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How Television Advertising

is Controlled

The ITC is the statutory body created by the Broadcasting Act 1990
to licence and regulate commercial television in the UK. It remit
extends to all commercially funded television services broadcasting
from the UK, including satellite and cable services. The Act requires
the ITC to draw up and enforce a code on advertising standards and
practice. The ITC also has a duty under the Control of Misleading
Advertisements Regulations 1988 to consider complaints about
misleading television advertisements.

The ITC set standards for television advertising through its Code of
Advertising Standards and Practice. This is adopted and reviewed
after wide public consultation. The ITC also consults regularly with
the Government and has a duty to carry out any government
directions about categories of products and services which may or
may not be advertised. In addition, the ITC receives regular advice
on advertising standards from an external advisory committee
comprising representatives of both consumer and advertising

The ITC enforces compliance through a combination of prevetting
requirements and direct intervention. It requires the television
companies it licenses to employ trained staff to check advertising
carefully before accepting it for transmission. In particular they are
required to satisfy themselves that any claims are accurate and,
where appropriate, to inspect documentary evidence or seek the
advice of independent consultants. The majority of television
advertising is vetted by a central body called the Broadcast
Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) who act on behalf of a
number of ITC licensees collectively, including ITV, GMTV,
Channel 4, Channel 5, BSkyB and UK Gold. In practice, most
television advertising is submitted initially in script form and
clearance for film production is given only when the BACC, or the
individual company, is satisfied that there will be no breach of the
rules. Where there is doubt about interpretation of the rules the
television companies are encouraged to seek guidance from the ITC.
These procedures, which are more searching than those applicable to
any other advertising medium, ensure that the vast majority of
advertisements which appear on television do not breach the rules.
The ITC does, however, monitor the finished output closely and
where necessary intervenes to require non-complying advertising to
be withdrawn. A decision by ITC to suspend or discontinue an
advertisement has mandatory and immediate effect and there are
severe sanctions for non-compliance.

The ITC considers all complaints which it receives about advertising
and, where an investigation is necessary, requires the television
companies to submit background material to it promptly so that an
assessment may be made with a minimum of delay.                  All
complainants receive a personal reply to their complaint.

       1   Complaints of Substance

      10   Summary of Other Complaints

      18   Analysis

 of Substance

The following complaints appear to raise issues of substance in relation to the interpretation of
the Code of Advertising Standards and Practice.

                             Advertising agency: Lowe Howard-Spink

          COMPLAINT FROM     1 viewer

     NATURE OF COMPLAINT     The commercial illustrated the benefits of the Braun Oral-B 3D electric
                             toothbrush and included an offer of a gift of "a D7 power toothbrush with
                             every Braun Oral-B 3D". Accompanying visuals showed the packaged
                             versions of both toothbrushes.

                             The complainant purchased an Oxyjet 3D Centre, which included the Oral-B
                             3D toothbrush, but did not receive the free power toothbrush with it. He
                             contacted the advertiser and was told that the offer only applied to the Oral-B
                             3D product when sold on its own. He believed the advertising was misleading
                             as it had failed to make this limitation clear.

              ASSESSMENT     The advertiser argued that the commercial made it clear that the offer related
                             only to purchases of the Oral-B 3D on its own. The visuals of the packaged
                             product at the end of the commercial served to confirm this fact. The Oxyjet
                             Centre, which came in significantly different packaging, was a separate
                             product and was therefore excluded.

                             The ITC judged that viewers were likely to understand from the words used
                             in the commercial that the offer applied to any purchase of an Oral-B 3D
                             toothbrush. It did not believe that they would realise from the brief pack
                             visual of the 3D box alone that the offer would not apply where the
                             toothbrush was bought as part of another product in the range.

                             It therefore agreed with the complainant that the commercial had failed to
                             make clear a significant limitation on the offer and was therefore misleading.
                             The advertising was for a short-term promotion and ceased during the

                  DECISION   Complaint upheld.

                      Advertising agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

   COMPLAINTS FROM    3 viewers

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   The advertisement offered unlimited internet access via BT Internet, at
                      evenings and weekends, for £9.99 a month.

                      The complainants believed that the commercial was misleading as it failed to
                      mention the fact that the offer was only open to credit card holders.

        ASSESSMENT    The advertiser explained that at the time the advertisement had been shown,
                      the service was available to those who could pay the monthly subscription by
                      Visa, Delta or MasterCard. A freephone number had been provided for
                      potential customers to obtain further information about the offer (including
                      payment methods) and service information was also available on the BT
                      Internet web site. Several other payment options had now been added to cater
                      for a wider range of customers.

                      The ITC noted that there were likely to have been a significant number of
                      viewers who would have been unable to take up the advertised offer due to
                      the limited range of payment options then available. This was a significant
                      restriction on the offer that should have been referred to in the commercial.
                      Failure to do so had rendered the advertisement misleading. Additional
                      information provided elsewhere could not be relied on to correct any
                      misleading impression created by the television commercial itself.

                      The BACC stated that they had not been made aware of the restriction on
                      payment methods at the time of approving the commercial. They confirmed
                      that the advertisement was no longer on-air and that they had informed the
                      advertiser that it would need amendment if it were to be shown again.

           DECISION   Complaints upheld.



NATURE OF COMPLAINT   The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) complained that several
                      advertisers in Teletext's cherished number section were misrepresenting
                      vehicle registration numbers that they had for sale. In particular, advertisers
                      were presenting 'millennium' numbers in the form e.g. J2000N instead of J20

        ASSESSMENT    Teletext confirmed that some advertisers had been presenting the registration
                      numbers that they had for sale in an incorrect format and this situation had
                      been rectified immediately on receipt of the complaint.

                      Whilst the ITC welcomed the prompt action taken by Teletext, it considered
                      that the advertising had been misleading and advised Teletext to ensure
                      greater vigilance in this area in future.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.


    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   The advertiser offered four-night family breaks in Yorkshire from £136. A
                      viewer who tried to book one of these breaks was advised that the cheapest
                      price that could be offered was £218. She complained that the advertising
                      was misleading.

        ASSESSMENT    The advertiser reported that they had experienced a high demand for the
                      advertised holidays and that they been booked up within the first few days of
                      the advertising appearing on-screen. They advised that they would monitor
                      their advertising more closely in future, and take steps to update their pages
                      more frequently than once a week.

                      The ITC was surprised to hear that in such a fast-moving environment as
                      holiday sales that an advertiser only altered its pages once a week. Whilst the
                      steps proposed by the advertiser were therefore noted, the ITC reminded
                      Teletext that it was ultimately their responsibility as licensee to ensure that
                      advertising was amended promptly. Teletext confirmed that they had taken
                      steps to ensure that this would be done in future. The ITC agreed that the
                      advertising had been misleading.

                      The advertising was altered during the course of the investigation.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.


    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   A three star all inclusive holiday to Majorca was advertised at a price of £219.
                      On calling to book the holiday a viewer was told that it was no longer
                      available and the advertising needed to be amended. The viewer complained
                      to the ITC that the advertising remained on-air for a further eight days after
                      his call.

        ASSESSMENT    No information was provided by either the advertiser or Teletext as to why
                      the advertising was not amended to remove the reference to the holiday.

                      The ITC judged that the advertising had been misleading.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.


    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   Advertising for this travel company stated "call holidays by freefone now". A
                      viewer complained that this was misleading because the telephone number
                      given was not a freephone number but a national rate number.

        ASSESSMENT    The ITC checked the advertising and found that the telephone number quoted
                      used the prefix 0870. This is a national rate number and is not freephone.

                      The ITC agreed that the advertising was misleading and instructed Teletext to
                      amend all advertising immediately.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.


    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   A viewer reported that when she called to order an item (a steam cleaner)
                      from this home shopping channel, she was told that it had sold out on the
                      previous day.

                      She complained that it was misleading to continue to advertise goods that
                      were not available.

        ASSESSMENT    Ideal World confirmed that although the steam cleaner had sold out earlier in
                      the day, repeat showings of the hour in which it appeared had not indicated
                      that the product was now unavailable. They apologised for the omission,
                      which they attributed to technical problems with their transmission facilities.
                      They also asked that it be noted that their policy in such circumstances was to
                      take the customer's details and to offer them the product at the advertised
                      price when new stock arrived. Future broadcasts would indicate when stock
                      became limited or had sold out.

                      The ITC agreed that the advertising had been misleading and noted the steps
                      Ideal World intended to put in place to prevent future problems of this nature.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.

                      Advertising agency: Leo Burnett

   COMPLAINTS FROM    4 viewers

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   Viewers complained that advertising for McDonalds Chinese Lemon Chicken
                      showed a portion consisting of four or five pieces of chicken when the true
                      portion size sold in stores was only three pieces. They believed the
                      advertising to be misleading.

        ASSESSMENT    The advertiser stated that the television commercial had only shown three
                      pieces of chicken but that one had been cut in half to illustrate that the pieces
                      were whole chicken fillet rather than reconstituted chicken. They provided a
                      still copy of the end-frame of the commercial to show this. The advertiser
                      explained that they always took great care to ensure the accurate
                      representation of their product and that if there had been any
                      misunderstanding about the number of chicken pieces in a portion it was
                      wholly unintentional on their part.

                      The ITC could see from the still photograph provided that the commercial had
                      shown one of the pieces of chicken cut in half but did not believe that this was
                      clear when the commercial was viewed in motion, particularly as there was
                      little colour contrast between the chicken filling and the batter coating. It
                      accepted there had been no intention to mislead, but agreed with the viewers,
                      that the advertising had in fact been misleading in giving an inaccurate
                      impression of the portion size.

                      The advertising finished its run during the course of the investigation.

           DECISION   Complaints upheld.

                      Advertising agency: Simons Palmer

    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   An advertisement for the News of the World began "Get your free Pokemon
                      Preview Video with this weekend's News of the World". A superimposed
                      text line at the end of the commercial stated "Collect tokens. Redeemable at
                      Electronics Boutique."

                      The superimposed text line seemed to contradict the more prominent audio
                      line "with this weekend's News of the World", which gave the impression the
                      video was available with that edition of the newspaper. Furthermore, the
                      complainant observed that the tokens in fact had to be collected from The Sun
                      newspaper as well as the News of the World, and this fact was not mentioned
                      at all in the commercial.

        ASSESSMENT    The BACC pointed out that the commercial did also state in audio "Offer
                      starts only in the News of the World", making it clear that the promotion was
                      not contained within one edition of the newspaper but one that required
                      further action.     Furthermore, this impression was reinforced by the
                      requirement to redeem the tokens at Electronics Boutique. However, the
                      BACC accepted that the two audio lines did not sit easily together.

                      The BACC accepted that the failure to mention the involvement of The Sun
                      newspaper was an error which had not been made apparent to them by the
                      advertiser when the script was submitted for clearance.

                      The ITC acknowledged the points made by the BACC but reminded them that
                      it was important that superimposed text was not used to correct a significant
                      element of a commercial message. On this occasion, it did not believe that
                      the main body of the advertisement made it sufficiently clear that token
                      collection was required to redeem the offer. The omission of the reference to
                      the Sun newspaper merely added to the confusion in this case.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld. The advertising was for a brief period and ceased during
                      the course of the investigation.


        ASSESSMENT    Whilst investigating a complaint, the ITC became aware that advertising for
                      this betting tipster, which operated on a premium rate line, did not contain
                      pricing information or contact details for the service provider. The page
                      appearance suggested that there could have been a technical problem with this
                      transmission. Sky Digital Publishing, who manage the Racing Channel text
                      service, were unable to provide an explanation and suggested that the
                      omission must have been a result of human error.

                      The ITC found the advertising to be in breach of the Code of Advertising
                      Standards and Practice due to the omission of required premium rate

                      Advertising agency: Creative Channel Productions

    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   The advertisement, highlighting current offers available at Pound World
                      stores in the Channel Islands, carried the slogan "Pound World, where
                      everything is only a pound".

                      The complainant believed that the commercial was misleading as some items
                      in the St. Sampson's Pound World were on sale at £10.

        ASSESSMENT    Channel TV argued that viewers would understand that the commercial and
                      any claims in it related only to Pound World's Jersey store, as a visual of this
                      store formed the backdrop to the commercial. All items at the Jersey store
                      cost £1 or less and they therefore believed that the commercial was not
                      misleading. They confirmed, however, that the St. Sampson's store had been
                      carrying a range of clothing priced at £10 per item at the time the advert was
                      shown. They explained that the store (one of five in the Channel Islands)
                      carried over 2000 different lines. The 20 lines of higher priced stock
                      represented less than 1% of the total number of lines in the store.

                      The ITC took the view that viewers were likely to interpret the slogan as an
                      absolute claim that items in all the Channel Island stores would not cost more
                      than a pound. Since in this instance this had proven not to be the case, it
                      agreed with the complainant that the advertising had been misleading.

                      Channel TV confirmed that the advertising was no longer on-air and that a
                      new campaign did not include the slogan.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.


    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   A viewer complained that this long-form teleshopping advertisement gave the
                      impression that a foot-plate was included as part of the Total Gym (a piece of
                      fitness equipment). When she received the product she discovered that a
                      foot-plate was not included, which meant she was unable to perform 'squat'
                      exercises. When the viewer queried the lack of a foot-plate with TV Shop,
                      she was advised that the Total Gym had a 'wing' attachment, rather than a
                      foot-plate, and that she could use that attachment for 'squat' exercises. The
                      viewer, a sports teacher, considered that the 'wing' attachment was
                      inappropriate for such exercises and that, anyway, the advertising had shown
                      a foot-plate. She considered that the advertising had been misleading.

        ASSESSMENT    TV Shop provided the ITC with a copy of the advertising. They reported that
                      for most of the advertisement the exercise machine shown was the Total Gym
                      2000, which does have a foot-plate. The model that the advertising was
                      selling however was the Total Gym 1000, (costing £149.95 plus £9.95 p&p),
                      a lower-priced version of the 2000 machine, which does not have a foot-plate.
                      TV Shop pointed out that whenever the details of how to order the product
                      were given, the commercial went to a split-screen with a box that did show
                      footage of the Total Gym 1000 i.e. the machine without the foot-plate.

                      The ITC considered that the advertising did not make it clear that the model
                      shown for the majority of the advertisement was not the model on sale.
                      Indeed until hearing TV Shop's explanation it had not believed there to be any
                      difference between that model and the one shown in the split-screen 'how to
                      order' section. It referred TV Shop to rule 36(b) iii of the ITC Code of
                      Advertising Standards and Practice which states "the goods despatched are at
                      all times and in all material respects the same as those shown in the
                      advertisement". This is of fundamental importance in mail order advertising,
                      as consumers have no opportunity to examine the goods before purchase.

                      It judged the advertising to have been seriously misleading and instructed TV
                      Shop to remove all advertising for the Total Gym 1000.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.


    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   The advertiser offered the following incentives for bookings made through
                      them for Virgin Sun Holidays - "£50 per adult plus 20% discount plus free
                      insurance". A viewer reported that he was told that the discounts were not
                      available if there were any children travelling on the booking. He complained
                      that the advertising was misleading.

        ASSESSMENT    The ITC noted that the advertising included the qualifying statements
                      "booking conditions apply" and "selected hols". It did not however consider
                      that this was sufficient to alert viewers to such a major condition as the offer
                      not applying if children were included in a booking.

                      It agreed that the advertising was misleading and reminded Teletext of the
                      importance of ensuring that advertising made clear all significant limitations
                      and qualifications to offers. The advertising ceased during the course of the

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.


    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   A member of the public objected to the transmission in and around
                      programmes on the Cartoon Network of an advertisement for a clinic for
                      sexually transmitted diseases.

        ASSESSMENT    The advertisement was inserted locally by Telewest into their Birmingham &
                      Solihull and Wolverhampton & Dudley cable licence areas and it ran from 30
                      November to 9 December 1999.

                      Telewest explained that the advertisement had been correctly coded in such a
                      way that it should have been kept away from any children's channel but a
                      member of staff had failed to observe that coding. As soon as they became
                      aware of the problem Telewest removed the advertisement from air and took
                      appropriate action with regard to staff supervision.

                      The ITC was nevertheless concerned that the commercial had run for some
                      nine days without Telewest's monitoring system picking up the inappropriate
                      scheduling. Telewest had had similar problems with monitoring in the past
                      and the ITC had issued a formal warning in March 1998 and imposed a
                      financial penalty of £10,000 in February 1999. The ITC made it quite clear
                      that they were extremely irritated at this further example of monitoring
                      failure. The broadcasting legislation does not allow the ITC to levy a
                      financial penalty with respect to the type of licence under which the two cable
                      areas operate but the ITC made it clear to Telewest that if similar errors
                      happened again in circumstances where a financial penalty was possible then
                      they would be strongly minded to impose the maximum penalty.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld and a formal warning issued to the licensee.

                      Advertising agency: Dovetail Advertising

   COMPLAINTS FROM    8 viewers

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   On Friday 7 April GMTV reported on the previous night's football match
                      between Leeds United and Galatasary. The complainants objected to the
                      showing of an advertisement for the Turkish Tourist Office in that context, in
                      view of the fatal stabbing incident involving British soccer fans in Turkey
                      earlier that week.

        ASSESSMENT    Rule 4.1.2 of the ITC's Rules on the Amount and Scheduling of Advertising,
                      requires licensees to be sensitive in the scheduling of advertising. GMTV
                      explained that they had not in fact carried the advertisement on the Thursday
                      when the killing was covered extensively in the news but that human error
                      had allowed it to be shown on the Friday. They apologised for any distress
                      that may have been caused. The ITC concluded that no regulatory
                      intervention was justified.

           DECISION   Complaints upheld.

                Summary of

                Other Complaints

             Advertisements for the products or services listed below attracted
             complaints which after preliminary assessment, did not raise issues of
             substance requiring further investigation.

             These included complaints repeating points already considered and
             covered in previous summaries, as well as isolated expressions of
             personal opinion or experience which did not call into question the
             conformity of the advertisements with the requirements of the ITC
             Code of Advertising Standards and Practice.

             Product or Advertisement                                   Number of
MISLEADING   1st Line Mobile                                                     2
             4 U Net                                                              5
             AA Insurance                                                         1
             Ace Removals                                                         1
             Airtours Direct - Text                                               1
             America On Line                                                      2
             Asda                                                                 1
             B&Q                                                                  1
             B&Q Superstore                                                       2
             Barclaycard                                                          1
             Blockbuster Video                                                    1
             Bluesky Villas - Text                                                1
             Bosch White Goods                                                    1
             British Gas                                                          7
             British Telecom - Internet                                           2
             British Telecom - Together                                           1
             BT Cellnet                                                           3
             Cable & Wireless                                                    12
             Calgon                                                               1
             Calpol                                                               1
             Charmin Toilet Tissue                                                1
             Chatline                                                             1
             Claims Direct                                                        6
             Clairol Herbal Essences                                              1
COI - Environment                1
COI - Nursing Salary             1
COI - WFTC                       2
Comet                            1
Currys                           1
Daily mail                       1
Dulux Once                       1
EGG                              1
Electrolux Power System          1
Everest Double Glazing           1
Film Four                        1
Film Trailer - U571              1
Focus Do it All                  1
Ford Focus                       2
Fybogel                          1
Gala Bingo                       1
Garden Claw                     11
GE Life                          1
Heat Magazine                    1
Homebase                         6
IC24                             2
Iceland                          1
Ideal World HS                   1
Ikea                             1
Isle of Wight holidays - Text    1
Isle of Wight Tourism            1
ITV Digital Promotions           2
ITV2 Promotions                  1
Johnsons Dry cleaning            1
Jordans Country Crisps           1
Kentucky Fried Chicken           1
Kwik-Fit                         1                    1
Lloyds TSB - Internet Banking    1
Lycos                            1
Mod Dec Windows                  1
Mormon Church                    1
Music-Andre Rieu                 1
National Code Number Change      5
National Lottery                 1
No More Nails                    2
Northern Electric                1
Oil of Ulay                              1
Ondigital                                6
One 2 One                                1
PC Know How -Eaglemoss                   1
Penicuik Windows                         1
Peoples Choice Insurance                 1
Pizza Hut                                1
Quickstep Flooring                       1
QVC Product                              3
Readers Digest                           3
Regency Mortgage                         1
Robinsons Drinks                         1
Ronseal                                  1
Rover 25                                 1
Safestyle UK                             3
Sainsbury                                1
Scene One Interactive Ticket             1
Scottish Gas                             2
Shoe Tailor                              1
Shop Product                             1
Sky Digital                              9
Sky Trailers/Promotions                  4
Specsavers                               2
Sunday Times                             2
Sunny Delight                            2
Telewest Cable Television                1
The Travel House - Text                  1
Thompson - Text                          1
Timelife - The Art of Woodwork           1
Travel Choice - Text                     1
Travel Choice Direct                     1
TV Licensing                             1
TV Shop                                  1
Vodafone                                 3
Wedgewood Hotel - Text                   1
Wella Viva On/Off Colour                 1
York Hotel - Text                        1

Product or Advertisement         Number of
OFFENSIVE   AA Membership                 2
            Always Pads                   2
            Baileys                       1
            Batchelors Cup a Soup         1
            Birds Eye Ready Meals         1
            Bisto Gravy                   1
            Bodyform                      1
            British Gas                   2
            British Red Cross             2
            British Telecom               2
            Burtons Viscount Biscuits     1
            Charmin Toilet Tissue         1
            Chatline                      1
            Citroen Forte                 2
            Comet                         1
            Dairylea                      1
            Dettox                        1
            Diet Coke                     1
            Doritos                       1
            Doritos Dippas               11
            Dove Deodorant                1
            Dr Pepper                     8
            Eagle Star                    1
            Fairy Non Bio                 1
            Fox's Biscuits                1
            Freeserve                     7
            FT. Com                       1
            Gaviscon Heartburn Remedy     1
            Guinness Draught              1
            Haze 2 in 1 Air Freshner      1
            Heinz Salad Cream             3
            Iceland                       1
            Ikea                          1
            Irn Bru                       1
            Jacobs Cream Crackers         3
            Kit Kat                       2
            Lloyds TSB                    1
            Lynx                         17
            Magnum Double                 2
            Mars M&Ms                     1
            Mars Snickers                 1
            Mars Twix                     3
          McVities - Tubes                       1
          Mr Muscle                              1
          National Westminster Bank              2
          Nivea                                  1
          Norweb                                 1
          Norwich Union Healthcare               1
          Nova Magazine                         10
          Npower                                 3
          NSPCC                                  9
          One 2 One                              1
          Otex Eardrops                          2
          Oxy On-The-Spot                        1
          Peugeot 406                            2
          Pizza Hut                              1
          Pot Noodles                            1
          Renault Scenic                         1
          Reuters                                1
          Robinsons Drinks                       1
          Sky Digital                            1
          Sun Newspaper                          1
          Sunday Mirror                          1
          Tampax                                 1
          Tango                                  1
          UK Living                              1
          Video Release - Mr Methane             1
          Video Release - The Haunting           1
          Vodafone                               1
          Warburtons Bread                       1
          Winalot                                1

          Product or Advertisement       Number of
HARMFUL   Bacardi Breezer                         1
          Barclaycard                            1
          Boddingtons                            1
          Bosch                                  1
          Bosch White Goods                      2
          British Telecom - Internet             2
          Burtons Jammie Dodgers                 1
          Cadburys Wispa Bite                    1
Calpol                                 5
Charmin Toilet Tissue                  1
Childrens Charity Holiday Fun          1
Claims Direct                          1
COI - Army Recruitment                 1
Comet                                  1
Cow & Gate                             1
Dove Deodorant                         1
Fiat Brava                             1
Fila                                   1
Fybogel                                1
GE Life                                1
Gordon's Gin                           1
Heinz Salad Cream                      1
Ikea                                   5
Johnson & Johnson Top to Toe Beauty    1
Kellogg's Frosties                     1
Kelloggs Cornflakes                    1
Lemsip Max Strength                    4
Levis Engineered Jeans                 1
Listerine                              1
Mars Twix                              5
Mastercard                             3
McDonalds - Euro 2000                  5
MSN                                    1
Muller Yogz                            1
Nissan Primera                         2
Nova Magazine                          9
Npower                                 1
Pizza Hut                              1
Plasti-Kote Paints                     7
Portland Direct                        1
Pot Noodles                            1
QVC Product                            1
Road Safety                            1
Save the Children Fund                 1
Scotland Against Drugs                 1
Shreddies                             13
Ski Extra Fruit                        2
SMA Progress Follow-On Formula         1
Swatch watches                         1
Trebor Bassett Fundays Sweets          1
                Product or Advertisement      Number of
MISCELLANEOUS   AA Membership                          1
                B&Q Superstore                        1
                British Telecom - Internet            1
                Chatline                              1
                Claims Direct                         2
                Cow & Gate                            1
                Fiat Punto                            1
                FT. Com                               1
                Gemstone Travel - Text                1
                Irn Bru                               1
                Mars Bars                             1
                Mormon Church                         1
                National Lottery                      1
                Orchid Travel – Text                  1
                Robinsons Drinks                      1
                Schweppes Sparkling                   1
                Shoe Tailor                           1
                Sky Digital                           1
                Sony Playstation Software             1
                Tetley Standard Tea Bags              1

          There were also complaints of a generic character referring to the following matters :-

                Product or Advertisement                                         Number of
   MISLEADING   General                                                                   2
                Miscellaneous comments                                                      1
                Promotions/Trailers                                                         1
                Superimposed Text                                                           1

                Product or Advertisement                                         Number of
    OFFENSIVE   Miscellaneous comments                                                    1
                Nappies                                                                     1
                Noise                                                                       1
                Promotions/Trailers                                                         1
                Sanitary Protection Products                                                2

                Product or Advertisement                                         Number of
     HARMFUL    Amount of Advertising                                                     2
                General                                                                     1
                Miscellaneous comments                                                      1
                Programme promotions/trailers                                               1

                Product or Advertisement                                         Number of
MISCELLANEOUS   Alcohol                                                                   1
                Amount of Advertising                                                       2
                General                                                                     1
                Miscellaneous comments                                                      3
                Noise                                                                       4
                Sanitary Protection Products                                                2


                                                  COMPLAINTS DETERMINED IN MAY 2000

                             Number of                  Number of                   Number of
                             Complaints             Advertisements        Advertisements about
                                                        referred to      which complaints were
                                                                            upheld wholly or in

   MISLEADING                  210     (9)                  88    (14)                  13      (6)

    OFFENSIVE                  158     (0)                  58     (0)                   2      (0)

     HARMFUL                   106     (0)                  43     (0)                   0      (0)

MISCELLANEOUS                   34     (2)                  13     (2)                   0      (0)

                               508    (11)                 202    (16)                  15      (6)

                                                                          YEAR TO DATE 2000

                             Number of                  Number of                   Number of
                             Complaints             Advertisements        Advertisements about
                                                        referred to      which complaints were
                                                                            upheld wholly or in

   MISLEADING                  908    (42)                 302    (47)                  36    (10)

    OFFENSIVE                  748     (0)                 179     (0)                   3      (0)

     HARMFUL                   698     (0)                 138     (0)                   3      (0)

MISCELLANEOUS                  151     (8)                  51     (8)                  13      (1)

                              2505    (50)                 670    (55)                  55    (11)

                The numbers in brackets indicate Text advertisements. They are extracted from, not
                additional to, the overall numbers.


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