Blackbeard's Epitaph by lmv20934


									                                  BLACKBEARD SAILING CLUB                                                                July 2009
                                  UPPER BROAD CREEK ON THE NEUSE                                               Volume 37, Number 7
                                  PO BOX 1543, NEW BERN, NC 28563                                   News Deadline ∙ 11th Each Month

                                  Blackbeard’s Epitaph
                                                      ALL THE NEWS THAT’S IN THE WINDS
                                                          (252) 633-3990

Lu-Ann Perryman           From the Commodore
                               July 4th was a great weekend for BSC.         member of BSC has passed away. We extend

VICE-COMMODORE            Members started at BSC with hot dogs and           our deepest condolences to his family.
Dave Whitney
252-637-4238              all the trimmings and then 20 vessels                  Our next board meeting will be held Au-
                          headed to Bridgeton Harbor Marina where            gust 7th in the clubhouse.
PAST COMMODORE            Tom Wynn welcomed us to view the fire-
Ken Gurganus
                          works. BSC had another fleet at Lookout                See you at the Club!
                          over the 4th. Keep an eye on Cruise News or
SECRETARY                 ask Jim and Jody Fortuna about upcoming                 Lu-Ann C. Perryman
Jan Green                 cruising opportunities for BSC members.
919-518-0752                                                                      “Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be?
                               Ken Gurganus organized a Girl Scout                 I'm a pirate, after all.”
                          visit which included a basic sailing lesson
Pete Koonce
252-633-3788              from Bill Jarvis and a day on the water. The
                          Junior Sailing program has been active this        Upcoming Social Events
                          year. Thank-you Ken!                                                                   by Arnold Giles
Arnold Giles
919-847-6023                   In August, we have two very popular           August 15th Raft-up and Shrimp-a-Roo, 4 pm
Ken Laws                  events returning. On the 15th, we start the             The day starts at 8.30am with the Marine
252-638-3778              day early with the BSC Marine Yard Sale,           Yard Sale held under the clubhouse. The raft-up
Doug Longhini             followed by the Shrimp-a-Roo in the late           will depend on the weather, but be assured the
252-393-1590              afternoon! Larry Basden will be coordinat-         Shrimp-a-Roo will go ahead regardless, thanks to
Archer Watkins            ing the Shrimp-a-Roo as he has in years            Larry & Linda Jo Basden, who organize and cook
919-394-1082                                                                 the shrimp. Bring along your favorite appetizers
                          past. Larry reports that the raft up will start
                                                                             to share.
Tom Wynn                  between 3:00 and 3:30. Participants are en-
                          couraged to bring a side item or dessert to         September 12th Covered Dish Social and Nomi-
                          share. In past Shrimp-a-Roos we have had           nations of new Board Members
DOCKMASTER                                                                        This will be followed by a presentation and
Pete Moore                as many as 28 boats rafted up.                     slide show, by Eugene Marais, of one of the ear-
                               Do you have a hurricane plan? Are you         lier legs of his travels. Starting with his stay on
DINGHY & DRY              prepared if you have to be out of town?            St. Helena, an island in the mid-Atlantic, famous
STORAGE                                                                      as the place of exile for Napoleon Bonaparte, he
                          Each member should have a plan and a club
Ted Clark (Dry Storage)   member that can help if you are not able to        moves on to Brazil and a trip through the Amazon
252-633-1085                                                                 Delta and ends with a visit to Devil‘s Island in
                          follow the BSC Hurricane policy. Please
Jon Petersen (Woods)                                                         French Guyana, famous for the stories of Papillon
863-221-2090              review our Dock Policy on the BSC website
                                                                             and Dreyfus.
                          if you need more info on our Hurricane Pol-
John Stokes (Dinghies)                                                       October 3rd Covered Dish Social & Karaoke
252-413-9996              icy.
                                                                                 This event will be hosted by club members
EDITORS                        Vice Commodore Dave Whitney is co-            Scott and Donna Wade.
                          ordinating the Club‘s Nominating Process
Bill Green
919-518-0752              for our Officer and Board Member elec-
                          tions. If you are interested in running for             I look forward to seeing you at these events,
George Myers
252-637-6735              any position, please contact Dave.           On a sad note, Speight Sugg, a former              Arnold
July 2009                                                                                                 Blackbeard’s Epitaph
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BSC Board Notes                                                                      by Lu-Ann Perryman
Important Issues & News from the BSC Board of Directors

Nominations Open
    Vice Commodore Dave Whitney is coordinating the nomination process for club elections. If you‘re interested in running for the
Board or as an Officer, please contact Dave Whitney.
Budget Management
    Board member Doug Longhini reported that the Finance Committee is finalizing the 2010 budget recommendation for
consideration by the Board.
Dock Maintenance
    The pilings on A Dock are being evaluated for replacement. The Board is investigating the use of divers to assess the condition
and will be looking at options – both short and long term – to protect this critical asset.
Insurance Requirements & Lease Agreements
    Treasurer Pete Koonce reported that members are returning a completed lease agreement and copies of their proof of insurance.
Thank-you to the membership for helping the Board have complete member information for our files!
August Board Meeting
    The date for the August board meeting is Friday, August 7, 2009. All board meetings are held in the BSC Clubhouse; are
scheduled for the 1st Friday of the month (unless there is a conflict) and start at 7:30 pm. These meetings are open and members are
encouraged to attend.

Girl Scouts Visit BSC                                                                by Ken Gurganus
     June 20 turned out to be a beautiful sunny day at Blackbeard Sailing Club as we welcomed a Girl Scout troop from the Raleigh
area to an introduction to sailing.
    Headed up by Jennifer Parker and two other Scout leaders, nine Girl Scouts arrived about dusk on Friday. Quickly deciding to
have a sleep-over at Eddy Parker‘s house instead of camping in the heat they all retired to Eddy‘s cottage for the evening.
     The next morning after breakfast, Bill Jarvis gave them a short talk and chalkboard demonstration of the principles of sailing.
Then it was off to get life preservers; split up into three groups; meet the skippers and climb aboard for some sailing before it got too
     Bill Jarvis provided his 40-foot boat, Jennifer Parker took the wheel of their boat, and George Meyers skippered the third boat as
we all headed out the breakwater with a good 8 to 10 knot breeze out of the north. We managed to get in a couple of hours of sailing
up towards New Bern and back before the wind quit altogether about noon and the heat set in. But all the girls and each of the
leaders took a turn at the wheel under sail and seemed to enjoy it immensely. I did notice a definite difference between the Boy
Scouts in May, and the Girl Scouts this June. The boys each wanted to steer and work the sails, while the girls each took a turn
steering, but really enjoyed sitting together on the bow with their feet in the water and talking.
     Then it was a pizza party under the clubhouse as they all talked about their sailing experiences. With no wind and temperatures
in the 90s, they did some wading on our beach after which Eddy Parker took them out on his powerboat for some swimming and
tubing lessons before they had to pack up and head back to the big city.
     The Scouting outings that we have been able to host for the community at large have been not only a big success, but go a long
way in accomplishing our mission statement of promoting sailing in the New Bern area. With the Boy Scouts in May, and now the
Girl Scouts in June, what better way to provide a Jr. Sailing Program at Blackbeard Sailing Club.


Officer Candidates Needed
    It is time again to look for members who are willing to step up and help take an important role in managing Blackbeard Sailing
Club. For 2010, we are looking for candidates for Commodore, Vice Commodore, Treasurer, and Directors. All names received will
be put in nomination at the September Nomination Meeting, and other nominations will be accepted at that time. Please let Dave
Whitney, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, know if you are interested in serving.
    Dave can be reached at or 252 637 4238.
Blackbeard’s Epitaph                                                                                                          July 2009
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Your Club, Your Resources, Your Responsibility                                                         by Doug Longhini
     Well if you think this article sounds like a lecture, you‘re right. Budget time is approaching for the 2010 operating year and I've,
well, we, have seen a number of things that cause additional expenditures or are just plain irritating. Here are just a few:
         a.   All the windows in the clubhouse are open and the air conditioner is running.
         b.   A water hose is left running on the dock.
         c.   The lights are on in the picnic shelter and no one is home. (I know we have timers but . . .)
         d.   Alcohol is stored in club facilities. (This could mean our ABC Permit.)
         e.   There are full trash cans waiting for the trash can fairy to dump them.
         f.   There are piles of brush and wood trash waiting for someone to do their job!
         g.   Boats that need a good power washing.
         h.   Sailing gear that ought to be stored on boats, in dock boxes or on racks is located on the ground, under the clubhouse,
              on the dock or in the rafters.
         i.   Bikes that don't work or never move.
         j.   Dirty cooking grills just waiting for a fire.
         k.   Individuals leaving dinghies on the grass beach for extended periods (weeks) rather than in a rack or on their boat.
      Please become part of the solution to these items rather than waiting for someone else to take action. The unfortunate thing is
that frequently means having to pay a service provider or contractor to do it for us. To quote a long time club member every time he
hears another member say someone ought to do something about that, his answer is, "That someone is you.‖
    Take a few minutes and talk with your officers about anything you would like to see included or not included in next years


New Mailing Address for Payments                                                                       by Pete & Vicky Koonce
     As you know, there will be a new treasurer and bookkeeper starting in January 2010. In order to make the transition easier we
are requesting that all bills and payments be mailed to the club‘s PO Box, not our personal PO Box. Please mark your envelope,
―Attn: Treasurer‖.
    It has been our pleasure to work with all the members of BSC. The mailing address for payments is:
                       Blackbeard Sailing Club
                       Attn: Treasurer
                       PO Box 1543
                       New Bern, NC 28563
    Members using online banking for payments should also be sure to update to this address.

                                                                                   Pete & Vicky

One-Design Racing                                                                                      by Pete Thorn
    One-design racing is coming your way! Stay tuned for the following events:
         August 22—23      The Tanzer 16 Nationals, Oriental Dinghy Club, Oriental
         August 29—30      The Tanzer 16 NC State Championship, Blackbeard One-Design Regatta, Blackbeard Sailing Club
         Contact:          Arch Altman
                           Lawrence Miller
                           Pete Thorn
    For those interested in participating in your own boat, there are Tanzer 16s for sale. Several are available, ranging in price from
$600 to $2,500. There‘s still plenty of time to buy a great boat and to race on the Neuse this August. Contact Pete Thorn at for details.
    Remember, “Old sailors don’t go away, they just get a little dinghy.”

July 2009                                                                                                                       Blackbeard’s Epitaph
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Race News                                                                                                 by Mark Brennesholtz
BSC Members Race Block Island
      Lee King and I, along with Dave Furna from NYRA, crewed aboard a J 105 for Block Island Race
Week in Rhode Island. We understand that the temperatures the week of June 21 were pretty warm in NC,
but it got to be a standing joke up there that it was always 61. Lots of fog, wind and drizzle kept everyone
layered up and in foulies.
     Two Feathers, a boat from Texas trailed up to New England for at least three different regattas, was
well equipped and showed great bursts of speed (14.4 knots once with the big asymmetrical chute set). But
the 20-boat, one-design fleet was very competitive and we ended up in the bottom third of the class.
     With more than 180 boats racing on three courses, the harbor was packed with exotic Farrs, Swans,
and big Js. The Naval Academy had three boats, and the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine Academies
each had one boat. Walking the docks beer in hand and chatting with other crews was a pleasant way to kill               Lee King standing against the mast of the J 105
an hour before the party tent opened.                                                                                       Two Feathers as we headed out to the race
                                                                                                                          course at Block Island, RI. Dave Furna in the
     Block Island is a treat to visit any time, but it‘s positively wild during BIRW. The three clubs on the             white ball cap is studying tide tables. Our crew
island all had good, live bands that attracted younger crews and wannabe younger crews. Lots of fun.                     was three Texans and three Tarheels. With over
                                                                                                                           180 racers, the morning parade through the
                                                                                             Mark                                narrow channel was a spectacle.
                                                                                                                                       (photo Brennesholtz)

Hancock Provides (some) Wind!
     Cherry Point MCAS‘s Hancock Yacht Club is known for light air in its annual July regatta. This year,
it was half true. Saturday winds were very light, but a determined race committee got in three races for the
20-boat fleet on courses that could best be called ‗cramped‘. On Sunday, the breeze picked up to about 13
knots, and we sailed two more races. On Compass Rose, we even used the #2.
    The six spinnaker boats included some of the hottest boats around, including our first look at a
Thompson 26. She was first overall with two firsts and two thirds. She was followed by a four-way tie for
second, won by Dean Forbis in Echo, then Eddy Parker in Brown Eyed Girl. Out of the money were Paul
Lockwood, Craig Wright and yours truly.
                                                                                                                            Mike Penney stands on the bow of Compass Rose
      The Performance JAM fleet, small but potent, was won by Dave Whitney in Silent Pursuit with all                    directing during a port start at the Hancock Regatta in
firsts and coming in ahead of Arch Altman in Julie.                                                                       the better winds of Sunday. It was our best start, but
                                                                                                                          availed us nothing in a tough fleet. (photo Zahradka)
      The Cruising Fleet had six competitors led by Miranda from ODC, but some races were extremely
tight. Corrected time differences were as low as three seconds, and in one race, four boats corrected within
a minute of each other.
     The over 240 handicap fleet had two Ensigns, two Catalina 22s and Chuck Thompson‘s SJ 21. Max
Henries won in the Catalina 22 Max’d Out, followed by two ODC Ensigns. Again, corrected times were
very close with three different boats collecting firsts.
        As always, Hancock‘s hospitality was great, but we look forward to having use of the clubhouse next
     The Hancock also marked the last races for a Compass Rose crewmember. Pierre Goszleth, a German
exchange student staying with Mike and Betsey Penney, has been aboard since October and is always fun                            Close quarters in light air at the Hancock
to be around. His future plans now include owning an America‘s Cup boat! He heads home this week.                          Regatta. Mark Brennesholtz on Compass Rose very
                                                                                                                         close to EZ, with Gary Peterson on the bow. Both of us
Good luck, Pierre. Come visit us again.                                                                                        finished out of the money. (photo Zahradka)

August, September & October Events
     August29 & 30 is the Blackbeard Regatta for one-designs. Ensigns, SJ21s, Lasers, Sunfish, Tanzers, etc. will be welcome. Contact Mike Bonner at 252-638-
5403 or
   September 5 & 6 is the Oar Regatta sponsored by Fairfield Harbour YC. Saturday is usually a middle distance race, and Sunday is round the buoys. It is also a
NYRA Boat of the Year event. Contact Bill Jarvis at 252-637-7748 or
        September 12 & 13 is the Ensign Invitational Regatta at FHYC. Contact Bill Jarvis.
     September 19 is the Oriental Cup, a one-day charity regatta down river. Contact Dick Mannion of Oriental Dinghy Club at 252-249-3676 or man-
        September 26 is the NYRA Women‘s Regatta in Oriental. Contact Kim Harrison at 252-636-8383 or
     October 3 & 4 is the Dragon‘s Breath ICRC Team Regatta in Oriental. Moved from August to October in hopes of better wind and more cruisers, this will
probably be the biggest event on the Neuse this year. As we get closer, I‘ll be calling around to pull together Team Blackbeard. Contact Dick Mannion.
     October 10 is the Neuse Solo Race in Oriental. Simon Whitehead has been doing this favorite for over 25 years, and it consistently draws more than 35 boats.
No spinnakers, pursuit start, no crew logistics, just one 10-mile single-handed race. Dockage can usually be arranged very reasonably, and Simon throws a nice party.
More later.
    October 31 is the NYRA Halloween Race, which is also (believe it or not) the first race of the Winter Series. Contact Charlie Nelson at 252-347-3233 or cenel-
Blackbeard’s Epitaph                                                                                                                July 2009
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Capital Improvement Program and Major Maintenance Projects
A Status Report                                                                       by Doug Longhini
    We have completed a number of projects over the past two years that make          Future Project List
our Club a more comfortable and much safer place to enjoy our sport.                  1. Waterline replacement for A and C docks. (The exist-
                                                                                          ing lines/valves are old and beginning to leak.)
         Rebuilding of the first half of B Dock.                                      2. Outer piling replacement on all docks. (Our piling
         New roof on Bathhouse.                                                           survey shows that many are showing signs of rot and
         AC/heating the clubhouse.                                                        need replacement.)
         Full wiring and metering of all docks.                                       3. A Dock rebuild. (The inner pilings, dock boards and
         Repair and wiring of the picnic shelter.                                         stringers are beginning to rot.)
         Rewiring dry storage.                                                        4. B Dock outer section rebuild. (The inner pilings, dock
         Site service electrical upgrades.                                                boards and stringers are beginning to rot.)
                                                                                      5. C Dock rebuild. (This is our newest dock and needs to
    There are many more projects that still appear on our list and we would like          be put on a replacement schedule.)
to share them with you. Unfortunately, even with the dues and dock fee in-            6. Courtesy dock rebuild. (Pilings have already broken
                                                                                          off and stringers have rotted.)
creases, we do not have the resources to complete all of these projects. That         7. Launch ramp improvements. (Excess bottom material
means we will have to prioritize many and eliminate others.                               needs to be removed and launch surface repaired.)
    Over the next few months we will be asking for your help in this process.         8. Dry storage waterline and valve replacement. (Lines
                                                                                          leak and main shutoff valve needs work.)
We are developing a survey that will ask you to list projects you feel are needed,    9. Trailer storage in wooded area. (Grading/surfacing
your opinion on listed projects and inform you about the ones we have no                  roadway and providing some power and water.)
choice about.                                                                         10. Kitchen expansion/remodel. (Moving of kitchen
                                                                                          counter and reworking area to provide more space.)
    Watch your Epitaph and e-mail for more information.                               11. Appliances kitchen. (Total replacement with upgraded
                                                                                          commercial hardware.)
     Please review our future project list opposite. Please note that these are not   12. Interior floor covering in clubhouse. (Replacement of
in any order of priority nor do we have cost estimates for them.                          carpet and vinyl in all areas.)
                                                                                      13. Interior finishes in clubhouse. (Paint and repair walls

Finance News                                                                              and woodwork.)
                                                                                      14. Clubhouse furnishings in clubhouse. (Refinishing
                                                                                          furniture, new cushion coverings, lightweight tables
Bookkeeper Position                                                                       and replacement of worn chairs.)
     The Board and Finance Committee are well into the process of finding a           15. Windows and doors in clubhouse. (Replacement of all
new bookkeeper. We have received applications and are now requesting propos-              windows and doors with broken seals.)
als from the candidates. The position operates as an independent contractor re-       16. Clubhouse decking and stairs. (Waterside deck is
                                                                                          rotting and stringers need replacement along with
ceiving oversight from the Club Treasurer. Vicky and Pete Koonce are being                stairs as necessary.)
extremely helpful in the process and we hope to have someone on board by late         17. Chairlift. (To provide access to clubhouse for handi-
October.                                                                                  capped or injured members.)
                                                                                      18. Interior finish replacement in bathhouse. (Refinish
 2010 Budget Process                                                                      walls, floor and partitions between stalls.)
     The Board set its budget calendar at their last meeting. We encourage mem-       19. Exterior finish of bathhouse. (Repaint and replace
bers to ask questions and to actively participate.                                        exterior siding and entryway lumber.)
                                                                                      20. Windows and doors of bathhouse. (Replace doors and
    1.   08/01 - Committee Budgets are submitted by the Board of Directors                windows with broken seals as necessary.)
         and Committee Chairs.                                                        21. Plumbing fixtures in bathhouse. (Replace all fixtures
                                                                                          that are damaged and work toward low-flow water
    2.   08/07 - Finance Committee reviews requests and drafts initial budget             usage.)
         spreadsheet.                                                                 22. HVAC for bathhouse. (When present system needs
    3.   09/11 - Recommended draft budget is presented to the Board by the                replacement, look at most economical heating and
         Finance Committee. Board reviews and publishes the draft budget for              cooling replacement.)
                                                                                      23. Security Cameras. (Onsite cameras to track unauthor-
         review and comment by the membership.                                            ized access.)
    4.   10/02 - Board receives comments from the membership and directs              24. Sewage hookup to Fairfield Harbor system. (Hook
         Finance Committee to draft the final budget.                                     existing septic tank system to municipal system.)
    5.   11/06 - Board receives final draft of budget.                                25. Site drainage. (Grading and raising the center lawn
                                                                                          area to prevent pooling of rain and flood water.)
    6.   12/11 - Board adopts 2010 budget.                                            26. Club multi-use powerboat. (For use as a safety craft
   Please take a few minutes and talk with your officers about anything you               during club activities and storm events.)
would like to see included or not included in next years budget.                      27. Projects we don’t know about yet!

Dock Challenge Postponed
     Due to a number of factors including late June‘s heat, the Dock Challenge scheduled for June 27 th has been postponed to later
this year. Keep thinking of ways you can set your dock apart from the others and stay tuned for a new date!
July 2009                                                                                                 Blackbeard’s Epitaph
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Vital Spark Back from Bermuda                                                          by Ritchie Thomson
    Late on the morning of June 1, 2009, Vital Spark , our Caliber 40, set out from Northwest Creek Marina with a crew of four,
Harrison Marks (BSC), Nick Part (from Scotland), Peter Waterston (Fairfield resident and owner of Seacoast Marine Electronics),
and me, Ritchie Thomson (BSC). All four crew member are experienced sailors claiming a lot of expertise between them. We
headed down the Neuse with the wind on the nose, as always, and then down the Intracoastal to Beaufort.
     My wife, Julia, and I spent the whole of May checking over the boat. Julia and I worked on the
principle that if you have such things as a recently serviced life raft, extra lifejackets, an EPIRB,
spare sailcloth & repair kit, an enormous quantity of food and water, charts as well as a GPS, chart
plotter and radar, nothing bad will happen. This assumes you have checked the engine, sails, running
rigging, and all lines. The list can go on forever.
     When we reached Beaufort, because we had a non-US citizen onboard (Nick), we had to contact
Customs & Immigration to check out of the USA. British citizens arriving in the US complete a
green paper called an I-94, which is a visa-waiver entry document. When leaving the country, this is
collected at the point of departure. In a great show of bureaucratic flexibility and using common
sense, Customs & Immigration allowed us to leave Nick‘s I-94 with the Beaufort dockmaster. We
motored past the Beaufort Town Dock, reaching out to hand the I-94 to the dockmaster, certainly
nothing like going through airport security.
     We headed out Beaufort channel and reached the sea buoy at 8 pm. The wind was light and southwesterly and we set course for
our first waypoint, traveling east of south-east. It is handy to have an electronics expert on board, and Pete had set up the course with
waypoints on the chart plotter each 2 degrees longitude all the way to Bermuda.
     The next day, as we left the Gulf Stream, we managed to dodge thunderstorms using our radar. This provided plenty of excite-
ment as one storm generated long funnels, which we soon recognized as waterspouts, the closest coming only a mile from us. There
was plenty of lightning and either a waterspout or lightning would have left us in a real mess. We saw about 12 waterspouts and con-
gratulated ourselves on our superior navigational skills (and great good luck) in avoiding them.
                                      The first day was slow going, but the next day the wind strengthened from the south and we had
                                      several 120 – 140 nm days under sail. Because there were four of us, we followed 2-hour
                                      watches. We used Sailmail to report our position and weather conditions to our spouses and
                                      families. It worked very well.
                                      We sighted the navigation lights along Bermuda‘s northern reef on the night of Friday, June 5 th.
                                      By the morning of the 6th, we had cleared the end of the reefs and motored south into St Geor-
                                      ges Harbor. Flying the Stars & Stripes, the Bermuda courtesy flag and the yellow quarantine
                                      flag, we collected our documentation for clearing customs. We had filed a float plan online with
                                      Bermuda Maritime Operations (better known as Bermuda Radio) before leaving the US, so they
                                      already had information on Vital Spark and her crew. Pete knew the whereabouts of the Immi-
gration dock, so we headed straight for it and docked alongside. Once inside the
building, a friendly agent stamped our passports and relieved us of our landing fees.
They quarantined our flare pistol for our stay in Bermuda as Bermudian law does not
permit firearms.
     After clearing in, we anchored in St George‘s Harbor and slept like we had been
at sea. Some hours later, we went ashore having extracted the dinghy from the for-
ward head compartment and inflated it. By this time we were somewhat rested and
clean. Pete, who is also a British citizen with Bermudian residency, introduced us to
the local brew — the Dark and Stormy — black rum and ginger beer, which we had
to sample to prove that we had arrived in Bermuda. More sleep was then necessary.
     Our sightseeing involved taking a pink bus to Hamilton, strolling along the wa-
terfront and visiting an expensive supermarket. Fortunately, we didn‘t need to provi-
sion in Bermuda.
     After a too short stay of two days, set sail for home. Pete was staying on the island for a week so we had a crew of 3 for the
return trip. The trip was again smooth except for crossing the Gulf Stream when we had a west wind on the nose and a big thunder-
storm to the north over Pamlico Sound. We saw the flashes from the storm but could not see the storm on radar so we concluded that
it was more than 24 nm away – another big relief.

Blackbeard’s Epitaph                                                                                                           July 2009
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San Juan Nationals
    Here are a few great photos from the San Juan 21 Eastern Nationals which ran June 11 th through 13th at our very own Black-
beard Sailing Club. Can any members provide captions for the first four pictures?

                                                                   Mike Evans starting to drop his spinnaker at the end of a long downhill
                                                                                 battle with ultimate winner Jeff Thomas.
July 2009                                                                                             Blackbeard’s Epitaph
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BSC Schedule for 2009                                                       Coming Soon:
Dates & Events are Subject to Change                                        BSC’s Ironman Competition
       August 7, 2009       Board Meeting, 7:30 PM
      August 15, 2009       Marine Yard Sale, 8:30 AM
      August 15, 2009       Raft-Up & Shrimp-a-Roo, 4:00 pm
    August 29/30, 2009      Blackbeard Regatta
   September 11, 2009       Board Meeting, 7:30 PM
   September 12, 2009       General Meeting, Nominations,
                            Covered Dish & Speaker
       October 2, 2009      Board Meeting, 7:30 PM
       October 3, 2009      Covered Dish & Karaoke
      October 17, 2009      Fall Work Day & New Member Orientation
     November 6, 2009       Board Meeting, 7:30 PM
     November 7, 2009       Annual Meeting, 3:00 PM
     November 7, 2009       Covered Dish Social, 6:00 PM
     December 5, 2009       Christmas Flotilla
    December 11, 2009       Board Meeting, 7:30 PM
    December 12, 2009       Covered Dish                                  This event is not yet scheduled, but is gaining a lot of
    December 31, 2009       New Years Eve Party (informal get-together)   interest among the BSC membership. Competitors in
                                                                            a single-person kayak will tow a large powerboat
          January 1, 2010   Fred Latham Regatta                             through a slalom course. Here‘s one member out
                                                                             practicing on a sunny day. (Just kidding folks!)
          January 8, 2010   Board Meeting, 7:30 PM
         January 16, 2010   Installation, Awards & Dinner/Dance

                                                                                                  New Bern, NC 28563
                                                                                                  PO Box 1543
                                                                                                  Blackbeard Sailing Club

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