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									Business Journal; Wednesday, 11-6-02

Peoria gets good water news
After four days without running water due to suspected bacterial contamination, residents of one Peoria
neighborhood got the news they've been waiting for Wednesday -- that the water flowing into their homes is safe.
About 2,500 households receiving Rose Valley Water Co. water were told last weekend not to drink, cook with or
bathe in tap water, after preliminary tests found a micro-organism that may be linked to the meningitis deaths of two
young boys in the area last month.
Water crews immediately began hooking up Peoria municipal water to the Rose Valley system and began a series of
tests on the new water flowing through Rose Valley's old lines.
The Maricopa County Environmental Services Department released the test results on the Peoria municipal water,
now flowing through Rose Valley Water's lines Wednesday, and tests indicate that the water is safe.
"The tests from both the City of Peoria and the county came back negative for bacteria, meaning there is no bacteria
in this water and the chlorine residuals were very high," said Al Brown, director of Maricopa County Environmental
Peoria fire crews and other city and county officials were set to begin passing
out flyers to homes in the affected area Wednesday evening, instructing them         Sign up to receive free daily
on how to flush out their household systems.                                         business updates by email every
The general area is bounded by Beardsley to the south, Patrick Lane to the           weekday afternoon.
north, 83rd Avenue to the east and 95th Avenue to the west.
For detailed information, visit the city of Peoria's Web site at, or call the city's advisory hotline at 623-773-7777.        Use Search Watch to watch for
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