March 23, 2000 Mr. Jack Gendron Remick Gendron Funeral

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					                                            March 23, 2000

Mr. Jack Gendron
Remick & Gendron Funeral Home
811 Lafayette Road
Hampton, NH 03842

RE:    No Permit Required for the Industrial Equipment & Engineering Co. Model
       IE43-PowerPak II Crematory Located in Hampton< NH

Dear Mr. Gendron:

        On March 6, 2000, the Department of Environmental Services, Air Resources
Division (“DES”) received your application for a permit to install an additional
crematory at your facility at 811 Lafayette Road in Hampton, NH. The subject unit is
identified as a Model IE43-PowerPak II crematory, manufactured by Industrial
Equipment & Engineering Co. of Orlando, FL. Your submittal included a Form ARD-6
(Incinerator Equipment Registration Form), schematics of the unit, a process flow
diagram and air pollution test results.

            The rated throughput capacity, in terms of gross weight of cremation case
charge, is 100 pounds per hour. Pursuant to New Hampshire Administrative Rules Env-A
607.01(f), Specific Applicability for Temporary Permits and State Permits to Operate, the
subject unit’s throughput capacity is below the 200 pounds per hour permit applicability
threshold for an incineration device burning Type 4 waste. Type 4 waste is defined in
Env-A 101 of New Hampshire’s air rules to include human remains.

         Based on existing emission data for crematoriums of similar size, DES has
determined that the impacts of any toxic emissions from the proposed unit would remain
well below any of New Hampshire’s regulated toxic air pollutant (RTAP) ambient air
limits, as set forth in Env-A 1400, Regulated Toxic Air Pollutants.

        Therefore, based on the information submitted for this unit, DES hereby
determines that the subject crematory does not require a permit. Please note, however,
that your facility, including the proposed unit, may be subject to the recordkeeping and
reporting requirements of Env-A 900, as well as other applicable State and/or federal
Remick & Gendron, Hampton, NH
March 23, 2000
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       If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact
William K. Olender of DES’s State air permitting staff at (603) 271-1378.


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                                                Kenneth A. Colburn
                                                Air Resources Division