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									I – GRAMMAR & STRUCTURES – Chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất.
1. _____ is the capital of Vietnam?                          - Hanoi
    A. Which                     (B). What                     C. Where               D. Why
2. The cinema is _____ the supermarket.
    A. opposite to               B. next                       C. nearby              (D). near
3. She’s very old. She needs someone to look _____ her.
    A. for                       (B). after                    C. at                  D. by
4. She’s got married _____ John last month.
    A. with                      (B). to                       C. for                 D. of
5. She’s a fast typist. She types very _____.
    (A). fast                    B. fastly                     C. quick               D. good
6. She usually _____ dinner _____ home.
    A. have/on                   B. has/in                     C. have/at             (D). has/at
7. She sometimes goes to work _____.
    (A). by bus                  B. on bus                     C. by the bus          D. by a bus
8. She often travels to Japan _____ autumn.
    (A). in                      B. on                         C. at                  D. to
9. She meets people from _____ over the world.
    A. on                        (B). all                      C. one                 D. in
10. She goes _____ on Sundays.
    (A). shopping                B. shop                       C. to shopping         D. shops
11. She _____ TV in the evening.
    (A). watches                 B. watchs                     C. washes              D. washs
12. She _____ the bus to the hospital.
    A. catches                   B. takes                      C. goes                (D). A&B
13. She _____ him not to go out, but he did.
    A. said                      (B). told                     C. says                D. tells
14. Sally is a nice girl, and I _____.
    A. like                      (B). like her                 C. like him            D. like it
15. Please come _____ my birthday party this Friday
    A. in                        B. on                         C. at                  (D). to
16. Peter’s school is in _____.
    A. the centre town           (B). the town centre          C. town centre         D. centre town
17. Peter looked at Mary _____.
    (A). happily                 B. happiness                  C. happy               D. All of these
18. Peter left shool _____ the age of 16.
    A. in                        (B). at                       C. on                  D. with
19. Peter didn’t catch _____fish.
    A. any                       B. a                          C. many                (D). All of these
20. My sister can sing, _____ she can’t dance.
    A. and                       B. because                    (C). but               D. so
21. Không có
22. Không có
23. Không có
24. Do you live in Madrid?
    A. Yes, I live               (B). Yes, I do                C. Yes, I am           D. Yes, I does
25. __________? They’re from Britain.
    A. Where are they?                                         B. Where do they from?
    (C). Where are they from?                                  D. Where are you from?
26. __________?                               - Very interesting.
    A. Is Paris interesting?     B. What is Paris          (C). What is Paris like      D. How is Paris like
27. _____ did he stop making films?           - Because he died suddenly
    A. When                      (B). Why                      C. How                 D. What
28. You seem to like sweets. _____, I buy sweets every week.
    (A). So do I              B. So I do                   C. So am I             D. So I am
29. How is your brother?                  - He is _____.
    A. good                   (B). well                    C. old                 D. right
30. __________?                           - Very friendly and kind.
    (A). What are these people like                        B. What do these people like
    C. Are these people friendly and kind                  D. How are these people like

II – VOCABULARY – Chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất.
31. Which word is different from the others?
    A. shop assistant         B. bus driver               (C). cousin               D. fireman
32. He looks after somebody means He _____ him/her?
    A. looks care of          (B). take care of           C. follows                D. cares after
33. He is very _____. He likes talking a lot.
    A. active                 (B). talkative              C. passive                D. friendly
34. He answered the question immediately.
    (A). at once              B. correctly                C. completely             D. suddenly
35. Doris Dream is a famous film _____.
    A. speaker                (B). star                   C. dancer                 D. person
36. A customer is a person who _____ things.
    (A). buys                 B. sells                    C. acts                   D. sings
37. A _____ serves food and drinks in a restaurant?
    (A). waiter               B. sister                   C. nurse                  D. customer
38. _____ translates things.
    A. a mechanic             (B). an interpreter         C. a journalist           D. a baker
39. What _____ of music do you like?       - Rock
    A. color                  B. size                     (C). kind                 D. shape
40. What _____ do you like best?           - Badminton and football.
    A. sorts                  (B). sports                 C. colours                D. types

III – READING – Chọn từ đã cho điền vào chỗ trống.
    I’m _____(41) student at Floride University. I want to travel a lot, and I want to help people, _____(42) I
want to become a doctor. I’m very interested _____(43) travel and the world. I often travel with my father.
With _____(44) I travel all over the world. I love art, but I can’t draw _____(45). _____(46) the walls of my
room. I have a map of the world and photos of my family. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. My
morther and my father _____(47) good cooks. My father does more cooking than morther. My family is very
important _____(48) me. My morther is from Cuba, _____(49) my father is from England. Music is a large
part of _____(50) life. My favorite music is rock and roll. I can play the guitar and participate in a band at
high school. I’m learning to play the piano, but it’s very hard.

41.     (A). a                B. an                        C. the                   D. Ф
42.     (A). also             B. too                       C. two                   D. to
43.     A. about              B. to                        (C). in                  D. on
44.     A. he                 (B). him                     C. his                   D. he’s
45.     A. good               B. bad                       (C). well                D. nice
46.     A. at                 B. to                        C. in                    (D). on
47.     A. is                 (B). are                     C. does                  D. do
48.     (A). with             B. of                        C. on                    D. at
49.     (A). and              B. or                        C. so                    D. because
50.     (A). my               B. mine                      C. me                    D. mine’s

III – READING WITH MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS – Đọc đoạn văn và trả lời câu hỏi
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