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					                                                    Salisbury University
                                          TEAM CAPT. TARGETS
                                            Theme: Cure-toons
Feb. 11 , Wed(7 PM)– RELAY KICKOFF
    Theme: Animaniacs
    Devilbiss Hall, Rm 123
    (Bring a new team  huge points!)

Mar. 11 , Wed. (7 PM) – TC Mtg. #1
    Theme: NickToons
    Devilbiss Hall, Rm 123
    (Submit $  gift / Attend  5pts.)
    (Wear Purple10 points)

April 15 , Wed. (7 PM) – TC Mtg. #2
    Theme: Disney
    Devilbiss Hall, Rm 123
    (Submit $  gift / Attend  5pts.)
    (Wear HOPE 10 points)

    *(T-shirts being ordered!- Team members &
    t-shirt sizes must be registered on-line to guarantee receipt of shirt & requested size)
April 29 , Wed.(7 PM)– Bank Night
    Scarborough Leadership Center
    (Attend  5pts.)
    (Wear Relay gear 15 pts.)
    (All-Star teams determined by $ turned in tonight)
    (Reach team goal  50 pts.)
May 1 , Fri. – RELAY
    Theme: Cure-Toons!
    3PM - Site Opens
    3 – 6 PM - Check-In (Team Capts. ONLY)
    6 PM–Open Ceremony: Survivor & Caregiver Laps
    Dusk–Luminaria Ceremony (QUIET!!!)
    (Team participation  mega Spirit Points!)
May 2 , Sat. - RELAY
    3:30 AM - ALL $$ DUE…to count toward individual incentives & team awards.
    5:45AM – Closing/Fight Back Ceremony
    6:00 AM – Break down & Clean up

*In the event of inclement weather, teams with 8+ participants, a campsite theme, and onsite fundraiser
turned in will be given sites based on registration date.
                               SPIRIT POINTS
                  Your Team could win the highly
                   prized Spirit Trophy by earning
                      the most Spirit points by the
               CLOSE of Relay. Here are some
       opportunities to earn points prior to Relay:
5 Points – for each Relay meeting attended
10 points –ea. Luminaria sold (name on form)
25 Points - recruit survivor on team
25 Points – recruit a Relay Sponsor
25 Points – register team prior to TC Mtg. #1
50 Points – recruit a NEW Relay team
(New = a team that did not participate last year.)
50 Points – reach team goal by Bank Night.
50 Points – On-site fundraiser (at Relay)
50 Points – send most e-mails via website
100 Points – ea. fundraiser held before Relay
100 Points – raise most $$ on-line
*Many more Points awarded at Relay & mtgs.

                                                A WA R D S & P R I Z E S
                National All Stars – Top-performing Teams receive honorary trackside signs at
              their campsite if designated funds are raised by Bank Night. (See website for details)

Grand Club – Individuals raising $1,000 or more by Bank Night will receive an elite navy blue
Relay polo shirt at Relay.

Local Awards/Prizes –
Top Fundraising Team Award (1,2,&3 )
Top Individual Fundraisers (1,2,&3 )
Best Campsite (theme, fundraiser, mission)
Best Team Spirit (team with most points)
Top On-Line Team (most $ raised on-line)

Please Note: Relay For Life is an Alcohol Free, Drug Free, and Smoke Free event. Please, for
the safety of you pets, leave them at home.