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									American Harp Society – Pittsburgh Chapter
16 September, 2008 7:09 pm
Title of Meeting: Second 2008-2009 meeting of Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Harp Society

Location: Panera Bread Restaurant, Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh

Attendees: Gretchen Van Hoesen, President; Denise Ventura, Treasurer; Julia Ann Scott, Secretary; Craig
Johnson, Becky Yuille, and April Howsare. Lucy Scandrett arrived late.

Welcome by Chapter President
    •   Gretchen Van Hoesen called the meeting to order at 7:09 pm.
    •   Debbie Vallin, Vice President, as well as Lucy Scandrett, Richard LeBeau, and Barbara Hicks sent
        their regrets.

The Minutes
    •   The minutes from the July 21st, 2008 meeting were read by Julia Ann Scott, Chapter Secretary.

The Treasurer’s Report
    •   Denise Ventura, chapter treasurer, reported that the chapter’s last recorded balance stood at
        $6,194.36. She submitted a financial report covering the period from 6-21-08 to 9-16-08. She
        said the membership stood at 14 members so far. She also mentioned that he last treasurer had
        left her with only the ending balance and checkbook as records.
    •   Craig Johnson suggested using the software program Microsoft Money to keep track of the
        chapter’s money on a long-term basis, saying ‘it is more important to go forward keeping
        records, rather than worrying about rebuilding the past. A spreadsheet is fine.”

Memorial Service for Alice Chalifoux
    •   Gretchen mentioned that Suzanne Hershey and Eldon Gatwood would probably be attending the
        memorial service for Alice Chalifoux, and asked if other members were interested in attending.

Music Education Evaluation Auditions
    •   Cheryl D. Cunningham will be sent by the National AHS from Philadelphia with expenses pre-paid.
        Other judges under consideration are Marina di Pretorio or Stephanie Tretick.
    •   Gretchen wrote a letter to the local members as well as re-did the adjudication form, and asked
        for assistance in editing it from the Board members present at the meeting.
    •   Denise suggested a postcard could be mailed about the regulation; Julia suggested including it in
        the newsletter also.
    •   Gretchen reported asking Lucy about the $100 grant. Lucy promised to look into the budget.
        Lucy also said that the AHS handbook is on-line, yet is due to be revised. She said that since the
        National AHS will contribute $150, it will only cost our chapter $450 this year.
    •   April Howsare will get the lunches for the Adjudicators, as well as take digital photographs of the
        performers; Denise Ventura will arrive early to set up the room; Gretchen will make sure there is
        one lever harp and one pedal harp available and is not planning on bringing an 85 Petite. Lucy
        will coordinate the 85 Petite. Gretchen will request the certificates. She asked that exams be
        taken in the same room with the performers.

Harp Technicians’ Visits
    •   Gretchen gave a favorable report on Tom Bell’s visit, saying “he was incredibly thorough.”
    •   Ed Galchick, who is Lyon & Healy certified, will be in Pittsburgh starting Nov. 1st, 2009.

Park Stickney Concert Weekend
    •   Gretchen reported that CMU will donate $300 if we hold the Stickney event at CMU.
   •   Craig said that he and Gretchen had met with Rose Piccioni, Director of Community Partnership
       at MCG, who said they were very interested but not for this year and can’t budget it until the ’09-
       ’10 season. She said she wanted to build it into a bigger event, using a “Splash and Dash”
   •   Craig said that we set a $2000 limit on what we could contribute to an event with MCG.
   •   They (MCG) proposed a three-day weekend event, including a Friday jam session at CAPA, as
       Saturday session or workshop at MCG, and a Sunday concert, possibly with other local
       performers involved.
   •   Gretchen pointed out that “we need to know if this is really happening at least by January.”
   •   Craig Johnson said that he has already drafted a proposal. Gretchen asked that he add an
       addendum asking for a commitment to the schedule.
   •   Craig Johnson reported that MCG was interested in negotiating with Park for a lower overall fee
       by offering to make a professional recording for him.

Alternative Events (in lieu of having Park Stickney this year)
   •   Gretchen Van Hoesen suggested having an evening of Flute and Harp music as an alternative
   •   Julia Scott suggested a social evening for the Chapter patterned after events she has attended at
       other chapters, such as a potluck dinner for the general membership.

Sivan Magen Concert
   •   Duquesne has donated $750 towards the concert. Magen’s fee is $1000.
   •   Recital date is March 28th at 4pm. We have the PNC Recital Hall from 3-7 pm that day. Master
       Class date is March 29th, 10am – 3pm.
   •   Gretchen will handle the housing, as well as be Master of Ceremonies for both the Master Class
       and the Concert.
   •   Becky Yuille offered to do the recital program.
   •   Craig Johnson offered to print the tickets.
   •   We need a reception committee (as well as other help) to be determined in January.

Tiffany Concert
   •   Co-Chairs are Gretchen Van Hoesen and Debbie Vallin, assisted by Lucy Scandrett and Becky
   •   April 26, 2009 is the concert, dress rehearsal on the 25th; we have permission to house harps
       overnight at the church.
   •   Debbie Vallin expressed an interest in having a pops focus for the concert.

Chapter Recital
   •   Laura Mason Lockard is offering her house as a venue for the recital in May of 2009. No date
       has been determined at this time.
   •   Gretchen asked that there be a date set by January 15th, 2009.

AHS Pittsburgh Chapter Newsletter
   •   The next newsletter is due out on January 15th. Julia asked to be sent photos of the adjudication
       for the January newsletter.

New Business
   •   Gretchen is planning a massive mailing for the Sivan Magen Weekend.
   •   The next meeting of the Board will take place Tuesday, January 13, 2009, 7:00pm at Panera’s in

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.

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