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                                    A newsletter for the Whitman community                      May 7, 2007
                                                                                                              Vol. 1 No. 35

Range of topics addressed                   Funeral service set for longtime biology prof
at staff breakfast                                                                    						The	funeral	service	for	
  	 A	near-capacity	crowd	of	staff	                                                   Arthur Rempel,	beloved	longtime	
  learned	a	little	about	a	wide	range	of	                                             Whitman	biology	professor,	has	
  issues	and	topics	at	last	week’s	staff	                                             been	set	for	11	a.m.	Friday,	June	
  breakfast	in	Olin	130,	hosted	by Pres-                                              1,	2007,	at	the	First	Congrega-
  ident	George Bridges.	He	opened	the	                                                tional	Church	(corner	of	South	
  final	staff	breakfast	of	the	2006-07	                                               Palouse	and	East	Alder	streets),	
  year	on	a	note	of	gratitude	to	Whit-                                                with	a	luncheon	to	follow.		
  man’s	staff	for	its	work	on	the	recent	                                             						Rempel	passed	away	on	
  class	reunions	and	“very	successful	                                                Tuesday,	May	1,	at	age	97.
  board	meeting.”	                                                                    				Thirty-seven	of	those	years	he	
  	 Among	his	announcements:	the	                                                     spent	infusing	“generations	of	
  appointment	of	new	trustees	and	new	                                                Whitman	students	with	a	love	for	
  overseers;	approval	of	general	plans	                                               biology	and	the	world	of	nature,”	
  to	renovate	Olin	Hall,	Maxey	Hall,	                                                 said	interim	Dean	of	the	Faculty	
  Harper	Joy	Theatre	and	Sherwood	                                                    Timothy Kaufman-Osborn.
  Center;	the	process	of	presenting	the	                                              				Following	his	retirement,	
  vision	for	the	future	of	the	college	                                               Rempel	spent	decades	more	
  that	may	be	the	impetus	for	a	capital	                                              devoted	to	the	lifelong	learning	
  campaign;	and	news	that	student	                                                    of	alumni,	who	were	thrilled	to	
  debt	for	Whitman	graduates	dropped	                                                 join	the	expeditions	he	led	from	
  by	$1,000	this	year.                      Arthur Rempel                             the	Antarctic	to	Africa	well	into	
  	 Director	of	Admission	Kevin Dyerly	                                               his	80s.
  reported	on	applications	for	the	         				Rempel	was	born	in	Ukraine	in	1910	and	came	to	the	United	States	
  2007-08	year.	A	record	3,050	appli-       with	his	siblings	following	his	parents’	deaths	during	the	Russian	Revo-
  cations	have	been	received	to	date,	      lution.	He	earned	his	bachelor	of	arts	degree	from	Oberlin	College	in	
  and	the	incoming	class	will	be	“the	      1934,	and	his	Ph.D.	from	the	University	of	California	at	Berkeley	in	
  most	diverse	in	Whitman’s	history,”	      1938.	That	same	year	he	began	teaching	at	Whitman,	where	he	
  Dyerly	said.	                             remained	until	his	retirement	in	1976.
  	 Other	topics	discussed:                 	 In	1970,	Rempel	received	the	Town-Gown	award	for	his	service	to	the	
  • Holiday	decorating	survey               college	and	Walla	Walla	communities.	In	1981,	he	received	a	distin-
  • Appointment	versus	election	of	         guished	service	award	at	Whitman	and	was	named	a	fellow	of	the	Amer-
  	 Staff	Fringe	Benefits	Committee	        ican	Association	of	the	Advancement	for	Science.	In	1987,	the	college	
  	 members	                                awarded	him	an	honorary	doctor	of	science	degree.
  • “Smart”	classrooms                      	 “I	learned	in	my	first	year	at	Whitman	(1975)	how	great	an	influence	
  • Completion	of	the	Park	Street	          Art	Rempel	had	been	on	his	students,”	said	Charles Drabek,	the	biology	
  	 bridge	(tentatively	May	18)             professor	who	holds	the	endowed	chair	in	Rempel’s	name.	“Whenever	I	
  • Security	in	the	wake	of	the	Virginia	   attend	an	alumni	event,	I	constantly	have	alums	from	recent	years	to	
  	 Tech	tragedy                            several	decades,	ask	about	Art	and	share	with	me	how	grateful	they	
  • Recycling	(see	next	issue	of		          were	for	his	teaching	and	guidance.”	
  	 The Fountain)	                          	 Rempel’s	spirit	and	legacy	will	live	on	at	Whitman	through	the	
  • Use	of	Whitman’s	athletic	fields	       endowed	chair,	a	lectureship	and	a	greenhouse	that	bear	his	name.	
  	 by	dog	owners                           	 He	is	survived	by	his	wife	of	nearly	73	years,	Lucile.
  • Staff	Development	Day	(June	5)          	 	
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Faculty and Staff Accomplishments
  	 Thomas Knight,	visiting	assistant	professor	of	biology,	and	Leena Knight,	post-
  doctoral	fellow	of	biology,	recently	participated	with	Whitman	students	Martin	
  Bomalaski	’07,	Daryl	Gasca	’07	and	Robbie	Munday	’07	in	the	21st	National	
  Conference	on	Undergraduate	Research	at	Dominican	University	of	California	in	
  San	Rafael.	Some	2,200	undergraduates	from	more	than	250	colleges	and	
  universities	attended	the	three-day	event.	“The	conference	gives	Whitman	
  students	an	opportunity	to	recognize	just	how	competitive	their	research	experi-
  ences	are	relative	to	colleges	and	universities	across	the	United	States,”	said	
  Leena	Knight.	“Whitman	offers	its	students	fantastic	research	environments	—	or	
  funding	opportunities	to	go	to	other	institutes	—	and	this	is	no	small	feat	consid- THOMAS AND LEENA KNIGHT
  ering	Whitman’s	location	and	size.”	Bomalaski	presented	the	results	of	his	work	
  on	a	treatment	strategy	for	patients	suffering	from	sleep	apnea.	Gasca	shared	his	work	on	molecular	mechanisms	
  of	neuronal	development	in	a	culture	preparation.	Munday	presented	his	research	on	myelination,	a	crucial	process	
  in	neuronal	communication	in	the	brain.	Next	fall,	the	Knights	will	share	a	tenure-track	position	as	assistant	profes-
  sors	of	biology.

Men’s tennis coach leads team to 12th in nation with 24-8 season
  	 Whitman	head	tennis	coach	Jeff Northam ’88	led	his	team	to	the	college’s	best	men’s	tennis	season	in	two	
  decades.	The	season	came	to	an	end	Sunday,	May	6,	with	a	closer-than-it-looks	8-1	loss	at	DePauw	University	in	
  Round	16	of	the	NCAA	Div.	III	National	Championships	in	Greencastle,	Ind.	DePauw,	ranked	eighth	in	the	nation,	
  sealed	the	win	by	winning	a	number	of	close	matches	in	singles.	Whitman,	ranked	No.	12	nationally,	finished	with	a	
  24-8	season	mark.	Jake	Cappel,	a	freshman	from	River	Park,	Ill.,	scored	Whitman’s	lone	team	point	with	a	6-3,	6-3	
  at	No.	5	singles.	The	loss	came	one	day	after	the	Missionaries	whipped	Albion	College	8-1	in	a	second-round	
  match.	Northam,	associate	professor	of	sport	studies,	played	tennis	at	Whitman	and	was	on	the	1986	men’s	
  tennis	team	that	made	it	to	the	national	semifinals.	He	is	a	two-time	Northwest	Conference	Coach	of	the	year,	and	
  his	2000	tennis	team	won	the	NWC	title.

Faculty Spotlight: Alberto S. Galindo
                                                              Department:	Foreign	Languages	and	Literatures	
                                                              Education:	B.A.,	University	of	Puerto	Rico;	M.A.,	Ph.D.,	
                                                              Princeton	University	
                                                              Birthplace: San	Juan,	Puerto	Rico
                                                              Years at Whitman:	One
                                                              Courses 2006-07:	“Rise	of	Latinos	in	the	United	
                                                              States,”	“Latinos	in	the	United	States	after	9/11,”	
                                                              “Advanced	Spanish:	Topics	in	Contemporary	Hispanic	
                                                              Favorite writers: William	Faulkner,	Jorge	Luis	Borges,	
                                                              Sophocles,	Reinaldo	Arenas,	Fernando	Vallejo,	
                                                              Ian	McEwan
                                                              Influential thinkers:	Michel	Foucault,	Franco	Moretti,	
                                                              Ricardo	Piglia
                                                              Favorite filmmakers:	Ingmar	Bergman,	Lucrecia	Martel,	
                                                              Alejandro	González	Iñárritu,	Alejandro	Amenábar
  Favorite artists:	Cindy	Sherman,	Diane	Arbus,	Guillermo	Kuitca,	Mona	Hatoum
  Interests:	Minimalism
  Recent accomplishment:	A	production	of	Mexican	performance	artist	Guillermo	Gómez-Peña’s	“Border	Brujo”	by	
  Galindo’s	students.	Gómez-Peña’s	text	explores	the	tensions	at	the	Mexico-U.S.	border.
  Why I teach:	“For	the	possibility	of	exchanging	and	sharing	ideas.”
  Favorite aspect of Whitman:	“The	students.	And	not	owning	(or	needing)	a	car.”
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Video feature, new design coming to Whitman Web site
  	 Last	week	you	may	have	seen	video	crews	
  shooting	interviews	and	scenes	throughout	
  campus.	Footage	from	the	shoot	will	be	used	
  for	a	new	feature	for	the	Whitman	Web	site	
  that	will	target	prospective	students	with	an	
  “experiential	tour”	of	campus.	It	will	reflect	
  Whitman’s	outstanding	academic	program	
  and	the	myriad	opportunities	for	co-curricular	
  	 Come	June,	you’ll	see	some	dynamic	
  changes	to	the	Whitman	Web	site,	including	
  a	new	design	for	the	home	page	and	interior	
  template	pages,	and	updated	copy	in	several	
  key	areas.	Although	the	new	video	feature	
  won’t	be	live	for	several	months,	in	June	you	
  will	see	another	new	home	page	feature	         At left, Michelle Janning, associate professor of sociology, prepares for her video inter-
  called	“Uniquely	Whitman,”	a	series	of	         view. At her right is Kimberly Teske Fetrow ’96 of Image Works Media Group, Pasco,
  program	and	people	profiles.	The	design	
  change	reflects	a	more	dynamic	look	and	accommodates	easier	navigation.	
  	 The	staff	and	faculty	portal	pages	will	remain	virtually	unchanged,	other	than	to	be	placed	into	the	new	design.	
  Stay	tuned	to	The Fountain	and	e-mail	announcements	for	more	news	about	the	Web	site.	Questions?	Call	or		
  e-mail	Ruth Wardwell,	director	of	communications,	wardwers@whitman.edu	or	x5768.

In Memoriam
  Sandy Kimball,	longtime	Whitman	Bookstore	employee,	passed	away	April	28,	2007,	at	age	
  65.	Kimball	began	her	term	at	the	college	in	1976	as	secretary	to	the	director	of	the	Student	
  Center.	Five	years	later,	she	was	promoted	to	textbook	buyer	in	the	bookstore.	Kimball	held	the	
  latter	position	for	25	years,	leaving	Whitman	in	April	2006	due	to	illness.	
  	 		“Sandy’s	dedication	to	her	work,	her	passion	for	Whitman’s	students	and	her	commitment	to	
  the	Whitman	community	that	exemplified	her	30	years	with	the	college	will	be	sorely	missed,”	
  said	Douglas Carlsen ’74,	director	of	the	bookstore.	
  	 A	memorial	service	is	planned	for	Friday,	May	11,	at	3	p.m.	in	Cordiner	Hall.		Memorial	contribu- KIMBALL
  tions	may	be	made	to	Planned	Parenthood,	YMCA	or	a	charity	of	the	donor’s	choice	through	Herring-Groseclose	
  Funeral	Home,	315	W.	Alder.	St.
  	 In	her	youth,	Kimball	enjoyed	sports	and	excelled	at	swimming.	She	attended	Lewis	and	Clark	State	College	and	
  received	a	bachelor’s	degree	in	education	from	the	University	of	Idaho.	She	taught	at	Capitol	High	School	in	Boise,	
  Idaho,	and	was	the	school’s	first	woman	athletic	director.	The	family	moved	to	Dayton,	Ohio,	where	she	taught	
  school,	and	then	to	Walla	Walla,	where	she	began	her	career	at	Whitman.
  	 She	is	survived	by	her	husband,	Stephen,	at	their	Walla	Walla	home,	and	a	son	and	daughter.
  Patricia McGregor, coordinator	of	Whitman	College’s	Summer	Dance	Lab	for	a	number	of	years,	died	April	17,	
  2007,	at	age	80.	
  	 McGregor	was	born	in	San	Francisco.	She	began	modeling	as	a	teenager	and	modeled	through	her	college	years	
  at	UC	Berkeley,	continuing	in	that	career	into	her	30s.
  	 While	in	Washington	state,	she	served	on	the	boards	of	directors	of	the	First	Chamber	Dance	Company	in	
  Seattle	and	the	Spokane	Symphony.	She	moved	to	Tiburon,	Calif.,	in	1990.	
  	 A	funeral	service	for	McGregor	was	held	April	25,	2007,	in	San	Francisco,	Calif.	She	is	survived	by	two	sons.
  Mary Louise Lonneker,	former	Whitman	Bookstore	and	post	office	employee,	died	April	15,	2007,	at	age	69.	
  	 Lonneker	graduated	from	Walla	Walla	High	School	in	1955	and	attended	Lewis	and	Clark	College.	She	was	the	
  trade	book	manager	in	the	Whitman	Bookstore	from	1976-1981	and	the	post	office	assistant	from	1992-1996.	
  	 She	is	survived	by	two	daughters,	a	son,	and	five	grandchildren,	including	Spring	Lonneker	who	plans	to	attend	
  Whitman	next	year.
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Faculty, staff join in Duckfest fun
      	 The	“UPS,”	“Friar	Duck”	and	“Duckus	Topiarus”	Duckfest	
      ducks	sprung	from	the	imaginations	of	faculty	and	staff.
      	 “UPS”	(shown	top	right),	was	fashioned	by	the	post	office	
      crew	headed	by	supervisor	Marge Jessee.	You	can	visit	the	
      duck	at	the	post	office	in	Reid	Campus	Center.
      	 “Friar	Duck”	(at	right)	sprung	from	the	imagination	of	
      Kendra Golden,	associate	professor	of	biology,	and	her	
      daughters,	Oriana,	7,	and	Tierra,	3.	You	can	find	their	duck	
      at	the	outside	entrance	to	the	old	Science	Building.
      	 “Duckus	Topiarus”	(above)	was	created	by	Jen Johnson,	
      interlibrary	loan	supervisor,	and	Dona LaFran,	administrative	
      assistant	at	Penrose	Library.	You	can	check	out	(not	literally)	
      “Duckus	Topiarus”	in	the	library	next	to	the	computer	kiosk.
      	 All	the	Duckfest	ducks	will	be	on	display	until	at	least	May	17,	according	to	Margot	Wielgus	’08,	one	of	the	cura-
      tors	of	Stevens	Gallery.	She	and	co-curators	Shelby	Blessing	’07	and	Mallory	Powers	’09	organized	the	annual	
      event	for	the	gallery.	

Want to join the Relay for Life? Now’s the time
      	 Last	year	Mary Luckstead,	administrative	assistant	for	Human	Resources,	walked	for	5½	hours	on	graveyard	
      shift	to	help	in	the	battle	against	cancer.	Dave Holden,	sports	information	director,	raised	$530	for	the	cause.	They	
      were	among	dozens	of	campus	community	members	who	participated	in	this	national	event.
      	 This	year	Whitman	hopes	to	field	an	even	larger	team	of	faculty,	staff	and	their	families	for	one	of	the	American	
      Cancer	Society’s	signature	events.	The	2007	edition	of	Relay	for	Life	will	begin	at	noon	Saturday,	June	23,	and	end	
      24	hours	later	at	noon	Sunday,	June	24.	To	participate,	contact	Juli Dunn,	associate	professor	of	sport	studies,	at	
      dunnjl@whitman.edu.	Last	year’s	team	raised	$1,100	for	the	ACS;	Dunn	aims	to	better	that	total	this	year.	

WhiTrivia answer
     	 Last	week’s	WhiTrivia	wasn’t	designed	as	a	trick	question,	but	it	turned	out	to	be	one.	The	
     culprit	was	a	little	compound	modifier	—	“well-rounded.”	Counting	“well-rounded”	as	one	word,	
     the	31st	and	72nd	words	in	Whitman’s	mission	statement	are	“learning”	and	“residential.”	
     Forgetting	the	hyphen	and	thinking	of	“well-rounded”	as	two	words	produces	“rigorous”	and	
     “supportive”	as	words	31	and	72	in	the	statement.	In	truth,	all	four	words	speak	to	the	
     college’s	academic	culture,	so	everyone	who	responded	should	consider	themselves	winners.	
     In	order	of	response,	they	are:	Amy Bruner, Lina Menard, Barbara Stubblefield, Darla Gwinn,
     Juli Dunn, Carol Carr, Malcolm Dunn and	Barbaraella Frazier.	JoAnn Collins	also	uncovered	
     the	word	“nurturing”	to	go	along	with	“learning”	from	a	previous	mission	statement.	

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