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									                                 Riding With Pride...Since 1981

            The Ghost Rider's Epitaph
                                              Newsletter Of

                          Blue Knights WI XI
                                        Blue Knights WI XI
                                 P.O. Box 081283 Racine, WI 53408

                                       December 11 2007

 *Check the website for more chapter info., Full color pictures of our Sales items and a
                                     ride schedule and calendar.

        Regular monthly meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm and are held at
                   the Brat Stop/Parkway Chateau on Hwy 50 in Kenosha

                                        Our Officers and Board for next year…
         Pres. Ron Patla, V. Pres. Jerome P. Hipper, Secretary Ken Edwardson, Treasurer Jerry E. Hipper.
                                 Road Captains Tom Prochaska Webmaster Ron Patla,
                        Directors Clint Cagle, Dave Wolfgram, Roy Glenzer and Tom Prochaska

       Last night’s monthly meeting, was attended by only the hardiest of members. Roy
Glenzer, Ken Edwardson, Clint Cagle, Bob Duthie and guest Tina Cagle. (I swear the Blue
Knights should allow family memberships!!) ☺
        With a limited agenda and only 4 members present. The Treasurers report was reviewed
and accepted. Any questions about the report can be directed to the President or the Treasurer.
An adjustment to the list of nominees was made and awards were distributed to those that were
there to receive them. We felt, as there were no challenges to the ballot and no vacancies to fill,
that an email response would suffice for adoption of the ballot as it stands. (This being
necessitated by the lack of a quorum.)

        Ballot of Officers for 2008
        President- Ron Patla
        VP- Jerome Hipper
        Secretary- Ken Edwardson
        Treasurer- Jerry Hipper
        Past Presidents- Become the Chairman of the Board of Directors. So Clint Cagle will be
replacing Past President Bill Chesen on the Board.
        Road Captains- Are appointed by the President and serve at his discretion.
       We are looking for a response from all of you on this. Those who do not have
email will have a copy mailed to you by the Secretary as soon as possible.

       Let us know by email whether you wish to vote, Yes or NO. (that way we will have a hard
copy printout of your response)

       YES to adopt the ballot as it stands and elect those nominees to office…or NO.
        Votes must be received before midnight December 18th to be counted and the results
will be posted on the website in the Members Only Section.
       *With Holiday schedules and activities it is just not practical to try and reschedule and
       have a second meeting for this month, and the election needs to be finalized, to make it
       official. Thank you for your indulgence.
       Clint Cagle and Roy Glenzer made it for Perfect attendance this year, that makes 5
       years in a row for Clint!
       Tom Prochaska was awarded the honor of Knight Errant! One of the highest honors our
       chapter can bestow. Congratulations Tom.

       Outstanding Blue Knights Supporter “Corporate” for 2007: The Bank of Elmwood
       was given a plaque to thank them for their generosity and providing a place for us to
       meet for the last 4 years! Tom Rudey HR Mgr at BOE, Received the Plaque for the Bank
       today and thanked us.

       Outstanding Blue Knights Supporter “Individual” for 2007: Tina Cagle, for her
       continuing support and efforts on behalf of this chapter over the last 4 years. For her
       perfect attendance for the last 4 years and being there so we could use the banks
       meeting facilities and for always having the coffee on. She thanked you all for being so

       Scot Eisenhauer is the recipient of a chapter Certificate of Appreciation for his work
       with the chapters International Ride to the Buell Plant and tour.

       Event Master Trophy for First Place goes to Ronald V. Patla! And a lovely trophy it is.
       Ron took first place by attending 23 Blue Knights events in 2007.
           2nd Place was awarded to Clint Cagle for 22 events attended
           3rd Place went to Roy Glenzer with 16 ½ events!

       Ron Mau and Jerry Hipper were runners up with 12 and 11 events respectively.

       KING OF THE ROAD…Our Top Trophy with the huge traveling trophy engraved and the
       individual trophy included goes to…Ronald W. Mau who for the second year in a row
       took top honors. This year he did it by riding 12,937 miles! That’s quite a lot when you
       consider the length of our riding season.
               2nd Place went to Jerry E. Hipper with 6,817 miles ridden.
               3rd Place went to Ronald V. Patla with 6,194 miles in the saddle!
      Clint Cagle with 3,242 miles and Ken Edwardson with 2,577 miles were the runners up.
      Even our “Rookie Copper” Jake Krusemark got 1,051 miles in this year with his hectic
schedule and school too!

       As no voting took place by the members present and no other officers were present this
newsletter will constitute your Minutes for December 2007. Any questions can be addressed to
the President at

       Note… the chapter email address of is in transition and being
switched over to Ron Patla so use our personal email addresses until the transfer has been
completed by Road Runner. Thanks.

       Also all Symbol Arts items will see a price increase as of January 2008. In a phone
conversation today I was told that our badges would be going up by $10.00 and all other pins,
coins etc. will increase by 10%! So if there is something you really want get it before the end of
the year!

        10-7 (Out of service)
        If a member has knowledge of a brother BK being sick or injured or having a family
emergency this is also a good venue for getting that info out to the chapter. Please remember
that other chapters also read our newsletter so you have the ability to get your information out to
a wider audience.

       With no further business to be discussed we adjourned to the restaurant for some food
and spirits and several hours of friendly conversation.

                                 Merry Christmas to all!

                    Keep it between the ditches and watch yer sixes.
                             Ride safe and Ride With Pride.

We need to sell more Challenge coins and Chapter pins! Stock up, the gift-giving
season is here and you need stocking stuffers.

                         Next meeting January 8th
 Same place, same time…6:30pm, the Brat Stops Chateau Parkway on Hwy 50 in

     *Be sure to check our website calendar for activities before the next meeting.
                                      Pres. Clint Cagle
                                 Blue Knights Wisconsin XI

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