Nonfiction Journal Prompts by termo

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									                Nonfiction Journal Prompts

Read your chosen book, and write a response. Begin each response
with the book title, the entry number from below, the pages you have
read so far, and the date of your journal entry.

Example: The Diary of Anne Frank, entry #4, pages 1-44,
August 21, 2007

You must complete the following six log entries for the novel.

Before you read the book . . .
1. Why did you choose this book and what do you want to learn from
your reading? What previous knowledge do you have on this topic?

While reading the book . . .
2. Decide on a theme that surrounds the book. Describe how it is
    represented in the book or the person’s life. Give at least 3
    specific examples from the novel that support the theme.
3. Describe the setting of this book. (Time and place should be
    included.) Be sure to explain how you know the setting using
   specific examples from the novel.
4. Using a Venn Diagram, compare a time period or person from
   your book to the current time period or your life. In each section of
   the Venn Diagram, you must include 3 traits (adjectives) and a
   specific example in support. Examples from the book should be
   accompanied by a page number.

After reading the book…
5. Write one paragraph detailing what information you learned from
reading this book. No opinions should be included.
6. Write one paragraph summarizing your reactions to what you have
read. How do you feel about the events that occurred and people in
this book?
You must pick four of the following choices for your remaining
log entries.

7. How can you apply the information from the book to your life?
8. What information do you question or think might be incorrect? How
   might you investigate this?
9. What techniques does the author use to make this information
   easy to understand?
10. What other topics might you read about that would be related to
    your book? Where might you find information on the new topics?
11. How would you feel if you lived as this person or during this time
12. Copy down an excerpt/passage from the novel, explain what it
    means, determine its importance and why the author included it.
13. Discuss one major conflict that is occurring during the book.
     Discuss how the problem was solved, or if it was not resolved,
     then explain the outcome.
14. Is there anything in the book that you were disappointed that you
     did not learn? What do you wish was included in the book
     pertaining to the topic, and why?
15. Pretend you are writing an article about the release of this book.
     Highlight the positive aspects of the book and the negative
     aspects of the book. Would you recommend it to the readers of
     your newspaper, and why or why not?

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