EARLY YEARS FUNDING             -     GREAT NEWS

You will all be aware (especially those providers who deliver free education sessions
for 3 and 4 year olds) that there will be changes nationally in the way providers will
be able to offer these sessions (more flexibly), and increase provision from 12 ½
hours to 15 hours per week (for 38 weeks) by 2010/11. Whilst this seems a long way
off, there is lots of work for us to do in preparing ourselves to deliver this offer.

The Great News is – Liverpool has been selected as one of 15 Local Authorities to
be a 2nd wave pilot area to introduce this increased and more flexible offer – to begin
in September 2008. It’s great news, in that the pilot status is bringing additional
funding to introduce the programme ahead of the national requirement, and it gives
us the opportunity to develop innovative approaches – and other Local Authorities
can learn from our work. We want to ensure 100% of 3 and 4 year olds are
encouraged to take up this offer.

Don’t panic too much!! There will be lots of information, contact, consultation and
discussion over the next 6 months to get us off to a flying start. There will be
national and local media reports publicising this in the near future.

We really do need to have childcare providers and nursery schools/classes engaged
with these discussions and this process.

You will remember that last month that I sent an invitation to all settings who deliver
Early Years Education asking that expressions of interest be shown by managers/
owners who would like to participate and actively contribute to a Working Group who
will oversee and steer the implementation and delivery of this initiative (before we
knew we were a pilot authority!) I made it clear that if more than one setting
expressed interest, then I would share with the sector those names and a brief
resume so that the sector can decide who they would want to represent their views.

I am delighted that 3 settings submitted their names. As there was only 1 sessional
provider, this setting will be asked to join the working group as I believe it is
important to have all sectors represented on such an important issue.

The Sessional representative is Barbara Ord, from Christ the King Play Group.

Schools are also represented on this group by Louise Boyd, Headteacher, East
Prescot Road Nursery School and Jan Potter, Headteacher, Belle Vale Primary
School. There is therefore representation from a Nursery School and Nursery Class.

Childminders will be represented by Dorothy Harrison, Childminder Network Co-
ordinator – on the basis that Childminders may be eligible to offer the free education
sessions when delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage.

I would be grateful if you would therefore select one of the following settings to
represent full day care providers. As this representative will be for a specific sector,
it is only fair that the specific sector selects. Therefore, please only respond to this if
you are a full day care provider.

Please tick the box of the person you would like to represent full day care providers
on this working group. Please remember, you should only respond to this if you are
a full day care provider.


I have worked voluntarily at Gwladys Street Primary for 9 years and attended JMU to
carry out a Specialist Teacher Assistant course (passed with distinction). I then
carried out teacher training and graduated as a primary teacher in 2000. I started
work in the early years sector as a nursery teacher and manager, and presently
manage a 40+ nursery in Sefton Park. I am also the SENCO at the nursery. I work
as long side the area SENCO and Teacher Adviser to improve the practice within the
settings. This year I have achieved the Early years Professional Status. I look
forward to being a part of a new network focussed on improving childcare in the

I feel I would represent my sector effectively as I have vast experience of childcare
and early years practice, and I have a good knowledge of practices and procedures
which contribute to a good standard of childcare and education.

I select this person


PERC runs a full day care Nursery established in 2003 to care for up to 20 children
aged 6 weeks to 5 years old. We employ 6 full-time and 2 part-time Nursery staff.
Our Nursery Manager has a BA Hons degree in Early Years Management. The
Nursery Staff report to Sally Ross, the PERC Manager, who has put her name
forward for consideration as a Representative on the above Working Group. Our
Nursery team will be directly affected by the introduction of the 15 hours Free
Education Entitlement for 3 and 4 years by 2010 and are therefore well placed to use
their experience to put forward suggestions and views affecting themselves and
therefore other PVI settings.

PERC is uniquely well placed to provide access and feedback from a wide network
of Nursery Education providers in the PVI sector via their Mobile Toy Library Service.
Visiting over 200 childcare groups each year, this provides powerful opportunities to
consult and engage providers in the discussion and preparation for these changes.

Sally Ross also sits on the Steering Group Committee for the LCN 0-25 Network
whose membership covers PVI sector Nursery Education Providers throughout the

I select this person
                             CENTRE/WALTON CHILDREN’S CENTRE.

I am an experienced manager with over 30 yrs experience in childcare. I have
worked in private, voluntary and statutory sector – education and social services.
Between 1993 – 1996 I set up and ran a subsidised Nursery for a Community Trust.
Securing long term funding to ensure sustainability was a key aspect of my role.
In 1996 I was successfully appointed to a management post in Scope, a major
disability organisation.

I have worked in partnership with the Social Services Department to provide daycare
for Children in need, specialising in support for children with disabilities and complex
needs. I was an active member in the evolvement of the Early Years Development
Childcare Partnership in Liverpool in the late 1990s and have remained involved
through the development and delivery of the service I manage and am totally
committed to the visionary objectives of the national 10 year childcare strategy. I
currently manage the only Voluntary Sector Children Centre in the City, and as a
result have vast experience of working and negotiating with the Local Authority in
ensuring that the non statutory sector has a voice and an important role to play in the
delivery of childcare and in supporting children and families.

I have successfully secured National Lottery Funding to establish first fully inclusive
after school and holiday play scheme in City, 1998 and established F2F parent
befriending scheme in Liverpool offering emotional support to parents of disabled
children, 2005. I developed Scope’s Children’s Rights Charter and training pack

I am totally committed to the equality of opportunity and access to mainstream
services for all children; passionate about the rights of all children; believe that
parental choice and wishes have to be acknowledged and that parents, as
advocates for their own child, must be listened to.

I believe that we must not compromise quality in service delivery in order to meet
national targets/objectives

I believe that the introduction of the more flexible increased free early education
sessions is a challenging and ambitious programme, but nevertheless, an exciting
opportunity that will support better outcomes for children and their families, and I feel
able and sufficiently experienced to represent the sector in taking this forward.

I select this person


Position in Setting ……………………………………………………….

Setting Name …………………………………………………………….

You can either telephone, (225 4906) email: (jan.gallagher@liverpool.gov.uk) or post
your response to Jan Gallagher, Principal Officer, Childcare and Family Information
Service, Children’s Services, Municipal Buildings, Dale Street, Liverpool L1 2DH.

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