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									          COMPANY’s Recruiting and New Hire Process Draft

  1. Hire Candidates Smarter than we are that fit Company’s culture:
      Hire candidates that are consistent with Company) culture, that possess the
      required skills and are passionate about Company’s vision so as the Company
      scales we have a team that can support the company’s objectives. “Smarter than
      we are” philosophy will help reduce future turnover by empowering hiring
      managers to give employees autonomy to make decisions, provide long term
      career growth and bring new ideas to Company that can help us be the leader in
      our market space.
   2. Scale to support Company’s revenue objectives: To hire candidates as
      quickly as possible to support Company’s company goals and objectives.
   3. Great Candidate Experience: To build Company’s hiring brand as every
      candidate could be a customer and should be treated to a positive Company
      experience throughout the process, regardless of outcome of their candidacy. If
      hired, to provide a positive first impression of Company.

Question: I want to hire someone now, how do I get it done?
The hiring process can be summarized in 7 main steps:
  1. Requisition Approval
  2. Recruiter/Manager team meeting
  3. Sourcing Candidates
  4. Recruiting Candidates
  5. Interview process
  6. Closing Candidates
  7. New Hire Process

Step 1: Requisition Approval for Budgeted hires.
Please note: if you have a request for a non budgeted hire, please
discuss the request with Finance and reference this on your completed
requisition form. To hire a consultant, please contact Finance.

A. Hiring Manager Role:
For all full time or part time employee, complete the attached form,
“Company’s job requisition and description form” and email the completed
template to
B. Recruiter/HR Role:
1. The completed job requisition will be entered into Company’s online staffing
system by Recruiting Coordinator and be automatically routed for
approval to:
     the EStaff member your department reports to
     HR
     CFO
     CEO
2. Recruiting Coordinator will notify the hiring manager by email that the job
requisition has been approved or not and if approved, it will be automatically
posted on Company’s website:

Step 2: Recruiter/Manager team meeting.
A. Recruiter/HR Role: If approved, a recruiter will contact the hiring manager
within 24 hours of approval to:
   1. Review your job requisition needs, and discuss market data, salary, stock or other
   2. Review the hiring team and interviewer roles
   3. Post your open position on additional job websites
   4. Add your open position and update your weekly hiring tracker
   5. Add your open position to the weekly review recruiter meetings with HR
   6. Obtain referrals and leads from COMPANY employees
   7. Make all COMPANY employees aware of openings so they can become
       advocates for COMPANY’S recruitment efforts.
   8. Discuss realistic expectations and timing to fill your open position.

Step 3: Sourcing Candidates.
A. Recruiter/HR Role:
   1. Recruiters will source candidates through a variety of mediums, cold calling,
      employee referrals, research, reviewing existing resumes in the ATS database and
      other creative methods. This process can take several days or weeks depending on
      the market demand, economy, candidate availability, location and other reasons.
   2. The ATS database will allow recruiters to reduce the sourcing process with repeat
      open requisitions.
B. Hiring Manager Role:
   1. Hiring managers can assist recruiters in sourcing candidates by reviewing
      research lists provided by the recruiter or giving recruiters candidate names in
      target companies.

Step 4: Recruiting Candidates.
A. Recruiter/HR Role
   1. Recruiters will recruit candidates that have been sourced and will scan every
      resume of candidates they recruit/interview into ATS
   2. Recruiters will submit resumes through ATS within 24 hours of interview to
      hiring managers through ATS. This will allow all activity on a candidate to be
      tracked for both efficiency and legal reasons.
   3. Recruiters will participate in the “in person” candidate screening if requested by
      the hiring manager, otherwise phone screens will be considered sufficient.
   4. Recruiters will change candidate status to submitted to indicate in process of
      being scheduled.

B. Hiring Manager Role:
   1. Upon receipt of resume, the Hiring Manager will review the resume within 24
      hours, and either email the recruiter or update the weekly tracker to identify
      candidates on the weekly tracker to be interviewed and indicate on the tracker as
      “Approved Resume”.
   2. Any resumes identified by sources other than recruiter should be sent to
      Recruiting to scan into ATS. Candidate status and
      comments will be reflected in ATS and will be put in the general talent pool.
   3. Candidate names will be added to the weekly trackers, an excel file kept up to
      date by both hiring manager and recruiter as information develops on candidates.
   4. Hiring managers can review their weekly tracker to get updates on active
      candidates or request more specific information in ATS from Recruiter.

Step 5: Scheduling Interviews & Interview process

A. Recruiter/HR Role:
1. Scheduling interviews: Recruiting Coordinator will schedule all onsite interviews
utilizing the ATS tool. If there is another person that will schedule the interviews, hiring
manager will inform recruiter of this prior to scheduling interviews.
2. Interview Feedback: Interview Feedback and consideration of all interviewer
feedback is critical to making consistent, quality hires.
        1. Interviewers will provide independent feedback to recruiter utilizing the
            Interview feedback form attached
        2. Recruiter will provide intervi
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