17 July 1998 The funeral of Tsar Nicholas II

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					           17 July 1998: The funeral of Tsar Nicholas II

On 17 July 1998, eighty years to the day after their murder in the cellar of the Ipatiev
House at Ekaterinburg, the earthly remains of Emperor Nicholas II, his family, Dr
Botkin and the three faithful servants were finally laid to rest in St Petersburg´s Saint
Peter and Paul Cathedral. Over fifty members of the Romanov Family and their close
relatives traveled to Russia from all corners of the world, from Australia, North and
South America and Europe. President Yeltsin announced his presence at the
ceremonies as well as many ambassadors, politicians and prominent personalities.
From Britain, Prince Michael of Kent and from Germany members of the Oldenburg
dynasty, both closely related to the Romanovs.

                  St Catherine Chapel, St Peter and Paul Cathedral
                            St Petersburg, 17 July 1998.
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1. Xenia Andreevna.
2. Michael Andreevich and wife Giulia.
3. Nicholas Romanovich and wife Sveva.
4. Andrew Andreevich sen. and wife Ines.
5. Nikita Nikitich and wife Janet.
6. Dimitri Romanovich and wife Dorrit
7. Paul Dimitrievich and wife Angelika, with granddaughter Audrey de Young.
8. Rostislav Rostislavich sen. and wife Tia.
9. Olga Andreevna, and her son Francis Matthew.
10. Natalia Nikolaievna and her daughter Nicoletta.
11. Alexis Andreevich and wife Zoetta.
12. Paula Pavlovna and her children Alexander and Makena Comisar.
13. Michael Pavlovich.
14. Peter Andreevich.
15. Andrew Andreevich jun. and wife Elizabeth.
16. Feodor Nikitich.
17. Catherine Dimitrievna.
18. Alexandra Rostislavna.
19. Rostislav Rostislavich jun.
20. Nikita Rostislavich.


21. Nicoletta Arcelus, daughter of Princess Catherine Ioannovna with her sons Victor-
John and Sebastian, with Julia Renner.
22. Fiammetta Zanelli, daughter of Princess Catherine Ioannovna with her husband
Mr. Ideal Zanelli and son Alessandro.
23. Tatiana Beadleston, daughter of Marina Vasilievna.
24. Nancy Wynkoop, daughter of Princess Xenia Gheorgievna.
25. Xenia Sfiris, granddaughter of Princess Irina Alexandrovna.
26. Michael of Kent, grandson of Grand Duchess Helen Wladimirovna.
27. Natalia Iskander, granddaughter of Grand Duke Nicholas Constantinovich.
28. George Yurjevsky, great grandson of Emperor Alexander II.
29. Emmanuil Golitzin, great-grandson of Grand Duchess Catherine Mihailovna.
30. Huno of Oldenburg, great-great-great-great grandson of Grand Duchess Helen
Pavlovna and his family.

and also:

31. Constantine Melnik, grandson of Dr E. Botkin with his granddaughter.
32. Mr Haritonov, grandson of the cook Ivan Haritonov.
33. Natalie Demidova, grand-niece of the maid Anna Demidova.


Afghanistan: Ambassador A.V. Assefi and First Secretary G.S. Gheyrat.
Australia: Ambassador D.R. Bentley & Mrs Bentley.
Belarus: Ambassador Grigorjev.
Chad: Ambassador D. Abdul.
Denmark: Ambassador Christian Hoppe.
Equatorial Guinea: Chargé d'Affaires pro-tempore Ambassador A.H. Ngena
Finland: Ambassador M. Liura.
France: Ambassador Hubert Colin de Verdier and M. Olivier Mauvisseau, Consul
General in St Petersburg.
Germany: Ambassador Ernst-Jorg von Studnitz.
Ghana: Ambassador Dj.E. Bava and Minister Counsellor Mrs. N. Bema Kumi.
Great Britain: Ambassador Sir Andrew Wood and Mr. John W. Guy Consul General
in St Petersburg.
Guatemala: The Ambassador, pro-tempore 'doyen' of the Diplomatic Corps.
Holy See: Archbishop Mgr Bukovsky and the representative in Russia Archbishop
Mgr Tadeusz Kondruszevicz.
Hungary: Ambassador D. Nanowski and his wife Mrs M. Heresch and Attaché: T.
Indonesia: Ambassador Shahiono.
Italy: Ambassador E. Scammacca del Murgo e dell'Agnone and Baroness Scammacca
del Murgo e dell'Agnone.
Jamaica: Ambassador H.D. Anderson.
Kenya: Ambassador D.I. Katambana and Mrs Katambana.
Korean Republic: Ambassador Mrs Li In Ho & Counsellor Mr Kim Il Su.
Nicaragua: Ambassador J. Bautista Saxa.
Nigeria: Chargé d'Affaires pro-tempore Mr V.O. Akinsania.
Qatar: Ambassador B.O. Al-Dafa.
Sovereign Military Order of Malta: Frà M. Turnauer, Representive in Russia.
Spain: Ambassador J.A. de Iturriaga Barbaran.
Sweden: Ambassador S. Hirdmann and Mr H. Ulsson Consul General in St
Turkey: Ambassador N. Shensoy.
Uganda: Ambassador K. Onyanga Apar.