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									                                                                  Appendix 7

BIG Lottery Fund Consultation – Phase 2


1.   The Big Lottery Fund (BLF) is the new body for distributing money from
     the Lottery to the charitable and voluntary sectors.

2.   The BLF has come about as a result of the merger of two of the former
     distributing bodies the National Lottery Charities Board and the New
     Opportunities Fund.

3.   The 1st consultation response was agreed by cabinet at its meeting on
     13th September 2004. This consultation was to determine the
     overarching priorities and themes of the proposed BLF. As a result of
     this first consultation BLF determined four priority themes, these themes
      People better able to contribute to their communities through
          improved life skills
      More people actively involved in their communities and able to make
          a difference to their local areas.
      Enhanced rural and urban environments, which communities are
          better able to access and enjoy
      People and communities more physically active and better able to
          make choices about healthier eating

     This is the 2nd phase of the consultation exercise and is due to end on
     7th January 2005. This phase is to determine the priorities for funding
     within each of the four themes as determined as a result of the 1st

Policy Context
4.   The Big Lottery Fund themes and outcomes are consistent with the
     policy outcomes set out in the Council’s ‘Towards 2010’ document.


5.   Cabinet is asked to endorse the attached response to the Big Lottery
     Fund Phase 2 consultation exercise.


6.   There has been no external consultation undertaken in preparing this
Alternative Options

7.   There are no alternative options. It is in the best interests of the Council
     to respond to the second consultation on the Big Lottery Fund.

Implications of Recommended Option

8.   Equal Opportunities Implications – Nil

9.   Crime and Disorder Implications – Nil

10. Environmental Implications – Nil

11. Human Rights Implications – Nil

12. Ward Implications – Nil

Background Information

Big Lottery Fund Phase 2 Consultation Questionnaire

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