2009 Memorial Service Timeline

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					                                              DRAFT: April 27, 2009

                          1st Annual Portland Rose Festival
                Danner Memorial Day March & Commemoration Ceremony
                       Remembrance Weekend presented by TriWest Healthcare Alliance
                             Waterfront Village, Tom McCall Waterfront Park
                                        Monday, May 25, 2009

Entire Weekend
        Military Museum Display and Oregon Army National Guard Display inside Waterfront Village
        Danner Tribute Wall inside Waterfront Village
        Marching Bands playing patriotic music up and down Naito Parkway
1:00 pm Danner Memorial Day March Assembles
         North of Waterfront Village in new plaza just south of Burnside Bridge.
         March Vehicles and Support vehicles park under Burnside Bridge with prior approval only.
1:30 pm Danner Memorial Day March Begins
        Bugle calls Assembly
        Portland Police Highland Guard leads Memorial Day March to Naito Parkway
1:35 pm Danner Memorial Day March Participants process along Naito Parkway
       to either Salmon Springs Amphitheater, Bowl or Police Memorial
        March to include members of Oregon Army National Guard, Patriot Guard Riders, a variety of US Flags, multiple
        service Color Guard, Court, Royal Rosarians, state & city dignitaries, bands, uniformed soldiers (current, WWII,
        Civil War, Revolutionary War ), vets (including disabled), Cavalry Soldiers, military vehicles & equipment, etc.
2:15 pm Memorial Day Commemoration, start of Tribute Salute
       Presentation of Colors (Oregon Army National Guard) (8 minutes)
       MC – Welcome and intros Rose Festival President Robert Hansen (3 minutes)
       President Robert Hansen – Intro: mentions free admission, Danner Tribute Wall, Amy Clawson concert.
             Leads in to the meaning of Memorial Day and intros Featured Speaker Abe Lincoln (3 minutes)
        Featured Speaker (Abe Lincoln) – Gettysburg Address and Prepared Script (10 minutes)
        MC – introduces Kelly Carr (<1 minute)
        Singer (Kelly Carr) - “Salute to the Troops” – Honorary tribute to every branch of the US Military with a
             presentation of colors by servicemen of each branch. (8 minutes)
       MC – intros Spiritual Speaker (1 minute)
       Spiritual Speaker – Inspirational Speech (5 minutes)
       MC – asks everyone to join in a Moment of Silence directly following Taps (1 minute)
2:59 pm – Bugle plays Taps
3:00 pm – Moment of Silence
3:02 pm – Jet and Helicopter Flyover with Singer (Kelly Carr) - National Anthem (5 minutes)
3:07 pm – 21 Gun Salute (directly after the end of National Anthem)
3:08 pm – Pipe Band Performance, Portland Police Highland Guard – "Amazing Grace"
3:08 pm – Conclusion of Ceremony
       Portland Police Highland Guard proceed through Waterfront Village gates and down fairway
       Salvation Army band remains, playing patriotic songs for 5 to 15 minutes
3:30 pm – Hour Long Concert , BI-MART Singer Amy Clawson at the Dex World Rhythms Stage
4:30 pm – Photo Opportunity with Abe Lincoln at the Dex World Rhythms Stage
5:30 pm – Hour Long Concert , BI-MART Singer Amy Clawson at the Dex World Rhythms Stage

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                          503.227.2681 • fax 503.227.6603 • www.RoseFestival.org