Evening Telegram Obituary Index by kul15652


									Evening Telegram Obituary Index

The Evening Telegram is published in Herkimer, New York. This is my attempt
to index the last several years’ worth of obituaries. The format is courtesy of Jim
Brockway, who used it to index the obituaries from the Rome Sentinel, published
in Rome, New York.

The index is now searchable at this link. Just type the name you are looking for
in the “Find” box and you will see all matches in any column.

Please read these instructions to get the most out of the following pages.

1. This index is an ongoing project. I started the index with April 1, 1997 and will
   continue to update it.
2. Some of the “value” in this index is that you may be able to find the spouse
   and children of a woman when you only know her maiden name, mother’s
   maiden names are often listed in the obituary.
3. The date listed is NOT the date of death but the date the obituary appears in
   the newspaper.
4. There are certain conventions that I used in formatting the surnames. All
   punctuation and spaces are removed from the names, O’Dell is ODELL and
   Van Alystyne is VANALYSTYNE.
5. You can use these pages to check parents or spouses names too.
6. Didn’t find what you are looking for? Not everyone has their obituary
   published in the Evening Telegram, you may find the obituary you are looking
   for in the Little Falls or Utica newspapers.

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