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					OUTLINE FUNERAL SERVICE                              WHERE TO FIND US           ______________________________________

                                                                                   CIVIL FUNERAL SERVICE
WELCOME                                            CHADDERTON TOWN HALL         ____________________________
                                                       MIDDLETON ROAD

Celebrant welcomes mourners and offers
words of comfort. (Could be an opportunity                 OLDHAM
for a reading / poem by family / friend)
                                                            OL9 6PP

                                                        TEL 0161 678 0137

Celebrant shares memories of deceased’s life.
(Could also be an opportunity for a reading
poem read by family / friend or short address
by family member / friend)


Either a time for a piece of music to be played
or a moment of silence. Also an opportunity
for a family member or friend to do a reading
or poem.
                                                  Oldham Metropolitan Borough
                                                                                      Oldham Register Office.
An Introduction to Civil Funerals                   What is a civil funeral ceremony?                 Who conducts a civil funeral ceremony?

When a loved one dies it is a painful               A civil funeral ceremony is a dignified yet       A professional civil funeral celebrant
emotional and distressing time. Family and          formal non-religious ceremony. The                conducts a civil funeral ceremony.
often close friends are left with the distressing   ceremony is appropriate to cremations as well
decision of whether to have a burial or             as burials at a burial ground. It is a personal
cremation, where will the ceremony be held          ceremony to reflect the private thoughts of
and above all who will conduct the ceremony.        the family and friends of the deceased.           How to arrange a civil funeral ceremony?
It is an emotional and stressful time and we
often forget what kind of funeral we really
                                                                                                      A civil funeral ceremony can be arranged by
                                                                                                      contacting your local Register Office
                                                    Each civil funeral ceremony is completely
Every family is different, some prefer a            unique to the deceased. The Eulogy, which         Tel 0161 678 0137.
religious service, some follow cultural             can be delivered by the funeral celebrant or
traditions and some prefer to go by the             any of the family / friends, forms a major part
personal wishes of the deceased. Whilst the         of the ceremony and is created in partnership
                                                                                                      A civil funeral celebrant will contact you to
majority of people still prefer a religious         with the family.
                                                                                                      make the arrangements for a meeting.
ceremony, more people are going towards a
more personal ceremony, which can be easily                                                           When meeting the bereaved family, the
accommodated by a civil funeral service.                                                              celebrant will explain what’s involved and
                                                                                                      with the help of the family and friends create
                                                    Where can a civil funeral ceremony be             an individual ceremony, at which time it can
Civil ceremonies are created with the help of       held?                                             be discussed whether they wish to have any
civil funeral celebrants, and personalised to                                                         favourite music or readings incorporated in
the family and friends wishes                       A civil funeral ceremony can be held almost       the ceremony.
                                                    anywhere with the exception of a religious
                                                    building or church.                               The celebrant will then create a ceremony,
                                                                                                      which reflects the wishes of the deceased and
                                                                                                      the bereaved family.