker-with-a-heart to Alan C. Peterson’s
pervert procurer, Bernie Coulson’s aspiring comedian thug to rocker Bif Naked’s lesbo
Rob Salem, Entertainment Columnist
The Toronto Star

“A striking entry into the neo-noir canon.”
Gary Morris, Editor
Bright Lights Film Journal

Cast Bios
Hailing from St. John’s Newfoundland with strong roots established in the theatre community,
Sebastian Spence has emerged as a skilled Canadian talent both on and off the stage. His gift
for acting garnered him critical acclaim for his role in the award winning The Boys of St. Vincent,
and is best known for his leading role as Cade Foster in Francis Ford Coppola’s television series
First Wave. He has numerous television roles to his credit, including a lead role in Warner
Brother's The Lone Ranger, VH1’s Strange Frequency and A Crime of Passion. He also has been
on Battlestar Galactica twice and has appeared along side Charles Bronson in CBS’s movies
Family of Cops 1, 2 and 3. Sebastian has made guest appearances on such shows as Dark
Angel, Poltergeist, The X-Files, Outer Limits and in a recurring role on the WB Network’s
Dawson’s Creek. He currently stars in the lead role in The Clinic for Animal Planet. Sebastian’s
big screen film credits include roles in Bitten, 20th Century Fox’s Firestorm, Mina Shum’s Drive,
She Said, and of course Roger Evan Larry’s Crossing.
An extensive history of acting and dance for someone so young, Crystal Bublé has emerged as
one of Vancouver’s brightest talents in film and television. She began her career in dance,
studying and training for over 10 years and competing at a provincial level. She began her film
and television career in a recurring role on the series Madison. She has now appeared in many
films, including co-starring roles in Christina’s House and the movie of the week Secret Cutting,
and director Scott Smith’s Rollercoaster. This Burnaby native’s television credits include
numerous guest star appearances on such shows as OuterLimits, Big Sound, Poltergeist, MTV’s
2Gether. Crystal is also known for her regular role on Jack London’s Call of the Wild series and in
her recurring role on the crime drama Cold Squad. Her most recent starring vehicle is in Roger
Evan Larry’s feature film, Crossing, and a half hour sitcom pilot they will shoot this January.
Bif Naked is no stranger to the world of performance. While best known for her chart topping
recordings, Bif is emerging onto the North American acting scene as a strong talent. Combining
performances on such shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and
her experience as a host on MTV Sports and Music X-Games and ZED, it is obvious that Bif is
making a name for herself throughout North America. Having scored a leading role in the film
Lunch With Charles, Bif has co-starred in roles on both The Chris Isaak Show and Big Sound.
While performing as a thug in Crossing, Bif continues a rigorous concert and recording schedule.

Cast Bios (Cont’d)
Bernie Coulson, a veteran of the acting business, is best known for his leading role in Bruce
McDonald’s Hard Core Logo. Other big screen credits include The Real Thing, Highwayman,
Rupert’s Land, The David Milgaard Story, Exquisite Tenderness and The Accused. Bernie’s
television credits include co-starring roles in the X-Files and numerous guest appearances in
such shows as Cold Squad, Betaville, DaVinci’s Inquest, Millennium, Life Goes On, Murder, She
Wrote, and MacGyver. When he is not in front of the camera, Bernie has been enjoying the
excitement of being a new father.
With an innate sense for acting, Alan C. Peterson has been a performer since he was thirteen
years old. Alan’s formal training began through study at the Estonian Theatre in Toronto. His
skill for his craft and trust of his instincts has since garnered him a reputation as a very successful
actor in theatre, television and film. Out of his extensive body of work, Mr. Peterson’s many film
credits include Agent Cody Banks, Narc, Shanghai Noon, Beautiful Joe, Intersection and
Crossing. His television work includes a lead role in the American mini-series Traffic, and
numerous guest appearances on shows as The Dead Zone, Dark Angel, Andromeda, The
Associates, First Wave, Stargate, Wind At My Back, Due South, Lonesome Dove and Outer
Limits. Recurring appearances include roles in Traders and John Woo’s Once a Thief.
Fred has become a familiar face to Canadians playing Hank on CTV’s hit “Corner Gas”. Fred's
credits include guest star roles on Robson Arms, Dark Angel and DaVinci's Inquest and roles in
Hollywood films like A Guy Thing, The Santa Clause II, and Just Friends.

Fred had the starring role in the comedic feature The Delicate Art of Parking that premiered at the
Montreal World Film Festival where the film won the "Best Canadian Feature" prize.
He can be seen in the upcoming Canadian films: Young Triffie's Been Made Away With, Black
Eyed Dog and Love and Other Dilemmas.

The Creative Team
ROGER EVAN LARRY (Director, Producer)
Crossing is Roger’s Feature film debut. He is currently well into production on a feature-length

documentary about the arrest in Canada by the US government of three Canadian pot activists;

the so-called BC3, Mark Emery, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey. They now face extradition

to the U.S. where laws recommend life imprisonment for convictions when the same in Canada is

punishable by a fine. In January 2007 Roger directed a half hour sitcom pilot now on Youtube

called Donovan Life that he wrote with Sandra Tomc and featuring much of crossing’s cast but

portraying very different characters., the project has been picked up for distribution by LA based

Meyer Shwarzstein. Previously, he has directed several acclaimed independent half hours and

Directed hours of documentary and dramatic television for The New Music, Streetnoise

(Co-creator, sold to BBC), Hi-Tech Culture, Call of the Wild and CBC News Sunday and many

others. He directed rock videos for bands including Maestro Fresh Wes, Bif Naked and The

Tragically Hip. He was co-creator of MSN’s cutting-edge flagship webshow, Splice. His two half-

hour dramas, which he wrote, directed and produced, were award-winning and popularly

acclaimed. The first, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, which aired on the CBC to big ratings and

outstanding reviews across the country (including a half-page review in The Globe and Mail), won

the Alliance for Children and Television’s Award of Excellence and was nominated for a slew of

other awards, including two Golden Sheafs. The second, Tested, co-written with Sandra Tomc,

was nominated for a Gemini for “Best Writing in a Dramatic Program,” the first time that a half-

hour show has ever been nominated in a category normally reserved for two-hour TV movies.

In development are five feature films, two ready to shoot: Pippa's Dream, written by Sandra

Tomc, is a supernatural romantic thriller with an action-packed conclusion that contemplates

issues of destiny in a spine-tingling tale of intrigue, sex and death. The Revenant is a futuristic

tale of vengeance and liberation. Set in a post-apocalyptic, post-boom, United States that has

been broken up into corporately owned City-states it is an exciting and timely story that recalls

genre masterpieces like The Road Warrior and High Planes Drifter. Roger lives in Vancouver with

wife and writing partner, Sandra Tomc, and their daughter, Scarlett.

Creative Team (cont’d)
SANDRA TOMC (Screenwriter, Co-author)
Sandra is a writer and associate professor of English at the University of British Columbia. Apart
from her work with her husband, Roger Larry (Tested, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door and Crossing),
Sandra works extensively on her next three screenplays including, Pippa’s Dream. Sandra's
scholarly work, for which she has received a number of awards, focuses on American literature,
contemporary theatre and popular culture. Her essays have been published in The Cambridge
Companion to Edgar Allan Poe, American Quarterly and Harold Bloom’s Margaret Atwood’s The
Handmaid’s Tale. Sandra is currently finishing a book on nineteenth-century American magazine
writers and their relationship to leisure. She lives in Vancouver with Roger and their young
daughter, Scarlett.
JEFF BARMASH (Executive Producer)
Trained as a lawyer, Jeff was head of Business Affairs for five years at what is now Lions Gate
Films, one of Canada’s most active production and distribution companies. Jeff left Lions Gate to
form his own company, CineVu, with director George Eschbamer, and has since produced and
written a half dozen features of his own, and associate or line produced well over a dozen
features, MOWs and TV series. As a producer, Jeff has been involved in and responsible for all
phases of finance, production, and distribution. He has also been extremely active and
successful in the area of tax shelter financing, being well versed in all the Canadian federal and
provincial funds. Jeff is acknowledged as one of the few producers in Canada with a successful
track record both in financing and physical production. He is creator and executive producer of
the internationally acclaimed TV show Call of the Wild, a 1 hour drama for Discovery Channel
USA. More recently he has written and/or produced a number of made for television movies for
INSIGHT productions.
KAMAL DERKAOUI (Director of Photography)
A newcomer to the Vancouver filmmaking scene, Kamal has quickly established himself as a
premiere Director of Photography. Having shot thirteen features, his focus and strong sensitivity
to the beauty of light and composition have garnered him a successful reputation. Kamal
received his Director of Photography degree with honourable mention from the Moscow Institute
of Cinematography, and has been creating stunning images ever since. Derkaoui has received
numerous international awards for cinematography and best picture at various festivals around
the globe for such films as Saad Chraibi’s films Femme… et Femmes and Soif. Since his arrival

from Casablanca in 2001, Kamal has been busy at work as a DP in the Vancouver film industry
on such shows as CTV’s Alice I Think and Robson Arms. while enjoying life on the West Coast
with his wife and two children.


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