Journal Entry #4 by termo


									                                                                                               Form E

                                      Journal Entry #4

Student Name: Click here and type your name

Homeroom Teacher: Click and type name here                     Homeroom #: Click & type

Topic: Click and type project title here

Advisor: Click and type advisor's name here

Date Submitted: Click and type date here

Directions:    Thoroughly complete the following items using complete sentences:

   1. What is the status of your project? Explain your progress, describe activities, accomplishments
      and steps taken thus far.

       Click and type answer

   2. Explain what needs to be finished for your project to be completed.

       Click and type answer

   3. Describe the problems you are experiencing and any difficulties you anticipate.

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   4. What solutions do you propose to address the problems identified in #3?

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   5. Explain the critical thinking components you have employed in your work (see example on next

       Click and type answer

   6. Explain your plans for the oral presentation. What visual aids will you use?

       Click and type answer

   7. What benefit will others gain because of your project?

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