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									                          ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF
                          FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS                                                       A RIZONA S TATE B OARD OF
                                                                                                          F UNERAL D IRECTORS AND E MBALMERS
                                                                                                Volume 8, Issue 2                                                    February 2003

                                                                                                                        Welcome to 2003 and this
                                                                           Board Members
                                                                                                                    8th Edition of the Board Bulletin
                                                                         Randall Bunker
1400 W Washington                                                          FUNERAL DIRECTOR
                                                                                                 This publication offers the Board’s 2002 Annual Report, and other information
Room 230                                                                   PRESIDENT
Phoenix, AZ 85007                                                                                specifically designed to increase the level of licensee and public awareness
                                                                         Teresa Hayes            relative to the responsibilities and obligations of both. The Board will make
(602) 542-3095                                                             CONSUMER MEMBER       every effort possible to assure current issues that impact on licensees and con-
FAX (602) 542-3093                                                         SECRETARY
                                                                                                 sumers alike are disseminated in an expeditious manner.
                                                                         Brian Townsend
                                                                           CONSUMER MEMBER       Since the last edition of the Annual Newsletter, a negative incident directly
                                                                                                 related to the industry has created immediate and long- range effects, which will
                                                                         Gary Williams           impact all for years to come. In Arizona lawmakers reacted quickly in modifica-
                                                                           FUNERAL DIRECTOR      tions of licensure and cremation procedures. The sensationalism of the act
                                                                                                 further created federal lawmakers into conducting surveys, committees and
                                                                         Earl Owens              similar efforts to evaluate and once again recommend revisions in the Federal
                                                                           FUNERAL DIRECTOR      Trade Commision (FTC) “Funeral Law”. Funeral homes, which utilized the
                                                                           MEMBER                Georgia crematory, had no reason to suspect any foul play. However, current
                                                                         Sindi Martinez          litigation is charging each funeral home with negligence as a result of the dis-
                                                                           CONSUMER DIRECTOR     covery in February of 2002.
                          2003 BOARD MEETING SCHEDULE                                            The State Boards Office will make every effort to keep licensees and consumers
                                                                         Paul Messinger
                                                                           FUNERAL DIRECTOR      informed of potential problems and take a proactive stance in the educating of
          January 21st              May 20th            September 16th     MEMBER                all concerned. Compliance visits remain a critical tool in preventing incidents
         February 18th              June 17th            October 21st                            like the Georgia tragedy. The immediate attention and correction of deficiencies
                                                                                                 noted from compliance visits enhance facility performance and ensure compli-
          March 18th                July 15th           November 18th             Staff
                                                                                                 ance of laws and rules. Continued communication between board staff and
           April 15th              August 19th          December 16th                            practitioners further alleviate future setbacks. Once again, the cooperation
                                                                         Rodolfo Thomas
                                    (Tele-Conf)                            EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR    exhibited between licensees and the Board Staff have created a working envi-
                                                                         Michael Loughran        ronment that is totally synergetic to the benefit of consumers and industry
                                                                           DEPUTY DIRECTOR       members. The Board’s Staff stands committed to providing only optimum
       FAX 602-542-3093                                                                          service to all those it serves.
                                                                         Patricia Keith
                                                                           ASSISTANT II          Thank you and have an outstanding year!

       At the cusp of a new year we share with you, briefly, information in this edition of the board bulletin
that will both inform and educate you. 2002 proved to be both an interesting and eventful year for our
board and staff. As we are in the first quarter of 2003 we see this year begin with additional changes.
Change is both challenging and difficult but certainly necessary for growth and opportunity.

        You will see some changes in our staff in the next few months. We have a group of dedicated and
diligent people who care about what they do. They believe in protecting the trust the consumer places in
funeral service professionals. They see purpose in the education and training that they provide to both
practitioners and the consumers who engage the services offered by the establishments in this state.

        The new State Administration will have the opportunity to fill appointments for two board members
in the near future. I trust that these individual will have the same commitment and concern that the current
and past board members have had. I value the cause of good in the oversight of the funeral profession.

        You have an opportunity to make a difference. I challenge you to become educated and informed
about the statutes and rules that govern your profession. The funeral profession is only as good as the
“weakest link” among them. It is your responsibility to help your colleagues raise the bar and adhere to the
highest degree of competency. Help them become better at what they do.

        It is my commitment and the commitments of each board member and staff employee to help each
of you do the right thing for the right reasons. The Arizona State Board has the reputation as a proactive
and progressive board. With the help and assistance of the auditor general’s sunset review that is near
completion we hope to become better at assisting you.

        We encourage you to attend the monthly board meetings. Call and visit with our staff. Attend the
education opportunities that the staff participates in to keep you better informed.

         We look forward to a productive 2003!

Randy Bunker
Board President

                                                   Page 18
                                                              2 0 0 1             A     N    N   U       A      L        R    E    P    O    R   T

Hassett, Carol         Pascoff, Duane                         BOARD VISION                                                  BOARD DESCRIPTION
Hawkins, Lisle         Patton, Donald        To create and maintain a balance between fair and                 The State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalm-
Hill, John             Peck, Ryan            equitable business regulation and the protection of               ers examines and licenses individuals who provide
Hilton, Joseph         Perlman, Howard       the public’s health, safety and welfare in the use and            funeral goods and services. The Board accepts com-
Hogard, Christopher    Rolph, Rocky          purchase of goods and services required for death.                plaints against licensed individuals, establishments
Hopkins, Christopher   Ryzek, John
                                                                                                               including staff, investigate allegations, and forwards
Hudgel, Brian          Sadek, Scott
Hudgel, Warren         Salter, Daniel                        PHILOSOPHY                                        complaints of criminal/civil matters to appropriate
Hughes, Joyce          Sawdy, Daryl          To maximize public protection through education                   authorities. The Board oversees approximately 1400
Hunt, Earlene          Sheets, Roger         and minimal regulation.                                           licensees practicing in the state, and serves all Ari-
Jensen, Ryan           Sherlock, Sean                                                                          zona citizens who receive funeral goods and services.
Johnson, Dennis        Smith, Billy                          BOARD MISSION
Johnson, Garth         Smith, VeraAnn        To maintain and enforce a set of standards that pro-              BOARD STATUTORY FUNDING FORMULA
Kazmar, David          Speakman, David
                                             vides protection for the health, safety and welfare               ARS 32-1308 requires that all fees and revenues ac-
Kennedy, Charles       Steiner, Glenn
Koons, Delton          Stout, Joseph         of Arizona citizens by educating the consumer and                 cruing to the Board be paid to the State Treasurer.
Kropp, Delton          Striker, Charles      by actively and impartially regulating those licensed             Ninety percent of the fees are paid to the Board’s
Kueneman, John         Studley, Everett      to provide funeral goods and services.                            fund to cover operational fees and one hundred per-
Lehmann, Leroy         Sturdevant, Todd                                                                        cent of civil penalties are deposited in the State’s
Liening, Robert        Sutton, Frank Sr.          BOARD STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS                                   general fund. For fiscal year 2002, ninety percent
Lietz, Walter          Sutton, Frank Jr.
                                                                                                               represents the Board’s appropriated budget of
Lisauskas, Randall     Sutton, Linda
Meldrum, Mark          Sutton, Lorrie           1. To ensure that where regulation is required                 256,200 however nearly $335,000 was collected.
Messinger David        Sutton-Zorn, Jamie          that consumers are only accessing licensed                  With ten percent at approximately $34,000, plus civil
Messinger, Paul        Talbott, Clayton            Businesses or Individuals and that licenses                 penalties estimated at $2,000, the Board is return-
Monarrez, Danny        Thomsen, George             are only granted and renewed to competent                   ing at least $36,000 to the State’s general fund.
Monroe, Gabriel        Tovsen, Mark                Individuals with high standards of profes-
Moore, Duane           Viles, Edward               sional and ethical conduct.                                             BOARD COMPOSITION
Motzkin, Gregory       Wakelin, Fred
                                                                                                               The Board is comprised of four qualified and prac-
Murdock, Matthew       Waldrop, Mark
Nerison, Cameron       Walker, David            2. To ensure and enforce that information is                   ticing funeral directors and three consumers, one of
Nibert, Allan          Ward, Dillis                made available to both the consumer and the                 which must be the owner or manager of a business.
Norton, Bart           Warren, R Michael           Licensee that educates them to the standards                Board Members are appointed by the Governor and
Ordonez, Albert        White, William              of practice, their rights and obligations.                  serve four-year terms with annual elections for Presi-
Ortega, Henry          Wilcox, Robert                                                                          dent and Secretary.
O’Sullivan, Edward     Wilson, Benjamin
                                                3. To actively and impartially investigate and
Ovsak, Robert          Wilson, Donald
Owens, Earl            Wolfrey, James              resolve allegations and complaints, and pro-                           STAFFING & BUDGET
Owens, Kevin           Wright, Gerald              vide enforcement to protect the public from                 The Board maintains four full time positions. An
Parker, Paul           Wright, Ryan                incompetent services, unprofessional, unethi-               Executive Director responsible for overall adminis-
                                                   cal and illegal conduct.                                    tration, a Deputy Director responsible for

                                   Page 17                                                            Page 2
                  2 0 0 1              A     N    N    U      A      L        R     E    P    O    R    T

investigations and continuity of operations during the              analyze the situation to assure that you have acted        Whitney & Murphy Funeral Homes Inc.               Swan Crematory U.S.A. Parker Crematory
Directors absence, a Compliance Administrator re-                   appropriately. Statutory Guidelines mandate staff          Wickenburg Funeral Home                           Westside Crematory
sponsible for the evaluations of all licensed estab-                to investigate and forward all complaints to the           Wyman Cremation and Burial Chapel                 White Mountain Crematory
                                                                                                                               Yuma Mortuary and Crematory                       Yuma Mortuary & Crematory
lishments and an Administrative Assistant II respon-                Board for determination. Therefore listen carefully
sible for licensing and continuing education. The                   to complaints received and base your actions or non-       ACTIVE CREMATORY LIST(42)                         ACTIVE CREMATIONISTS (126)
Board was fully staffed during the reporting period.                actions on it’s own individual merit. As another           Apache Junction Crematory                         Adair, Arthur
                                                                    reminder, a licensed Funeral Director must sign each       Arizona Cremation Services                        Adair, Harold
The Board’s appropriation for FY 2001 was                           statement of Funeral Goods and Services with his/          Best Funeral Services, Inc                        Aegerter, John
$252,200 and $256,000 for FY 2002.                                  her license number and date. Failure to comply with        Bradshaw Crematory, LLC                           Ahearne, James
                                                                                                                               Bring’s CrematoryCamino del Sol Crematory         Allen, Todd
                                                                    the above can result in disciplinary or additional
                                                                                                                               Deca Cremation Services                           Avila, Jennifer
          ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS                                       action once discovered. As stated in the past, the         Desert Lawn Crematory                             Bradley, Scott
The current investigative process requires submis-                  Board Staff will continue to operate in a non-adver-       Desert Rose Crematory & Burial                    Bring, Susan
sion and evaluation of all pertinent facts to ensure                sary position and act fairly to both licensee and con-     Desert Lawn Memorial Park                         Burgoz, Lloyd
that a funeral law violation has occurred. When                     sumer alike. If you have any questions or concerns         East Valley Crematory                             Case, Robert
applicable the Board shall refer non-jurisdictional                 please contact the Board Staff and please take the         El Encanto Memorial Cremation-Dodge               Cerullo, Anthony
matters to the proper government entity for juris-                  time to review your law manual.                            El Encanto Memorial Cremation-Avalon              Contreras, Miguel
                                                                                                                               Evergreen Crematory Flagstaff Crematory           Crandall, Nadene
dictional responsibility. The Board as a matter of
                                                                                                                               Foothills Memorial                                Cusumano, Paul
doing daily business receives complaints relative to                                LAWS AND RULES                             Green Acres Mortuary & Cemetery, Inc              Dalton, Martin
cemeteries, insurance prearrangements, and tissue                   On May 9, 2002 House Bill 2686 was signed into             Green Valley Crematory                            Dawson, Gerald
donor organizations. The Board at the very least                    law. Then State Representative Foster, sponsored a         Greenwood Memory Lawn                             DiGiglio, Steven
provides a forum for consumers and attempts to as-                  bill which she felt would avoid a situation like Nobel     Hatfield Cremation                                Dimond, Donald
sist and assure that complaints relative to other en-               Georgia and also prevent errors in the processing          Lake Havasu Mortuary & Crematory                  Dimond, Kenneth
                                                                                                                               Lietz Crematory                                   Douglas, Gordon
tities are expeditiously forwarded to appropriate                   and identification of cremains. As a result, any per-
                                                                                                                               Melcher’s Mission Crematory                       Ferrel-Stout, Bruce
authorities. Overall the number of enforcements                     son who now operates a retort is required to be li-        Meldrum Crematory                                 Fleming, William
actions remained stable with the previous year.                     censed as a Cremationist. This process includes the        Mohave Cremations Service                         Foley, Michelle
Complaints submitted, again reflected inadequate                    statutory background check submission to the Fed-          Mt. Meadows Memorial Park                         Frederick, Aurey
or poor communications. Reasons cited included a                    eral Bureau of Investigation, application and license      Mt. View Cemetery, Inc                            Georges, Ramon
lack of sensitivity or an apparent lack of proper staff-            fee. The current educational requirement is that each      Mt. View Memorial Gardens                         Gibson, James
ing and high volume workload. As members of the                     applicant must possess a certificate of training in        Paradise Memorial Crematory                       Gonzales, Ralph
                                                                                                                               Parker Funeral Home                               Gorishek, Louis
industry, all of us must not forget that consumers                  the operation of a retort from an accredited institu-
                                                                                                                               Sedona Funeral Home                               Gudzinas, David
demand and expect more from you then the typical                    tion or manufacturer of retorts. The statute does          Serenity Mortuary Services, Inc                   Gulley, Donald
salesperson. When one neglects or becomes remiss                    however not provide for continuing education in this       South Lawn Mem’l/Tucson Mem’l Park                Hanna, Richard
in this area a complaint is inevitable. This conve-                 classification. On August 1st of 2003 current              Sunland Memorial Park, Inc                        Hanson, Kathleen
niently leads us into the next area of great concern                cremationist license will expire. Prior to renewal,        Sunrise Crematory                                 Hardy, Wayne
for licensees. When responding to an issue brought                  every licensed cremationist must show proof of pos-        Sunset Vista Crematory                            Harmon, Brian
                                                                                                                               Sutton Crematory                                  Harrison, Philip
to your attention it is imperative that you carefully               sessing a certificate of training. As a result the Board
                                                           Page 3                                                                                                          Page 16
Hatfield Funeral Home Heather Mortuary and             Newcomer Family Mortuary and Cremation   has communicated with the Matthews Cremation                               LICENSING ACTIONS
   Chapel                                                 Services                              Group, Mesa School of Mortuary Science, Arizona               During the reporting period, in addition to over 1300
Hepler Funeral Home                                    Northern Arizona Cremation and Burial    Funeral Association and Cemetery Association re-              renewals, the Board also issued:
Heritage Funeral Chapel                                Norvel Owens Mortuary
                                                                                                garding this matter. The Board does not have the
Heritage Memory Mortuary, Inc.                         Norvel Owens Mortuary of Flagstaff
Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home                             Owens Mortuary Holbrook                  ability to sponsor this type of training. However due         1   Crematory Permit
J. Warren Funeral Services Valley Chapel               Owens Mortuary ShowLow                   to time constraints and the importance of acquiring           2   Multiple Funeral Directors
Jensen’s Sierra Vista Mortuary L.L.C.                  Owens Mortuary Heritage Chapel           the mandated training, efforts from all of the afore-         11   Establishment Permits
Jewkes Mortuary                                        Paradise Chapel Funeral Home                                                                           13  Pre-need salespersons registration
                                                                                                mentioned entities have afforded licenses the op-
Jewkes Mortuary St. Johns Johnson Mortuary and         Parker Funeral Home                                                                                    19  Interns
                                                                                                portunity to receive this training in Arizona. The            27  Embalmers
   Desert Lawn Memorial Park                           Phoenix Memorial Park and Mortuary
                                                                                                training for cremationist is tentatively scheduled for        27  Embalming Assistants
Kammann Mortuary                                       Preston Funeral Home
La Paz Funeral Home                                    Regency Mortuary                         March 28th 2003 and again in July prior to expira-            28  Funeral director licenses
Lake Havasu Mortuary Lakeshore Mortuary                Reliance Funeral Services, Inc.          tion of license. It is recommended that once sites are        37  Establishment licenses (includes new,
Lamont Mortuary                                        Resthaven Park Mortuary                  announced and considering the number of applicants                location changes, ownership)
Lietz-Fraze Funeral Home                               Richardson’s Benson Mortuary             from out state, that you register as soon as possible.        136 Cremationist Licenses
Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home                           Rude Family Northwest Mortuary
Lundberg Mortuary White Rose Chapel                    San Pedro Funeral Home                   Additional revisions in law included the mandatory            On July 31, 2002, the licensing of Apprentice Em-
Mariposa Gardens Memorial Park and Funeral             Sedona Funeral Home                                                                                    balmers became invalid. Pursuant to A.R.S. 32-
                                                                                                placement of a metal disk during the cremation pro-
   Care                                                Shadow Mountain Home                                                                                   1325.01 all Apprentices Embalmers who had been
Martinez Funeral Chapel                                Silver Creek Chapel Mortuary             cess, and that the crematory shall not open a con-
                                                                                                tainer containing remains except under the supervi-           registered as same for at least five continuous years
Martinez Funeral Chapel Nogales                        Simes Mortuary Casa Grande Chapel
Melcher Mortuary Chapel of the Roses                   Simes Mortuary Coolidge Chapel           sion of a licensed Funeral Director. Disclosures              became eligible for the registration of Embalmers
Melcher Mortuary                                       Sinai Mortuary of Arizona                were added to the Statement of Funeral Goods and              Assistant. Mandatory classes were taken at Mesa
Mission Chapel and Crematory                           South Lawn Mortuary Stewart Chapel       Services to include the location where Deceased will          Community College and subsequent examination
Meldrum Mortuary                                       Sunland Mortuary and Cremation Center                                                                  and practical exercise conducted by Board Licensed
                                                                                                be held, embalmed or cremated. And a statement
Menke Funeral Home                                     Sunrise Funeral Home                                                                                   Funeral Directors to evaluate applicants was com-
Mercer Mortuary                                        Sunset Vista Funeral Home                containing the name, address and phone number of
                                                                                                any corporation, limited liability company, partner-          pleted. To date, there are 27 Embalmers Assistants.
Mesa Heritage Mortuary                                 Sunwest Funeral Home
                                                                                                ship or limited partnership that holds an ownership           The new classification allows embalming without
Messinger Fountain Hills Mortuary                      Superior Funeral Home
Messinger Indian School Mortuary                       Sutton Memorial Funeral Home             interest of ten percent or more in the funeral estab-         supervision. The classification does not authorize
Messinger Payson Funeral Home, Inc.                    Tempe Mortuary                           lishment or crematory.                                        the member to sign Death Certificates or Statements
Messinger, Pinnacle Peak Mortuary                      Universal Memorial Center Universal                                                                    of Funeral Goods and Services. However, the em-
Miles Mortuary                                         Sunset Chapel Valley Funeral Home                                                                      balming report if applicable can be signed and must
                                                                                                S.B. 1237 signed into law on May 7, 2002 promul-
Miles-Damron Funeral Home                              Valley of the Sun Mortuary                                                                             be signed by the person responsible for the embalm-
Morris-David’s Safford Funeral Home                    Valley Ridge Mortuary                    gated by the Board and legislative committee of the
                                                                                                Arizona Funeral Directors Association modified the            ing along with his/her supervisors signature.
Mortensen Kings Funeral Center                         Valley West Funeral Chapel
Mountain Shadows Funeral Home                          Webber’s Eastlake Mortuary               responsibilities of a Responsible Funeral Director
Mountain View Memorial Gardens                         Westcott Funeral Home                    to include Managing and Supervising the daily ac-
National Cremation Society Neptune Society             Westcott Funeral Home CV                 tivities of an establishment. Additionally specified
                                                       Westlawn Chapel and Mortuary
                                                                                                disciplinary actions were included.
                                                 Page 15                                                                                                 Page 4
            IMMUNITY DOCUMENT                                      and free from duress at the time of execution of the    Pearson, Jacqueline                                      Brown Page Mortuary
                 A.R.S. 32-1365.01                                 document.                                               Prouty, Rebecca                                          Buckeye Funeral Home
The Board’s Staff emphasizes the importance of uti-                The document of immunity conforms to this sec-          Richard, Michael                                         Bueler Chandler Mortuary
                                                                                                                           Rosefsky, Linda                                          Bunker Family Funeral Homes Caldwell Chapel
lizing A.R.S. 32-1365.01 (Immunity Document) and                   tion in authorizing a crematory, cemetery or funeral
                                                                                                                           Sedlmayr, Roger                                          Bunker’s Desert View Chapel
most importantly, assuring the correct use of the stat-            establishment to carry out the wishes of the compe-     Smith, Laura                                             Bunker’s Garden Chapel
ute. For example, a signed dated prearranged cre-                  tent adult who is the subject of the document. It is    Van Joven, Lynn                                          Bunker’s University Chapel
mation plan by funeral trust or insurance will not                 not necessary for a crematory, cemetery or funeral      Walker, John                                             Camelback Sunset Chapel Camino Del Sol Fu-
suffice under current law. You will not be protected               establishment to obtain the consent or concurrence      Wells, Maceo                                                neral Chapel & Cremation
under the immunity doctrine because you have failed                of any other person when it cremates or provides                                                                 Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary, Inc.
                                                                                                                           ACTIVE                                                   Carr-Tenney Mortuary Chapel of Prayer
to include the necessary language on a separate                    for the lawful disposition of a dead human body.
                                                                                                                              ESTABLISHMENTS (157)                                  Chapel of the Chimes
sheet. Staff recommends that in addition to a com-                                                                         A.L. Moore-Grimshaw Mortuaries                           Chino Valley Funeral Home
pleted prearranged plan that you include not only                  The legally competent adult must provide financial      Abbey Funeral Chapel                                     Colorado River Cremation and Burial
the authorization for legal disposition, but also in-              arrangements so a crematory, cemetery and funeral       Abel Funeral Services                                    Crystal Rose Funeral Home
clude a document with language from A.R.S. 32-                     establishment can execute the adult’s wishes as ex-     Adair Douglas Funeral Chapel                             Desert Lawn Funeral Home
1365.01 to avoid future problems. Remember, any-                   pressed in the document.                                Adair Funeral Homes Avalon                               Desert Lawn Memorial Chapel and Funeral Home
one can challenge your decision but maintaining                                                                            Adair Funeral Homes Dodge                                Desert Rose Cremation and Burial
                                                                                                                           Adair’s Carroon Mortuary                                 Desert Sunset Funeral Home
proper documentation under the law will prevent                    A crematory, cemetery or funeral establishment that
                                                                                                                           Adobe Chapel Funeral Home                                Desert View Funeral Chapel
headaches and additional out of pocket expenses.                   cremates or provides the lawful disposition of a dead   Advantage Funeral and Cremation Services                 Dimond & Sons Silver Bell Chapel
All of our licensees and establishments must un-                   human body in good faith as per an apparently genu-        Golden Door                                           Douglass Funeral Home
derstand the value of the law and we must attempt                  ine document executed pursuant to this section is       Advantage Funeral and Cremation Services                 Dugan Funeral Chapel East Lawn Palms Mortuary
to maintain uniformity throughout the State to as-                 immune from criminal and civil liability and is not        Maryvale Advantage Funeral and Cremation              Evergreen Mortuary Cemetery and Crematory
sist you. Therefore, once again we feel that it is                 subject to professional discipline. Document execu-        Services Sunnyslope                                   Falconer Funeral Home
                                                                                                                           Advantage Funeral and Cremation Services                 Family Burial and Cremation Center
imperative that the Staff includes a copy of the stat-             tion must be made in good faith.
                                                                                                                              University                                            Flagstaff Mortuary
ute as it appears and invite anyone to call the office                                                                     Advantage Funeral and Cremation Services                 Fletcher’s Snowflake Mortuary
if there are any questions or concerns.                                                                                       Colonial All Care Cremation & Burial                  Frey Funeral Home and Cremation Service
                                                                             “COMPLIANCE CORNER”                           Apache Junction Mortuary Arizona Cremation               Green Acres Glendale Mortuary
A legally competent adult may prepare a competent                  The importance of the Compliance                           and Funeral Services                                  Green Acres Mortuaries and Cemeteries, Inc.
adult’s remains. This written statement may but need               Administrator’s position cannot be overstated.          Arizona Mortuary University Chapel                       Green Valley Mortuary
not be part of the competent adult’s will.                         Noted deficiencies when corrected bring an estab-       Arizona Ruffner Waklelin Chapel                          Greenwood Memory Lawn Mortuary
                                                                                                                           Arizona Wakelin                                          Greer-Scott Mortuary and Chapel
                                                                   lishment not only in line with regulatory guide-
                                                                                                                           Bradshaw Chapel                                          Greer-Wilson Funeral Home Inc.
The legally competent adult shall sign and date the                lines but also assures consumer with the confi-         Best Funeral Services                                    Griffith Mortuary
document. The document shall be notarized or wit-                  dence and sense of responsibility that is expected      Best Funeral Services, Inc.-North Central Chapel         Hampton Funeral Home
nessed in writing by at least one adult affirming that             from members of the industry.                           Bisbee Funeral Home                                      Hansen Arrowhead Funeral Center at Joy
the notary or witness was present when the compe-                                                                          Botimer Funeral Home                                     Hansen Desert Hills Mortuary Memorial Park
tent adult signed and dated the document and that                                                                          Bring’s Broadway Chapel                                  Hansen Mortuary
                                                                                                                           Brings’s Memorial Chapel
the competent adult appeared to be of sound mind
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                                                                            CONTINUING E DUCATION MASTER R ESOURCE L I S T

Ferrin, Doug           Parker, Paul            Escarcega, David           OTHER AGENCY IMPROVEMENTS                                  •    Cremation Assoc. of North America
Friedlander, Neale P   Rogers, Richard         Fredley, Elmer         The State Board’s Office has finally created a                 •    FIAT-IFTA Int’l Fed. Of Thantologist
Hernandez, Ernest      Simes, Arthur           Gonzales, Alfred       Web Site. This site is very informative and pro-               •    Federated Funeral Dir. Of America
Holland, Robert T      Sutton, Frank           Hanson, Wayne
                                                                      vides a complete listing of our laws and rules.                •    Funeral Service Foundation
Jones, Erin K          Wakelin, Fred           Holden, Charles
Kennedy, Charles E     Warren, Jerry           Hoyer, David           The address is Take                 •    Jewish Funeral Directors Association
Kuipers, Dennis W      Wilson, Donald          Jayme, Guillermo       time to take a glimpse at us!                                  •    Western Cemetery Alliance
LaQuey, Kevin                                  Labajetta, Paul                                                                       •    Selected Independent Funeral Homes
McKnight, David        ACTIVE INTERNS (21)     Lee, Albert            In Memory of all the dedicated members of the                  •    Order of Golden Rule
Miller, Shawn T        Allen, David            Mitchell, Cleveland    Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors and                   •    Preferred Funeral Directors International
Nikolaus, Jennifer D   Bailey, Grady           Moore, Troy
                                                                      Embalmers who worked, taught and gave of                       •    Casket Manufacturer Association
Norton, Bart           Butler, Benjamin F      Murillo, Steve
O’Conner, Stephen      C.A. Henderson, Laura   Murphy, Shawn          themselves. They will be remembered and                        •    Int’l. Cemetery and Funeral Association
Pettis, Edward         Cooper, Shelly A        Sherlock, Sean         missed.
Reitz, James           Duwel, Christina G      Villelas, Manuel                                                                      A. PROGRAMS SPONSORED BY STATE
Rolph, Rocky           Espinosa, Charles E     Von Ronne, Richard           Paul Cate                       11-24-01                    ASSOCIATIONS:
Robbins, Kristen Y     Ferrel-Stout, Bruce A   Wilson, Scott                Casmir “Caz” Zarzycki            1-02-02                 • Arizona Cemetery Association
Sheffield, Travis      Gillespie, Robert       Woodward, Calvin             Walter Holt                     4-02-02                  • Arizona Funeral Directors Association
Shivers, Edmond        Horton, Michelle        Zuniga, Alejandro            Harry J. Mitchell                4-28-02
                                                                                                                                     • Any other State Association where the State
Smith, Vera Ann        Impaglizzo, Linda M                                  Douglas Woodward                  8-2-02
Swan, Pamela G         Lockard, Christopher    ACTIVE PRE-NEED                                                                          requires Continuing Education
Trice, Sherman L       MaCarraher, Traci       SALESPERSON (28)       The following statistics were gathered in this time
Vigil, Richard         Miguel, JoAnn           Adair, Susan                                                                          B. PROGRAMS SPONSORED BY LOCAL
Vitan, Valentin        Mullin, Christopher S   Barnett, David                                                                           ASSOCIATIONS:
West, Daniel J         Olson, Gary A           Beutel James                                                                          • Grief Outreach
Wooten, Daniel         Ridenhour, Steven B     Brown, Linda L         Conventional Burials             15,919     37%
                                                                      Cremations                       23,787     53%                • Grief Network
Woodward, Douglas F    Ross, Billye J          Brown, Thomas
Yonke, Heather         Salcido, Stephen A      Coury III, Albert      Ship Outs                         4,406     10%                • New Song Center
                       Schnepf, Jeremy D       Dunigan, Delores       Total                            44,824    100%                • American Academy of Bereavement
ACTIVE MULTIPLE        Villanueva, Jaclyn M    Goldblatt, Andrew                                                                     • Lions Eye Bank
FUNERAL                                        Gottry, Karla              PROGRAMS BY NATIONAL FUNERAL                               • Accord Aftercare Services
DIRECTOR (16)          EMBALMERS               Grant, Richard                     SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS:
Adair, Arthur          ASSISTANTS (27)         Guzzonatto, Virginia
                                                                      •    Academy of Professional Funeral Service                   C.   PROGRAMS SPONSORED BY SUPPLIERS:
Dimond, Kenneth        Brooks, Philip          Harden, Donald
                                                                           Practice                                                  •    Batesville
Graham, Craig          Calza, Sergio           Kelly Lester
Hassett, James         Carley, Alfred          King, Carol            •    American Funeral Consultants                              •    Dodge Chemical Company
Jewkes, Reuben         Contreras, Martin       Krizak, Kevin          •    National Association of Approved Morticians               •    Elder Davis
Maynez, Ronaldo        Crawford, Thomas        Laviguer, Charles      •    National Funeral Dir. & Morticians Association            •    Forethought
Nerison, Cameron       Dahmer, Grant           Murphy, Stephen        •    Int’l Conference of Funeral Service Exam                  •    Matthews Bronze/Matthews Cremation Group
Owens, Earl            Durham. William         Noecker, R                  Boards                                                    •    Wilbert & Company
Owens, Norvel          Elliott, Danna          O’Banion, I Elaine
                                                                      •    National Funeral Directors Association                    •    York Products
                                   Page 13                                                                                  Page 6
• Aurora Casket Company Options                           • Eloise Cole-Bereavement Specialist MKJ     Rude, Steven D           Stobierski, Stanley S    Warren, Jerry W
• Trigard University                                        Marketing                                  Ruiz, Macedonio          Stodghill, Michael E     Warren, R Michael
                                                          • Mission for Infant Survival & Stillbirth   Ruona, Martti            Stogner, L. J            Watts, Margaret M
                                                                                                       Ryan, Derald             Stout, Joseph M          Weaver, Kevin M
D. HOME STUDY COURSES WITH TEST:                            (M.I.S.S.)
                                                                                                       Ryzek, John L            Strand, Peder J          Webber, Bryan R
• Thanos Institute: Phone 1-800-742-8257                  • Ford Schools Insurance and Securities      Sabella, Kimberly A      Striker, Charles R       Webster, Christine A
• ARC MESA Educators: Phone 1-800-597-                    • Great Western Insurance company            Sadek, Scott S           Strish, Norman J         Wells, Maceo H
   6372                                                   • Dr. Thomas Taggart. Director, Mortuary     Sahl, Glenn D            Studley, Everett A       Welsh-Reyes, Jessie
• NFDA Home Study: Phone 1-800-228-6332                     Science Program, SCI, Arizona Donor Ser-   Samuelson, Catherine E   Sturdevant, Todd C       Westcott, Anthony L
• Funeral Ethics Association: Phone 1-217-525-              vices (U.S. Allograft Network)             Sanders, Danny L         Suggs, Frank             Wheeler, Kevin A
                                                                                                       Saunders, James H        Sutton, Jr., Frank J     White, William L.
   1520                                                   • Forensic Medical Investigations, Mary H.
                                                                                                       Sawdy, Daryl E           Sutton, Lorrie M         Whitney, Tony J
                                                            Dudley, MD                                 Schaible, Scott R        Sutton, Sr., Frank J     Whittenburg, William T
E. COLLEGE COURSES                                        • Practicum Strategies                       Schlagel, Melvin D       Sutton-Zorn, Jamie M     Whitwam, F Russell
                                                                                                       Schoenemann, Daniel J    Swagerty, Fred L         Wilcox, Robert W
F. HOSPITAL OR LABORATORY BASED                           REQUIRED CONTINUING EDUCATION                Scholz, Larry W          Tachoir, Patrick A Jr.   Williams, Gary A
   INSTRUCTION HOSPICE                                      CATEGORIES AND HOURS:                      Schumacher, John P       Taggart, Thomas R        Williamson, Jennifer L
                                                          • Mortuary Science 3 hours                   Scott, Lee R             Talbott, Clayton L       Wilmot, Hal D
                                                                                                       Seffel, Fomby J          Thompson, Marty L        Wilson, Donald A
G.   GOVERNMENT AGENCIES:                                 • Legal Compliance & Ethics 3 hours
                                                                                                       Seiz, Warren L           Thorp, Monica A          Wilson, Paul L
•    Board of Funeral Directors & Embalmers               • Professional Development 6 hours           Senn, Deane A            Thozeski, Kenneth        Wolfrey, James T
•    Public Fiduciary                                                                                  September, Mark J        Toker, Richard J         Wolfrey, Michael T
•    Arizona Department of Health Services                CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMITTEE               Shafer, Ronald D         Tolman, Timothy M        Wood, George L
•    Social Security Administration                         MEMBERS                                    Sheets, Roger D          Tovsen, Mark S           Wright, Ryan M
•    Veterans Administration                              • Nancy Keil-Chair                           Sherwood, Charles V      Tracy, Todd R            Wyman, Kenneth L
                                                                                                       Shoots, Robert B         Tweddell, Steven D       Yover, Annette M
•    FEMA (Federal Emergency Mgt Association)             • Ed O’Sullivan-Committee member
                                                                                                       Shufran, Carrie L        Underwood, Richard       Zelt, Stephanie S
•    OSHA                                                 • Emily Ragsdale-Committee member            Shumway, Leslie D        Van Meter, Elizabeth M   Ziegler, Robert J. Jr.
•    Office of the Medical Examiner (Arizona)             • Brian Johnson-Committee member             Sicard, L Thomas         Van Natta, James L       Ziegler, Randy M
                                                          • Patricia Keith-Board Liaison               Simes, Arthur F          Vickers, James L
H.OTHER:                                                                                               Sinclair, Sabrina K      Viles, Edward A          ACTIVE EMBALMERS (40)
• Center for Loss & Life Transition                                                                    Skalicky, Danny J        Villelas, Richard        Bailey, Adolphus
• Diversified Environment Information Systems                                                          Smith, Barbara K         Vining, Mark A.          Bell, Hugh
                                                                                                       Smith, Gerald C          Von Berbaum, Steven      Bennett, James
• Life Appreciation Training
                                                                                                       Smith, Samuel            Wakelin, Fred D          Bernier, Ruth
• Fountain Nat’l. Academy Professional Em-                                                             Sparks, Dennis L         Waldrop, Mark C          Bowley, Thomas
  balming Skills                                                                                       Starr, Joel A            Walker, Clent            Bown, David
• Risk & Insurance Management Society                                                                  Steiner, Glenn M         Walker, Neil W           Brown, David
• Career Track, Inc. (Seminars only) SCI                                                               Stewart, Dana J          Wallace, Tristen L       Cahill, Susan C
• Howard Perlman-OSHA, Compliance & Risk                                                               Stickle, James W         Ward, Dillis R           Crandall, Nadene F
                                                                                                       Stiffler, Nathan R       Warren, Brandon J        Felix, Henry
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                                                                                                         2000 DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS

Lambert, Franklin W            Mead, Daniel G          Pascoff, Duane                                              2002 D I S C I P L I N A R Y A C T I O N
Lamont, Ian G                  Melcher, William E      Patton, Donald L
Lawrence, Lynn V               Meldrum, Mark C         Pauley, William R         Licensee                            Violation                                            Action Taken
Lawson, Timothy                Menke, George           Pavlek, John A
                                                                                 Greenwood Memory Lawn               Unprofessional ServicesEmbalming/        Letter of concern
Leathers, Richard A            Merrick, Charles A      Peebles, Lauren E
                                                                                 Mortuary                            Transportation
Leinwander, Patrick J          Messinger, Howard K     Peebles, Thomas G
Lewis, David                   Messinger, Paul R       Perlman, Howard S         Hatfield Funeral Home Inc           Unprofessional ServiceEmbalming/         Est. (6) mo’s Probation. $750 Fine, $500
Lietz, Walter C                Meyer, Jack M           Perlman, Jonathon H                                           Transportation                           Admin Fine, RFD 6 mo’s Probation
Lietz-Aldridge, Kristen L      Mills, Adam M           Pfent, Michael D                                                                                       $750.00 fine. Reprimand Letter.
Lisauskas, Randall P           Miranda-Pullen Teri E   Phifer, Kenneth N                                                                                      Letter of Concern to Intern Smith.
Litchey, Michael E             Mize, Kenneth E         Potts, Roger K
Livingston, Joseph L           Montgomery, John E      Poyner, David M           Greer-Wilson Funeral Home           Unprofessional Services                  Closed, No Funeral Law Violated
Livingston, Timothy, R         Moore, Duane L          Presley, Michael S
Lopez, Javier A                Moore, Leland D         Preston, James N          Greer’s Scott Mortuary & Chapel     Missing Jewelry                          Closed, No Funeral Law Violation
Lopez, Joseph M                Morgan, Byron L         Pritchard, Kim A
                                                                                 Green Acres Mortuaries &            Unprofessional Services                  Closed, No Funeral Law Violations
Lopez, Joshua A                Morris, Melissa D       Raaen, David O
Lowman, William S              Mostyn, Douglas M       Ragsdale, Emily Y
Lozano, Richard A              Motzkin, Gregory W      Ragsdale, Lincoln J Jr.   Evergreen Mortuary Cemetery and     Unprofessional Services                  Closed, No Funeral Law Violation
Lutz, Adam N                   Mullenaux, J Cory       Ralph, Dennis E           Crematory
MacKay, Eric                   Munden, John D          Ramirez, Evangelina
MacKenzie, Marilyn M           Murphy, E Brian         Ramirez, Sabrina          Sunland Mortuary &                  Unprofessional Services                  Closed, No Funeral Laws Violation
Mallar, Paul J                 Murphy, Edward W        Rasmussen, Tara           Crematory Center
Marathas, Jeffrey P            Murphy, Stephen M       Reed, Wilbert M
Marshall, Jeffery L            Mutton, Michael T       Reedy, Hannah S           Camelback Sunset Chapel             Unprofessional Services                  Est. Letter of Reprimand (6) Mo’s.
Martinez, Tomas C Jr.          Nelson, Gene R          Reel, Charles P Jr.                                           (Cremation)                              $1,500 Civil Penalty & 500 Admin
Marvella, George J             Nerison, Cameron S      Reeves, James A                                                                                        Costs. Respondent- Letter of Repri-
Matta, C Jerry                 Nibert, Allan L         Reynolds, Robert D                                                                                     mand (1) year & $500 Civil Penalty
Mattice, Darren S              Nicosia, Michael D      Richardson, Cecil R
                                                                                 Greer-Wilson Funeral Home           Failure to notify family                 No Jurisdiction
Mattice, Tracy L               Noecker, R T            Richardson, Troy L
Maynez, Ronaldo R              Nolan, Dennis P         Ridgeway, John A          Mesa Family Care                    Unprofessional Service                   Closed-No Funeral Law Violations
Mays, Dennis C                 O’Sullivan, Edward J    Riggio, Eleanor R
McBride, Brian J               Ovsak, Robert S         Riley, Richard L          Morris-David’s Safford Funeral Home Unprofessional Services                  Closed, No Funeral Law Violations
McCormack, Terry M             Owens, Kevin E          Roberts, Herbert J
McCready, James L              Owens, Norvel G         Rogers, Brandy C          Bunker Family Funeral               Unprofessional Services                  Closed, No funeral Law Violation
McDermott, Chris J             Owens-Schorman, Kay L   Rogers, Richard M         Homes Caldwell
McDonald, Maria A              Owens, Earl J           Rogers, Thomas B
McFall, Albert D               Palmer, Hollis K        Rosenberg, Jack A         Carr-Tenney Mortuary                Unprofessional Services                  Letter of Concern
McFarlane, Michael LMcGrath,   Palmer, Merle E         Ross, Edward
Barbara L                      Palmer, Steven A        Rossman, Susan M
McGucklin, Lawrence J          Parker, Ellen S         Rottman, Keith L
McGuire, Clay O                Parker, Paul S          Ruby, Allan H

                                           Page 11                                                                                  Page 8
ACTIVE FUNERAL         Bester, Eric M            Clark, Phillip G        Dunn, William R          Gorishek, Louis          Heyne, Robert J
DIRECTOR ONLY          Betz, Kirk S.             Collier, Stephen R      Dutcher, Danne W         Graham, Craig            Himes, Noel F
LICENSES (6)           Billie, Charles           Conway, Veronica L      Earl, David A            Graveline, Gary          Hinderliter, Erika G
Borgwardt, Randall     Billings, Harry G         Coughenour, Glenn L     Earl, James S            Greer, Page              Hinderliter, Forrest
Fisher, Thomas J       Bishop, Robert            Crabaugh, Louis J       Easter, Gary M           Greer, Patricia          Holden, Lary A
Grimstad, Stuart       Bitner, Amie K            Crawford, Douglas C     Eifert, Edward P         Greer, Royce             Holm, Warren G
Perlman, Raymond       Blakesley, Thomas J       Crown, Thomas           Eisenhour, Mark A        Gregor, Lisa             Holtfreter, David A
Terrazas, Luis         Bohn-Borik, Robyne, R     Cummings, Joseph M      Errichetti, JoDina       Griffith, Bruce          Hopgood, Gerald J
Zufelt, Jack           Botimer, James W          Cusick, Timothy M       Espinosa, Alex           Grimstad, Stuart         Horn, John A
                       Bradley, Scott C          Cusumano, Paul          Ewing, Bruce E           Gudzinas, David A        Hudgel, Brian P
ACTIVE FUNERAL         Brandner, Dale G          Dahn, Merle D           Falconer, Timothy H      Gulley, Donald R         Hudgel, Warren F
DIRECTOR &             Briggs, Harold, L         Dalton, Martin R        Farnsworth, Margaret S   Gumbert, William R       Hughes, Joyce T
EMBALMERS              Briggs. Julie A           Damron, Paul S          Feingold, Mark           Hall, Brandon D          Hunter, Scott G
LICENSEES (468)        Brooks, John F            Daniels, Rodney F       Ferguson, Bradley W      Halm, Herbert C          Jackson, Weston C
Aaron, William F Sr    Browder, R Daniel         Danko, Georgianne M     Ferguson, Lyle M         Hampton, Jr. Henry C     Jennings, Donald E
Abby, Bruce            Brown, Rachel L           Darby, Richard J        Ferre, Martin T          Handley, David M         Jensen, Richard E
Acuna, Frank A         Brown, Thomas             Darrow, Linda L         Fillmer, Ronald R        Hanes, Michael J.        Jensen, Ryan E
Adair, Arthur, R       Buckwich, Raymond J       David, Paul R           Fisher, Thomas           Hanna, Richard A         Jewkes. Reuben L
Adair, Harold, R       Bueler, Franklin S        Davis, Anthony E        Fleming, William G       Hansen, Bradley J        Johnson, Chad L
Adkins, Stephen R      Bueler, Samuel R          Davis, Daniel G         Fletcher, DeWayne        Hardy, Marlo L           Johnson, Garth L
Adkins, Thomas M       Bunker, B Allen           Davis, Kurt, M          Foley, Michelle R        Harman, Brian L          Johnson, Glenn L
Aegerter, John W       Bunker, Randall M         Dawson, Gerald W        Foley, Patrick A         Harper, Darrin R         Jones, Carol A
Ahearne, James         Buntin, Shawn D           Day, Warren O           Foster, Jack K Jr.       Harris, Lloyd W          Kammann, Robert G
Allen, Todd M          Burke, Robert R           De Los Santos, Hector   Francini, Mario G        Harris, Michael C        Karbiner, Kennie K
Alvidrez, Elias        Callaghan, Peter J        Dearborn, Denise R      Frey, Robert C           Harris, Thurman L        Kazmar, David
Armstrong, Raymond E   Carlstedt, Dale A         Dentlinger, Roy J       Fries, Nadine E          Hartnett, Robert M       Keil, Nancy A
Ashford, Joseph K      Carrillo, Leo A           Dettra, Herman F        Friedrich, G Kay         Hassett, James K         Kelleher, William J
Asta, Albert V         Carrillo, Leo C           DiGiglio, Steven J      Frontczak, Michael W     Haugen, Linda K          Kellett, Rick L
Avila, Jennifer L      Carry, Michael            Dimond, Donald, C III   Frye, Francis L          Haverstock, Lynn E       Kelly, Diane L
Backhaus, Donna G      Carter, Grant P           Dimond, Kenneth M       Gabriel, Paul H          Hawkins, Lisle D         Kelso, Harold G
Baggett, Nathan D      Casale, Kim M             Disney, Michael L       Ganely, Philip M         Hawkins, Michael L       Kendall, Tracy L
Bailey, Gwendolyn      Case, Robert G            Dobson, Douglas, R      Ganely, Steven M         Hawkins, Seann R         Kerns, Donald L
Baker, Dean W          Cerullo, Anthony          Domingues, Wayne        Gardner, Vergene F       Healy, Frank B           Ketner, Dominique O
Baker, Dennis R        Chamber, John             Doughty, Biff W         Garriott, William        Heinzeroth, David L      Killer, Tommy D
Balthrop, Brett A      Chambers, Andre K         Douglas, Brian L        Gentry, Aretha           Henderson, Frederick R   Kirkland, Frank A
Barlow, Dana N         Chambers, William D III   Douglas, Gordon, D      George, Michael R.       Hendler, Thomas A        Knoebel, Randolph P
Barlow, Levon K        Chapman, John             Drechsler, Robert C     Georges, Ramon W.        Hendricks, Marilyn J     Koons, Delton E
Barnett. David K       Choate, Michael G         Dube, Otto B            Gibson, James            Hennis, Robert G         Kornegay, Joel L
Bell, Julie            Choban, George A          Dudelston, George T     Goff, Troy               Hepler, Randall E        Kredit, David A
Beller, David E        Chrisman, Rodger A        Dufresne, Claude B      Goldberg, Lawrence       Herren, Robert G         Kropp, Timothy J
Bennett, Doreen P      Church, Michael B         Dugan, Daniel J         Gonzales, Manuel         Heyer, William A         Kutch, Stacey A

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