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…and now this


									                                 …and now this!
Inside this issue:   The National Television Academy Heartland Chapter

                                                                  Heartland Chapter 2006
The Complete
Emmy Winner List               Special Edition October 2006           Emmy Winners!
                      Morning Newscast: Larger Markets                   General Assignment Report: Within 24 Hours
                      “9News 6am, 1/11/06”                               “Sentencing Day”
National              KUSA, Denver                                       KUSA, Denver
Television            Liz Lambert, News Producer                         Chris Vanderveen, Reporter
Academy               Brad Rudolph, News Producer                        Brett Alles, Photojournalist
                      David Grant, Director
Scholarship                                                              General Assignment Report: No Time Limit
deadline              Morning Newscast: Medium Markets                   “Rocket Man”
                      “Good Morning Kansas”                              KUSA, Denver
                      KAKE-TV, Wichita                                   Adam Schrager, Reporter
                      Amanda Carson, News Producer                       Dave Delozier, Photojournalist
Special Event         Mike Iuen, Anchor
with                  Jemelle Holopirek, Anchor                          Breaking News
                                                                         “El Reno Tornados”
Fred Seibert          Daytime Newscast: Larger Markets                   KFOR-TV, Oklahoma City
                      “7News Now - Debut Newscast”                       Dan Anderson, Photojournalist
                      KMGH, Denver                                       Jim Gardner, Pilot/Reporter
                      Deborah Stanley, Producer                          Mike Morgan, Chief Meteorologist
                      John Velte, Director                               David Payne, Meteorologist
                      Anne Trujillo, Anchor                              Tim Money, Photojournalist
                      Mike Landess, Anchor                               Kevin Josefy, Photojournalist
                      Byron Grandy, News Director
                      Robin Hoffman, Executive Producer                  Spot News
                                                                         “Oklahoma City/El Reno Tornado”
                      Daytime Newscast: Medium Markets                   KFOR TV, Oklahoma City
                      “Channel 2 News Midday”                            David Payne, Meteorologist
                      KJRH-TV, Tulsa                                     Kevin Josefy, Photojournalist
                      Chris Cordt, Producer
                      Deborah McCaskey, Anchor                           Continuing Coverage
                      Russ McCaskey, Field Anchor                        “Sex Sting”
                                                                         KUSA, Denver
                      Evening Newscast: Larger Markets                   Paula Woodward, Investigative
                      “9News at 10pm, Aarone Thompson Investigation”     Reporter/Writer
                      KUSA, Denver                                       Nicole Vap, Executive Producer
                      Tiffani Lupenski, Producer                         Dan Weaver, Photojournalist/Producer
                      Jerry Vancini, Director                            Brett Alles, Photojournalist/Producer

                      Evening Newscast: Medium Markets                   Investigative Report: Single Story
                      “KAKE News at 10-BTK Confesses”                    “Colorado's Mortgage Mess”
                      KAKE-TV, Wichita                                   KMGH, Denver
                      Susan Peters, Anchor                               Tony Kovaleski, Investigator
                      Jeff Herndon, Anchor                               Tom Burke, Investigator
                      Jeanene Kiesling, Lead Reporter                    Jason Foster, Photojournalist
                      Dave Grant, Executive Producer                     Bill Masure, Photographer
                      Russell Sturm, Director                            Shawn Montano, Editor
                      Glen Horn, News Director
                                             …and now this!                                                          Page 2 of 8
 NATAS presents an evening with the Frederator (and creator of the MTV logo) - Fred Seibert

What Fred Seibert does is make original cartoons.

After a successful stint in radio and an award winning career as a record producer, Seibert segued into television as a director of
promotions for The Movie Channel in 1980. In 1981 he was asked to help launch a new 24 hour music channel, MTV: Music Television. He
took on the challenge and sought new ways to bond the network with viewers’ imaginations. The result was the now famous mutating logo
which is one of the most-recognized trademarks worldwide.

Seibert's decision to animate MTV's logo primarily in traditional cel animation was a conscious decision to avoid look-alike solutions and
faddish designs. "I wanted us to be classic, not contemporary," he remarked years later. The results were Clio Awards for MTV and a
special award from ASIFA, the international animation society, and recognition as one of eight "leaders of the new media" by Adweek

In 1998 former Hanna-Barbera Cartoons president Fred Seibert formed Frederator Studios, an independent television production company.
He is the executive producer of six animated series on Nickelodeon’s networks: The Fairly Oddparents, ChalkZone, My Life as a Teenage
Robot, The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (with Susan Miller), and Oh Yeah! Cartoons. He is the founder of
Channel Frederator, the world’s first cartoon podcast network.

In November 2005 Seibert launched his innovative network for distribution on portable video devices, the world's first cartoon video podcast
(or vodcast), which he calls Channel Frederator. Filmmakers submit animated films for weekly exhibition on Apple's video iPods, Sony's
PlayStation Portables, or Archos Pocket Video Players. In quick succession was 'The Wubbcast' for pre-schoolers (with Bolder Media, in
January 2006) and 'ReFrederator' with vintage cartoons (April 2006). Along with their affiliated 'VODcars', the Frederator podcasts are
collectively the most distributed in the world.

When: Mon, Nov 6, 2006; 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Cost: NATAS Members (bring your NATAS ID): Free; Non-Members: $20

Where: Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, 1600 Pierce Street, Lakewood CO 80214

                                                       RSVP at

             Presented in cooperation with AIGA Colorado, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and ASIFA
                                       …and now this!                                               Page 3 of 8
   Don’t Forget: National Television Academy Scholarship Deadline on December 11, 2006!

The Foundation of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will award one $40,000 college scholarship to a
high school student planning to pursue a career in television or a related field. The John Cannon Memorial Scholarship
is open to any graduating high school senior planning to major in communications at a four-year college or university.
Information and the application form can be found at:

December 11, 2006
Applications Due (postmarked)

January 25, 2007
Semifinalists Notified

March 12, 2007
Finalists Notified

March 25, 2007
Winner Notified

May 1, 2007
Presentation ■

    Kaiser Permanente, sponsor of the 2006 Heartland
  Emmy Pre-Award Show Reception, congratulates this
                    year’s nominees.
  See you at the Heartland Regional Emmy Awards Show
                     on October 21st!
                          Kaiser Permanente, America’s leading integrated health plan.
                          For more information, please visit
                                            ...and now this!                                    Page 4 of 8
Investigative Report: Series                             Sportscast
“Justice for Kelsey”                                     “Drew Soicher Sports”
KTUL-TV, Tulsa                                           KUSA, Denver
Cindy Morrison, Anchor/Investigator                      Drew Soicher, Sports Anchor
Kenna Mitchell, Executive Producer
Richard Powell, Photojournalist/Editor                   Sports: News Feature
                                                         “Montezuma's Revenge”
News Feature: Within 24 Hours                            KUSA, Denver
“The Hunch”                                              Dan Wood, Producer/Photojournalist
KUSA, Denver                                             Adam Schrager, Writer
Chris Vanderveen, Reporter
Brett Alles, Photojournalist                             Sports: Program Series
                                                         “Colorado Sportswomen - Fore!”
News Feature: No Time Limit *** Two                      KCNC, Denver
Awards ***                                               Marcia Neville Burke, Producer
“Jessica LaBuda”
KUSA, Denver                                             Sports: One-time Special
Dave Delozier, Photojournalist                           “Lionel's World”
Chris Vanderveen, Reporter                               KMGH, Denver
                                                         Lionel Bienvenu, Host
“Serving with Honor”                                     Bobby Hayden, Executive Producer, Sports
KCNC, Denver                                             Brad Bogott, Photojournalist
Vicki Hildner, Writer                                    Matthew Krol, Editor
Jim Benemann, Reporter
Don Stevenson, Photographer
Mike Nunez, Editor                                       Sporting Event/Game, Live
                                                         “Broncos Preseason Football”
News Feature: Series                                     KCNC, Denver
“Relationship Week”                                      Steve Cox, Producer
KUSA, Denver                                             Ken Miller, Director
Mark Koebrich, Reporter                                  Tavis Strand, Associate Director
Quynh Nguyen, Producer                                   Gary Miller, Play-by-Play Announcer
                                                         Chad Wachs, Technical Manager
Arts/Entertainment Program                               Michael Fezatte, Operations Manager
“Ted Kooser's Poetic World”
NET Television (KUON TV), Lincoln
Annie Mumgaard, Producer/Writer
Brian Seifferlein, Editor
Douglas Carlson, Post Production Editor
Dan Burger, Audio Engineer
Scott Beachler, Graphic Designer
Foster Collins, Set Design/Lighting

Children/Youth Program
“STUDENT VOICES, Episode 6: Teen
MetroBeat TV, Denver
Sheila Willard, Project Director
Dan Sitarski, Executive Producer
David Achilles, Senior Producer
Michael Robert, Producer
Veronica Sepsey, Associate Producer
Brian Harper, Host

Specialty Assignment Report: Single Story
“Grand Canyon Skywalk”
KUSA, Denver
Mark Koebrich, Reporter

Specialty Assignment Report: Series
“Internet Safety Series”
KUSA, Denver
Nelson Garcia, Education Reporter
                                             …and now this!                  Page 5 of 8
                                                              PSA: Single Spot
Documentary: Cultural                                         “Fathers and Sons”
“Working a Double”                                            Citizen Pictures, Denver
Exposure Productions, Durango                                 Jeanne Kopeck, President/Chief
Marc Snider, Producer/Director                                Executive Director
                                                              George Olson, Chief Creative
Documentary: Historical                                       Officer/Copy Writer
“La Raza de Colorado: el Movimiento”
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver                                    PSA: Campaign
Lisa D. Olken, Producer/Writer/Editor                         “Buddy Check 9 'Keri's Story'”
Janine White, Videographer/Editor                             KUSA, Denver
Daniel Mercure, High Definition Editor                        John Allen, Producer
Angela Forster, Art Director
Donna Sanford, Director of Programming and                    News Promo: Single Spot
Production                                                    “The Few, The Proud”
                                                              KMGH, Denver
Documentary: Topical                                          Marvin K. Gill, Producer
“At Close Range: On Assignment with
National Geographic”                                          News Promo: Topical
NET Television (KUON-TV), Lincoln                             “Power Cop”
Mel Bucklin, Senior Producer/Director                         KMGH, Denver
Ralph Hammack, Jr.,                                           Tanya Gonzalez, Writer/Producer
Videographer/Editor/Assistant Director
                                                              News Promo: Campaign
Interview/Discussion Program                                  “The Voice”
“People to Watch”                                             KDVR-TV, Denver
MetroBeat TV, Denver                                          Jill Fleming, Promotion Manager
Sheila Willard, Project Director
Dan Sitarski, Executive Producer                              News Promo: Image
David Achilles, Senior Producer                               “The Investigators Are Listening”
Tom Dudzinski, Producer                                       KMGH, Denver
Helen Gray, Producer                                          Marvin K. Gill, Producer
Bertha Lynn, Host                                             Program Promo: Single Spot
                                                              “Sex And The City 'Double Header'”
Magazine Program *** Two Awards ***                           KWGN, Denver
“METROBEAT MAGAZINE, Episode 6”                               Richard Savino, Creative Services
MetroBeat TV, Denver                                          Manager
Sheila Willard, Project Director                              John Blessing, Graphic Designer
Dan Sitarski, Executive Producer
David Achilles, Senior Producer                               Program Promo: Campaign
Michael Spencer, Producer                                     “METROBEAT TV Promotions”
Tyler Lopez, Host                                             MetroBeat TV, Denver
Shellene Cockrell, Host                                       Sheila Willard, Project Director
                                                              Dan Sitarski, Executive Producer
“The Kansas Profile: Episode 3”                               David Achilles, Senior Producer
KSNW-TV, Wichita                                              Steve Hansen, Project Manager
Jason Kravarik, Producer
Ryan Osika, Producer                                          Sports Promo
                                                              “Sports Replay”
Service Program                                               KWGN, Denver
“Driven to Distraction”                                       Kelly Fogo, Writer/Producer
KUSA, Denver                                                  John Blessing, Graphic Designer
Erika Matich, Producer
Scott Yun, Production Coordinator                             Station Image
                                                              “WB2 Colorado Image IDs”
Special Event Coverage                                        KWGN, Denver
“Buffett & Gates Go Back to School”                           John Blessing, Graphic Designer
Nebraska Educational Telecommunications                       Becky Holden, Videographer
(NET),                                                        Larissa McPheeters, Videographer
Joel Geyer, Post Producer
Kay Hall, Post Producer                                       Commercial: Single Spot
Joe Turco, Event Producer                                     “Ford - 'Chrome Encounters'”
Jim Carmichael, Event Director                                !mpossible Pictures, Denver
Michael Farrell, Executive Producer                           Steve Urbano, VP/Director
                                         ...and now this!                                   Page 6 of 8

Station Excellence                                          News Editor: Within 24 Hours
“9News: Where News Comes First”                             “Dan Weaver Editing Deadline Composite”
KUSA, Denver                                                KUSA, Denver
Mark Cornetta, President & General Manager                  Dan Weaver, Editor
Patti Dennis, News Director
Tim Ryan, Assistant News Director                           News Editor: No Time Limit
Jessica Roe, Executive Producer                             “Mostek Compilation”
Nicole Vap, EP, Investigative Team                          KUSA, Denver
Eric Kehe, Director of Photography                          Ken Mostek, Editor

Team Coverage                                               Sports Editor
“CBS4 Team Coverage”                                        “Joel Niebauer - Sports Editing Composite”
KCNC, Denver                                                FSN Rocky Mountain, Denver
KCNC-TV CBS4 Staff                                          Joel Niebauer, Editor

Journalistic Enterprise                                     Program Graphics
“Hildner/Journalistic Enterprise”                           “Altitude Sports & Entertainment Network -
KCNC, Denver                                                'Colorado Avalanche Game Package'”
Vicki Hildner, Writer/Producer                              !mpossible Pictures, Denver
                                                            Joel Pilger, President/Artist
“Predators_@_Your_Door”                                     News Graphics
KUSA, Denver                                                “7News Opens Repackaging”
Dan Viens, Web Producer                                     KMGH, Denver
Nicole Vap, Executive Producer                              Mark Montour-Larson, Art Director
Paula Woodward, Investigative Reporter                      Jason Maloney, Co-Designer
Ann King, Investigative Researcher
                                                            Set Design
Audio                                                       “The KAKEland WeatherPlex”
“The Remix”                                                 KAKE, Wichita
KDVR, Denver                                                Jay Prater, Managing Meteorologist
Ryan S. Borgman, Chief Editor                               Glen Horn, News Director

Musical Composition/Arrangement                             Lighting
“U-Hills Plaza - 2005 Image”                                “I See The Light”
Short Sirkit Creative, Inc., Denver                         KMGH, Denver
Jerome Gilmer, Composer                                     Jason Foster, Photojournalist
Maureen Coleman, Lyricist
Scott Takeda, Lyricist                                      News Anchor
                                                            “Mark Koebrich-Anchor Composite”
Narrator No Winner in this Category                         KUSA, Denver
                                                            Mark Koebrich, Anchor
Director: Live or Live-to-tape
“Spirit of the Season”                                      Weather Anchor *** Two Awards ***
KCNC, Denver                                                “Meteorologist Kathy Sabine - Colorado Weather”
Erica Ferrero, Director                                     KUSA, Denver
                                                            Kathy Sabine, Chief Meteorologist
Director: Post-production
“La Raza de Colorado: el Movimiento”                        “Mike Nelson - Composite”
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver                                  KMGH, Denver
Lisa D. Olken, Director                                     Mike Nelson, Chief Meteorologist

Technical Director                                          Sports Anchor
“Gibbs Composite”                                           “Vic Lombardi Talks Too Much”
KUSA, Denver                                                KCNC, Denver
Lawrence Gibbs, Technical Director                          Vic Lombardi, Sports Anchor

Program Editor *** Two Awards ***                           Commentator/Editorialist
“Driven to Distraction”                                     “Catey's Story”
KUSA, Denver                                                KUSA, Denver
Scott Yun, Editor                                           Eric Kehe, Producer
                                                            Adam Schrager, Producer
“The Kansas Profile: Composite”
KSNW-TV, Wichita
Ryan Osika, Editor
                                 ...and now this!                        Page 7 of 8

“Asha Blake - Colorado's Celebrity Cribs”
KWGN, Denver
Asha Blake, Host

Program Host/Moderator
“Marcia Neville... Fore!”
KCNC, Denver
Marcia Neville Burke, Program Host

Photographer: Program
“The Dunes”
KUSA, Denver
Dave Delozier, Photojournalist

Photographer: News *** Three Awards ***
“Last Man Standing”
KCNC, Denver
Eric Blumer, Video Journalist/Editor

“Mostek Compilation”
KUSA, Denver
Ken Mostek, Photojournalist                         Technical Achievement
                                                    “Spirit of the Season”
“Corky Scholl Photography Composite”                KCNC, Denver
KUSA, Denver                                        Michael Fezatte, Operations Manager
Corky Scholl, Photojournalist                       Michael Blake, Engineer
                                                    Doug Klyn, Audio Engineer
Photographer: Sports
“Woody's Sports Composite”                          Writer: Program
KUSA, Denver                                        “Asha Blake”
Dan Wood, Photojournalist                           KWGN, Denver
                                                    Asha Blake, Writer

                                                    Writer: News
                                                    “Adam Schrager Composite”
                                                    KUSA, Denver
                                                    Adam Schrager, Writer

                                                    Student Achievement
                                                    “Destination: Pluto and Beyond”
                                                    School of Journalism and Mass Communication, CU,
                                                    Boulder, Boulder
                                                    David Tauchen, Producer
                                                    Nathan Gang, Editor
                                                    Nick Ernst, Photographer
                                                    Tony Perri, Faculty Advisor
National Television Academy Heartland Chapter
Editorial Offices:
2140 S. Ivanhoe St., Suite G-3                                 The Heartland Chapter now utilizes AmCheck for its
Denver, CO 80222-5748                                          payroll processing needs. From payroll to HR processing
PHONE: 303.722.0916                                            to online employer technologies, and celebrating 10 years
FAX: 303.722.0924                                              and over 1,000 clients – AmCheck has experience in
E-MAIL:                                      managing every aspect of payroll, taxes, employee
                                                               benefits, pension plans and worker’s compensation. They
Dominic Dezzutti, President                                    are a national company with a local way of doing business.
Director of Production, KBDI                         
Jay Maloney, 1st VP and Awards Co-Chair
Manager Advertising and Promotions, KMGH
Jessica Roe, 1st VP and Awards Co-Chair
Executive Producer, KUSA
Shanyn Maddox, 2            VP, Program Committee Chair
Senior Producer, EchoStar
Bill Fesh, Secretary
Mgr. Photographers/Editors, KMGH
Jenny Ruud, Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair
VP Business Manager, KUSA
Tim Ryan, National Trustee
Assistant News Director, KUSA
Mary Brenneman, National Trustee, Co-Chair, National Program
Executive Producer and Partner, Brenmary Productions
Rita McCoy, Alternate Trustee
Community Affairs Director, KTVD
                                                                About Our Newsletter …
Cindy Aubrey, Regional VP
News Director, KOAA Colorado Springs                           About Our Newsletter …
RJ Dickens, Regional VP
News Director, KCTU Wichita
Bill Perry, Regional VP
Executive Producer, OETA, Oklahoma City
                                                               …and now this! is published six times a year by the
Carl Bilek                                                     Heartland Chapter of the National Television Academy.
News Director, KWGN                                            The Editors encourage guest materials from our
Rodolfo Cardenas
News Director at Univision Colorado KCEC                       readers. Please send your
Scott Darnell                                                  suggestions/comments/newsletter material to Julie
Pledge Producer, Rocky Mountain PBS
Paul Daugherty, Scholarship Committee Chair                    Lucas, Newsletter Editor:
Instructor, CU-Boulder School of JMC
Tom Dudzinski                                                  …and now this! is not intended to constitute legal or
President, Renaissance Media
Marvin Gill                                                    other expert professional advice. The ideas and
Producer/Editor/Photographer, KMGH
Maya Leon-Meis
                                                               opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent
Principal, Voice Productions International                     those of the National Academy, the Chapter, the
Brian Lucas                                                    Chapter Board of Governors, or Chapter officers or
President, Entriage Consulting Ventures
Julie Lucas, Newsletter Editor                                 administrative staff. Guest materials and suggestions
Chair, National Education Committee
Daniels College of Business, University of Denver
                                                               are welcome, however return cannot be guaranteed.
Tom Mares                                                      Reprints or quotation of all materials herein is freely
Graphic Artist/Photographer, KCNC                              granted, however a NTA credit would be appreciated.
Jock Mirow
Co-Founder/Principal, Broadband                      ■
Lisa Olken
Producer, Rocky Mountain PBS
Dirk Olson, Membership Committee Chair
Independent Producer
Paula Roth, Sponsorship Committee Chair
Dir. Development & Mktg., KBDI
Richard Savino
Creative Services Manager, KWGN
Amy Stoehrmann
Producer, KDVR
Kristine Strain
Managing Editor, KCNC
Serena Ung
Special Projects Producer, KDVR
Jacque Montgomery
NSTV Coordinator
Audrey Elling
Heartland Executive Director

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