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									What’s On
IP-PRIME® offers hundreds of the highest quality HD, SD and Music programs, including many
international channels.


Our expanding HD list includes these exciting channels:
A&E HD                            Fox Business Network HD       Planet Green HD              TMC HD
ABC Family HD                     Hallmark Movie Channel HD     RFD HD                       TNT HD
Animal Planet HD                  HDNet                         Sci-Fi Channel HD            Toon Disney HD
Bravo HD                          HDNet Movies                  Science Channel HD           Travel Channel HD
CNBC HD                           HGTV HD                       Showtime HD East             Versus HD
Discovery Channel HD              History HD                    Showtime HD West             Universal HD
Discovery HD Theater              LMN HD                        ShoToo HD                    USA Network HD
Disney Channel HD                 MHD                           Smithsonian HD               WealthTV HD
ESPN HD                           National Geographic HD        Starz HD East                Weather Channel HD
ESPN2 HD                          NFL Network HD                Starz HD West
ESPNews HD                        NHL Network HD                Tennis Channel HD
Food Network HD                   Outdoor Channel 2 HD          TLC HD


A&E Television Networks                    Crown Media U.S.                         Disney-ABC Cable Networks
A&E                                        The Hallmark Channel                     ABC Family Channel
Bio                                        Hallmark Movie Channel                   Disney Channel
Crime and Investigation Network                                                     SOAPnet
History                                    C-SPAN                                   Toon Disney
History - en Español                       C-SPAN
History - International                    C-SPAN2                                  The Erotic Networks
Military History Channel                   C-SPAN3                                  Juicy (Adult)
                                                                                    Ten (Adult)
ABC                                        CBS                                      Ten*Blox (Adult)
                                                                                    Ten*Blue (Adult)
ABC News Now                               CBS College Sports
                                                                                    Ten*Clips (Adult)
                                                                                    Ten*Real (Adult)
America’s Collectibles Network             Discovery Communications
                                                                                    Ten*Real XX.5 (Adult)
Jewelry Television                         Animal Planet                            Ten*XTSY (Adult)
                                           BBC America
Bloomberg L.P.                             BBC World News                           ESPN
Bloomberg Television                       Discovery Channel                        ESPN
                                           Discovery en Español                     ESPN Classic
Comcast                                    Discovery Familia                        ESPN Deportes
E! Entertainment Television                Discovery Home                           ESPN Full Court/Game Plan 1
G4                                         Discovery Kids                           ESPN Full Court/Game Plan 2
The Golf Channel                           Fit TV                                   ESPN Full Court/Game Plan 3
PBS Kids Sprout                            Investigation Discovery                  ESPN Full Court/Game Plan 4
style                                      Learning Channel                         ESPN Full Court/Game Plan 5
Versus                                     Military Channel                         ESPN Full Court/Game Plan 6
                                           Planet Green                             ESPNews
Condista                                   Science Channel                          ESPNU
Canal SUR                                  Travel Channel                           ESPN2
IP-PRIME SD continued

Eternal World Television Network   MTV Networks              Ovation
EWTN                               BET                       Ovation TV
                                   BET Gospel
FamilyNet                          BET J                     Pentagon
FamilyNet                          CMT                       Pentagon Channel
                                   CMT Pure Country
Fox Cable Network Services         Comedy Central            QVC
Fox College Sports - Atlantic      Logo                      QVC
Fox College Sports - Central       MTV
Fox College Sports - Pacific        MTV Hits                  Rainbow Media
Fox Movie Channel                  MTV Jams                  Sundance Channel
Fox Reality                        MTVtr3s
Fox Soccer Channel                 MTV2                      RFD Media
Fox Sports en Español              the N                     RFD TV
Fuel TV                            Nick2
FX                                 Nickelodeon               Scripps Networks
National Geographic Channel        Nicktoons                 DIY Network
Speed                              Noggin                    Fine Living
                                   Spike TV                  Food Network
Fox News Network                   TV Land                   Great American Country
Fox Business Network               VH1                       HGTV
Fox News Channel                   VH1 Classics
                                   VH1 Soul                  Showtime Networks
Game Show Network                  MTV Urge                  Flix
GSN                                                          Showtime
                                   NASA                      Showtime Beyond
Gospel Music Channel               NASA TV                   Showtime Extreme
Gospel Music Channel                                         Showtime FamilyZone
                                   NBC Universal             Showtime Next
Herring Broadcasting               Bravo                     Showtime Showcase
Wealth TV                          Chiller                   Showtime Too
                                   CNBC                      Showtime Women
HorseRacing TV (HRTV)              CNBC World                The Movie Channel
HorseRacing TV                     MSNBC                     TMC Xtra
HSN                                Oxygen                    SiTV
HSN                                Sci-Fi Channel            SiTV
ION Media Networks                 Sleuth                    Sound Track Channel
ION                                Telemundo Network         Soundtrack Channel
IONLife                            USA Network
QUBO                                                         The Sportsman Channel
                                   NFL Enterprises           The Sportsman Channel
Lifetime Entertainment             NFL Network
Lifetime Television                                          Starz Entertainment Group
Lifetime Movie Network             Nostalgia Network, Inc.   Encore
Lifetime Real Women                AmericanLife TV Network   Encore Action
                                                             Encore Drama
Mav’rick Entertainment Network     Outdoor Channel           Encore Love
MavTV                              Outdoor Channel           Encore Mystery
                                                                                      continued on back
IP-PRIME SD continued

Starz Entertainment       The Inspiration Networks       TBS Superstation
Group continued           iLifeTV                        TNT                                   IP-PRIME Audio
Encore WAM                INSP                           truTV
Encore Westerns           LFC                            Turner Classic Movies (TCM)           MTV Networks
IndiePlex                                                                                      MTV Urge - 56 Channels
MOVIEplex                 Trinity Broadcasting Network   TuTv
RetroPlex                 Church Channel                 Bandamax                              Music Choice
Starz                     JCTV                                   `
                                                         De Pelicula                           Music Choice - 47 Channels
Starz Cinema              Smile of a Child                      `      `
                                                         De Pelicula Clasico
Starz Comedy              TBN                            Ritmoson Latino
Starz Edge                TBN Enlace USA                 Telehit
Starz inBlack
Starz Kids & Family       Turner                         The Weather Channel
                          Boomerang                      The Weather Channel
Television Korea 24       Cartoon Network
KTN-Television Korea 24   CNN                            The Word Network
                          CNN en Español                 Word Network
The Tennis Channel        CNN International
The Tennis Channel        Headline News

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