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The school’s Equine Necropsy
Program received the first American
Academy of Equine Practitioners
Equine Welfare Award in December,                                                               Dean Bennie Osburn (right)
1996. Dennis Meagher, professor                                                                 and Michael Floyd, ’61 (center)
emeritus and interim equine medical                                                             present Professor Emeritus
director, accepted the award on behalf                                                          Donald Low with a plaque
of the California Horse Racing Board.                                                           commemorating establishment
                                                                                                of the Don Low/CVMA Prac-
Eugene Steffey, professor of surgical                                                           titioner Fellowship. Three
and radiological sciences, was elected                                                          practitioners will begin fellow-
honorary associate by members of the                                                            ships at UC Davis in 1998.
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
in the United Kingdom last July.
Susan Stover, associate professor of
anatomy, physiology and cell biology,        The School of Veterinary Medicine El       continues unabated, and we are looking
received the Bayer Animal Health             Blanco Award recognizes contribu-          forward to our 42nd reunion to be held
Excellence in Equine Research Award          tions that have led to important           in San Diego in spring ’98. It will be
in July for her studies on musculo-          advances in animal health and well-        organized by classmate Werner
skeletal injuries of equine athletes.        being. Two individuals received the        Heuschele, director of research at the
Her research, which defines events           award last fall:                           San Diego Zoo.”
leading to injury, has enhanced diag-           Leo Grillo, founder of D.E.L.T.A.       During a trip to Greenland, UC Davis
nostic techniques and strategies for         Rescue, a non-profit organization that     Chancellor Emeritus James Meyer
injury prevention.                           helps abandoned animals, for signifi-      recently visited School of Veterinary
The School of Veterinary Medicine            cant contributions in fostering develop-   Medicine alumnus Charlie Rose, ’66,
Distinguished Service Award honors           ment of a model animal hemodialysis        one of Greenland’s three veterinarians,
individuals and organizations whose          center and supporting the creation of a    and one of only 10 U.S. citizens in that
service as volunteers, professionals or      clinical fellowship in renal medicine      country. He reports that following
advocates has enriched school                and hemodialysis.                          graduation, Dr. Rose went to Greenland
programs and enhanced the school’s              Doug Van Beek, co-owner and             with the Air Force and fell in love with
teaching, research and/or service            manager of the Van Beek Brothers           the isolation, freedom and primitive
missions. The inaugural Distinguished        Dairy, for significant contributions to    lifestyle of the place, as well as with a
Service Award was presented in 1997          understanding dairy animal health and      Danish woman he met there. He prac-
to the following recipients:                 productivity through support of clinical   tices out of Qaqortak, and without a
   Robert Leighton, professor emeritus,      studies on his 2,000-cow dairy.            road system in the country, service and
for serving continuing education of                                                     inspection trips must be made by heli-
veterinarians and veterinary techni-                                                    copter, snowmobile or boat. The tele-
cians, and for his ongoing service as        Alumni Notes                               phone is used for consultations and
host for visiting dignitaries, students                                                 educational classes for sheep farmers.
                                             Rick Arthur, ’76, Southern California      Dr. Rose is noted for having the only
and prospective faculty members.             equine practitioner, was installed in      lawn in Greenland.
   John Mara, director of professional       December 1996 as president of the
affairs for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc., in                                              L.A. Pierce College is trying to save its
                                             American Academy of Equine
recognition of his dedication to estab-      Practitioners (AAEP).                      agriculture programs and needs alumni
lishment of the Companion Animal                                                        statistics to aid the defense. Dr. Leland
                                             Laura O’Farrell, ’93, has been certified   Shapiro, director of pre-veterinary
Nutrition Support Service and Clinical       as a diplomate of the American College
Nutrition Residency/PhD Program.                                                        sciences, seeks all former students who
                                             of Laboratory Animal Medicine              are currently involved in the field of
(See pages 6–7)                              (ACLAM), a specialty board recognized      veterinary medicine. Please contact him
   California Raptor Center volun-           by the American Veterinary Medical         at 6201 Winnetka Avenue, Woodland
teers and staff for their distinguished      Association.                               Hills CA 91371 or
service in supporting the center’s           Jerry Kaneko reports, “The class of
rescue, rehabilitation, education and        ’56 held our 41st reunion during May
release programs.                            18–20, 1997 at the Asilomar conference     In Memoriam
   William Winchester, assistant dean        center in Carmel. As usual, this was a
for Southern California continuing           highly successful annual event for our     Helen Taylor, ’92, was killed May 17,
education, in recognition of his             class attended by 20 of us plus our        1996, by an unknown assailant in her
leadership in developing unique and          spouses, etc. We all enjoyed Asilomar      home in Trinidad. She was a lecturer at
collaborative veterinary and medical         and camaraderie, thanks to the efforts     the University of the West Indies, Port
continuing education programs, and for       of Burt Sternau and Bob Bushnell.          of Spain.
representing the school to practitioners     Our zest for life and for each other
in Southern California.


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