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                                                                                               What to expect
                                                                                               ■ Touring the USA by motorhome is a great experience. You need to be
                                                                                                 happy to tackle a large, left-hand drive vehicle on the ‘other’ side of the
                                                                                                 road, but with a little concentration it soon feels natural. Hitting the open
                                                                                                 road feels like living the dream.

                                                                                               ■ There is a great variety of campgrounds in the USA, from simple, no
                                                                                                 facility, park campgrounds to the fully serviced kind with 30A hook-up
                                                                                                 and drive-through pitches.

                                                                                               ■ America is huge: some things are (perhaps too) similar wherever you go,
                                                                                                 while people, places, laws and customs often vary considerably in
                                                                                                 character from state to state. Make no mistake:
                     Alaska                                                                      the delight for Britons in visiting America is that, despite the similar
                                                                                                 language, it is very much a foreign country and culture. For the sake of
                                                                                                 brevity, we have sometimes concentrated in this factsheet on the four
                                                                                                 key regions for motorhome rentals among our members – Alaska,
                        Anchorage                                                                California and the west, Florida and New England – but please
                                                                                                 remember that we can arrange individual itineraries for you all over the
                                                                CANADA                           North American continent.

                                                                                               ■ On escorted tours, the emphasis is on touring, so some days involve long
                                                                                                 drives. Distances given are approximate and suggested places of interest
                                                                                                 are listed in your Carefree brochure and in the day book provided with
                                                                                                 your travel pack. How much or how little you do is up to you, but most
                                                                                                 members do a lot! Your tour escorts will be available throughout the tour
                                                                                                 to provide information, to bring the group together while on site and to
  *What’s in a name?                                                                             help out if any difficulties are encountered.
  ■ The USA in its entirety also comprises the states of
  Alaska (top left of map) and the North Pacific
  archipelago of Hawaii (not shown here).
  ■ Alaska is separated from the other North American
  continental states by Canada, so many people refer                                                                                                                      New
  to the other mainland states as “the contiguous                                            U N I T E D STAT E S                                                       England
  continental United States”, or more simply “the lower                                                                                                                          Boston
  48 [states]”. Visitors from the various constituent parts                                    OF A MERIC A*                                                               New York
  of the UK may sympathise.
                                                                   San Francisco                                                                          Washington
                                                                                   California and
                                                                                      the West

  Motoring information                                                         Los Angeles

Driving Licence
Officially, a full UK driving licence is accepted on its own for a period of up to
                                                                                               MEXICO                                                           Miami
one year, without being backed up by an International Driving Permit (IDP) which
verifies that you hold a valid driving licence in your own country. In practice, many
hire companies, as well as many police officers in the event of an accident or a
routine check, will not be content unless you can produce an IDP, so we strongly
recommend that all drivers obtain one. This must be done before travelling. An IDP
costs £5.50 and is easily available from:                                                    Vehicle Insurance
■ Post offices                                                          On individual tailor-made holidays, depending on your rental company, your
■ The AA                                                              vehicle rental includes Vehicle Incident Protection (VIP). This reduces your liability to
■ The RAC                                                             $700 per incident. At all times you are responsible for up to $700 per occurrence as
    If you have a photocard licence, you must be sure to take the counterpart paper          a deductible excess. It also includes coverage for public liability, property damage
licence with you as well. Provisional UK licences are not valid in the US. Any driving       and/or personal injuries, limited to the minimum financial limits determined by the
licence endorsement should be declared to your rental company. For most rental               US state (or Canada province) in which the incident occurred.
companies the named driver must be at least 25 years old (some allow younger                    Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) can be prepaid at the time of booking
drivers at an extra charge) and have at least one year’s experience on a                     and covers the difference between the underlying insurance and up to $1,000,000
full licence.                                                                                against claims by a third party for bodily injury and/or property damage resulting
■ Information on obtaining disabled parking permits is available at                          from an accident. There is no deductible excess with the SLI.                                                             An imprint of a major credit card is required while the vehicle is rented.
Driving in the United States                                                                 Fuel
The US has an excellent highway system and rules of the road are broadly similar             Fuel is known as gasoline or
to Europe. Vehicles drive on the right hand side of the road and in most states the          gas. For motorhomes it is
use of seat belts is compulsory (and is in any case strongly recommended).                   always unleaded and
Highway speed limits are typically 55-75mph but can vary from state to state, so             generally costs far less than
pay attention to the black on white speed limit signs (you may also see white on             fuel in the UK, being
black signs, headed “NIGHT”, if a different limit is imposed for nighttime driving).         generally cheapest on the
When a yellow school bus stops and its red lights are flashing, traffic travelling in        Gulf of Mexico coast and
both directions must stop.                                                                   more expensive as you
If at traffic lights there is a “Right on red” sign, you are allowed to turn right through   go further north, east
a red light provided that the way is clear.                                                  and west. At the time of
Alcohol It is a criminal offence to operate, or to be in the care or control of, a           writing the average US price was $3.81 per
vehicle, whether in motion or not, with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of more than           US gallon (equivalent to $1.01 per litre; a US gallon is
0.8mg. Some studies suggest that at this level you can be up to 11 times more                equivalent to about 3.79 litres). The price can also vary depending on whether you
likely to have an accident than with a BAC of zero, which is the recommended level           use a ‘full-service’ or ‘self-service’ garage. Credit cards are widely accepted. You
for driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs is taken       have to pay before you fill up. This means deciding in advance how much fuel you
very seriously in the US.                                                                    want to buy. It is usually easiest to start off in increments of $100, until you get to
The legal age for drinking or for public possession of alcohol is 21; some states            know your vehicle’s fuel usage.
specifically prohibit minors from drinking alcohol while others permit it. In many           ■ For current fuel prices by region, please visit
states it is illegal to carry an open alcohol container in a moving vehicle or in a
public place. In some states opened alcohol may be permitted in a parked vehicle             Tolls/National park entry fees
if kept away from the driving area and the driver, but check this with your                  These are not included in your holiday and you will need to pay them as you go.
campground on arrival.                                                                       Tolls may be payable for tunnels and bridges, or for some stretches of road also
Mobile phone (cell phone) use is banned is some states, permitted in others and              known as turnpikes. Turnpike tickets issued usually include the time of entry, so
still being debated in the rest. For safety reasons it is very strongly recommended          that a fine can be issued should your time on leaving the turnpike indicate a
that you do not use a mobile phone when driving. There might also be                         speeding offence.
implications for your mtorohome rental insurance.                                                An America The Beautiful pass allows entry to National Parks and other
Seat belt use is governed by state, not federal, law. All states have seat belt laws         recreation lands for the holder and three adults (children under 16 enter free). Over
for children, almost all have them for adults and the use of seat belts by all vehicle       62s and the disabled may receive a discount. It does not cover, or offer discount
occupants is strongly recommended.                                                           on, other fees (such as camping). You can buy the pass on line for $80 at:
■ For state-by-state information on driving laws in the US, visit:                 

  General information
Passports, entry and transit requirements                                                    also be required in order to transit the United States. If you are a citizen of a VWP
The UK is a member country of the United States’ Visa Waiver Programme (VWP).                country you will need an ESTA, regardless of the country of departure for your
VWP member countries’ citizens may travel to the US for business or pleasure for a           journey to the US.
period of less than 90 days without applying for a visa (which is a process                     The system will be available from 1 August 2008 on a voluntary, not
involving several steps and that usually takes some time).                                   compulsory, basis but will be mandatory from 12 January 2009. An ESTA is not a
Passports VWP travellers, including children, require individual machine-readable            visa and if for any reason you already have a valid B1/B2 visa you do not also
passports. A machine readable passport can be identified by the presence of two              need an ESTA.
lines of text as letters, numbers and “<”s, printed at the foot of the personal                 The ESTA application is a web-only system. A third party, such as a relative or
identification page at the back of the passport.                                             travel agent, may submit an ESTA application on your behalf, but you are still
■ Any full passport issued, renewed or extended between 26 October 2005 and                  legally responsible for the answers submitted on your behalf. You should apply for
   25 October 2006 must contain a digital photograph.                                        an ESTA at The response should be almost immediate.
■ Any full passport issued, renewed or extended after 26 October 2006 must also              You are highly recommended to apply for your ESTA as far in advance as possible,
   include an integrated circuit chip capable of storing the biographic information          because if you are for any reason denied an ESTA you will then need to apply for
   from the data page, a digitized photograph and other biometric information.               a visa.
■ Temporary and emergency passports are exempted from digital photo and                         An ESTA is valid, unless revoked, for multiple travel to the US for two years or
   electronic chip requirements, but must be machine-readable.                               until your passport expires. It is particular to the passport mentioned in the
Failure to determine that your passport qualifies for the VWP may result in your             application, so a change of passport means a new ESTA application. Amendments
being denied boarding by your airline. To check fully up to date information on              to destination addresses or itineraries, for your original trip or for future trips, can
passport requirements for the US, UK citizens should visit              easily be made via the website after your ESTA has been approved.
Entry and transit requirements under a valid passport From 12 January 2009                      An ESTA does not guarantee your entry to the United States, which remains
travel to the US under the VWP will be subject to eligibility being granted by an            subject to the usual inspection by customs/immigration officials on your arrival.
application under the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). An ESTA will        ■ More information on ESTAs can be found at
Prohibited Items
Many governments now impose extremely strict rules, regulations and laws on
what may and may not be included in your carry-on (cabin) baggage on airlines. In
general it is safe to assume that nothing that might remotely be considered a
weapon will be allowed in the cabin and that this will usually include any kind
of knife or sharp implement – right down to penknives, knitting needles or
even tweezers.
    In addition, many countries now also have stringent rules on what liquids are
allowed in hand baggage and this particularly has implications for anyone carrying
vital medication or those travelling with babies.
    Certain animal products, fresh fruit, plant materials or animal pests may not be
allowed into the country.
    It is highly recommended that you check with your airline for details of what it
will and will not accept onto its aircraft, both well before and just prior to travelling.
In addition, up to date details of what is prohibited at your point of entry to the
United States can be found at

The Department of Health does not make any specific health recommendations for
visitors to the USA. However, you may also like to check with your doctor before
departure. The United States has no national health service and no reciprocal
health agreement with the UK, so you must have full medical insurance to cover
the cost of any possible treatment required. For example, if hospitalised, charges
may typically be $1000-$2000 per day. Visitors carrying medication should make
sure that they also carry a doctor’s certificate in order to avoid problems with
customs, as well as noting the comments on taking liquids onto aeroplanes in the
section on Prohibited Items.
    A range of comprehensive medical and personal holiday insurances, from short
                                                                                             Before you travel, be sure to make               photocopies
stays to annual and multi-trip policies, with leading provider Europ Assistance, is          of all the documents you are taking with you – including
available through Carefree Travel Service.
                                                                                             your   passport, driving licence and
                                     Tourist Information
                                     The VISIT USA Association (,        insurance documents – take one set with you and
                                     a private not-for-profit group, offers a selection
                                     of information and literature on US travel. Please
                                                                                             keep in a separate place from the originals
                                     see in particular         and leave one set at home with someone who can send
                                     destinations, for state-by-state information on
                                     US destinations. We particularly recommend the          them to you if needed.
                                     VISIT USA Travel Planner brochure – simply
                                     select any of the drop-down search criteria on
                                     the website’s brochure search page and the              and travellers’ cheques as the best way to pay for your purchases. You must carry
                                     Travel Planner will be at the top of the listing. You   at least one major credit card with you in order to leave a deposit with the
                                     will then be given the options both to order a          motorhome hire company. Banks normally open from 1000-1600, Monday to
                                     copy and to view the brochure on line.                  Friday. Some banks open on Saturday mornings as well.
In addition, many states of the USA have their own tourism representation in the
UK. For individual telephone numbers please visit their website at                           Time zones Neither these offices nor VISIT USA provide                The 50 United States fall within six time zones. The lower 48 states plus Alaska
visa information.                                                                            span five of these, which are listed here from east to west, with their abbreviations
   The USA no longer operates a national tourist office in the UK. The US Travel             and difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in hours:
and Tourism Administration in Washington has also ceased to exist. There is                  ■ Eastern Standard Time (EST)*         incl. Florida and New England      GMT -5
currently no central office for tourist information either within the American               ■ Central Standard Time (CST)*         incl. Florida (west)               GMT -6
Embassy in London, or elsewhere in the UK.                                                   ■ Mountain Standard Time (MST)*                                           GMT -7
                                                                                             ■ Pacific Standard Time (PST)*         incl. California                   GMT -8
Currency                                                                                     ■ Alaskan Standard Time (AKST) Alaska                                     GMT -9
The US dollar is made up of 100 cents. The exchange rate at the time of writing is           *These zones are shared with Canada.
$1.85 to £1. Currency can be bought in advance from your bank or from bureaux de
change. Travellers Cheques in US dollars can also be bought in advance from your
bank. All major credit cards are recognised in the United States. Cash machines are
found at banks and in retail areas throughout the United States. Many cash
machines accept UK issued Visa and MasterCard cards. We recommend credit cards
The state of Hawaii and various overseas USA territories fall into other time zones.     Severe weather and natural phenomena Keep an eye on local weather reports,
Daylight saving operates from 0200 on the second Sunday in March to 0200 on              particularly if travelling in areas known for extreme weather (n.b. snow in the
the first Sunday of November. It is not observed in Hawaii, the overseas territories     mountains, tornadoes in the mid-west, hurricanes on the Gulf of Mexico or even
or Arizona (except within the Navajo Nation, which participates because of its           carrying over to the east coast). The hurricane season is normally June-November.
widespread location across the three states of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico).            The US Geological Survey (USGS) and other sources rate as high the probability of
■ For further information on US time zones, please visit:                                at least one earthquake, of at least 6.7 magnitude (enough to cause widespread                                               damage), striking the west coast (including Alaska and Hawaii) by 2032. See also
Telephones and postage                                                                   Forest and brush fires are particularly prevalent from March to November, in dry,
International Direct Dialling is available, the country code for calls to the US and     windy weather and on the west coast. Keep an eye on regional news reports.
Canada being 1. To call the UK from the United States dial the outgoing                  General Keep relatives informed of your intended itinerary and be sure to top up
international access code (00). Follow this with the UK’s country code (44) and then     your fuel and water before travelling into sparsely populated areas.
the full UK STD number minus the leading zero.                                           Please remember that the above information is intended to inform rather than
    In most areas, the minimum charge for a local call of unlimited duration is 50¢,     to alarm and applies to a country that occupies much of a continent. Around
but as in the UK public payphones are more and more scarce.                              four million British visitors per year enjoy a wonderful, trouble-free stay in
    Post offices do not have standard opening hours and these may vary even              the US.
within a particular town. 0900-1700 would be fairly typical, but some open earlier
and some close at 1800 or 1900. Some post offices open on Saturday (for instance         Weather and clothing
0900-1500), while others do not. Ask at your campground for details of its local         Spanning the breadth of the North American continent, the USA has a very varied
post office. Airmail to Europe usually takes between two to five days.                   climate. Please see also the notes on Severe weather and natural phenomena in
                                                                                         the Safety and security section. You can also find more information at
Safety and security                                                             and
While the USA is a stunning and remarkable country to visit and most Americans               In general, give yourself flexibility by taking lots of light layers of clothing with
are among the most welcoming, hospitable and polite people you are likely to             you, plus a good jacket and waterproofs for the winter or for areas at high altitude.
meet anywhere, it is sensible to be aware of the following:                              Good walking boots or shoes are always recommended and in summer a wide-
Crime As anywhere in the world, it is prudent to be generally vigilant about your        brimmed sun hat and a high factor sun screen (at least factor 25, but preferably
property, both in terms of your motorhome and personal belongings. No-one                above) are musts.
wants unnecessary trouble while on the holiday of a lifetime. In particular:                 A general synopsis of the climate in the most popular motorhome touring areas
■ Avoid leaving your door open at any time when your vehicle is unattended.              is given below.
■ Avoid wearing expensive jewellery and carrying valuable items in run-down              Alaska – general South-central Alaska, including Anchorage and Prince William
   areas.                                                                                Sound, enjoys temperatures kept mild by the Gulf of Alaska, with north polar
■ Do not sleep in your vehicle by the roadside or in rest areas.                         winds being largely blocked by the mountains. It tends to be brighter and colder
■ Avoid leaving valuable items on display in your vehicle.                               than south-east Alaska, which is milder and gets more rain. Winters are very
■ Try to stay on main roads and use well-lit car parks.                                  snowy indeed (7.5 metres along Prince William Sound), so spring and summer are
■ If hit from behind while driving, indicate to the other driver to follow you to a      when to visit, with the coast usually clear of snow from early May until mid or late
   public place and call 911 for police help.                                            September.
Terrorism The US department of Homeland Security operates a colour code system           Alaska – daylight Its northerly location means Anchorage gets 19.5 hours of
(green-blue-yellow-orange-red) for its assessment of the current terrorist threat to     daylight at the summer solstice. If you are a light sleeper you may wish to take eye
the country. You can see the current level and learn more about the meaning of           pads and ear plugs, to keep out the sunlight and birdsong during your normal
the various alert levels by visiting You should also             sleeping hours.
monitor news reports before and during your trip to the USA.                             ■ For more information please see also
   As in any other country, you should be particularly vigilant in high-profile public   California and the west (including Colorado, Utah and Nevada). California has
places and report anything suspicious immediately to the authorities.                    warm or hot weather all year, being warmer in the south. Winter can be quite fresh
in the north, but snow is almost unheard-of. Many of the mountains and uplands                Bringing goods into the UK
of Colorado, Utah and Nevada are ski areas in winter, while in summer the climate             Each individual traveller is entitled to allowances as follows:
is generally very hot and dry, compared to the humidity sometimes experienced on              ■ 200 cigarettes; or 100 cigarillos; or 50 cigars; or 250g of tobacco
the California coast.                                                                         ■ 60cc of perfume
    Light clothes are appropriate in summer, although nights may be cool, or                  ■ 2 litres of still table wine
possibly even a little chilly at altitude. In winter California is usually mild, but          ■ 250cc of eau de toilette
the inland western states may be a lot colder, with snow and ice common in                    ■ 1 litre of spirits or strong liqueurs over 22 per cent volume; or 2 litres of fortified
some parts.                                                                                       wine, sparkling wine or other liqueurs such as port or sherry and
Hiking in the desert should be supported by copious supplies (several litres if               ■ £145 worth of all other goods including gifts and souvenirs.
necessary) of water. At the bottom of the Grand Canyon in August, temperatures                If you want to bring back more, you will have to declare it to customs on your way
commonly reach between 40ºC and 50ºC during the afternoon, so a hike down                     back and pay customs duty and VAT on the full value (not just the excess). For
and back from Grand Canyon village should include two early starts, an afternoon              more information, visit and select Individuals and
break in the shade and a night at the Indian Garden campground. Wherever you                  employees and then Travel – Customs Allowances.
are, always take local expert advice before hiking.
Florida Known as the sunshine state, its location on the Gulf of Mexico means that            Water
Florida enjoys long, hot and fairly humid summers. Winters are mild with                      Mineral water can be bought but all tap water is drinkable unless marked
occasionally cool or sometimes cold air. Temperatures inland are slightly higher in           otherwise.
summer and slightly lower in winter than they are on the coast.
New England Spring can be delightfully cool in the evening and warm and bright                Electricity
during the day, but locals make plenty of jokes about how brief this period can be.           Electricity is supplied at an alternating current of 110V/120V, as opposed to the
Despite a northerly, coastal location, summer can be hot and may also be quite                220V/240V in Europe. The frequency of American electricity is 60Hz. Your
humid, with temperatures sometimes capable of reaching 30°C-40°C.                             motorhome will have the appropriate hook-up equipment. You will need to buy a
Autumn (Fall) is still warm and pleasant, with nights not uncomfortably a little              voltage selector and universal adapter (available in most hardware or electrical
chilly. This is the most popular time to visit, with many people coming to see the            shops in the UK) to use appliances such as a shaver or hair dryer in US electrical
spectacular Fall foliage colours. Hiking, cycling and canoeing are comfortable and            sockets, unless your individual appliances have a feature to deal with this.
popular pursuits at this time of year. By Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday in
November), the ski season is approaching.                                                     Propane gas
■ For more information please visit                           Your motorhome heating and cooking facilities run off propane stored in a tank on
                                                                                              the motorhome. You can fill up your propane tank at petrol stations. The
Tipping                                                                                       attendants will fill it for you. A propane tank should never be more than three
It is a very good idea to take some currency in small bills with you to cover tips on         quarters full.
arrival. It is also standard practice to tip tour guides, so you might like to have
some small bills to hand as you leave excursion buses.                                        British diplomatic representation in the United States
     Many people in service industries are paid low salaries and depend on tips to            There are 30 British diplomatic missions to the United States, including those listed
top up their earnings. If in doubt, overtip a little. Generally, appropriate rates for tips   below. The full list can be found at
are as follows (vehicle rental agency employees do not expect tips). Waiting staff            and-posts/find-an-embassy-overseas
15% or 20% at table; room service 15%; bar or counter 10% but at least 50¢
(preferably more). In restaurants, service is almost never included in the final bill.        Alaska                                          California
Any amount added on is usually the sales tax, not a service charge. Taxi drivers              British Honorary Consulate                      British Consulate-General
15%. Car wash employees Put $1 or so into the tip cup. Valet parking attendants At            University of Alaska                            11766 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1200
least $1 or $2. Petrol pump attendants do not expect tips, but if they give you               Anchorage College of Arts                       Los Angeles CA 90025-6538
good service or wash your windscreens, they will appreciate 50¢ or so. Porters $1             and Sciences                                    Tel: (1) (310) 481 0031
for the first bag or two, 50 cents for each extra bag. Hairdressers and barbers At            Room 362, 2311 Providence Drive                 Fax: (1) (310) 481 2960
least 15%. If a separate person washes your hair, tip a dollar or two. Shoe shiners           Anchorage AK 99508
50¢-$1. Cloakroom attendants $1, if you are not charged for the service. Hotel                Tel: (1) (907) 786 4848                         Florida
room cleaners about $1 per day after the first night. Hotel concierge If they should                                                          British Honorary Consulate
go out of their way to help you, $10-$20 is appropriate. Local tour guides 10%-15%            District of Columbia                            Historic Capitol
of the tour price, but at least $1-$2 for a half day tour and $3-$4 for a full day tour.      British Embassy                                 400 South Monroe Street
                                                                                              3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW                    Tallahassee FL 32399
Shopping                                                                                      Washington DC 20008                             Tel: (1) (850) 522-5400
The world’s largest economy is a shopper’s dream, with that great American                    Tel: (1) (202) 588 7800 (consular)
institution the shopping mall being a major draw for shopoholics. There are still             Fax: (1) (202) 588 7850 (consular)              British Consulate
some famous department stores in major city centres, but more and more the                    Open Mon-Fri 0900-1730                          South Orange Avenue
biggest shopping centres are now in the suburbs or several miles out of town.                                                                 Orlando
Sears and J C Penny are famous American own-brand retailers with a reputation for             Massachusetts                                   Florida 32801
quality and value for money (in much the same tradition as Marks & Spencer).                  British Consulate-General                       Tel: (1) (407) 254 3300
Clothing sizes are different to ours so make sure you try clothes on before buying.           One Memorial Drive, 15th Floor
Electrical goods bought in the US may not work correctly in the UK. Video                     Cambridge MA 02142                              New York
equipment and DVDs are manufactured for a different format to the UK, but the CD              Tel: (1) (617) 245 4500                         British Consulate-General
format is universal.                                                                          Fax: (1) (617) 621 0220                         845 Third Avenue
   Shops are generally open daily and often until late, especially in the cities.                                                             New York NY 10022
Shopping for food and drink is easy, with supermarkets that are very similar to                                                               Tel: (212) 745 0200
home. You may also find that fresh produce is often sold at roadside stands in fruit
and vegetable growing areas.                                                                  Further information
                                                                                              For further information, please visit
Local taxes
There is no federal (national) sales tax in the United States. Most individual states         Lonely Planet guides
apply their own taxes, but even in those that do not you may find that boroughs or            The Lonely Planet guide to the USA is also recommended. All Lonely Planet guides
municipalities apply a local tax. Local and state taxes paid by tourists in the USA           can be ordered from Carefree.
cannot normally be claimed back.
   Any taxes on your motorhome hire, hotel room, campground fees and items                    Accuracy of information
included in the price of escorted tour itineraires have been included in your                 The information in this fact sheet was correct to the best of our knowlege at the
holiday cost.                                                                                 time of writing. This fact sheet was last updated on 19 September 2008.
 Motorhomes and floor plans
 Shown here is a selection of some of the vehicles      Motorhomes typically have V8 or V10 engines,     essential shower room and kitchen domestic
 available for hire. Other models are also available,   automatic transmission, two-wheel drive, power   appliances, air conditioning, radio and CD Player are
 including an Elite class of motorhomes, providing      brakes and steering and cruise control, but      also standard in some motorhomes. Please ask us
 the luxury of overall length of up to 39 feet.         specifications do vary. As well as the usual     if you would like further details on specific models.

 22ft motorhome and floor plan                          30ft motorhome and floor plan                    32ft motorhome and floor plan

 C22 (up to 22ft) motorhome                             CS30 (up to 31ft) motorhome                      AS32 (up to 33ft) motorhome
 Sleeps up to four people                               Sleeps up to six people                          Sleeps up to four/five people

 22ft motorhome and floor plan                          25ft motorhome and floor plan                    30ft motorhome and floor plan

 CT22 (20-23ft) motorhome                               C25 (23-25ft) motorhome                          C30 (28-30ft) motorhome
 Sleeps up to four people                               Sleeps up to five people, including infant       Sleeps up to seven people, including two infants

Carefree Travel Service, The Camping and Caravanning Club, PO Box 309, Coventry CV4 8YT

To book call 0845 130 7701

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