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Funding Guide for British Cycling Coach Education
The aim of this information sheet is to provide an overview of the funding application process to help
you to secure funding to attend a coach education course. Before making your application, there are
some important steps to take in order to ensure that your application for funding is both attractive to
the funding body and appropriate to your needs.

   Identify your needs and what course will meet your needs
You should consider what your training and education needs are in relation to coach education.
Consider what you want to achieve with your coaching and identify an appropriate education strategy
for achieving these ambitions.

   Prepare a funding plan
Before submitting your application for funding, you are strongly encouraged to liaise with your cycling
club to prepare a funding plan. Your Regional Manager can also provide assistance and advice
regarding your funding plan options. In addition you can also contact the British Cycling Coaching and
Education department by email or by phone on 0161 274 2060 for
more details.

   Ensure your funding needs are realistic
When considering the cost of implementing your education strategy you must be realistic in your
estimate of costs. Also remember that an over-enthusiastic request might jeopardise your chances of
securing funding.

   Check that you meet the criteria for the funding scheme
Some funding bodies use ‘priority areas’ to target resources such as schemes for disabled people,
women, children and other under-represented groups. It will help your application greatly if you can
make an explicit link between your aims and those of the funding body.

   Check that the timing of your application is appropriate to the funding scheme
Many funding bodies have closing dates for applications. Make sure you start the application process
in plenty of time to ensure you can meet any deadlines specified.

   Take time and care when planning and completing your application
Time taken at the planning stage will make a big difference to your chances of success. It is a good
idea to produce a draft copy and submit it to your Regional Manager, who can provide feedback on
your application.

Further information on funding opportunities and ways to fund the cost of attending a British Cycling
Coach Education course are provided below.

                    British Cycling Coaching and Education, National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester, M11 4DQ 
           Tel: 0161 274 2060  Fax: 0870 136 6427  Email:  Web: 
Club Contribution
What is it?
The candidate coach may be able to get partial or full funding towards the cost of attending a British
Cycling coach education course from their club.

Who can apply?
Any individual wanting to coach in a club environment could approach their cycling club for a
contribution towards the cost of the coaching course, especially if you are going to coach in the club.

Grant information
The club can decide to pay part or all of the course cost. Providing funding for coaches benefits the
club by increasing the number of qualified cycling coaches available to its members. As a result,
many clubs are willing to offer subsidies to candidate coaches at all levels.

Contact information
Please contact your local cycling club for further information on funding opportunities.

Local Authority
What is it?
Local authorities often have specific grants available to sport for a range of activities including
attendance at coach education courses.

Who can apply?
Anyone interested in becoming a coach. However, please note that you must be at least 18 years of
age to attend a British Cycling coach education course.

Grant information
For example, the Manchester Leisure Sports Commission currently offers grants of 50% towards the
cost of coach education courses for Manchester residents and individuals coaching or hoping to
coach in Manchester cycling clubs (subject to available funds). They also provide 15 fully funded
places on coaching courses every year. Other local authorities have similar schemes in place.

Contact information
Contact the Sports Development Officer within your Local Authority who will guide you through the
funding options available and the application process. For an A-Z list of local authorities visit Alternatively, contact your Regional Manager who will supply the relevant contact

Awards for All
What is it?
Awards for All (A4A) is a National Lottery grants programme aimed at local communities. The main
aim of A4A is to fund projects involving people in their local community, bringing them together to take
part in and enjoy a wide range of arts, sports, heritage, charitable and other community activities.
Amongst other things A4A grants have been used to fund or fund attendance on coach education

Who can apply?
Non-profit organisations, schools, town councils and health bodies which need between £500 -
£5000. Some British Cycling clubs have applied for and received A4A grants.

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There are nine A4A regions for England, each of which has a funding focus. There are separate
programmes running in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Projects that most clearly meet the
aims of A4A and the regional focus are most likely to receive an award. Please take this into account
when applying.

Grant information
Between £500 - £5000.

Contact information
Visit the A4A website, or phone 0845 600 2040 or text 0845 755 6656

Community Champion’s Fund
What is it?
The Community Champion’s Fund was set up to help people who can inspire others to get more
involved in renewing their neighbourhoods through participation in community groups.

The Community Champions Fund has two main objectives:
 To increase the skill levels of individuals to enable them to act as inspirational figures, community
entrepreneurs, community mentors or community leaders, and
 To improve the involvement of communities in regeneration and learning activities by supporting
key individuals who can drive forward community projects and pass on their expertise to others in
their community and to other communities.

Who can apply?
Anyone working in the community whose work fulfils the objectives can apply.

Community Champion’s funding is provided by the Department for Education and Skills and focuses
on the development of key individuals’ skills and learning to make an impact on regeneration in their

Grant information
The fund awards £3 million per year nationally, with grants to individuals averaging £1250. The fund is
only available in England.

Contact information
Department for Education and Skills - Regions and Regeneration Division,
W1129, Mooroft, Sheffield, S1 4PQ.

Mick Sheeran                                                  Tabatha Waite
Email:                           Email:
Telephone: 0114 259 4586                                      Telephone: 0114 259 4479
Fax: 0114 259 4241                                            Fax: 0114 259 4241


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We wish you the best of luck with your applications and hope you are successful in attracting

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