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                       RETAIL FORUM

Minutes of a meeting of the Retail Forum held at Stockport Metropolitan
Borough Council, The Town Hall, Edward Street, Stockport on Tuesday,
4th April, 2006.

PRESENT: Councillor Paul Westley (Leicester City Council), David Bullock
         (Preston City Council), Don Davies (Carmarthen City Council),
         Councillor John Gareth Jones (Oswestry Town Council), Eddie
         Wilshaw (Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council), Paul
         Mason (Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council), Jayne Bragg
         (Wakefield Metropolitan District Council), Councillor Chris
         Rosling Joseph (Sheffield City Council), Councillor David
         Goddard (Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council), Steve
         Burn (Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council), Simone
         Crofton (Borough Market), Alan Ottey (Nuneaton and Bedworth
         Borough Council), Tom Riverford (Doncaster Metropolitan
         Borough Council), George Nicholson (Southwark Borough
         Market), Matt Kelly (Birmingham City Council), Councillor John
         Ahern (Derby City Council), Andy Ward (Sheffield City
         Council), Alan Hodkinson (Derbyshire Dales District Council),
         Dennis Wardle (Derby City Council), Anne Marsden (Nuneaton
         and Bedworth Borough Council), Lynn Baskerfield (Stoke-on-
         Trent City Council), Rob Nixon (Stoke-on-Trent City Council),
         Jan Clark Humphreys (Mansfield District Council), John
         Vickers (Coventry City Council), Mike Bird (Nuneaton and
         Bedworth Borough Council), John Morris (Derbyshire Dales
         District Council), John Grainger (Stockport Metropolitan
         Borough Council), Graham Wilson (NABMA) and Gail Holloway

      At the start of the meeting, Councillor David Goddard introduced Eddie
      Wilshaw who gave a short presentation to members on Stockport’s £1
      million Lottery bid for the refurbishment of the market hall. This building,
      known as the Glass Market, was originally built in 1861 and is a Grade II
      Listed Building. This being the case, consultants were engaged to
      produce a full report on the history of the building; this ultimately fed into a
      conservation plan in order to ascertain what could and could not be done.
      The plan was divided into two parts, the Audience Development Plan and
      the Access Plan. The Audience Development Plan focused on attracting
      more people to visit the site as a heritage attraction and also educational
      purposes, whilst the Access Plan addressed physical and social
      accessibility. These ultimately formed part of the community strategy. In-
      house specialists carried out archaeological and design works and the
      Council commissioned a study of the market portabridge. Part of this was
      a citizen’s panel and a telephone survey, consultation with traders and the
      general public was carried out and subsequently based on the feedback
      received, some amendments were made, the NMTF was also involved in

     this process. The ultimate aim is to make the market a “7 day event” with
     social and community use, possibly incorporating a comedy store and
     other such attractions.

     The market is surrounded by renovated living accommodation, therefore
     the area around the market is utilised around the clock. This is no longer
     a ghost town and therefore the need for a community type facility is
     essential. The area around the market is enriched by varying architecture,
     this present setting is steeped in history and scattered with pubs,
     restaurants, shops and residential premises.

     Following this members were taken on a tour of the market, visiting the
     refurbished produce hall which houses twelve units. The indoor glass
     market in which there are 55 varying stalls and the outdoor market which
     attracts up to 80 traders each week. Stockport’s markets are held on
     Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and provide an excellent facility for the


     At the commencement of the Retail Forum meeting, Councillor David
     Goddard officially welcomed members to Stockport. He outlined details of
     the half a billion pound project plans for the town, highlighting that the
     market was fundamental to Stockport and that a £1 million Lottery bid for
     improvements to the glass market, together with the redevelopment of the
     produce hall was central to this. It was outlined that the Council had a
     dedicated team of market officers working with the Council who were
     eager to learn from other NABMA members and draw from their
     experiences. Councillor Goddard extended an invitation for members to
     revisit the site when the redevelopment is completed.


     Minutes of a meeting of the Retail Forum held on the 22nd February, 2006
     were confirmed and signed.


     The Chief Executive Officer reported that the Market of the Year
     Competition went ahead and Bury were awarded the title at the January
     One Day Seminar. A local presentation at Bury was supported by all
     sections of the Council. Bury Market will provide a presentation at the
     Annual Conference in Glasgow later in the year.

     KPR Midlink have agreed to re-run the Competition in the autumn of 2006.
     However taking into account previous experiences, it was apparent that
     there were difficulties in reconciling the vast differences in the size and
     type of individual markets, it was therefore suggested that categories be
     developed. After some debate, it was

     RESOLVED to place the following proposals before the sponsors and the
     Management Board for their consideration

     (a)   That three categories be developed:

           (1)    street market or open market.
           (2)    indoor market
           (3)    specialist market.

     (b)   That due to their success this year, Bury Market be co-opted onto
           the judging panel and therefore not be considered as an entrant
           into the competition.

     (c)   That the competition which has been exclusive to NABMA
           members be broadened to embrace markets as a whole.


     The Chief Executive Officer gave a report from the delegation that met
     with DTI at the House of Commons on the 21st February, 2001. In
     summarising the report, the Chief Executive Officer expressed
     disappointment at the response from the Civil Servants, David Sweepson
     and Tony Metcalfe, stressing that NABMA would continue to pursue this
     case, particularly in view of the strong allegiance with the Police and Town
     Centre Managers. He highlighted that it may be necessary to take the
     Private Members route under the guidance of APPG., however this is an
     extremely slow process.

     RESOLVED that this report be noted.


     Report on a meeting of the Markets Industry Forum held on the 23 rd
     February, 2006. The Chief Executive Officer stressed the importance of
     supporting this Forum and emphasised that it provides a basis for the
     essential dialogue between ATCM., private market operators, National
     Market Traders’ Federation and NABMA. It was also reported that Dave
     Feeny would shortly be retiring and that members should note his long
     standing commitment to the industry.

     RESOLVED that the report be noted and that Dave Feeny be thanked for
     his hard work and commitment and Members wished him well for the
     future and his retirement.


     Members considered the proposal from NMTF for the presentation to be
     compiled by representatives of MIF to take around the country promoting
     the value of markets. Feedback was requested on the proposal on how
     the NABMA membership, if considered appropriate, can pull together the
     evidence of good practice as required.

     In summary, how do market managers see this developing and how they
     view the way markets should be run effectively?

     RESOLVED that this proposal be welcomed, in principle, with general
     support for its development. It was felt that this provided something
     tangible for MIF to put their name to, however NABMA will continue to
     have dialogue and reserve any further decisions until more details and
     information be forthcoming.


     It was agreed that these two items be dealt with as one. The Chief
     Executive Officer informed members that normally forty M.P.’s were in
     membership of the APPG, however their attendance is only in the region
     of ten and he appealed to NABMA members to approach their M.Ps for
     support and, in addition, forward any items for agendas to the NABMA

     The House of Commons MIF Terrace Reception is scheduled to be held
     on the 7th June, 2006 at 5.00 p.m. until 7.00 p.m. This event takes place
     every five years and it is hoped that 150 Parliamentarians will attend. The
     markets agenda will be promoted and primarily, retail markets. It was
     emphasised that this is a very worthwhile event and that M.Ps be
     encouraged to attend. NABMA have only previously attended one Terrace
     Reception and it is felt that this would considerably raise the profile for the

     In total 20 to 30 delegates could attend and details will be sent out in due
     course however, any interested parties should contact the Oswestry office.
     Incorporated into the event will be a photographic display of champion
     markets, again raising the profile. The overall cost of the Reception is
     £7,000, with NABMA’s contribution being a maximum of

     RESOLVED to note the event and consider representation.


      MIF urged that partners should endeavour to secure a second report
      arising from the retail survey to fulfil promises made by the All Party
      Parliamentary Group. On this basis, NMTF have approached the
      Manchester Business School and are working towards the compilation of
      research to produce a supplementary document. It was reported that
      there is a need to use the content of the survey to reiterate the number of
      people involved in the market industry and there is a need for NABMA to
      consider a more public voice. This, in turn, would have resource
      implications, however all members were asked to highlight this to their
      M.P’s and Cabinets.

      RESOLVED to note this information.


      NABMA will begin its new programme of training courses with an event at
      Leicester on the 10th April, 2006 to be presented by the Chief Executive of
      NABMA on the subject of Market Law, Street Trading and Trader
      Disputes. Further events are programmed for Bradford on the 16th May
      and Derby on the 10th July.

      It was reported that the first three courses organised by Nick Rhodes from
      Leicester were well received, NABMA is now looking to build on this and
      details will be forwarded to members in due course. Any individuals
      interested in attending Leicester on the 10th April should contact Oswestry
      as soon as possible. The course will be delivered on a competency basis
      and certificates will be issued to those who attend. It was also highlighted
      that ways of assessing training given was currently being considered.

      RESOLVED that this report be noted.


      Many market portfolios are inclusive of off street parking and NABMA has
      been notified of a landmark case determined by the London VAT and
      Duties Tribunal in February. The case was brought by four local
      authorities, including the Isle of Wight and could result in VAT benefits and
      refunds for local authorities all across the country. Feedback was invited
      from the Retail Forum on any authorities potentially involved in such
      request for refunds and action as taken.

      RESOLVED to note that the Customs and Excise Department had
      appealed against this decision and that a watching brief would be


      Report from the Retail Market Advisor looking to reintroduce NABMA’s
      benchmarking exercise and to agree proposed performance indicators.
      Nick Rhodes reported that some years ago, twenty members participated
      in the benchmarking group, however this has now demised raising
      questions of how we now compare. It is proposed that the benchmarking
      group be reintroduced as this would be invaluable to prove how well
      individual markets are progressing. He emphasised that NABMA needs to
      identify that this is a necessity and make benchmarking a high priority.
      Andy Ward from Sheffield agreed that he would be willing to co-ordinate
      the group should NABMA resources be allocated to assist.

      RESOLVED that the Chief Executive Officer agree a draft document with
      Andy Ward and distribute to members.


      The Chief Executive Officer provided feedback on the Markets and
      Modern Living Seminar as held on the 19th January, 2006 at The Council
      House, Birmingham. He highlighted that Thomasina Miers, BBC Master
      Chef of 2005 exuded enthusiasm for the Market of the Year Competition.
      Overall the Conference demonstrated that there are causes for optimism,
      in particular areas as Good Practice and Healthy Eating. It was also
      pleasing to note that the Seminar did record a surplus.

      RESOLVED to note the report and that a further Seminar would take place
      on the 31st January, 2007 entitled “Showcasing Markets”, again this will be
      held in Birmingham.


      The programme for the Conference is currently being finalised and will be
      distributed to members at Easter. The Chief Executive Officer reported
      that the AGM would be streamlined and embraced within one, to one and
      a quarter hours. Seven presentations of various types will be delivered
      including Anti Counterfeiting, Bury Market, Development Projects, Healthy
      Eating (practical implications).

      The Gala Dinner will be held in the City Chambers and in view of the tragic
      death of Bill Timoney the Conference will be a fitting remembrance to him.
      It is hoped that his wife Pat will attend.

      Members were reminded that an early bird booking rate was available,
      with a reduction of £40 for those who book prior to the 30th June.
      Upgrades have been agreed by the hotel to executive rooms for all

      RESOLVED that this information be noted.


      NABMA has been contacted by DTI and thanked for their interest in the
      Sunday Trading debate. The DTI are not at the formal consultation stages
      yet but have asked for views and evidence from any interested parties to
      inform their thinking. An assurance has now been given that NABMA will
      be kept up to date of any further developments in the review. The Retail
      Forum was asked if it wished to make any comments at this stage,
      however it was

      RESOLVED to maintain a watching brief at this time.


      The Chief Executive provided an update on issues arising from the
      NABMA Management Board held at Glasgow on the 14th March that
      included information relating to the forthcoming Conference in Brazil and
      the intended leadership of the Retail Group. The Chief Executive reported
      that over the past few years NABMA has become progressively more
      involved in WUWM in order to allow the RMWG to have a greater voice.
      NABMA are now proud to be offered the Chair of the Retail Markets
      Working Group and as a member run organisation, to propose that
      Councillor Paul Westley be asked to attend the WUWM Conference in
      Brazil. The cost implication would be £1,100 - £1,200 for flights and
      accommodation. He stated that the Retail Forum is becoming a greater
      cog in the wheel of WUWM and therefore a vital element, despite this
      being predominantly a wholesale forum.

      It was confirmed that NABMA had received correspondence from Maria
      Cavit that NABMA were to be offered the Chair of the Group. Dennis
      Wardle requested that Derby’s opposition to the proposal that Paul
      Westley attend the Conference be minuted, stating that Graham Wallace
      could carry out this role. After some considerable debate, it was

      RESOLVED that Paul Westley attend the WUWM Conference in Brazil,
      with the cost implications being absorbed within the budget.


      NABMA had been advised by the Home Office that the Draft Constitution
      Paper on the Occasional Sales Bill should be available for publication by
      the end of March, although to date no documentation is available.

      RESOLVED to note this information.


      No items were raised by members under this item and the meeting was
      closed at 1300 hours.